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Fiction Profits Academy Reviews: Is Karla Marie The Best At Kindle Direct Publishing? (Updated 2024)

By: JosiahMar 07, 2024Self Publishing
Fiction Profits Academy Reviews: Is Karla Marie The Best At Kindle Direct Publishing? (Updated [year])

Introduction To Fiction Profits Academy

Hi, thanks for taking the time to visit my Fiction Profits Academy Review. You likely found this review about Karla Marie’s training a couple of different ways: 

  1. You may have been researching about making money online and and saw something about Karla Marie recently.
  2. Maybe you saw an ad about Karla Maries training course and wondered if the Fiction Profits Academy claims are true.
  3. Perhaps you just wanted to know if Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing and Karla Marie are legit or not.

However you got here, grab a cup of coffee and sit back while I unpack everything about the industry in general and about Karla Marie specifically.  

When you finish reading this article, my goal is for you to have a solid grasp on: 

  • What you’ll learn inside of Karla Marie’s Course
  • If you can make money online with Kindle Direct Publishing
  • If someone with little to no experience in writing can be their own publisher
  • How much will Fiction Profits Academy cost

Believe it or not, we've spent quite a bit of time researching other Fiction Profits Academy reviews, and are pretty well-informed to give a solid Fiction Profits Academy review as well. We've also made a decent amount of money publishing books on Amazon.

We've also written on topics from how to become a real estate investor, which seems to be the #1 choice for the vast majority of entrepreneurs who have a fair amount of investment capital mainly because of the passive nature of owning real estate, to affiliate marketing on instagram which is a favorite of the 30 and under crowd.

My goal, however, is to make this the first and last review you'll need to read regarding Karla Marie and her Fiction Profits Academy course.

I know some of you might be sitting on pins and needles waiting for the punchline as to whether Karla Marie is legit or a scam, so I've left you a quick overview and some Pros and Cons below:


This Karla Marie Fiction Profits Academy review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

  • Karla Marie is a Real Deal Expert in Self-Publishing, which mean she knows the ins and outs so you're not wandering in the dark.
  • The Course Covers Amazon Self-Publishing from A to Z, which means You won't have to scramble to find information; it's all there.
  • Lots of People Have Found Success, so you will have plenty of motivation when grey clouds start rolling in
  • Members Get All Sorts of Cool Extras like a private community and coaching calls, so you’ll have a mini army of support
  • At just under $2,000, the course is a bit pricey, so your return on investment might take some time. 
  • There are upsells and hidden costs, which is like buying a car with no tires.
  • KDP competition can be fierce, which means it could take some time to get your footing. 
  • Customer Support is great but it’s not 100%, so don’t be surprised if your left on “Read” when/if you request a refund.

Why Listen To Us

My name is Josiah, and this is my Dad, Joel.why listen us

Together, we make up the team here at Scamrisk.

If you’ll let me bother you for two minutes, I’d like to quickly explain why I’m even here writing this review.

In early 2020, I had just graduated from college & had no real career prospects.

I knew I was destined for something more, but I had no clue how I was going to make it happen.

I had this sinking feeling in my gut all the time… like the “big man upstairs” had accidentally given me the version of life where I’d be mediocre forever, instead of the one where I was, ya know – happy & fulfilled.


I had fiddled around with some different online businesses in college:

Some random MLMs, a bit of affiliate marketing, a (failed) dropshipping store or two, all the usual suspects.

Even my dad had been involved in MLMs back in the day… selling knives & other random nonsense people (probably) didn’t need.

All I really wanted was to find something that was going to actually work for me.

Maybe those things had worked for others, but for me it all turned up a fat “0” in the bank account department.

So I searched! And searched… and searched… and searched…

And eventually, I somehow stumbled upon a program that promised to help me build an income online (read about it here if you’re curious).

I didn’t really want to be “rich”.

The thought of making a reliable $5K per month & not having to worry about clocking in to a 9-to-5 ever again was all I needed.

Sure, there were people in the program doing high-6 and low-7 figures per year… but that wasn’t what I was out for.

I just wanted to provide freedom for myself, and if I was lucky, take my family along for the ride.

Fast forward a few days and a few phone calls & I was enrolled!

