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Top 5 Real Estate Programs (Updated 2024)

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Updated February 21By: Josiah

Welcome to our list of Top 5 Real Estate Programs.

We tested 25 of the most popular real estate programs online today for key features including support, training length, customer reviews, and value for money. These 5 were far and away the best of the pack.

The last thing you want to do is blow $997 on a real estate coaching program that’s dead upon entry, or worse, has methods that no longer work (looking at you, Multi family Masterplan).

Choosing one of these 5 will ensure you get a practical, educational program that still whips you into financial shape. Oh, and they’ll be around for years to come – we only chose ones with airtight money-back guarantees or years of authority in the space.

Ready to start making money AND enjoy doing it? Keep reading.

Real Estate Skills

#5 Real Estate Skills

Training Curriculum

Everyone on the team agreed that Real Estate Skills deserves to be on this list in some capacity. It came out to #5. It’s one of the better trainings out there today and their methods do work for real estate. What he promotes is essentially a business in a box. He gives you everything you need to basically go out and start wholesaling real estate on your own.

Alex Martinez (namely Alex) have become super popular on social media as of recently. Instagram reels, Youtube shorts, Facebook ads, Alex has quite a bit of his face out there today. He’s done all sorts of real estate throughout the years, but his training focuses particularly on the wholesaling model.

You get 6 main training modules, a decent amount of actionable steps, and access to the group for a fair price. For anyone who wants to start learning real estate, this is a feasible option.

Although the training includes what it needs to, it does feel slightly short and full of more “theory” than proven results. That said, the question may arise in your head of whether or not it was really worth the money. Our advice is that if you don’t think you can part ways with $4800 and not miss it, you may want to look at some of our better options on the list. That said, it’s not like you’ll be able to find the quality of these videos for free on YouTube or anything.

He does have pretty solid wholesaling strategies that he teaches in this program. You also have the option to use his done for you services. Now it may have ended up on our top 5, but it wasn’t by much. Ultimately Real Estate Skills is a tiered program. Entry level buy in is $4,800 and it only goes up from there. We don’t like the idea of tiered programs here.

  • Alex Martinez Have Been Coached By The Best Real Estate Coaches In The Game So He Should Know His Stuff
  • Access To Thousands Other Real Estate Students To Bounce Ideas Off Of Which Means Someone Will Always Be Able To Answer Your Questions
  • Can Make A Full Time Income From Home If You Follow Everything To A T Meaning You Can Quit Your Day Job
  • Hard To Get Support That Is Needed So It’ll Be Unlikely That You’ll Be Personally Zooming With Alex Anytime Soon
  • Many Different Upsells Which Is Annoying Because That Means It’s Not Gonna Take Just $7,800 To Make Money But Probably Closer To $20,000+

Who Is This For & Who Is This Not For?

Real Estate Skills is a great program for those that want to invest in solid training and are willing to get out there and put in all the work themselves to make it happen. This course has all the information you need to succeed.

However it is not the best program for those that need a little bit more hand holding. The group is relatively inactive upon your entry. Alex Martinez gives more support if you buy his more expensive packages…but for $4,800 you’re on your own and that might be a deal breaker for some people.

Alex Martinez has many different testimonials and has clearly helped people achieve their dream lifestyle with this business model and their coaching. This program might be worth a shot. After all, why wouldn’t you get the same results as some of those other people? Just be sure to have a realistic expectation of what you actually get with this program before you hop in.

It’s no question that Alex Martinez has had shade thrown his way over the years. But his methods do work if you put in the effort. It’s his coaching and support that’s questionable compared to the videos themselves. Either way, Alex Martinez tries his best to not get lumped into the “scammer” category of the online guru space.

We each went through his training in full and never once thought to ourselves “oh he’s a straight up scammer”. We did see how some other peoples’ complaints online do have some legitimacy though.

Here’s What You’ll Get With Real Estate Skills:

  • An online e-learning platform filled with high-definition videos and clear audio that you can access anytime and anywhere.

  • An active community consisting of four hundred wholesalers and real estate entrepreneurs.

  • A step-by-step checklist, templates, walkthroughs, scripts, cheat sheets, and tools to make your life easy.

