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If you’re looking to start or improve your business this is going to be the best book review you’ve ever read.

Expert Secrets book was published in 2017 and is filled with information for the person that is looking to build or increase the sales of an existing business with unique marketing advice.

You’ll find that it’s filled with marketing secrets that will dramatically impact your sales and help you to find your voice and craft a storyline that stops your dream customer dead in their tracks.

The author of this book is Russell Brunson. He talks a lot about his accomplishments throughout the book, but most of all he discusses his failures as well.

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Table of Contents

Who Is The Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is the author of this book as well as two others, DotCom Secrets and Traffic Secrets. He is by far one of the greatest internet marketers of today.

It’s important for you to know that he isn’t just an author. Everything that Russell discusses in all three of his books is that they aren’t thoughts or ideas. These are the exact techniques and strategies that he uses to sell his own product services and change people’s lives.

He has sold just about everything imaginable – t-shirts, supplements, potatoes guns and much more.

But one of his biggest accomplishments is ClickFunnels. He’s the co-founder of this software and has quickly become one of the most popular tools for building sales funnels and making money.

Russell was in college when he created his first product – a potato gun DVD.

Him and his friend started selling these DVDs and they started making money. He would use Google Adwords to get traffic to his website and sell more.

But then something happened.

Google’s algorithms changed and advertising became costly. His business was gone and he had to start from scratch again.

It wasn’t until after graduating college that Russell made his first million.

And since then he’s perfected this through his experience and has been helping people do the same.

He’s a leader in life and in marketing.

What's The Content In Expert Secrets Book?

Section 1: Creating Your Mass Movement

You’ll learn how to become a Charismatic leader so that you can create a mass movement around yourself. You’ll also need to define your cause and paint a picture for your followers about what their life could be like because of the new opportunity you are presenting them with.

Russell will show you how to present this new opportunity so that you can properly position your product and service and get people to believe in both you and your products.

Section 2: Creating Belief

Storytelling is a big section and there are two main focuses that Russell will explain – The Hero’s Two Journeys and the Epiphany Bridge.

Russell doesn’t just tell you how to do this. He breaks it down in such a way that you can just about replace your story with the examples. He shows you step-by-step how you can tell these stories.

Section 3: Your Moral Obligation

This is where he’ll talk about selling and how webinars are a big part of making that. The Perfect Webinar is something you’ll hear him talk about often. He helps you to build your perfect webinar by covering every section to build your own.

Russell believes that you have a moral obligation to teach others what you know.

Section 4: The Funnels

Russell understands the power of sales funnels. It’s why he spends so much time helping you to build a funnel. You’re able to sell more to a single customer, and provide them with exactly what they want.

He will show you step-by-step on how to do this. And provide you with four funnels that you can start using right away for your business.

Section 5: Fill Your Funnel

Getting your funnel set up is rewarding, but getting people into it is even better. Russell will discuss the Dream 100. This concept is simple. You create a list of 100 people that have the same customers that you want. This is an internet marketing tactic that has helped him access traffic for a fraction of the cost.

Who's Expert Secrets Book For?

It’s likely the biggest question that you have is….. “Is this book for you?”

This book is for people who want to gain the necessary skills from an expert that will help them increase their profits, or create their own product or service.

So if you’re a person that is looking to earn money and want to do so helping people then this book is for you.

Russell Brunson believes that helping people is the key to finding success.

He believes we all are experts on some type of subject and we’re meant to help others by sharing on this.

Maybe you’ve been living in a van and you’re a chef. You can share your vanlife cooking tips and recipes to help others. Or maybe you’ve struggled with losing weight but learned how to manage your weight.

These are things that you share because it’s your life, it’s your superpower and it’s the key to increasing your profits.

In this book, you’ll learn how you can monetize your expertise and provide others with the knowledge that you have.

Where Can You Buy This Book?

You can purchase this book as a bundle through the author Russell’s website. On his site, you can buy this book along with his two others as a bundle. Or you can get this book for free + shipping.

This is one of his methods that has helped to build his $300+ Million dollar company and sell tens of thousands of products.

For those of you that don’t read you can get the audiobook on Kindle or a paperback version from Amazon.

Expert Secrets Reviews & Testimonials

What Are Others Already Saying About 'Expert Secrets?'

You have nothing to lose by claiming your free copy of this book, between its pay for shipping only price and 100% money-back guarantee.

Just look at what other marketing experts had to say about it,

“Over 50,000 Women Have Joined Our ‘Lady Boss’ Community!” – Kaelin Poulin
“I’ve literally gotten rid of every other book I’ve ever studied on marketing.” – Garrett J White
“Expert Secrets Helps Me Better Teach Branding and Marketing to My Stylist Students” – Danielle White
“New patients started coming in the doors and the practice started growing!” – Dr. Chad Woolner
“I am able to reach people all around the world now with my message!” – Liz Benny
“We’ve Sold Over 100,000 Copies Of My Book And Lived In 65 Countries In The Past 9 Years!” – Jacob Hiller

Frequently Asked Expert Secrets Questions (FAQs)

Where Can I Purchase The Expert Secrets Book?