Here’s the first “money making website” I put up:

why listen us gif

I built that site in 2020, and it still makes me $1,500 per month. It’s a basic 5 page website I built based on a template the program provides.

The best part to me? My dad and I get to do it all together!

So between the:

  1. Ease of reaching $5-$10K per month in income online

  2. Straightforward-ness of the system to do it

  3. Fact that I get to do it w/ my family

Is why I recommend local lead generation as my #1 business model for making money online.

Sure, it takes some work and dedication – but anyone that tells you that there’s a business out there that requires no work is selling you a lemon.

I’m not saying you need to sign up for the same program I did, but I would definitely recommend giving the business model a peek!

TLDR - What’s The Verdict On Fiction Profits Academy?

The Verdict On Fiction Profits Academy

Fiction Profits Academy by Karla Marie promises to be a one-stop-shop for aspiring authors. It's like a shiny new toolbox, filled with all the gadgets you'd need to build a dream house, but here's the catch: not all tools are as useful as they seem.

First, let's talk benefits.

The program offers a step-by-step guide to writing, marketing and publishing ebooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It even covers the nuts and bolts of cover design and keyword optimization, which is great for SEO purposes.

I've personally used Amazon KDP to publish a short story collection, and while KDP is user-friendly, it's not rocket science. Most of the information Fiction Profits Academy offers can be found for free or at a lower cost somewhere else, so why pay more than you need to?

Imagine you're at a carnival.

Fiction Profits Academy is like that giant, colorful Ferris wheel. It looks fun and has a great view, but once you're up there, you realize you could've enjoyed the same view from a nearby hill... for FREE!

It's not that the program is bad; it's just not the best value for your dollar. If you're a beginner, you might find some modules helpful, but if you've been around the block, you'll likely find it redundant.

Instead, I'd recommend the Audio Income Academy course. It's more like a Swiss Army knife – compact, versatile, and relatively less expensive. It covers writing and publishing so that even someone like me could understand it… and I get lost reading the instructions on a shampoo bottle. 

I understand if you're on the fence about Fiction Profits Academy (or even Kindle Direct Publishing for that matter), so consider taking a detour for a moment and check out the this program instead.

It's like that Swiss Army Knife on steroids, offering you more bang for your buck and a better chance at creating passive income, which I believe is lacking with Fiction Profits Academy.  

Time Investment3.5/5You'll need to invest time and money when creating or sourcing quality ebooks. It's not a quick process, so consistency is key for a solid ROI.
Level of Control2.5/5You control everything from eBook topics and marketing, but you're limited to Amazon's platform. This opens you up to a great deal of competition.
Ease of Implementation2.5/5The course walks you through each task, which are simple but can be overwhelming. You'll need to manage writing, cover design, and marketing, which can be overwhelming for beginners.
Profit Potential2/5While the course promises high returns, the startup costs are steep. You could spend thousands before seeing a profit, and that's without considering the competitive nature of the eBook industry.

Who Benefits From Fiction Profits Academy And Who Should Put It On The Back Burner?

Who Benefits From Fiction Profits Academy

I've been in the ebook game for a while now, and let me tell you, it can be an up-hill battle at times. Writing is one thing, but marketing? That's a whole different beast.

I've tried various programs to help me navigate the landmines of publishing an ebook, so I want to touch on some food for thought. 

Let’s talk about the type of person that would see the benefit in this program: 

  • Aspiring Authors: If you've got a story in you but don't know how to get it out, this program offers structured modules to guide you.
  • Side Hustlers: For those looking to make some extra income without quitting their day job, this program teaches you how to do it in your spare time.
  • Entrepreneurial Women: The program seems to target women, offering a learning style that might resonate more with a female audience.

Who I believe would not benefit from this program: 

  • Get-Rich-Quick Dreamers: I get the impression that this Reddit user you'll become a millionaire overnight, think again. This program stresses that it takes hard work.
  • Low Budget Folks: This Trustpilot user felt disappointed with the course. He thinks it's too expensive for what he got and he wishes he would have received more personal help.
  • Impatient People: If you're not willing to go through the modules and apply the lessons, you're not going to see results.

