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Traffic is an essential aspect of any business looking to make money online. Just because you build a business website or sales funnel it doesn’t mean that customers will begin flooding your site and you’ll make a boatload of money.

Unfortunately, this is a common misconception for many new entrepreneurs online.

You need to find where your dream customers are and meet them where they are at in order to generate targeted traffic to your site.

This is the only way to get results.

For some of us, it feels like it took forever for Traffic Secrets Book to come out. Anxiously awaiting for this to be released was difficult, especially if you’ve read the other two Russell Brunson books, such as Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

And within just a few weeks of being launched, the book went out of stock!

Russell Brunson had hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs on his waiting list checking their mail waiting to notified about the release.

Russell Brunson shows you throughout each book how you can create this same type of eager customers in your business.

He is more than just an author telling you about building an online business with sales funnels and how to generate traffic to your website. He’s giving you step-by-step instructions to building the funnel, writing the stories, and generating traffic.

Russell Brunson is giving you the exact process he has used to build his businesses. It’s his exact strategies that built ClickFunnels into the success that it is today, as well as the tactics in all of his books.

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Table of Contents

Who Is The Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is more than just an author.

He is also the co-founder of ClickFunnels, which is a sales funnel building software.

With over 100,000 users ClickFunnels is worth over $360 Million. At least that what Forbes says.

You can also find Russell with some of the biggest marketing gurus such as Grant Cardone who is a Real Estate Marketing guru. Grant has said that DotCom Secrets is something that every and any entrepreneur should read if they want to grow their online business or brick and motor business.

Russell spoke at one of Grant Cardone’s 10 X Growth Conferences and he generated over $3 Million. All he did was tell his stories and in just over an hour he made $3 Million. These results aren’t normal, but he makes them look so simple.

He shows you in DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets how you can do the same through the art of storytelling and solving the problem your customer is having with your product.

What is the Traffic Secrets Book About?

The title of the book says it all, “Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers”.

This book took Russell Brunson two years to make and it’s filled with secrets, hacks, and knowledge to help you generate targeted traffic to your funnel. These methods are evergreen because it’s not about a specific platform it’s about marketing effectively and finding your customers where they are, directing them to a landing page and putting them through your well-planned out sales funnel and email marketing strategies.

He talks about the invisible traffic funnels and how it doesn’t matter your location you can make money online by building funnels, creating an offer and generating traffic.

What's Inside of The Traffic Secrets Book?

You’ll find 20 secrets in Traffic Secrets book by Russell Brunson.

These secrets will get more traffic going to your funnels, getting your offer seen by more people so that you can make more money.

Section #1: Your Dream Customer

Dream 100 is about creating a list of people that you want to use within your niche to help grow your audience. They don’t call it Dream 100 for no reason.

You want big names within your niche on your list so that you can build your list of dream clients.

So what is a dream customer? They are the ones that will buy what you are selling.

You want to get traffic to your funnel with your ideal customer.

In order to identify who your dream customer is, you’ll need to develop an avatar.

To do this you’ll need to think about who they are and figure out where they are hiding so you can deliver your offer directly to them and get them into your funnel.

After all your funnel is how you’re going to make money.

That and your offer.

It’s not necessarily a numbers game. You don’t want your advertising money going to people that have no interest in your product or services.

Knowing exactly who your audience allows you to understand exactly who the people are that you’re advertising too. This allows you to find the different pain points that will make them stop dead in their tracks to read your advertisement.

Try to get in the mindset of your audience and find where you can find them. Try to understand the different pain points your audience is in.

So How Can You Find Them?

When people search it’s because they need something. So they are looking it up to find the cheapest price.

Interruption is based on desire. They don’t necessarily need what you’re offering. So the approach here is different. You’re going to be selling the offer on the perceived value using a hook, story, and offer.

This is the secret formula that you’ll find in DotCom Secret.

Here are some of the secrets you’ll find in this section of the book:

Secret #1: You'll determine who “Dream Customer” is. Then you'll figure out how you will serve them in a way they want to be served!
Secret #2: You'll figure out where your dream customers are so that you can get your funnel in front of them.
Secret #3: You'll discover how to stop them from what they are doing and read what you have to say.
Secret #4: You'll learn the two ways to get your message in front of your Dream Customers. This is the secret that will put them in your funnel so they can see your messages again and again for free!
Secret #5: This is going to be the secret that you don't want to miss. It won't matter what Google algorithms are or what Facebook decides to change. This is an evergreen method that will provide you with traffic again and again.
​Secret #6: You'll have access to the invisible second funnel. This is something most people don't know about and is responsible for 81% of your sales.
Secret #7: The key to getting partners to not only promote your products for you, but also quickly return your calls, respond to your emails, and get excited to send you their traffic for free…

Section #2: Fill Your Funnel

After you find your customers, you’ll then need to get them into your funnel and you’ll need to do this regardless of what platforms you’re using.

If you’re like most internet marketers the main focus for traffic is from pay per click and search engine marketing. But these are not the methods in Traffic Secrets. PPC and SEO methods often change and if this is the only way you’re generating traffic you can quickly lose your business.

Russell Brunson will tell you about his big loss when using Google Ads and why it’s essential you learn more than one method of generating traffic and how to utilize them regardless of the platform.

Right now the platforms that you’ll use to get traffic are Instagram, Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

These change over time, and you’ll need to learn the new platforms, but the marketing behind it will remain the same.

That’s what makes this book so powerful!

He’ll also explain the big secret that drives customers to your sales funnel is understanding where your customers are hiding, and determine what will hook them in, and telling them a story to keep their attention.

In Traffic Secrets you’ll learn how to create a funnel that will not only attract your customer, but it will keep them interested from the beginning to the end.