You can purchase the book on Amazon, Kindle, or directly through Russell’s website.

Can You Become A ClickFunnels Affiliate And Promote Expert Secrets?

Yes, you can become an affiliate of Clickfunnels and join the Dream Car Contest.

When Will The Expert Secrets Books Ship?

Those living in the United States will ship between 5-7 days. For international shipping, you can expect it to take 10-15 days.

Does The Expert Secrets Book Include ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is not part of the book. But it does tell you how to build on the principles and strategies within the book that you can use with ClickFunnels.

What's the Difference Between Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets

While both books will teach you about building, growing, and maintaining a successful business. DotCom Secrets teaches how to run an online business and Expert Secrets is about showing you step-by-step.


Russel gives so much value in Expert Secrets and goes into detail about the science behind it and how to take action. This is exactly what he did in DotCom as well.

The way that he breaks everything down so that you can understand how to put your life expertise into a product is super easy and probably my favorite part of the book.

Russell Brunson isn’t just a marketing genius he is also an author that lives to teach others the power of marketing and how to achieve results. He’s teaching you the exact ideas that have built his businesses.

This easy to read book from an expert who has the experience of achieving the things you want to achieve is an amazing opportunity for you.

The things you’ll learn about becoming a leader, building the perfect webinar and marketing helps you to go beyond what you ever thought you’d be able to in a short period of time.

You are given the opportunity to beat the learning curve.

Listen, you can absolutely achieve what Russell has without this book.

But it will take you years of mistakes of marketing to the wrong people, not attracting the right customers, not properly branding your services, and basically wasting money.

With his 100% money-back guarantee from the author, what do you really have to lose from buying this book.

Are You Ready To Start Making Money?

We know that a business without leads isn’t going to be successful. It’s why such a big portion of Expert Secrets discusses how to attract customers, and where to find them.

You need customers in order to make money….. right.

Most businesses don’t know or have the time to focus on this.

And it’s exactly why lead generation businesses are becoming increasingly more successful.

Do you know how many people try to find the time to start generating leads for their business, but fail miserably?

There’s just not enough time in the day to run a business and learn a new skillset that normally takes years to develop.

But what if your only job was to generate leads for these people that don’t know how to do, but know how important it is.

Did you know that the average lead costs between $50 and $200 per lead?

And the best part about this is that it’s not going to cost you a fortune to generate these leads.

What you're about to uncover is how you can generate hundreds of leads every single month for local businesses?

Yeah, I know you don’t know how to do this either.

But you don’t have to.

We found this course that will literally take you by the hand to show you step-by-step what you have to do to start getting targeted leads for businesses.

So you can start selling them for $50…..$100 or even $200 per lead.

It will show you how you can get a website built for pennies on the dollar, get laser targeted traffic flooding your website and automate the process for the phone leads that will be pouring in.

Okay… so how does this exactly work?

You build a website. (Which you’ll be shown how to do)

You implement SEO tactics get on page one of Google for specific search terms. (Which you’ll be shown how to do)

Then you’ll wait.

In about 30 days the calls will begin coming in and you’ll be making money. (You don’t even need to answer these calls, it will be automated!)

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

So How Does Lead Generation Work?

It’s likely there are hundreds of roofing companies in your local area.

This could be the perfect place to begin. But don’t worry this course will show you how to find the best market so you don’t waste your time.

You’ll build a website that will generate leads for these local roofing companies.

And you can sell these leads $50 – 200 dollars without ever speaking to anyone.

Roofers don’t have the time to do this, nor do they have the skills.

But after this course you will.

One of the students recently was able to generate $40K. They did this in just 8 months after completing the course.

But most students are generating $10K a month by implementing the strategies that you’ll learn.

I don’t expect you to take our work on this, so check out the reviews here.

How To Get Started?

With this Digital Real Estate Course you’ll learn exactly how to build lead generation websites, get them ranked, who to sell the leads too and how to rinse and repeat across different locations and markets.

You’ll learn this from a man that has build a six-figure income with his own lead generation business.

You’ll also be given access to a top-secret Facebook group filled with past and present students. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions, and learn from others.

Here are what some of the students have to say about the BAM course,

If you’re tired of trying to figure out how to make money on your own, and tired of failing again and again then this is the perfect course. You’ll have accountability and learn from people that are doing it with success.

This isn’t a course based on theory it’s a course based on action.

Learn more about BAM Digital Real Estate Course today by clicking here.

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