Traffic And Funnels Scam – Are They Legit?

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Traffic And Funnels Scam – Are They Legit?

The majority of aspiring entrepreneurs today must have tried countless ways to kick off their online business in the world of digital marketing in the hopes of building a steady stream of passive income.

Traffic and Funnels is yet another make money from home coaching program that promises to give you the knowledge from experts who claim they have successfully made money using this scheme.

And chances are, you are here to find out if this is the perfect fit for you.

I’ve done a lot of other reviews at different times, but this one is, I would say, one of those that is worth checking out.

In this review, I will attempt to be as honest and objective as I can so I can give you the best information to figure out if Traffic and Funnels would fit your needs.

We’ll also talk about whether Facebook Ads is the right online business for you.

At the end, I’ll answer some concerns regarding Traffic and Funnels program and Advertising in general.

And most important, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made me swear off ecommerce for good, because it uses some of the same skills in a much more powerful and profitable way!

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With no:
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Table of Contents

Quick Stats On T&F

Name: Traffic and Funnels (T&F)

Website:, Copyright 2021

Owners: Chris Evans and Taylor Welch

Type of Business: Advertising

Price: $49 plus upsells

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

So What Exactly Is Traffic and Funnels By Chris Evans & Taylor Welch?

Traffic and Funnels, as the name implies, is a coaching program created by Coach Chris together with his friend, Taylor, to help direct traffic to your site and make use of your funnels for growing your income – pretty much like what happens in the buying process.

I do think that this is a fantastic way to double the earnings of your business. It’s a marketing strategy that, if done correctly, can make you real money.

The great thing about this is that any type of niche market can use this strategy and product creators would definitely find this effective.

However, you can always turn to the affiliate marketing business model, in case you don’t have yet a product or service to sell.

Getting Started

Getting started with Traffic and Funnels is pretty easy and straightforward.

You go through the usual signing up process and whatever required steps to complete the entire process – all to enable you to make money as promised.

All these motions may be a bit overwhelming to those who are new to it and are trying to make potential money online.

But you need to remember these things because these are exactly the steps that you will have to go through to make your own money – particularly when you reach any one of their sales pages.

As for Traffic and Funnels program, it would look like this:

When you get to this page, it’s just a matter of deciding whether to buy it or not.

But of course, there is the never-ending question, “Should I buy and use Traffic and Funnels or is it just another hype that will disappoint?”

This is exactly the reason why I am doing this Traffic and Funnels review.

Let’s carry on and find out if the course content is going to be worth your while.

Inside Traffic And Funnels

For someone who is new to this, Traffic and Funnels can be confusing.

I’ve used a lot of products and programs so many times in the past in search of the perfect coaching program whose information could really make me money.

I’m no stranger to them but this one still got me all mixed up.

They gave me the log-in info sent to my email and got access instantly to the Traffic and Funnels site.

I was a bit skeptical because the first things that I saw on the pages didn’t look like they were about traffic and funnels at all.

So naturally at that point, I thought it was a scam.

Since they have a money-back guarantee, I waited for about a week before I actually went through it.

And when I did, I found out that those other products I saw first were the bonus part which the marketing video mentioned.

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They are:

  • Insider Access Monthly
  • Memos
  • How To Effectively Market Yourself
  • Jay Abraham
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Invisible Marketing List – A Guide
  • Warp Speed
  • Frank Kern Interview
  • Traffic and Funnels Workshop

Imagine the confusion I had because clearly, the Traffic and Funnels training was presented last.

Module 1: Zero in on 1 Result (Focusing on a Single Service)

  • First things first, before you can put up and customize your funnel, you will need to identify the service you want to give to the people who will go through it.

    In module 1, Chris and Taylor suggest that you come up with a single service or product that’s a high-ticket and focus on that.

    Other business owners would put all of their products in one funnel which, according to Chris and Taylor, is not going to be effective because a funnel’s structure is too small to hold several services or products.

    That said, the best way to create an excellent sales funnel is through the following:

1. Learn To Say No: Finding Your One Service

  • You have got to stick to one product or service. Learn to say no to the rest of them.

    Chris and Taylor multiplied their revenues 10 times more when they limited the items they offered.

    The key is finding the “right” service.

2. Take The Time To Optimize The Funnel.

I tried once to put up a lead gen service funnel to deal with my prospects as a group. Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out well.

In one of the Traffic and Tunnels (T&F) recorded lessons, there was a student who complained about his funnel which wasn’t working well as he thought it would.