  • Mentorship and support in the form of live weekly coaching calls, live streams, interviews, recordings, case studies; and through a private Facebook group

Now sure, the entry level $4,800 program might not have all the nicknacks of their higher end packages, but it’s enough to get you started so that you can hopefully make enough money to buy their higher end programs. Even with some of the shortcomings that Real Estate Skills has, it’s still a solid way to get introduced to this business model. But one may feel slighted when they buy into a program and then are told they need to buy even more…

The main goal of real estate skills is to help you get your own wholesaling business off the ground and start making money with real estate. 

But let’s be real. It is #5 for a reason. You will not get rich even if you buy his most expensive service. You ultimately have to put in the majority of the work to actually make money. If you’re looking for a purely investment type of program/opportunity. Real Estate Skills is not it.

Cody Sperber

#4 Cody Sperber

Training Curriculum

Our team was in complete agreement that Cody Sperber’s Trainings should take our #4 spot on the list. He offers a variety of training with his main offer being the most comprehensive for people looking to start their own real estate business. For the money, some of his training cost is a very good value and is cheaper than Real Estate Skills above.

Cody Sperber is a master at all angles of real estate. In fact, he’s done all sorts of real estate like wholesaling, buying and holding, and fixing and flipping. He personally found that doing the wholesale route was the quickest route for cash for him. He believes he can teach you the same thing, so that’s what his real estate courses primarily focus on.

Cody offers training that is plenty long, but not boring. He has an active Facebook group which is much better than Real Estate Skills, and his course cost doesn’t leave you questioning its value after you buy.

Unlike other programs which leave you wondering if you could’ve found the same quality content for free elsewhere online, this one doesn’t. From the moment you watch the first video you’ll understand that Cody Sperber is a true expert when it comes to anything regarding real estate.

  • Cody Sperber Has Over 5 Years Of Real Estate Experience So Rest Easy In Knowing That He’s Not One Of Those “Fake Gurus” You Have To Worry About
  • He Has A Large Real Estate Business Himself So He Clearly Has A Repeatable Process That Could Work For You.
  • Access To Thousands Of Other Real Estate Students To Bounce Ideas Off Of
  • Thousands Of Others Are All Trying To Get Cody’s Help As Well So Odds Are You Won’t Get That 1 On 1 Coaching You Might Be After
  • Cody Wants You To Eventually Buy His Higher Level Services Which Means You’ll Probably Need To Spend Upwards Of $10,000 To Really Start Making Money With This.

Who Is This For & Who Is This Not For?

Cody Sperber Training is for those who are looking to start their own real estate business and want to make money fast by using methods like wholesaling.

Cody Sperber Training may not be the best for those who have no interest in hustling on the phones and checking out properties to wholesale very fast. If you’re not interested in sales at all, this probably isn’t for you.

When you see his sales page you’ll find more than a handful of testimonials that are singing his praises. He has helped a decent amount of people quit their jobs or even scale their businesses through his coaching. It might be worth it to check out if you find yourself relatable to those people because if it worked for them, why wouldn’t it work for you?

Most real estate programs have several flaws like their “guru” having fake success, terrible support, and outdated content. Cody Sperber’s Training does its best to not get lumped into that category.

With all the different flaws in other programs it’s tough to not have that light shed on you.

Cody Sperber has done his best to not get wrapped up in the “fake guru” crowd. It’s tough, but he’s done his best to be as transparent as possible.

After going through his training from start to finish the thought of “oh he’s a scammer” never entered our minds. He’s just a regular guy that’s teaching as best as he can. A rare find in today’s mostly negative guru space.

Here’s What You’ll Get With Most Cody Sperber Courses:

  • Module one – Setting Up Your Business

  • Module two – Marketing

  • Module three –Analysis And Inspection

  • Module four – Property Acquisition

  • Module five – Funding And Strategy

  • Module six – Closing Deals

Sure, you’re not getting all the bells and whistles in one of his specific programs. But you are getting a quality program with whichever one you choose. And hey, you asked for one of the best. We think this is close. So it’s ended at #4 on the list. We will say though, the upsells into his higher level groups and training does get old pretty fast though.

Cody Sperber’s goal is to successfully introduce you to the world of real estate and get you your first sale / profit  with his help. His training is the real deal and his methods of wholesaling are on the cutting edge. And while his programs aren’t necessarily cheap, the value is there alongside the group coaching. If you can swing it, it might be a worthwhile investment for you to get pointed in the right direction.