Secret #8: Uncover a ton of free traffic sources from people that have your dream customers and get them into your funnel.
Secret #9: Learn how to get consistency in your marketing efforts.
Secret #10: Use this secret 3-5 minutes daily that will grow your social media following. with engaged followers.
​Secret #11: How you can start a social party that will bring dream customers into your funnel.
Secret #12: Learn how to take advantage of Google and get customers to find you.
Secret #13: Learn the easy to follow steps that will help you create content that your audience wants to read.
Secret #14: Learn how to spot the trends and become part of them for a new source of traffic.
Secret #15: Learn how to repurpose the things you've written so that you can have a constant flood of content that will be suitable for every social platform.

Section #3: Growth Hacking

You’ll learn the secret of how to get free traffic and how this method doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s free. You’ll have to put a lot of time into these methods. Russell Brunson will go over all of the free traffic methods.

Paid traffic is perfect for when you have money but no time to take advantage of free traffic.

We often hear when it comes to advertising that your products need to be everywhere. But if your customer isn’t everywhere then this is pointless advice and if you tried to learn every single platform you’d wear yourself out.

Russell Brunson will discuss the importance of outsourcing. The last thing you want to do is burn yourself out.

Who Should Read The Traffic Secrets Book?

If you haven’t read DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets it’s highly suggested that you do. Traffic Secrets book builds on the concepts that you’ll learn in both of those books.

So, you’ll definitely get much more out of this book as it ties together with learning to build the hook, story and offer that will be put into a sales funnel.

Dotcom Secrets teaches you the science behind building both your webs and sales funnel. While the other teaches you how to build your brand and sales funnel.

Between both of these, you’ll learn to successfully tweak the funnel until it’s profitable.

But if you haven’t read either of these you’ll still be able to get a ton of good information out of Traffic Secrets.

With Traffic Secrets you’ll learn how to get leads no matter what platform your utilizing.

Traffic Secrets Book Price Review

Just the other two Russell Brunson books, Traffic Secrets book is $0.00 + Shipping. 

So you can get this book for free and all you have to do is pay the shipping cost of $9.95 to the US and $19.95 international shipping.

This is the exact strategy you’ll learn in his first two books, and you’ll uncover why it’s so successful and how you’d build a ton of value into this.

Where Can You Buy The Traffic Secrets Book?

The Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets book can be bought just about anywhere online. There are literally thousands of affiliates promoting his free + shipping book. This is one of the ways that his company has grown so quickly.

You can find the audiobook on both Amazon and Kindle.

I’ve personally listened to the audiobook a handful of times, while reading the book. The author is a marketer that helps you become the entrepreneur that you want to be, generating traffic to your funnel and selling more products than you thought that you ever would.

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Reviews

Amazon Reviews

“This book is incredible! Traffic Secrets inspired me to start finding alternative modes of traffic besides the ones that everyone is used to. I jumped onto TikTok and started searching for organic traffic. Traffic Secrets broke down exactly what I need to be doing to build a business that’s sustainable and isn’t weakened by relying on a specific form of traffic to my offers.” 

—Rachel Pedersen, Social Media Strategist

“What’s cool about Traffic Secrets is that the principles Russell teaches are universal. Everything you learn in here will help you grow your Instagram, your Facebook, your YouTube, your Google, your social media. Russell goes deep into the psychology of “hook-story-offer:” you hook people in with something that grabs their attention; you have a really good story behind it; and then you have an offer that fixes their problem. He also goes deep into the “Dream 100,” which is how to get in touch with other people who have an audience that you want exposure to. Whether you’re just starting out or have a super-established business, you’re going to want to get your hands on Traffic Secrets. This book will radically transform your business.”

—Natalie Hodson, Peak Business Academy

“We grew to be an eight-figure company by following everything that Russell Brunson teaches. We read DotCom Secrets and that book helped us grow our business a lot faster. Then we read Expert Secrets and we started to apply the live webinar strategy and that grew our business up to eight-figures and qualified us the Two Comma Club X Award. And now we’re applying the strategies from Traffic Secrets. It’s like throwing gasoline on an already raging fire. If you want to start, run, or grow your online business, you need to read this trilogy of books.”

—Daniel Rosen, Founder, Credit Repair Cloud

“This is the step-by-step playbook for how Russell grew ClickFunnels. If you are doing any type of marketing, you need to get this book!”

—Joe Marfoglio, creator of DIY Entrepreneur

Our Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Conclusion

Russell Brunson is one of the greatest digital marketers and author of a line of books that shares his funnel secrets, and traffic secrets that will help to build your company.

You’re learning from an entrepreneur himself. A man that has literally sold everything you could possibly imagine. And he’s done so using the exact methods that he teaches within all of his books, including Traffic Secrets. These aren’t theories they are real techniques that he uses.

One of his products, ClickFunnels has been growing at an extraordinary rate with over 100,000 users, affiliates and influencers.

And he’s showing you the same techniques that he uses for his company including ClickFunnels so your dream to be successful entrepreneurs is obtainable.

It may have taken Russell Brunson over 15 years to learn these techniques. But he’s mastered the concept, and strategies and he lays it all of you so that it can take you months rather than years to begin profiting.

You’ll learn marketing principles and strategies that will give you an advantage in your market, regardless of the market.

Without a single doubt, you’ll be able to use Traffic Secrets book to grow your business.

It’s highly suggested that you read his other two books so that you can make the most out of the Traffic Secrets book.

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So How Does Lead Generation Work?

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How Hard Is It To Get Started?

It would be nearly impossible for you to learn everything that you need to learn in less than six months, but with this Digital Marketing Course in just a few weeks you can get started.

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