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Viral Content Review (Updated 2024): Is Jon Jacques The Best Viral Content Creator

By: Joel & Josiah
Viral Content Review

Hello and welcome to ScamRisk!

If you’re here to check out the Viral Content program, chances are you found this Viral Content review through one of these ways:

  • Someone mentioned the program, and you want to gather more information before deciding to sign up.
  • You own a YouTube channel and are interested in boosting your views with Viral Content. But before jumping in, you’re seeking additional details about the program.
  • You’re exploring ways to make money on social media, and that led you to this Viral Content review.

No matter how you got here, I’m glad you stopped by.

In the next 5-10 minutes, I’ll cover everything you need to know about Jon Jacques’s Viral Content. By the end of this review, you’ll discover:

  • Whether the Viral Content program is a worthwhile investment
  • The Viral Content cost
  • Information about Jon Jacques, the person behind Viral Content
  • What the Viral Content program offers
  • The truth behind Viral Content scam allegations

I’ve written hundreds of reviews similar to this one, like Robert Benjamin’s YouTube Shorts. This allows me to share valuable insights from personal experiences and those of others.

My expertise helps distinguish between what’s genuine, legitimate, and mere talk in any program.

I’ve invested time scouring the internet to compile this review, making it your one-stop shop for all things Viral Content.

Now, let’s dive straight into the pros and cons:

This Viral Content review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.
Training Curriculum

Average Rating


Viral Content provides a valuable package: 4 hours of detailed insights into social media networks and strategies, complemented by 5 bonus features, all at an affordable price. This course is particularly well-suited for beginners aiming to expand their understanding of the business model, strategies, and essential skills in the realm of social media.


  • Jon provides discounts for the Viral Content course, which means you can get the program for a cheaper price.
  • Jon Jacque has assisted over 20,000+ students, so he has built a solid credential as a guru.
  • The program offers extensive information on creating viral content and includes bonus materials, which means you can get value for its price.


  • Lack of control over monthly income, which means this business is unpredictable.
  • Success is dependent on the actions of others. This means you'll only earn money if other people buy from you.
  • Creating viral content is a challenging task, which means you need to invest time and effort to make it work.

Why Listen To Us?

My name is Josiah, and this is my Dad, Joel.

Together, we make up the team here at Scamrisk.

If you’ll let me bother you for two minutes, I’d like to quickly explain why I’m even here writing this review.

In early 2020, I had just graduated from college & had no real career prospects.

I knew I was destined for something more, but I had no clue how I was going to make it happen.

I had this sinking feeling in my gut all the time… like the “big man upstairs” had accidentally given me the version of life where I’d be mediocre forever, instead of the one where I was, ya know – happy & fulfilled.


I had fiddled around with some different online businesses in college:

Some random MLMs, a bit of affiliate marketing, a (failed) dropshipping store or two, all the usual suspects.

Even my dad had been involved in MLMs back in the day… selling knives & other random nonsense people (probably) didn’t need.

All I really wanted was to find something that was going to actually work for me.

Maybe those things had worked for others, but for me it all turned up a fat “0” in the bank account department.

So I searched! And searched… and searched… and searched…

And eventually, I somehow stumbled upon a program that promised to help me build an income online (read about it here if you’re curious).

I didn’t really want to be “rich”.

The thought of making a reliable $5K per month & not having to worry about clocking in to a 9-to-5 ever again was all I needed.

Sure, there were people in the program doing high-6 and low-7 figures per year… but that wasn’t what I was out for.

I just wanted to provide freedom for myself, and if I was lucky, take my family along for the ride.

Fast forward a few days and a few phone calls & I was enrolled!

Here’s the first “money making website” I put up:

I built that site in 2020, and it still makes me $1,500 per month. It’s a basic 5 page website I built based on a template the program provides.

The best part to me? My dad and I get to do it all together!

So between the:

  1. Ease of reaching $5-$10K per month in income online
  2. Straightforward-ness of the system to do it
  3. Fact that I get to do it w/ my family

Is why I recommend local lead generation as my #1 business model for making money online.

Sure, it takes some work and dedication – but anyone that tells you that there’s a business out there that requires no work is selling you a lemon.