When Chris looked at this student’s funnel, he suggested adjusting it so that it catered only to a more specific audience, say for example for a mid-range business owner.

The reason for this, according to Chris, is that if the student’s funnel copy is adjusted to cater to mid-range businesses, there would be lesser small ones contacting him who couldn’t afford his services.

He went on to share some tips on how to adjust the copy:

  • Create a personalized content. Try writing to a particular person, not a group.
  • Concentrate on the “pain points” of people. People respond more to these two, pleasure and pain, but most of the time to pain. Hence, make the effort to identify the pain points of your audience and address them.
  • Always “evolve.” Your content needs time to adapt so that your funnel functions to its fullest. Be patient and always keep in mind that the best copy reflects and shows the frustrations of your prospects (establishing rapport and relationship), then directs them to their problem’s solution.

Module 2: Zero in on 1 Target Audience (Developing Your Client Avatar)

As soon as you have identified and established which product or service to use for your funnel, the next step is to set in place your target clients.

In this module, Taylor discusses several topics but concentrates on these five areas:

  • Clients’ Demographics (Age, Gender, Education, Location, etc.)
  • Clients’ Wants (What are their dreams and desires)
  • Clients’ Challenges (What’s stopping them from achieving their goals?)
  • Clients’ Objections (Why are they not eager to sign on?)

This module uses a similar worksheet, like the one below. Taylor will guide you how to fill these out.

The main thing here is that the ad budget that you have should match your target audience’s size.

Obviously, if you have a broad audience, that would require more budget. If you have a limited ad budget, naturally, you would need to narrow down your audience. And for you to do that, you would need to scope in your Avatar.

Module 3: Build Your Feeder System (Creating Webinar Funnels)

Module 3 covers everything about how to set up your funnel and record your webinar.

Taylor shares some very important topics about sales funnels and the major mistakes newbies commonly make.

  1. Most funnels are overly complicated where there are too many steps and options involved.
  2. There is not enough traffic as there is only one source.
  3. There is no “thank you page.” You need to put this up to make a good impression on your customers.

In other words, always go the extra mile with your funnels

Module 4: Turn on the Faucet (Setting Up Your Paid Traffic)

Module 4 talks about how to set up your paid traffic.

As you may already know, a funnel is composed of two parts, the funnel and the traffic.

Here, Chris and Taylor guide you how to utilize Facebook Ads in filling up your funnel. With Facebook Ads, you can target a specific market through Audience Insights.

They provide you with the how-to’s on how to pinpoint your target population’s interests and show you some of their ads while discussing the importance of effective copywriting.

Below are the other topics included in this module:

  • Eye Grabbing Headlines
  • Informative Descriptions that Pull Lots of Clicks
  • Call-to-Actions that Actually Work
  • Post Text Composing

But the most important topic they have here is how to develop a great “offer.”

An “offer” in digital marketing is a summary statement that shows the value you provide to your clients if they avail your services.

A great offer as shown in the image above consists of three main pillars which are:

  1. Risk Reversal. A risk reversal comes in the form of money-back guarantees.
  2. Bonuses. This comes when you give them a discount when they sign up for your service asap.
  3. Scarcity. When potential buyers know that the product is scarce, they are most likely to take action.

Module 5: Automate & Leverage Your Time

Module 5 covers everything about how to scale your businesses to the moon.

Here, Chris and Taylor share some of the mistakes they made in the past when they failed to have their funnels optimized. Another mistake was thinking that to make more money, they would have to work more.

Central to their experience is learning the importance of innovating by using and setting systems in place.

An example would be using an automated on-boarding system. Your prospects can be given access to the course content after filling out a google form and added in your email list.

Who Created Traffic & Funnels Client Kit 2.0?

Chris and Taylor are the geniuses behind the Traffic & Funnels coaching program. They are experts who have a proven track record in the digital marketing and advertising industry.

They designed the course content with the goal of providing their subscribers and students the best knowledge about traffic and funnels.

Coach Chris hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. He moved to California in 2012 with his wife and kids to work for GoDaddy as a VP of Marketing.

Chris worked for 3 years at GoDaddy and went on to put his skills to the next level by starting an online coaching program called Traffic and Funnels.

He did this with Taylor in 2015.

Taylor Welch, meanwhile, hails from Shreveport, Louisiana where he was a marketing student at the University of Memphis.

Coach Taylor now lives with his wife and kid in Nashville.

