How To Start A Vinyl Business

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How To Start A Vinyl Decal Business In 2021: All The Steps

The vinyl cutting industry combines the creative, artistic, and meticulous. It can be a great way to express your creativity, as well as a lucrative business opportunity.

Vinyl cutting companies may specialize in anything from automotive decals to decals and stickers for home decor.

If you have great ideas, can make striking designs, and want a business you can start on a small budget, it may be time to open your vinyl decal shop.

Towards the end of this article, you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on how to start a vinyl decal business…

But most importantly, you’ll see the exact system many others have used to build their own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

Table of Contents

Business Overview

Vinyl businesses offer cut vinyl for many uses. Some companies specialize in vinyl for vehicle decoration, cutting custom pieces to fit specific vehicles.

Others specialize in applying decals on vehicles, walls, or other surfaces. Businesses may use a crafting approach to attach the vinyl to many different things like drinking glasses, water bottles, and notebooks.

Each business uses a vinyl cutter to cut vinyl rolls into unique designs. While vinyl cutters were operated manually, modern machines are powered and can be used in conjunction with computers.

Customers can choose the colors and designs they want, as well as their names.

Industry Summary

Transparency Market Research states that the vinyl-cutting market covers residential, commercial, as well as industrial purposes. Companies sell products online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

It is a global market. However, North America is expected to be the dominant market due to the increased demand for cutting tools and products. European and the Asia Pacific markets should follow North America’s lead.

Industry Trends

The vinyl cutting and decal industries are affected by many trends. Sign Warehouse says that there is a growing demand to use adhesive-backed vinyl for vehicle graphics.

New car customization is a great option, thanks to the revival of racing stripes & decals. Vinyl cutting is also possible due to the increased popularity of carbon fiber vinyl accents and paint replacement with vinyl.

Eco-Friendly Crafts reveals the craft-vinyl industry is thriving. Vinyl cutting is an increasingly popular craft item.

Crafters have been able to take up the hobby thanks to Silhouette Cameo and Cricut. Entrepreneurs can make a living from crafting by selling vinyl products, such as decals and wall decor.

Vinyl is trendy, but plastic pollution is an environmental problem. Vinyl production, use, disposal, and storage can all emit dioxin, a toxic chemical.

Environmentally conscious consumers may look for products made from PVC-free, eco-friendly vinyl free from chlorine and dioxins. This vinyl is a popular choice for toys and crafts made from vinyl. We expect to see an increase in demand for safer and eco-friendly vinyl.

Target Market

Partly, a vinyl business’ target market will depend on the area it specializes in. Vehicle owners with disposable income will be attracted to companies that make vinyl wraps and decals for their vehicles.

A more craft-related business may market to the general market or have a more specific target market. They might focus on people who share a common interest, like pets and look for customized goods.

Another potential customer is creating vinyl wall decals and stickers for interior designers, event planners, and signs, and vinyl stickers for local businesses.

Skills, Experience, And Education Useful In Running A Vinyl Business

While a business degree does not necessarily require you to have a vinyl company, it is worth having business experience and skills.

Design skills. Vinyl company owners might create designs by hand. This can make artistic and design skills valuable. These skills can help the business to be able to create custom-made designs.

Aesthetic know-how. It will assist a business owner in choosing colors and designs that look great and that will sell.

Math skills. Some math skills are required to create vinyl products.

Computer and machine skills. Vinyl cutters can be used together with computers. It is helpful to know both the systems and how to troubleshoot problems.

Up to date with current trends. Staying on top of industry trends is key to ensuring that your business offers the products and designs that are most popular and will sell well. This is especially true in the automotive sector.

Excellent customer service skills. Customers who have had previous customer service experience can create positive customer experiences and keep returning customers.

Attention to detail. It is crucial to maintain quality control and ensure that orders are completed correctly. Attention to detail is key to minimizing mistakes and keeping costs down.

Costs To Start A Vinyl Business

Vinyl-cutting businesses need minimal initial investment. The vinyl cutter may be the most expensive expense, depending on the model needed. However, quality craft models are available starting at $300. For as little as $2,000, you can start your own decal cutting company.

Typical startup costs for vinyl cutting businesses:

  • Cutting machine, cutting pad, blades and heat press, squeegee, Cricut cutter.
  • Software
  • Computer, printer and graphics software (Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw), along with cutting software (Sure Cuts and Make-the-Cut)
  • Supplies
  •   Inventory of vinyl rolls, labels, and t-shirts  
  •  Signage

How To Start Your Own Vinyl Decal Business from Home

What Supplies Are Required for the Business?

Vinyl business is very easy to start. Only 1% required loans to open their business and get the vinyl decals they needed. This business does not require a lot of capital, and it is gratifying if you are dedicated and hardworking. These are just some materials or supplies you will need to set up a vinyl cutter business.

  • Personal laptop/ desktop
  • Vinyl cutting machine

Other Things You’ll Require Include:

  • Heat press to transfer prints
  • Vinyl rolls are available in various colors, including white, pink, silver, red, green, and red. These are great for your banners.
  • Transfer tape
  • Cutting mat
  • A squeegee
  • Application tape
  • Camera
  • Software for accounting
  • Transporting and packing

What Software Can I Use?