I’m not saying you need to sign up for the same program I did, but I would definitely recommend giving the business model a peek!


TLDR – What’s The Verdict On Viral Content?

The Verdict On Viral Content

Creating viral content can give you tons of opportunities, both monetary and non-monetary. The earning potential varies across platforms. With YouTube’s Partner program, you can earn $1.61 to $29.30 for every 1,000 views.

On TikTok, the Creator Fund pays 2 to 4 cents for 1,000 video views. Facebook offers multiple avenues for earnings, including ads, subscriptions, Facebook Live gifts, and collaborations with brands. The potential to make money through viral content is diverse.

In addition to direct revenues from viral content creation, opportunities for sponsorships, endorsements, deals, and collaborations abound. Jon Jacques highlighted the unlocked opportunities that emerged once his videos reached millions of views. Fees for such opportunities are negotiated and depend on factors like follower count, reach, and promotional requirements.

There’s no doubt that creating viral content can be beneficial. But before you ditch your 9-5 job, let’s see if going viral can help you make a full-time income.

First, there are more than 200 million creators globally, so standing out amidst the crowd can be challenging. The sheer volume of content being produced daily makes it difficult for any single piece to capture widespread attention. With millions of creators competing for viewership, the market becomes oversaturated.

Second, it takes an average of six and a half months for content creators to earn their first dollar. During this time, you’re not just waiting for your first check; you’re actively creating content every single day.

Third, only 10% of influencers make $100k or more per year. So with all that effort, there’s a 90% chance that you will make less.

To answer our first question of whether viral content can replace your 9-5 or not, the answer is no. It is good as a hobby or side income, but it will not be enough for full time or replacing.

What if you could create a passive income stream that’s genuinely passive?

One that doesn’t need you to master 100 roles and skills like:

  • Visual design
  • Scriptwriting
  • Photography and videography
  • Research and communication
  • Video editing

A business model that doesn’t require turning you into a tech wizard, or forcing you to work around the clock just to prevent things from falling apart.

What if this income stream could consistently generate revenue each month, ranging from a few thousand dollars to well over $10,000?

What if you could build it at your own pace, in your spare time, without the need to dedicate hours daily to filming, recording, and editing?

If this piques your interest, explore Digital Leasing.

On the other hand, if you’re still curious and want to go through Viral Content review system, keep reading.

Who Benefits From Viral Content And Who Should Stay Away?

Who Benefits From Viral Content

Viral Content guides you in creating content that can reach a million views, boosting your follower count and enhancing brand awareness, especially for upcoming launches and events.

Jon emphasizes that crafting viral content opens doors to exciting opportunities, including invitations to talk shows, events, and receiving free products for promotion.

The course imparts Jon’s technique for creating high-quality viral content that reaches the intended audience through free distribution.

But this program is not for everyone. Who would benefit from it and who should probably give it a pass?

If you’re one of the following, Viral Content can help you:

  • You’re just starting and eager to learn social media strategies, particularly Jon Jacque’s proven methods for creating viral videos.
  • You’re already engaged in social media but lack the skills and knowledge to achieve significant success. The course focuses on retaining and attracting followers, as well as increasing views on social media content.
  • You have an upcoming product or service launch. Viral Content provides valuable strategies for building a strong online presence.

That said, you might want to find alternatives if:

  • You don’t want to rely solely on viral content. Depending only on virality for success can be risky.
  • You want control over your income. Viral content tends to generate a spike in attention, but it may not be sustainable. After the initial surge, maintaining consistent engagement (and income) becomes challenging.
  • You don’t want to put in the effort to create viral content. Crafting content that is visually appealing, informative, or emotionally engaging demands effort and attention to detail.

Viral Content: 1,000 FT View Of This Online Business Opportunity

1,000 FT View Of This Online Business Opportunity
Program NameViral Content
OwnerJon Jacques
Price$37 (discounted price)
$575 (normal price)
Refund Policyno policy in place, but you can email to request

Business Model

Viral Content is grounded in the dynamic realm of content creation, focusing on the art of crafting and sharing videos across diverse social media channels. The ultimate aim is to achieve the coveted goal of monetization.