Right after graduation, Taylor jumped right into the Traffic & Funnels business and became responsible for its high-ticket sales since then.

What To Expect In This Course

The course content provides you with knowledge and training on building a funnel and scoping it in to a particular prospect.

In this program, you can expect to learn the following:

  • Starting With Your End Goal In Mind
  • Create Your Customer Avatar
  • Customized Coaching
  • Creating Service Funnels By Using A Webinar
  • Streaming Prospects via Facebook Ads
  • How To Use Automation To Only Work 4 Hours A Week

How Was The Sales Process?

I got into a sales call with one of the Traffic & Funnels advisors who then asked me a lot of questions. We talked for a good hour.

And finally, when I asked about the price, I hesitated.

But the advisor gave me a challenge by pointing out the many ways I needed the program.

I was super annoyed by this and even sent an email to tell them how aggressive the call was.

Some weeks after, another sales rep, who was gentler than the previous one, called to reach out and I ended up joining the program.

Funny thing is all that the previous advisor told me kind of got to me. Though I was incredibly worried, I decided to join.

Deep in my gut I knew I had to make some adjustments in how I did things.

What Is The Pricing Of The Program?

The pricing isn’t that crazy at only $49, but this Traffic and Funnels course is surely a high-ticket program.

For the majority of the people who get in the program, it’s the most they have spent on such training platform.

What's Your Take On The Course Content?

The sales person informed me what I can expect from the course which was exactly what I was told.

I got from them several emails that gave quite clear instructions.

There were loads of training material that were overwhelming. It kind of initially made me want to take my money back. But in the end, I still went for it.

I realized I did the right thing by joining the program the first five minutes I spent with the course!


The first sales rep was definitely right and I realized this a few moments I’ve started with the course content.

I made excuses simply because I was afraid of the change. I thought the first advisor was yet another sales person who just wanted to make money out of me.

And because of that, I almost completely avoided investing in the training program.

Normally, I wouldn’t go for programs with course-content simply because I tend not to follow through.

This program is different though.

The content was too convincing to ignore.

How Was The Structure Of The Program?

I find the structure very helpful.

You get three things from the program structure:

  1. Great course content
  2. Coaching calls
  3. Active community of students, coaches, and like-minded people

You’d find most of the support from this community where the program coaches and the people who are enrolled in the program actively provide you with useful information, advice, and tips.

The community is so active that I always got a response from them. People here are always ready to share guidance especially to those who have just started in the program.

Throughout the week, you’d get several coaching calls. I remember having 3 coaching calls every week.

You’d be given the opportunity to have your work reviewed, so overall it was a great experience for me.

What Were Your Results From The Traffic & Funnels Client Kit?

I did get an ROI during the course, thankfully.

But however, I encountered some personal stuff towards the end which did affect my disposition and consistency.

Long story short, this plus some other stuff, made me not get their higher program.

The Upside

When I do a review of training programs, I normally do not hold back.

If something isn’t good, I would tell as is.

Traffic & Funnels did not disappoint. For a very affordable price of $49, I was quite happy with its content.

The following are a few key points that I think hold much value:

Training and Support

I’d say these guys have put out a great course outline.

For the price of $49, the program did present some value.

They don’t only train you to create excellent ads, but they assist you every step of the way of the entire program.

There are also several perks and bonuses that will help you with your marketing.

I did learn quite a few from this program and since then, I’ve been in the online business full time, making money for over five years now.


In the world of advertising, it is but normal that 99% of those advertising and marketing strategies are intended for the owners to make money.

Not saying it’s entirely wrong, but it is just right to provide your customers with a decent product that they paid for.

With Traffic & Funnels, you get exactly this.

But, Chris and Taylor do it differently – in such a way that many wouldn’t get or understand right away.

They make you purchase a $49-product with a money-back guarantee, over deliver, then get positive feedback for it – exactly what any business needs.

The program, up at the same time, gives you every kind of upsell you can think of, which are their real products they are aiming to sell.

This funnel right here is where the big money is – and what big marketers use in the industry.

The Price

For only $49, it’s hard to say no to this product.

In marketing and advertising, there is a price point that works every single time – not close to $100 but not $10.

An item that’s worth close to a 100 bucks means it’s a pretty good purchase and anything that’s worth 10 bucks gives you a feeling that you’re getting something that has little value.

This is how it usually works when it comes to shopping.

A $49-coaching program is not too bad for what it gives. In fact, I’m sure no one would demand for a refund for the quality they get from this product.