Now let’s be honest here. Although the quality of this program is super high…you can’t just expect to buy it and have money free flowing into your account 30 days later. It takes a lot of hard work to make this happen. Not to mention his specific methods are entirely dependent on Facebook. Even if you have a successful campaign that’s making a bunch of money, Facebook can shut it down overnight with no explanation which means your income disappears. Proceed with caution.

BnB Riches

#3 BnB Riches

Training Curriculum

It was a pretty easy decision to place BnB Riches #3 on our list. There’s no question that Noelle Randall is one of the better Real Estate trainers when it comes to BnB. Her training and background is some of the most extensive we’ve ever reviewed on this blog and her bonuses are insane!

Noelle is a wife and mother of 7 children who was once in that dreaded 9-5 rat race. She has been a successful businesswoman for over two decades and a well-known children’s author, mentor, and public speaker. She’s also made it possible for just about anyone to invest in real estate around the country and earn a passive income.

Her training is extensive leaving no stone unturned and support is stellar. For $997 this is certainly better than most training courses on the market today. 

Even though the training is substantial, it doesn’t get boring or feel like you’re being fed irrelevant information. You’ll never find yourself questioning whether or not the price of the course truly is worth it.  

The part we liked the most is that her students seem to love her instructions and with student testimonials like: 

  • “Noelle knows the short-term rental business like no other and what she teaches works!”

  • “I have 5 units and I just got started this year!”

  • “I’m not always the fastest learner but I learned everything so quickly because Noelle explains everything so clearly.”

…It’s clear that she knows what she’s doing.

  • Noelle Randall Has Several Years Of Real Estate Experience With Comprehensive Knowledge So You Can Rest Easy That Your Learning Curve Will Be Short.
  • You Can Leverage Noelle's Vast Knowledge And Expertise To Maximize Your Income Potential From Your Rental Properties.
  • Her Course Is On The Lower Side At $997, But It May Take Some Time To Make Your Money Back Depending On How Well You’re Able To Implement Her System.
  • This Is A Complicated Business Model Because There Are Many Moving Pieces, So Balancing That And Dealing With Property Owners Can Be A Challenge.

Who Is This For & Who Is This Not For?

BnB Riches is great for people that are ready to dive in and get their hands dirty, all while being able to rely upon the solid coaching of a group if they were to get stuck. It’s also great for those who want to go beyond the basics.

This program may not be a good choice for those that do not want to touch the business at all and want a 100% passive investing strategy. It’s also not great for those that want to become a “swiss army knife” of sorts in the space since they ONLY focus on paid ads.

Noelle has helped plenty of people like you quit their jobs and start living the financially free lifestyle that real estate provides. We believe that there is a good Alex that you will be able to find success with as long as you put in the work.

Of course, having been around as long as she has, there are some buzzkills that come around trying to yell that she’s a scam artist. This simply isn’t true. Some people do not just want to put in the work so they’d rather cry “scam”. Fortunately Noelle has an upstanding reputation thanks to all the people they’ve helped over the years.

We each went through her training from start to finish and never once thought to ourselves “this is a bunch of crap, how could she possibly make money from real estate without actually owning real estate”. Unfortunately that reaction is all too common in the guru space. Thankfully this isn’t the case with BnB Riches.

Here’s What You’ll Get With BNB Riches:

  • What AirBnB is REALLY About & Her Strategy to Earn Big Profits On Sites Like AirBNB, VRBO, HomeAway and More…

  • How To Choose & Research The Perfect Target Market That Matches With Your Goals

  • Strategies On How To Position Your Business To Stand Out EVEN If You’re Brand New and No One Knows You

  • The Exact Combination of Marketing Strategies She Recommend To Get “RIGHT NOW” Leads Flooding Into Your Business For CHEAP!

  • Specifically How To Build A Six Figure Business WITHOUT Owning Property – The Low-Risk Strategy

  • Everything You Need To Know About Finding Landlords, Lease Addendums, Scripts and The Legal Side Of Things So That You Stayed Protected

  • How To Grow A High Quality Hyper Motivated Landlord List From ZERO Fast 

  • How To Easily Find The Right Properties To Maximize Profits

While it doesn’t have everything in the world to offer you. It does a pretty solid job for just $997. And with inflation as it is today, we wouldn’t be surprised if Noelle ever decided to up the price to stay in line with her true market value. All that to say, you asked for one of the best, and we believe wholeheartedly it deserves to be placed as #3. Not too shabby. Just be aware of her upsells. It can all rub you the wrong way sometimes.