Their software is included with all vinyl cutters. This will allow you to design basic vectors as well as load purchased or downloaded templates. But, to gain a competitive advantage for your business, you need to be skilled at cutting your designs. There are many online programs available, but the best professional software is:

  • CorelDRAW
  • Easy Cut Studio
  • Sure Cuts a lot of Pro

Commercial Licensing And Copycats

Except if you plan to create all your designs from scratch, many of the designs you will be using may be downloaded. Although downloading designs is common, you will need a license to make them available online.

A commercial license is not cheap, but it’s a better investment than a personal one. It is theft if you sell designs downloaded online without a licensed commercial license. You could be sued. If you do enough research, you could find a lower-cost commercial license.

However, if your skills are in designing your own designs, you may create your own license. This allows you to write a cease and desist to anyone using your designs without your permission.

Branding And Social Media

Your brand begins with naming it. You want something descriptive and catchy but not already being used.

  • Make sure to check with the US Patent and Trademark Office for any trademarks on your potential name.
  • A WHOIS lookup will help you verify that it can be used as a domain for your new website.
  • Check to see if your name candidates are available on Instagram or Facebook.

Begin Selling Locally

These are some people and places that you should target and ideas on how vinyl cutting can benefit them. First, it is best to discover what customers want and then set up a deal that will custom-make everything they need.

  • Schools. They can decorate for all sorts of events.
  • Sports teams . Bumper stickers for anyone?
  • Sports teams for kids. How cool would it make a Little League team’s kids feel to customize their water bottles with their team name and number. You can even make iron-on jackets.
  • Wedding Planners. There are so many options, from invitations to menus to commemorative glassware, there is no end to the possibilities.
  • Party organizers. Stickers make great party favors Place cards for babyshowers
  • Interior decorators. Vinyl wall decals make a great, removable decoration that brightens up any room.
  • Local business. Shops, companies, and other entities always need signs. It’s possible to sell stickers for them to advertise while you are there.

Begin Selling Locally

You can also visit local farmers’ and craft markets. Beautiful, finished crafts are needed for these events. You can also sell decorated tumblers and cups, or just the stickers and decals. You may try different products and see which one works best with your customers.

Open An Online Business

Because of the limited reach that you have locally, it’s not surprising that Etsy has millions of sellers. Searching for the products you are selling will lead people to your shop online.

Once you have a few followers through Etsy and social media, you can begin selling online on your website. This will allow you to avoid the Etsy fees.

Expanding Your Business: Other Types Of Vinyl

You probably know by now that I was a sucker for printing stickers from the moment I saw how easy it was.

There are many different types of vinyl you could try. Here’s an infographic about my favorite types of (nonprintable) vinyl.

It is simple to transition from selling printed vinyl stickers to selling transferable vinyl if your skills are already established. If vinyl is new to you, you will just need to practice until you become proficient.

Adhesive Vinyl

Regular adhesive vinyl cost less than printing vinyl, but it takes more work. If you wish to sell adhesive vinyl stickers, you will need to weed all of your designs and give instructions on how to transfer them.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

HTV (heat transfer vinyl) is needed to make iron-on labels instead of stickers. This vinyl can bond with cotton and polyester fabrics when heated and pressurized with heat tools such as iron. Here’s a guide to how to use heat transfers vinyl.

Expressions Vinyl has HTV printable sheets, which are available in both light and dark colors.

The Legal Side

(This information pertains to US residents.)

You can sell what you have made by a sole proprietor without the need to register as a business. The IRS does not require you to declare what you make until you have actually made a profit.

You should use this time to evaluate whether selling vinyl decals is for you. Even though you may feel you have made money with your first few sales, you should still add up the costs of your venture.

Profit is the difference between your income and your expenses. These costs may include the cost of your vinyl cutter and vinyl cutting supplies, shipping, as well as any new desk, printer, or drawing tablet to design. The cost of all these purchases can quickly add up, and you may not be making any profit.

Registering a trademark is required if you plan to sell under a new name. The US Small Business Administration (SBA) offers an excellent guide that will assist you in choosing and registering your business’ reputation.

Try to check this list to see if your name isn’t trademarked. You should make sure that you’re not trying to sell under the name of someone else.

This area can be aided by the SBA, which offers a variety of resources. I suggest you check out their guide to starting a business. Each step links you to another post full of valuable information.

You’ll need to check your state, county, or local regulations. You can find more information about your state by using the SB’s lookup tool.


It’s illegal to sell designs that don’t come with commercial licensing. There are many beautiful graphics that you can use for your personal use but not commercially. There will be people selling Disney decals online on Etsy or eBay. They don’t have the permissions.

This should be avoided as this is a common mistake. I’ve heard of people losing their entire Etsy store.

If you are going to purchase graphics, make sure you have the proper license. Commercial licenses can often be more expensive. You should also remember the creative effort that went into creating art you can use. If you’re making money, it’s a smart idea to give back some to designers.

But if you really want to sell vinyl decals and stickers, you must be a designer.

Vinyl Cutting Machines Business: Is This Business Right For Me?

Home-based businesses are not for everyone. It takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of time to get your own vinyl cutting business off the ground.

Below are some characteristics that a new owner of a business should possess. If you think that you have what is required,

Some of these are skills you can learn, improve and pass on to your friends or employees. A home business that combines your talents can be a great success.

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