Fiction Profits Academy – 1,000 FT View Of Karla Marie's training course

1000 FT View Of Karla Maries training course

The eBook Publishing Business Model

Have you ever thought about building passive income? That's the idea behind Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It's like a platform where you can sell your eBooks 24/7. You write an ebook, upload it, and boom! People can buy it anytime.

The best part?

You don't have to worry about printing or shipping. Amazon takes care of that. But here's the catch: it's not a "get rich quick" scheme. You've got to put in the work upfront. Once your book is out there, you can earn money without lifting a finger.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I can say that it's not as ideal as other business models like real estate or digital marketing. From what I've found, these models offer huge passive income to the tune of five to even six figures per month.

KDP just doesn't measure up to that kind of potential.

Karla Marie's Bio

Karla Maries Bio

Meet Karla Marie, the brain behind Fiction Profits Academy. She's not just any guru; she's made a six-figure income by self-publishing eBooks on Amazon.

Karla targets women who want to earn a little extra money, and her teaching style is tailored to benefit them.

She's got a YouTube channel and even offers weekly group coaching sessions. But remember, she's not just making money from eBooks; she's also cashing in on her online course.

How Much Does Fiction Profits Academy Cost?

Fiction Profits Academy Cost

The Fiction Profits Academy cost isn't cheap. The course will set you back $1,497. And if you're thinking of a payment plan, it'll cost you even more – $2,367 in total over three months.

Want a refund?

You've got 24 hours for a no-questions-asked refund. After that, you've got to jump through some hoops.

Is Fiction Profits Academy Legit or Not?

Is Fiction Profits Academy Legit

Karla Marie's course isn't a scam, but it's not a walk in the park either. You can make money, but it's going to take hard work and time, and let's be real, the course isn't the golden ticket to instant wealth.

Some online reviews even say that the program has hidden costs, like paying for writers, book covers, and ads. So, is Fiction Profits Academy legit? Yes, but if you're thinking it's a quick and easy way to get rich, think again.

How Does Fiction Profits Academy Differ from Other Similar Programs?

Fiction Profits Academy is unique in its focus on women and its comprehensive modules. From mindset to book launch strategies, it covers it all.

Unlike other courses, it even goes a little bit into Facebook Ads to create a fan base. But here's the kicker: There are other courses that offer more for roughly the same cost.

According to these reviews, it's a platform that offers a range of services for authors, including editing, design, and marketing. They focus on helping authors publish their books in a professional manner.

They also offer a comprehensive package that takes care of everything from manuscript editing to book distribution. However, they don't provide training on how to start your own publishing company.

On the other hand, Fiction Profits Academy is a training course that does teach you how to start your own self-publishing business.

Personal Thoughts About Fiction Profits Academy and Kindle Direct Publishing

I want to share my thoughts about Karla Marie and her Fiction Profits Academy. I've tried out eBook Publishing and have seen Karla Marie's courses myself.

Before we talk more about Karla and her program, let's look at some general tips for choosing an online course.

First, when you search for "Fiction Profits Academy review," remember that most reviews are from people who didn't like the course. You won't hear much from people who are doing really well with ebook publishing.

Second, your attitude is important. If you join Fiction Profits Academy thinking you'll make easy money with Kindle Direct Publishing, you're wrong. You can make money, but you have to put in a lot of hours.

Now, let's talk about how I judge a course like Fiction Profits Academy:

  1. Karla Marie's Experience: Knowing what Karla Marie has done in the world of ebook publishing is important. Her experience can help you shorten your learning curve.
  2. Coaching and Support: Does the course offer extra help like a private Facebook group? This can make a big difference in how well you do.
  3. Course Material: What you learn in the course should be useful and valuable. It should help you succeed in Kindle Direct Publishing.
  4. Updates: The course should be updated often. Ebook publishing changes a lot, and you need the latest info to do well.

Would I Recommend Fiction Profits Academy?

Let’s take a look at the good aspects of Fiction Profits Academy.

It will take some hard work and persistence up front, so if you’re grinding every day, showing up in the private Facebook group, and engaging with others in the community, you should see a certain amount of success.

Writing fiction stories isn’t difficult by itself; the main obstacle is just getting your thoughts down on paper and crafting It.

Is the course worth the price? That’s something you would need to determine for yourself. If it were free, then I would tell you to grab the bull by the horns and run with it.