The goal with BnB Riches is to give you everything you need to go in and build your real estate business from scratch. Noelle to make sure that she is there to help you every step of the way and provide support where she can. Sure, you might not be able to get one-on-one zooms with her 24/7…but you definitely won’t be left abandoned if you run out of gas.

But let’s take off the rose-tinted glasses for just a second. You can’t just drop $997 on a program and expect to make boatloads of money overnight. It’s just not going to happen. For things to happen, you have to make things happen. 

Kris Krohn

#2 Kris Krohn

Training Curriculum

It was a super close call, but Kris’s programs come in 2nd place for the best real estate programs out on the internet today. They’ve all been around for years and for a majority of that time, they have provided some of the best support imaginable by any coaching programs. It does have some weak points though.

Kris Krohn is the face of the programs and he had a similar story to a lot of you. Stuck in a 9-5, feeling helpless, feeling like he had no control. Once he discovered real estate and got a mentor though, it flipped his world (and mindset) upside down. He has used strictly real estate to build his wealth over the years and that’s exactly what he shows you how to do in his training.

It’s a solid choice for any person looking to build long term wealth. The courses are continuously updated, you’re given success checkpoints, and live streams most weeks.

Kris has made it a point to make sure that you have the most thorough training available in the market. We think he has succeeded in that. Although you can find some of the same information for free, you will not be able to find all of it and you won’t be able to find anything that even remotely comes close to this structure.

And the Partner With Kris option is a game changer. You get to join his program and get access to successful systems and strategies while his team does the work. All you have to do is provide the upfront capital. You have the potential to create a massive ROI for yourself. This is why it landed as #2 on the list.

  • Kris Krohn Has 10+ Years Of Real Estate Experience Meaning He Is One Of The Best And If He’s The Best, Why Wouldn’t He Be Able To Turn You Into Another Success Story?
  • His Programs Have A Done For You Option Which Means You Have The Option To Make This Mostly Passive Income
  • Access To Thousands Of Other Real Estate Students To Bounce Ideas Off Of Which Is Nice To Have When Kris Can’t Answer All Your Questions Directly
  • Will Need Several Thousand Dollars Saved Up To Start With So If You Don’t Have A Bunch Of Money Hidden Away It Might Be Tough To Make This Work
  • Kris’ Pitch Is To Basically Have You Pay Him To Partner With You Which Makes You Wonder If His Training Is Just One Big Pitch To Have His Team Work On Stuff For You.

Who Is This For & Who Is This Not For?

Kris’ trainings are great for people who have capital to invest in real estate and the partnership Kris offers. It’s also great for those that want to invest inside a network of real estate pros they can pick their brain on for help individually.

Kris’ partnership may not be the best choice for beginners or people that aren’t ready to invest thousands of dollars upfront in done-for-you services after spending a couple thousand on the entry to the program in the first place. For some, that can be seen as defeating right away.

Kris Krohn has helped several thousand people live life on their own terms. So now the question to ask yourself is “why do I think I’m all that different from all those people?” After you can answer that, you might want to consider his program.

Most programs like this get a bad wrap. People hear “passive income” and then start to complain if they don’t make a million bucks in 30 days or something crazy like that. The truth is that this program works, but you have to put in the work. Kris gives you the entire blueprint to financial success using real estate.

As we went through the training there was nothing that made us stop and think “man, this guy really just doesn’t know what he’s talking about”. Which is pretty rare in the coaching space these days.

Here’s What You’ll Get With Kris Krohn’s Lease Option Pro:

  • Learn how to make $5,000 within 30 days of doing your first deal and then creating a killer cash flow, not to mention the amazing big check coming to you when you sell that home.

  • ​Imagine a special community with me, my top trainers, and the members all coming together to make deals happen wherever you live.

  • ​My $5K Club includes all the training and help you need to go out there and actually make deals happen.

  • ​Learn how to bless other families with my “Compassionate Financing” approach to real estate. 

