Most Expensive Animal (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Animal

Would you pay $2 million for a dog? Or $50,000 to clone your beloved pet like Barbra Streisand? People spend a lot of money on animals for their appearance, wages, progeny, or DNA.

It’s no secret that animals are among the most expensive possessions you can own. Pet ownership is like having a child you can’t speak to yet love. However, if you’re seeking a rare exotic animal, the buying price alone will break the bank.

Here are the 15 most costly animals you can own. Remember that some of them are uncommon and require a great deal of knowledge and money to care for!


This Most Expensive Animal review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Chinese Crested Hairless Dog
Chinese Crested Hairless Dog
Price: $3,000

Although it is not for everyone, the Chinese crested hairless dog is a friendly and enjoyable breed to keep. These uncommon dogs can cost up to $3,000 and must be kept out of the sun because they are prone to sunburn.

Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat
Price: $5,000

The Bengal is a combination of the Egyptian Mau and Asian Leopard cat. The cat looks like a cheetah but has a domestic disposition. Bengals are noisy when they need attention or food.

Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff
Price: $5,000

Tibetan mastiffs were raised as guard dogs to defend livestock and households.

True-blooded Tibetan Mastiffs can be found for a few thousand dollars, but it’s rare. In 2011, the most expensive dog sold for $1.5 million. Big Splash, an 11-month-old Tibetan Mastiff, was up for auction in China.

Capuchin Monkey
Capuchin Monkey
Price: $10,000

Capuchins are the smartest New World monkeys. Their brains made them TV stars, movie extras, and circus acts. Unfortunately, their intelligence has made them a popular subject for laboratory experimentation.

Hyacinth Macaw
Hyacinth Macaw
Price: $14,000

The Hyacinth Macaw is the largest parrot species and has magnificent blue and yellow feathers. It’s one of the most expensive pets in the world, considering the purchase price, food, and lodging. They’re easy to teach and affectionate, making them great pets.

Price: $14,000

The Samoyed is one of the world’s most beloved dog breeds. Most people are drawn to these canines’ white cloud-like coats. Not only are these canines in high demand, but they are also expensive to breed and care for by conscientious breeders.

Palm Cockatoo
Palm Cockatoo
Price: $16,000

Also known as the Goliath Cockatoo, these gigantic birds have a feather mohawk on top of their heads. They’re not as colorful as the Hyacinth Macaw, but they’re still royal. They’re lively, intelligent birds, but they need lots of attention.

Savannah Cat
Savannah Cat
Price: $20,000

Savannah cats are not your average domestic cats. It’s essentially an African Serval crossed with a domestic cat. Because it is a domesticated cat that has been bred with wild animal, the laws can differ substantially.

Lavender Albino Ball Python
Lavender Albino Ball Python
Price: $40,000

Lavender Albino Ball Pythons make great pets despite their red eyes and yellow markings. This could be a good pick if you’re searching for a costly pet to set you apart.

Stag Beetle
Stag Beetle
Price: $90,000

This unusual pet is one of the world’s biggest and most expensive insects. The stag beetle’s name comes from its curled mandibles and antlers.

National Geographic says some Japanese owners pit their pets in bug fights. A Japanese businessman paid $90,000 for a giant stag beetle in 1999.

White Lion Cub
Price: $140,000

This color mutation first appeared in 1938. They’ll need several pounds of meat a day and an enclosure. You shouldn’t be tempted by the cute looks of these little lions unless you’re affluent and experienced with wild animals.

Holstein Cow
Holstein Cow
Price: $1.2 million

Missy sold for $1.2 million in 2009, making her the world’s most expensive cow. Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy, an award-winning Holstein, is a dairy farmer’s dream. The cow is a genetic miracle capable of producing 50% more milk than an average cow.

Racing Pigeon
Racing Pigeon
Price: $1.4 million

Specialty pigeon breeds such Jacobins, fantails, and pigmy pouters are bred for shows. According to Pigeon Paradise, one Chinese customer spent $1.4 million on a pigeon in 2019. The animal, named Armando, was called the best long-distance racing pigeon “of all time”.

Sir Lancelot Encore – Labrador
Sir Lancelot Encore Labrador
Price: $16 Million

Sir Lancelot Encore is a clone of his former self. He is the first successfully cloned dog in the world.

However, in my opinion a clone will never be the same as the original, so instead of spending so much money cloning your dog, it may be preferable to adopt a dog in need and donate the rest to help thousands of other dogs.

Thoroughbred Horse
Thoroughbred Horse
Price: $16 million

A good thoroughbred can cost between $100,000 and $300,000. However, one horse named Green Monkey sets a new record for the most costly pet. Because he was a legend, he was sold for $16,000,000.

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Some pet owners spend a fortune on their beloved animals. Your commitment to the animal’s health and well-being will decide its lifespan. These 15 most costly animals are beautiful and demand more care and experience than domestic pets.

Here’s a quick review of the 15 most expensive animals:

  1. Thoroughbred Horse- $16 million
  2. Sir Lancelot Encore – Labrador- $16 Million
  3. Racing Pigeon- $1.4 million
  4. Holstein Cow- $1.2 million
  5. White Lion Cub- $140,000
  6. Stag Beetle- $90,000
  7. Lavender Albino Ball Python- $40,000
  8. Savannah Cat- $20,000
  9. Palm Cockatoo- $16,000
  10. Samoyed- $14,000
  11. Hyacinth Macaw- $14,000
  12. Capuchin Monkey- $10,000
  13. Tibetan Mastif- $5,000
  14. Bengal Cat- $5,000
  15. Chinese Crested Hairless Dog- $3,000
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