Is Empowr Legit?

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There are a lot of scammers on the internet.

And there are constantly new scam opportunities arising that allow people to earn by simply sharing something, getting people to sign up for a new app for free, and so on and so forth.

These scammers prey on your desire to earn money and have control over your future.

This is why we’ve written this Empowr review.

There has been a great amount of controversy regarding this network marketing company.

Empowr offers “the world’s first democratic social platform” claiming that it will return its profits to its network of users.

If you visit their website or their social media site you’ll see a lot of talk about Democracy, sharing, sustainability and justice.

It’s a bit confusing.

But their ultimate goal is to put a minimum of $25 a day into your pocket.

However, you are able to make more than just $25.

It’s got your attention and rightfully so.

But what exactly will you have to do for that money, how do you become an em power user, how much do you have to pay and how much can you make?

Keep reading and you’ll find out whether Empowr is right for you or not.

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Table of Contents

What Is Empowr?

Empower is pretty much a social network site that surfaced online back in 2015. But the actual business was started in 2001.

Nearly 15 years ago this business was known as FanBox before becoming the company that they are today.

So they aren’t newbies.

There is very little information about the founders. We only have first names of the co-founders Brandi, Mike, Mohit, and Scott.

But the goal of Empowr is to help everyone make $25 a day minimum.

As of right now if you visit their website,, you’ll find that they are currently in Beta Launch.

They are looking for people to join their community and continue to share their mission.

What Does Empowr Sell?

Empowr doesn’t exactly have their own any products that they sell.

Empowr is a social media platform, much like Facebook.

Facebook doesn’t exactly sell anything.

The businesses in your community will have products and services that you can share and make a percentage of the sale or by simply posting and sharing members can earn money.

As a member you chose your community and choose from products, services and blog content that they list.

How Empowr Works?

Joining Empowr is simple. And once you join you are referred to as a citizen.

As a citizen, member you’lll be able to make money in a few different ways and doing various things.

Perform Simple Tasks

You can do some simple tasks on social media sites, such as posting pictures and videos, a blog post, sharing music and articles. And even by making friends. Empowr claims that as long as you’re familiar with social media, you’ll be able to start earning money.


Similar to Facebook how many people market their products, Empowr charges a fee for companies to promote their products. The difference here is that Empowr pays their members to post and share an ad.

You’ll be able to find these in the marketplace.

Teach Others

You’ll actually be paid to show people how to use their website. So if you know how to pick things up quickly you can become what they call a “success coach”. As a success coach you’ll give advice and answer questions. This is a great way to make extra money and educate others.

Got Programming Skills

Having programming skills will help you to earn more money on Empowr. Companies need help to improve their business, right.

That’s where you’ll come in.

What Happens When You Join Empowr

Currently you’ll need to visit their website, and register for the zoom call.

This call will take place in January and Feburary.

you must first create an account. This account is free to start, although make sure to read the fine print carefully, hidden charges may apply depending on what you do with the site. You are required to have a PayPal account or to provide credit card information in order to receive your earnings.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Empowr?

It will cost you absolutely nothing to join, but you will not be able to earn anything until you give them your bank account information.

This can be scary when you hardly know anything about the Empowr team.

How Do You Supposedly Earn money?

The concept of Empowr is enticing. You make money by posting on social media.

And every time your posts is viewed or if someone purchases the products or services you make money.

So in reality you’ll be making money even when you’re sleeping.

I mean who doesn’t want that right?

You’ll even get a daily email telling you how much you earned that day.



There’s always a but isn’t there.

There’s advertising fees that they tell you about, but they quickly deduct.

For some reason there’s not much detail about how it works.

And depending on the power level that your at determines that amount.

Is Empowr Legit Or Is It A Scam?

I wouldn’t say necessarily that Empowr is a scam.

I believe that they are working towards something that they believe will be beneficial for their members. The question is it going to be feasible or even sustainable.

Their concept is great, but why isn’t Facebook doing it already?

The biggest problem that we see is that there are a ton of hidden fees and charges that they take from your earnings. There’s no explanation for these either.

What Lawsuits Have Been Filed?

We haven’t found any lawsuits against Empowr, just a bunch of complaints about the company.

Pros And Cons of Empowr:

There’s always good and bad with anything, so let’s review Empowr and uncover the pros and cons of using this platform as a way to earn money.

Here’s what we have seen:


You’ll earn money from a post for a 24 hour period. So the more people that interact the more money you can make. That’s great!

And there’s no posting limitations.

So you can post as much as you want to increase your earnings.

But you don’t necessarily want to do that because it can make you look like a scam. You want to add value to your post that way people will interact.

So far that’s all that we have for the pro’s this company is still in Beta launch.


Payouts Take Too Long

All the money that you earn in your Empowr account cannot be touched for 60 to 90 days. That’s a long wait for your earnings.

Plus some of your earnings may just disappear if you haven’t used it. This has been one of the biggest complaints with Empowr.

Time Consuming

You have to perform a lot of tasks in order to earn money on Empowr.

A confusing payment gateway.

So you’ll find a total earnings section in your account, but you dont actually have access to all of it. There are many hidden fees and charges that will dramatically decrease that amount.

Empowr Has a Shady Past

Empowr hasn’t always been Empowr. They were, and FanBox, both of which were similar to Empowr. It seems they had their share of problems and changed names. And you’ll find a ton complaints and warnings for both of them. So they slapped a new name on the same company.

Testimonials That May Not Be Real

You can find video testimonials by actors found on Fiver and stock photos. Can they be using real testimonials of their members and prettying them up with better quality?

Maybe… or maybe they are not real.

No Help From The “Success Coaches”

Don’t expect an answer to your question about tasks or earnings. The success coach don’t seem to know much more than you do. It’s pretty certain that the are just as confused as you are about the system. So if it is confusing for you, it is confusing for them.

No Help From Administrative Support

If you couldn’t get help from your success coach, don’t expect to get help from the people that manage the site either. The users claim that its an impossible task to find someone that knows what they are doing to answer your questions.

My Final Verdict For Empowr:

Now for the most important part of this Empowr review.

There are plenty of red flags that make them appear to be a scam site, we don’t believe that Empowr is necessarily a scam.

What we do belive that Empowr is trying to build something that might not be obtainable.

As of now they have a lot more cons then pros.

And even if you didn’t have to wait 90 days to be paid out. You’d still have to get a lot of tasks completed to earn money.

It might be free to join Empowr, and there’s no money of yours that you’ll need to put in, but if you look at your time as money then it’s likely you’ll see this as a waste of your “hard-earned” money.

You’ll be spending all your time posting ads that you won’t have time for anything else.

We need balance in our lives, and Empowr won’t offer you that

Which is why Empowr isn’t something that we recommend.

Not when we found a legitimate way for you to make money.

Besides Empowr won’t be up and running any time soon.

Here's the Best Alternative To Empowr?

If reading this Empowr review gives you a bad taste in your mouth you’re not alone. The earnings that you make vs what they take from your Paypal account doesn’t make much sense.

How can they so quickly remove their platform fees, but it takes 90 days before you have access to your earnings.

Thankfully this isn’t your only option for making money. There are plenty of things that you can do that would be much better at earning you an income with far less work.

If you’re going to spend time doing something, it’s best that you find an opportunity that will actually make you money.

And enough money that you can stop looking for opportunities like Empowr.

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