This model is all about making valuable content for a specific audience to earn money. You must produce quality videos or content tailored to your target audience’s interests.

By sharing your content on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or other niche-specific platforms, you build and engage a loyal audience. Success depends on your consistency in posting content.

Having multiple revenue streams offer flexibility, and analytics help you to understand and refine your content based on audience behavior. This model is dynamic, blending creative output with strategic thinking to build sustainable and profitable ventures.

About The Guru – Jon Jacques

Jon Jacques

Jon Jacques, also known as Jonathan Jacques, has transformed from being a viral magician to an online entrepreneur. He’s an influencer, a business coach, and a source of inspiration for others. He got his Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Babson College. Jon is currently based in Los Angeles.

Jon’s journey began with the establishment of The Magic of Jonathan Jacques in 2001, where he dazzled clients and celebrities as a magician. As the youngest member of the Society of American Magicians National Council, Jon showcased his magical talents.

In 2011, he ventured into the gaming world, creating a selling guide for FIFA 12. Swiftly moving into the business realm, Jon served as the Senior Account Executive for Virool in 2012, closing deals exceeding $3 million and earning recognition as the top salesperson.

In 2015, he co-founded Applause, a platform connecting influencers for collaborative content creation. By 2019, Jon assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at Viral Secrets.

Jon Jacques’ wealth of experience has been featured on platforms like BuzzFeed, Mashable, TechCrunch, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Digiday. He’s a sought-after speaker at conferences such as AdTech, ThinkBIG, Cannes Lions, and Denver Startup Week.

Collaborating with influencers like Billie Eilish, Logan Paul, Jay Shetty, Lewis Howes, and Mark Dohner, Jon has left his mark on the industry.

Currently, Jon boasts 917K followers on Facebook, 54K on Instagram, and maintains an active presence, offering live presentations about social media, often sprinkled with a touch of magic.

SocialsNo. of Followers
LinkedIn2,142 followers
Facebook914k followers
Instagram53.4k followers
YouTube1.11k subscribers

How Much Does Viral Content Cost?

The hard copy of Viral Content is available at a discounted price of $37, reduced from the regular price of $575.

For a limited trial period, the online version of Viral Content is priced at $7.

Viral Content’s Shocking Secrets

What Makes Viral Content Different From Other Courses

Here are some of the shocking secrets you’ll learn within Viral Content:

  • Discover the real reason behind receiving 50 to 150 likes, unrelated to your content.
  • Understand the direct correlation between your followers and income, unveiling how entrepreneurs rake in seven figures annually.
  • Master the art of scheduling your content in advance for consistent engagement.
  • Boost your confidence in front of the camera with valuable insights.
  • Identify the crucial question to answer before hitting the record button.
  • Learn Jon’s “Magnetic Intro Script” that contributed to gaining 32 million views with a single video.
  • Explore the strategy behind losing 53% of your followers and audience, countered by a $5 solution.
  • “Steal” video concepts from other viral content to recreate on your own platform.
  • Gain exclusive access to Jon’s Facebook analytics, a privilege reserved for his dedicated students and clients.

Humans have a short average attention span of 8.25 seconds. Your content should be engaging and easily digestible. You should consider adding subtitles for better performance. Harmon Brothers’ co founder Daniel Harmon tested that videos with subtitles perform better. Emotional appeal is a key factor in making content go viral.

What Makes Viral Content Different From Other Programs?

Viral Content elevates your social media presence and boosts brand awareness. One content that gained millions of views has the power to attract more sales and followers. Viral Content takes the example of Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign. That has gotten more than 61 million views.

After it blew up, Old Spice’s Facebook page gained 2.2 million followers and 2.3 million likes. This shows how one viral piece can impact brand awareness and potential sales.

The course emphasizes the significance of creating that “one viral content,” showcasing how such content can open doors to opportunities. As seen in the case of Old Spice, the creator was invited to various shows like the Ellen DeGeneres Show and BuzzFeed, underscoring the rewards of consistently producing compelling content.

Viral Content is different from other programs because it claims that it only takes one viral piece of content to make it huge in social media.