I did mention earlier that it had me confused in the beginning.

But when I found out later on that the actual product was presented last, things just made more sense.

The topics offered in the course are quite impressive for the price and it sure changed my overall perspective on making money online.


There have been countless training, courses, and guides that I’ve gone through in search of the best way of making money online.

Some have great value, some have none, and some are just totally garbage because the only people who make money from them are the owners.

But from time to time, you get to encounter those who belong to the 1% of products that offer value for money and are packed with great quality.

Traffic and Funnels definitely belong to the 1% and absolutely nailed it when it comes to value. They sure understand that the name of the game is no doubt advertising.

The Downside

Like any other training courses or products, nothing is 100% fool-proof.

Traffic and Funnels is no exception.

I don’t hate them but one thing you need to know is that those can set you back if you’re unaware.

You see, the course content is intended to work for funnels.

And this funnel structure will do everything in its power to get more and more from you – simply because that’s how they are designed to function.

Yes, you can say no and decline but you won’t be able to benefit from the system’s full potential without the upsells.

The Total Price

By now, you have been made aware about the T&F’s great price.

But the total picture of what’s within the funnel has not yet been fully painted and may turn out as surprising for some.

I’m no stranger to this marketing strategy. More and more products are sold as upsells simply because that’s how they make profit.

I did a review of T&F to find out what the buzz is all about this very affordable program. And since no one yet has really painted a clear picture of what to anticipate from the program and the two guys behind it, I immediately jumped right into it.

Of course, I expected there would be upsells as any advertising strategy would have. With a $49 upfront price tag, it’s pretty obvious that there would be more.

Advertising, as I’ve mentioned earlier, is pretty much the name of the game here.

The upsell options are within the range of $37 up to close to $1,000 – this is obviously where the profits are coming from.

I personally like this business model and I am fully aware that upsells are an inevitable part of it.

Traffic And Funnels Review: Should You Buy ClientKit 2.0? Can It Make You Money?

Chris and Taylor did a fantastic job for putting together a well designed. well-structured, and affordable program to help you build high-quality funnels.

These funnels are meant to help your businesses scale to the roof.

One important thing that needs to be mentioned here is that for you to get the most out of the Traffic and Funnels course, it is highly recommended that you have a business in place that is already making revenue.

Traffic and Funnels isn’t about teaching how a skill is done, rather Chris and Taylor act as consultants to help you assemble an outstanding flow of prospects.

So yes, the program is great for those who already have businesses up and running and generating income.

Who Would Get The Most Out Of This Course?

Any business owner who is looking for ways how to scale his services would benefit from this program.

Chris and Taylor are clever and excellent advisors when it comes to scaling any business.

They have invaluable and in depth understanding on how you can pull in more prospective clients.

Who Is This Course Not For?

As mentioned earlier, this program would likely not work for someone who has no business running yet.

Similar to what I’ve gone through, I already had a business in place that was generating revenue when I decided to get more leads. And in 2016, I started investing in automating my business and building funnels.

About More Than Just “Money”

I did get an ROI with this program. But the more important things that happened to me while in the course were not purely about money.

That one thing that it did to me was challenge me in how I think and perceive things – a shift in mindset.

As we all know, most programs would delve on “changing your mindset” which I’d normally ignore.

Surprisingly, this is the only program so far that made me pay attention. I even ended up hiring a health coach while in the middle of it.

For only $300 paid for ads, I earned about $2,000 which was my highest month to date. And this is all thanks to the organic strategies that I’ve learned through ClientKit.

However, if what you require is a private one-on-one consultation, ClientKit may not be the perfect fit for you.

Other than that, I’d definitely recommend it. If you want to take your business or company to the next level, Traffic and Funnels may just be what you need.

You can certainly make money with Facebook Ads, but if you’re gonna put in the amount of grueling work to become a marketing strategist (which, trust me, isn’t easy), you might as well bring in some REAL money.

The program that helped skyrocket my online business to $50,000+ per month teaches some of the same advertising skills, but shows you how to monetize them in a much, MUCH more profitable way.

Overall Opinion

When I finished going through what’s inside the Traffic and Funnels course, I realized I’m a bit in the middle about it.

While others have been impressed, I think that there is some stuff in it that I’m not 100 percent sold on.

So, although you can get into the program for paying only $49, there is more you need to understand about the program.

It is, in fact, a high-ticket program where more high-ticket purchases are required if you want to get the most out of the training course.