Now let’s take a look at a couple of the reasons why you might want to pass:

  • This Trustpilot user was excited about the affordable course at first, but he says they pushed him to join a pricey $10,000 boot camp. He said the course had many hidden costs and recently changed its format, which meant less help in weekly calls. Despite asking for a different coach, he got the same one who didn't understand his needs, which wasted two coaching sessions.
  • This Reddit user says that, as a ghostwriter, it can be very profitable for him. He recently got two clients through FPA, which he just learned about. While he feels bad for people caught in quick-money scams, he says that these schemes do provide jobs for freelancers on Upwork.

What’s Inside Fiction Profits Academy?

Whats Inside Fiction Profits Academy

Now that we've provided a broad overview of Fiction Profits Academy and briefly discussed Karla Marie, let's dig into each of the course modules I mentioned earlier.

Module 1: The Million Dollar Mindset
Fiction Profits Academy, much like other courses, begins with having the right mindset. If you've taken similar online courses before, you likely have an idea of what to expect.

However, it's important to leave any notions of hitting it rich overnight at the front door. Karla emphasizes that this business requires hard work and dedication.

Module 2: The Basics
This module goes over the fundamentals of Amazon and the publishing industry with a fine-toothed comb. Karla will also show you how to up your foundation correctly. Understanding the significance of niche selection for your book and the importance of keywords is a crucial aspect she'll cover.

Module 3: Creating Your Books
In this module, you'll discover the essentials of actually writing your book. Karla goes over the various tools that can simplify the entire writing process. Similar to the Audiobook Impact Academy, she also offers guidance on finding ghostwriters and providing proper contracts for their services.

Module 4: Crafting the Ideal Cover
Here, Karla will walk you through designing book covers and recommend what styles to adopt and avoid. When designing your book cover, you have three options to consider:

  1. Crafting your own book cover using tools like Canva.
  2. Using Amazon's Cover Creator Tool.
  3. Outsourcing the work to a professional graphic artist.

Module 5: Formatting and Blurbs
The blurb is a brief text on the back of your book summarizing its contents and give your reader a quick snapshot. It also serves as an opportunity to captivate readers with compelling sales copy.

Amazon imposes a 4,000-character limit for blurbs, so keep that in mind as you begin writing yours.

Module 6: Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
Kindle Direct Publishing is a subsidiary of Amazon designed for e-book sales. It puts you in charge of your content and offers access to Amazon's huge audience.

In this module, Karla walk you through setting up your Amazon KDP account.

Module 7: Crafting the Optimal Launch Strategy
With your book ready in your chosen format, it's time to launch it into the world. Fiction Profits Academy promotes a widely-used self-publishing launch method.

Remember, genuine reviews are essential for driving sales; avoid sponsored, biased, or affiliated reviews as Amazon disapproves of them. Amazon safeguards its reputation.

Module 8: Mastering Facebook Ads
As the title suggests, this module pulls back the curtain into Facebook advertising. It's important to note that FB ads come at a cost, and you have to keep running ads to drive sales.

This module also offers insights to help your ads stand out from the crowd.

Module 9: Cultivating Devoted Fans
In this module, Karla Marie shows you how to build a dedicated fan base, which means boosting book sales.

Remember, success isn't solely about the book's quality but also about effective promotion.

Module 10: Scaling Your Self-Publishing Venture
In this final module, Karla show you ways to scale your self-publishing process for passive income. The key is to identify successful strategies in your business, then automate and scale them for growth.

Fiction Profits Academy Refund Policy

Fiction Profits Academy Refund Policy

At Fiction Profits Academy (FPA), they know you can run into situations like getting sick or family emergencies. If something like that stops you from doing FPA, don't rush to your bank for a refund.

It might sound easy, but it's not safe. Banks can take up to 6 months to make a decision. Sometimes they say no, and you don't get your money back at all!

So, if you're in a tough spot and can't continue with FPA, just talk to their support team. Tell them what's going on, and they'll try to help you out.

Should You Buy Fiction Profits Academy?

In my opinion, don't buy it.


Well, there are a couple of reasons. First, we couldn't find many positive reviews or stories from people who've tried it. That makes it hard to know if the program works.

Additionally, the website where they talk about the course does show student testimonials, but there again, it's hard to tell what's genuine or not. It simply isn't my #1 pick.