Other programs focus on consistency and regularly creating content to build your online presence. Here are some similar programs that dive into content creation:

Caleb Maddix – By the age of 18, he had already achieved millionaire status and emerged as a bestselling author with nine books to his name. This success catapulted him into the realm of a prominent speaker and entrepreneur, garnering recognition on a global scale. Within the 8-week online YTA Method (Youtube Automation), Caleb asserts that he will impart the knowledge to help you generate passive income from YouTube.

Grow Channels – Razvan provides their students with top-notch “faceless YouTube channel ideas” to equip them with the skills needed to earn a full-time income on YouTube.

Ad Outreach – AdOutreach is a personalized traffic generation service that leverages YouTube video ads. Aleric Heck leads this program, alongside his team, who take charge of creating and managing the advertisements for you.

David Romari – David Omari’s program is focused on establishing “Automated” YouTube channels designed to generate income by utilizing content from other creators.

Personal Opinion On Viral Content

Personal Opinion On Viral Content

For those familiar with my journey, you know I speak from hands-on experience, not just hot air. I’ve navigated the realm of online money-making programs and even earned some green along the way. This hands-on involvement extends to my personal exploration of the Viral Content course.

Now, when diving into the world of online income businesses, negative reviews are abundant, found on platforms like Reddit, Trustpilot, the BBB, and even in ad comment sections. The reason for this negativity is clear: those with less-than-pleasant experiences tend to be the loudest. However, it’s essential to note that a bad experience doesn’t automatically label the course seller as a scam artist.

Given the murky nature of online reviews, how do you navigate this space? Here’s my approach to choosing a program like Viral Content:

  1. Guru’s Real-World Experience: Check if the guru, like Jon Jacques, has tangible experience in running this business.
  2. Supportive Community: Evaluate if the program offers a private Facebook group or coaching for a supportive network during the ups and downs of running a business.
  3. Value for Money: Look beyond the program’s price tag and consider what you’re getting – videos, assets, templates, bonuses. It’s about the value received, not just the cost.
  4. Transparency on Costs: Ensure the program creator is upfront about ongoing costs and upsells for clarity on what’s required for success.
  5. Peer Success: Examine financial success stories within their private Facebook community. Public opinion matters, but it should be considered alongside the criteria above.

My Recommendation On Viral Content

Let’s now put this criteria to the test and apply it to Viral Content itself.

Starting with the good parts:

There’s a private Facebook group so that’s good. You have a community to network with.

Here’s the top reasons why I don’t recommend Viral Content:

  1. No clear refund policy: There is no official refund policy in place, although Jon said that you can email him with the subject line “Risk-free” when you do not like the content of his course.
  2. Lack of public feedback: Viral Content doesn’t have Trustpilot reviews or BBB ratings.
  3. It takes a while to get monetized: According to stats, earning your first dollar takes six months or more.

Is There Any Truth To The Viral Content Scam Allegations?

Viral Content Scam Allegations

It’s time for the million-dollar question: Is there any truth to the Viral Content scam allegations?

No, Viral Content is not a scam. Jon Jacques will not run away, taking your hard earned money with him leaving you with nothing. He will give you a 4-hour video course, plus other bonuses. So technically, it’s not running a pyramid scheme or anything like that.

I guess the more important question here is: Is Viral Content worth your time and money?

Let’s take a look at the numbers. Last 2023, the global influencer market is valued at $21.1 billion.

But it’s not as easy and fast as Jon Jacques claims. Statistics indicate that achieving overnight success in the creator economy is challenging. Only 6% of novice creators, with one year of experience or less, earn over $10,000 annually. 35% of them have monetized but still can’t leave their day jobs.

But that’s for beginners, what about the seasoned creators?

The average annual revenue for full-time content creators surpasses $100,000, with a median of $50,000. This is roughly $4,000 to $8,000+ per month, which may still fall short to support a family in the new American economy.

Also, reaching this point takes time. Content creators, on average, take six and a half months to earn their first dollar.

And those six months aren’t smooth sailing.

The primary challenge for creators, according to The Tilt, is getting their content discovered. When asked about their top challenges, 54% of full-timers and 60% of part-timers highlight “making sure my content gets found.” Other common challenges include monetization, marketing, and sticking to a regular publishing schedule.