  • ​Members get access to over $10,000 of Bonus training which includes live tickets to my events, interactive trainings with me and tools to make this super easy for the action taker.

It does have way more “bells and whistles” than a lot of the other programs in its category, and shoot, for $997 it oughta have a strong value right? Kris is one of the top in the game at the moment. Just be aware that even after you join this course, you will be pushed to buy some of their own products and services.

Kris Krohn does more than a great job introducing you to the space of real estate. You see this is where he separates himself. Most of these real estate programs teach you how to generate money doing wholesales only. Kris went the other route. He went the save up and invest for the cash flow route. Yes, you can make quick money with wholesaling, and even make a whole business out of it, but Kris is all for long term passive wealth…which is exactly what Kris covers in the training.

But we’ve gotta be honest here. The one big drawback of this program is that Kris hasn’t really done livestreams himself for a while. He’s let other successful students take over while he goes on to do bigger and better things. That can be really disappointing when you get all excited seeing him on the front end of marketing and you never really get to interact with him once on the inside. Kris does however throw meetups at his event space in Utah though. So if you can make it out there, that’s pretty cool. For these reasons it had to land in the #2 spot.

Grant Cardone

#1 Grant Cardone

Training Curriculum

The entire team unanimously agreed that Cardone University is one of the best real estate training programs on the internet today. Video for video this training program provides a lot of information for what it costs. It’s like a business opportunity and education platform all in one.

It’s taught by Grant Cardone, one of the world’s most successful real estate gurus today. There’s no questioning that. Grant has seen it all from both the business owner side and the personal investor side.

Plenty of training, actionable steps, and group coaching at a solid price. Cardone University is a solid option for any beginner in real estate

The training is long enough to where you don’t feel like you paid too much for some stuff you could’ve just found for free scrambled around YouTube. The videos are in order which makes everything easier to follow and less scatterbrained if you were trying to find these things on YouTube. Everyone who’s tried piecemealing things together on YouTube knows how much of a nightmare this is.

And the sales training portion is a game changer. You get to join his program and get access to his tools to go around and succeed for yourself. You have the potential to create a massive ROI for yourself. This is why it ended up as our #1 choice.

  • Grant Cardone Has Over A Decade Of Real Estate Experience So He’s Been Around Long Enough To Help People Like You Become Financially Free
  • Access To Thousands Of Other Real Estate Students To Bounce Ideas Off Of Which Is Nice To Have On The Off Chance Grant And His Team Are Too Busy To Help You
  • Can Make A Large Cash Flow With His Various Strategies
  • It Does Take A Little Bit Of Time To Apply The Principles Of The Training

Who Is This For & Who Is This Not For?

Cardone University is great for people who are just getting started out in the real estate space. Grant’s an expert and takes in people that initially know nothing about real estate and teaches them the basics.

Cardone University may not be the best choice for people that aren’t ready to put in the hard work that is required to successfully start your own real estate investment business.

Grant Cardone has helped thousands of people exit the corporate-y 9-5 to lifestyle in exchange for the financially free real estate lifestyle. So go ahead and see what he can do for you (just so long as you have realistic expectations for the program).

Most real estate programs have several flaws like their “guru” having fake success, terrible support, and outdated content. Cardone University does its best to not get lumped into that category.

We each went through his training in full and never once thought to ourselves “oh will this self absorbed con-man ever shut up” like you might think with all the gurus and their courses.

Here’s What You’ll Get With Cardone University:













It has all the bells and whistles that other real estate programs don’t. And remember, you asked for the best…and we believe this is it. Just be prepared to hit the ground running and put in the necessary hard work so it can be successful for you.

The Cardone University program is going to introduce you to the world of real estate as quickly and efficiently as possible – and it’s not gonna suck either. It’s the ultimate course for beginners. If you’re looking to get started today with something that won’t break the bank, this is it. You get all of the same higher end features on similar coaching opportunities of more expensive courses and more, so it will be more than enough to get you started in the right direction.

Let’s be clear about one thing… you will never get rich without putting in some of the work yourself, and for that reason – we can’t fully endorse the real estate business model as you’ll see below. And If you’re a complete beginner that just wants to learn a little about real estate but have the option to make some side income here and there, then you can’t go wrong with this program.

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