So, what's the bottom line?

It's better to save your money and look for a program, like the Mikkelsen Twins offers, that tells you more about what you'll learn and who's teaching it. You want to make sure you get your money's worth.

What Is My #1 Way To Make Money Online In 2024?

Digital Leasing

I have spent years researching, reviewing, and vetting dozens of business models and thousands of programs.

While there may be no “perfect business,” the research IS conclusive:

Digital Leasing is the #1 online business model for those just starting out.

Whether you’ve never made a dollar online or been in this space for a while but never really “made it,” Digital Leasing is for you.


1) It’s Flexible: got an hour a day? You can do this. Ready to drop everything else and dive in full-time? You can do this. Yes, the more time you put in, the faster you see results. But even with a little time each day, you can move the needle in a Digital Leasing business.

And because this system is so flexible, you don’t have to constantly be working to make more money. It’s called PASSIVE INCOME because if you stop working, the money doesn’t.

Imagine taking 3 months off to just tour around Europe, rent a cabin in the woods to write a book, hike the Appalachian Trail, or live on the beach and surf all day.

This is only possible if you have an income stream that’s not tied to your time.

2) You Own & Control EVERYTHING: With Kindle Publishing, you don’t really own anything. You have no control over the platform. You don’t even own your “business”.

So be sure to look at the fine print for most of the agreements you sign when you join companies Amazon or Audible. At any point, the company can change your commission structure, reduce your profit margins, or kick you out entirely.

With Digital Leasing, you own the assets, which means you have all the power and all the control. For example, if a client decides that they no longer wish to use your services, you can easily find another client (in some cases, their competitors) to take their place and for even more money.

3) Little To No Startup Costs: It’s possible to get into Digital Leasing with zero dollars upfront. Because, using the strategies outlined in this program, you can get a client to pay you BEFORE spending a penny out of your own pocket...even before you do any work.

Even without getting paid in advance, you can have your first Digital Rental Property up, running, and generating profits for less than $100.

With ebook publishing, you have to put in the time and money to write an ebook, publish it to Amazon, then advertise it all before you see one red cent, which is assuming your ebook makes any sales.

4) Easy To Duplicate: Ok, here’s the best part: once you have your first Digital Rental Property up and running, you can literally DOUBLE your income with a few clicks, a couple of keystrokes, and a single phone call (and you don’t actually need the phone call).

Remember: each Digital Rental Property is worth $500 to $2,000 monthly in semi-passive income (over 95% profit). Every time you decide to create another one and increase your income, it gets easier.

Because you have more knowledge, more experience, more results, and more momentum.

If you wanted to double your income with Fiction Profits Academy, you’d probably need to double the number of hours you spend working. Because, again, this program doesn’t scale.

Also, you can't duplicate an ebook. Your best case scenario would be to rewrite an ebook in less time it took to originally write it, give it a different title, then advertise it to a completely different market. The chances of doing this effectively and without getting flagged is likely low.

5) Make Money Helping Real People: With Digital Leasing, you’re actually helping people by solving your clients’ biggest problem:

Small, local businesses need more customers, and with Digital Leasing, you are unleashing a flood of happy, paying customers for these businesses.

You make money by helping them make money. Which, unless you're actually writing an ebook about starting your own business or the latest strategies for the winning the lottery, the person the primarily benefits from the sale of the ebook is the author.

You're no a big, faceless corporation either...

You're helping small business owners who’s using that money to put food on the table for their family, start a college fund for their kids, or take care of a sick parent.

Once you see how Digital Leasing makes a real impact in the lives of real people, you’ll sleep like a baby with a big smile on your face.

Now, the choice is yours. You could continue browsing, looking at opportunities like Fiction Profits Academy which could one day make you money.

You could continue researching, never making a decision.

OR, you could take a look inside, consider what you really want, and join a program that makes your dreams a reality. At the same time, joining a community of over 2,000 successful students that are living life on their own terms, thanks to Digital Leasing.

A consistent, reliable, semi-passive stream of income that doesn’t depend on you or your time to keep producing profits.

All while genuinely helping real people who are grateful and happy to pay for it.

If this sounds more like what you want out of life (or if you just want some nice side income), click here to learn more about Digital Leasing.

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