Final Verdict: Is It a Scam?

Traffic and Funnels is definitely legit and not a scam.

Unlike other high-ticket programs, Chris and Taylor’s product does deliver.

They know what they are talking about when it comes to advertising and you’ll surely learn from their methods.

The only concern I have with Traffic and Funnels is that you would need to invest a lot of your money on the upsells before even starting to generate some huge income for you.

It is entirely possible to build a profitable, successful online business without spending a lot of money however.

My #1 pick proves this. And unlike Traffic and Funnels, it actually provides real proof of real success from real people as recently as a few days ago.

Scam Risk's #1 Recommended Way To Make Money Online In 2021

Are you looking for an online business that you can run where you won’t run into competition left and right?

What about something that can lead to passive income down the road…

Does that interest you at all?


Our Scam Risk team has done some digging into an online business model that has just recently popped up.

With the looming housing crisis that will make 2008 look like a toddler, many real estate investors and online entrepreneurs having begun building digital assets!

Digital Real Estate

Or local lead generation as some people call it, is the process of building out websites and generating leads for small service based businesses.

It’s actually pretty similar to Advertising except for a couple key differences:

  • You can make more money off of less traffic
  • Competition is practically non existent at the local level
  • Much easier to rank!

Before you start calling it scam…keep this in mind, we are Scam Risk…

We report scams. We don’t promote them. See a Traffic and Funnels link anywhere?

Now that that’s out of the way let’s dive deeper into that comparison.

With Advertising, you have rank for national keywords, which is really hard to do because of how much competition there is.

You are having to compete with like 1 million other people to sell the same product…it’s crazy hard!

But now let’s flip the script…

How many people do you think are competing to cut down trees in Bossier City Louisiana?

Exactly…not much.

So now that we’ve established that competition for local lead generation is much less than for advertising…let’s talk about the money. It’s always about the money right?

The Money?

Most Advertising products you would sell are likely $50-$100 and on top of that you’re lucky if you’re making a 10-20% margin from Amazon because of it.

That means you’ll have to sell 1,000-2,000 of products just to reach a decent income of 5k per month. You definitely have your work cut out for you on that end…

Now let’s take a look back at that tree service example again…

The average tree service job is worth anywhere from $500-$2,000 and most contractors are generous with their referral fees, being known to pay out roughly 10-20% of the final ticket.

So now it’s time for some math…

Let’s say you build and rank one of these sites in a local area with very little competition and after 3 months, your site is at the top of page one locally.

And let’s say that worst cases scenario you only end of with just 10 calls.

On top of that, let’s say Covid hit the tree service guy and his family extra hard this year and he can only pay you 10%.

Going off the lowest numbers possible here…that means that just one of these sites could bring you in $500 a month. Now let’s say you build 10 of these things…you’re looking at 5k a month and you’re generating literally 1/10th of the traffic you would need to make that much with ecommerce!

Sound too good too be true…?

It isn’t.

Where To Learn

We know that you’re not going to be able to just go off on your own and start killing the digital real estate game from the little we talked about it…

And you might be thinking to yourself…”Dang I don’t even know where to begin…”.

So our team at Scam Risk has taken the time to go out and find a program that we could recommend and give our Scam Risk seal of approval too.

We don’t take it lightly either.

After months of searching far and wide, we finally found one!

This course offers hands on training step by step going through exactly what you need to do to build and rank your new lead generation.

On top of that, they have live chat calls on zoom where you can all get together, hangout, and ask questions if you have any.

Even further, unlike most Advertising courses you’ll see that we review, this program has a heavily monitored private Facebook group which means absolutely no spam!

This group is active 24/7 as well!

If this type of online business model sounds better to you than Advertising… go ahead and watch those videos above!

Final Thoughts

In case you are deciding to go for this Traffic and Funnels, I suggest that you concentrate on this program only.

Don’t even attempt to create a blog and at the same time master the art of advertising – unless of course you are ready for a total burnout.

As in the case of most programs, whether high-ticket or not, it could really work as long as you are willing to make an effort and put in the money.

But with a high-ticket program like this, the only way for you to make big bucks is by investing in the upsells.

So, if you won’t spend for them, there is no point in getting into the program in the first place.

Perhaps, other avenues like affiliate marketing and drop shipping may be more fitting options for you.

In this review, I have given you the best information and insights that you could use to decide if high-ticket programs like this are something you are willing to give a try.

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