I don’t know about you, but I won’t spend six months of my life for something that has low guarantee of success.

What if, instead, you could invest a couple of hours each day to build a single digital asset, earning a consistent $500 to $2,000 every month?

What if you could start today and receive your first payment within a week, potentially doubling it the following week, and the week after? That’s the power of Digital Leasing.

Unlike content creation that needs constant creativity, this business model practically runs on auto-pilot once it’s setup.

Some of the most successful students in this program run their entire six-figure businesses from unconventional locations like a camper in the woods, a beach chair in Bali, or a small villa in the Maldives.

They prioritize living their lives first, focusing on work second. Even if they take extended breaks, the money keeps flowing in.

Adventure, memories, and experiences top the priority list, eliminating worries about funding the next trip or asking for time off.

If this resonates with the life you want, click here to discover more about Digital Leasing.

What’s Inside Viral Content?

Inside Viral Content

Viral Content is the latest edition of Jon Jacques’ social media course, an upgraded version of Viral Secrets. This course guides students in monetizing their online presence across various social media platforms, emphasizing efficient automation of marketing campaigns.

Jon’s machine learning models employ tactics such as utilizing triggers within a single post to captivate viewers and encourage engagement. The course also imparts techniques to streamline quality content creation to just thirty minutes. Students gain insights into enhancing their online visibility, boosting brand recognition, accessing new opportunities, and generating income.

The course comes in the form of a 92-page physical book accompanied by a USB containing the course materials, which is shipped to students. Recognizing the demand, a digital version has been introduced, allowing students to choose between physical and digital formats.

Gain access to a comprehensive 4-hour course packed with video content, strategies, tactics, scripts, and approaches designed to help you earn money and views through Viral Content.

Dive into Jon’s insights on how he rapidly grew his views in just 24 hours and acquired 18,000 followers within a month. Discover Jon’s “magic words” for increasing video shares.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the strategies to cultivate a “celebrity” status for yourself.
  • Increase your earnings by attracting customers through a single post.
  • Learn the art of automating all posts and processes in advance.
  • Explore opportunities to collaborate with social media influencers.


Here are the five bonuses included in the Viral Content course:

  1. 14 Proven Viral Concepts: Learn Jon’s guaranteed recipe for creating concepts that have resulted in videos gaining millions of views. These concepts will guide you on what elements to incorporate in your videos to achieve success and virality.
  2. [Behind-The-Scenes] Filming A 32M View Video: Witness and grasp the step-by-step process Jon follows in creating a viral video with an impressive 32 million views. Jon will share insights on the best angles, timing, and the essential equipment needed to produce captivating and engaging content.
  3. 4-Step Action Plan: Acquire the skills to create your own viral video using Jon’s content strategy and action plan. Jon will provide a personal checklist to guide you through the video creation process.
  4. Top 100 Viral Headlines: Discover Jon’s “tried and true” collection of 100 headlines that have proven effective in enticing viewers to watch viral videos. Learn how to apply these headlines to your own social media content for maximum impact.
  5. Building A Content Machine: Master the art of stress-free content creation as Jon teaches you how to generate content for months in just a few days. Explore Jon’s new post “shortcut,” templates, and systems that simplify the content creation process. These instructions can be easily communicated to editors and videographers for seamless filming and editing.

Conclusion: To Buy Or Not To Buy Viral Content

So, should you consider joining Viral Content?

No, I wouldn’t recommend it.

There are far better industries to dive into. While content creation is exciting if you’re genuinely passionate about something, the money-making approach discussed here doesn’t seem logical – the numbers just don’t add up.

Making substantial money on platforms like YouTube or Facebook, even with a viral video, is incredibly challenging. Consistently achieving high viewership numbers is even harder. Opting for Viral Content might set you up for failure, plain and simple.

Meanwhile, exploring what Digital Leasing has to offer is a wise move. It’s essentially the opposite of content creation: stable, offers significant financial potential, and doesn’t require competing with thousands of other channels to build relationships with small businesses online.

Take charge of your future, build something you can take pride in. The best part? You will have more time to spend with family and friends.

Getting started doesn’t take long, and the guru of my favorite lead gen course genuinely cares about the success of his students.

If you stick around long enough, you might find yourself on a hammock on the beach, watching the numbers roll in.

What Is My Top Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024?

What Is My Top Recommendation For Making Money Online - Digital Leasing

Alright, time for me to get real with my lovely readers for a moment:

I’ve personally tried all of the major online business models:

  • I’ve sold fidget spinners through Amazon FBA
  • I’ve drop-shipped a toilet-bowl putting green on Shopify
  • I’ve sold women’s health supplements via Clickbank affiliate marketing

And I made money with all of them, so trust me when I say: there is no “perfect” business model.

THAT BEING SAID: I would at least recommend you implement something that is tried and true, because I’ve seen TOO MANY people (including friends and family) get burned by stuff like Viral Content.

They come out of left field with some random idea, make it seem attractive, and then make themselves a quick buck by luring in unsuspecting people. 

I’m not saying Viral Content itself is a piece of trash, I’m just saying you need to be very, very careful.

This is a big reason why I only recommend proven, tried and true business models, like Lead Generation & Ad Agencies.

There are a bunch of programs out there that teach you those skills, but my top choice is Digital Leasing.

Why? It has proven leaders with their own 7-figure businesses implementing exactly what they teach you.

I’ve also got over a dozen personal friends in there, so I feel comfortable telling you it works.

Whether you’re a complete newbie, or you’ve been around the block before but have never had that “big win” to propel you forward, their program works.

Here’s Why:

1)Time: Content creation is a multifaceted process that encompasses various stages, each requiring time and attention to detail. From idea conception to audience engagement, you need to invest time to ensure your content meets your standards and the expectations of your target audience. It’s meticulous and requires time and effort.

If you’ve got a spare hour-or-two each day, you can do this. If you want to drop everything and go all-in, you can do this. More time obviously means faster results, but even putting in a few hours per day is enough to see real success.

And because of that flexibility, you don’t need to trade your time for money. Once the income starts, it’s recurring (for the most part).

That means you can take a month off, travel the country, pursue a passion project, chill on the beach, or charter a boat across the world.

But you can only do that once you’ve created an income stream that doesn’t require YOU to be there all day, every day.

2)Big Margins: YouTube’s Partner program pays $1.61 to $29.30 for every 1,000 views. If you’re a small creator, it will take a while to reach a substantial earning.

With Digital Leasing, your profit margin is nearly 100%. Watch here to learn how.

Just a reminder: these Digital Rental Properties are worth (at a minimum) $500/mo in semi-passive income. And each time you create another one, your income increases, and the effort put into creating the next property decreases.

Best case scenario, you have properties bringing in over $3,000+/mo on “auto-pilot”.

3)It’s Effectively Copy-Paste: Here’s my favorite part: once you have your first Digital Rental Property up, you can literally copy-paste another version of it and find another willing “renter” in a few days. DOUBLING your income doesn’t get much easier than that…

If you wanted to double your income with content creation, you would need to double your effort to get more followers and viewers. 

And I can guarantee you, that’s a lot harder than a few clicks & a phone call.

4)You’re Helping REAL People: My biggest gripe with content creation is that you’re basically only helping yourself. 

But when you’re talking about Digital Leasing, you’re helping solve REAL problems that people are ASKING for help with:

Small local businesses around the world need one thing: customers. Without them, their business would fall apart. If we can provide those customers, they’re going to be really happy – and they’re going to pay you for it.

You’re helping a struggling mother or father put FOOD on the table for their families, put their kids through college, or simply live life a little bit more comfortably.

Having this type of impact on the world is what will help you sleep soundly at night.

So, the rest is up to you. You could keep looking at other off the wall business models like content creation and maybe hit it big one day.

You could keep researching and researching for the next few months (or few years), never making a concrete decision.

OR, you can look deep inside, think about those dreams, hopes, & desires, and make the decision to ACTUALLY make it happen, just like it has for thousands of other students before you.

Making a fortune while actually helping real people that need it.

If this sounds like you, click here to see how it all works.

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