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Redtail CRM Review

Redtail CRM is among many items sold by Redtail Technology. It is a web-based user-friendly software platform targeted straight at financial professionals and financial advisors. Also, it seems to be usually suited for small sales operations, whether direct to consumer or B2B sales (business to business).

The software features Redtail Imaging is the software’s paper control tool that will help you record all the pictures and review all interactions between the system and the CRM user.

And its Redtail email function can assist owners in retrieving reports on email correspondence. The CRM software basic dashboard will keep the most essential client information such as client records as associates and calendars available as you make a product sales pitch.

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Who is Redtail CRM for?

Redtail CRM is targeted toward financial experts usually on the go and needs to get into their CRM software anywhere they’re, hence its web-based functionality.

Redtail CRM also intended for individuals who would like a somewhat simple dashboard that enables them to quickly see the standard info they need to have, like a contact list, calendar, and workflows, for instance. It is a complimentary Database conversions.

Redtail CRM’s features

There is an exceptional deal going on in Redtail CRM, but below are several important attributes that symbolize its core abilities. Let’s look below the redtail CRM offers.

Simple dashboard

Redtail CRM offers a CRM software instrument panel, and that is undoubtedly one of its prominent features.

Once you log in, you see the Today tab. which shows everything you need to know at this moment, workflow duties to try and do staff notices, and customer birthdays. Workflow duties to try and do staff notices and customer birthdays.

Redtail CRM is a godsend for just about any sales rep that has been disappointed at looking to quickly pull up a little info about a consumer and must press through many screens being there.


The CRM Redtail calendar is a crucial element of this particular software, as it ought to be for virtually any CRM. Moreover, the point of view could be transformed from every day to weekly to monthly. The contact name, the importance, the subject, and additional specifics are contained by a calendar entry.

You will discover you devote a lot of time mapping out the week of yours and remaining on track.


The software has many reports, vital that you salespeople were aiming to boost their effectiveness and efficiency. You will find activity reports, workflow reports, fiduciary reports, email reports, document reports, along with several others.

I discovered the Redtail CRM exercise reports to be incredibly fascinating. CRM software advice where a sales rep is investing their time which may help determine areas for improvement regarding time management. That is great for people in product sales.


The Redtail CRM software offers a host of reports, important to salespeople looking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. There are activity reports, document reports, email reports, fiduciary reports, workflow reports, and many others.

I found the CRM software activity reports to be particularly interesting, as they show where a salesperson is spending their time which could help identify areas for improvement in terms of time management. That’s huge for anyone in sales.

Mobile app

Because this CRM software is cloud-based, you would expect a great deal of focus on the mobile app. However, while there’s a mobile app, it is a little lighter in the terminology of features than I anticipated.

You can envision the “Today” snapshot being you up to quicken, plus you have a chance to access the calendar, connections, and possibilities, but that is about it. There does not seem to be some way to get into different things as workflows and reports. So you will have to perform most of your work on a pc and simply use the app to check out and anytime backup your work.

Workflow processes

Redtail CRM Workflow processes let you produce a channel for contact and provide a fast picture of what action you’re on and when that move is thanks, with a goal date plus an estimated completion date.

This guarantees you’re transferring the customer toward the objective on schedule. It is a feature I discovered really practical for staying organized. This is good customer relationship management.

Additional features

There are a variety of additional features in this specific Redtail CRM software.

It lets you do the small things you want as a salesperson. Such as a red alert that arises at the bottom part of the webpage telling you a scheduled appointment is coming up thirty minutes from now.

Furthermore, Redtail CRM monitors and archives client email communications in a manner that meets Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) conformity requirements – extremely beneficial.

Redtail CRM customization options are relatively small, but you will find workarounds.

Redtail CRM’s ease of use

The Redtail CRM software is really user-friendly for probably the most part. However, you will nonetheless face a learning curve to obtain the best you can of all the functions. In addition, it is not entirely intuitive. However, they’ve positive help and a lot of info on their site to aid you with any problems with navigation or even utilizing features.

Redtail University travels the nation and provides in-depth support to all those ready to pay  $425 per individual to attend every event. Which, obviously, is a major expense in addition to the software to check.

Redtail CRM’s pricing

Redtail CRM’s pricing is straightforward, costing ninety-nine dollars per month unless you’re associated with a broker-dealer. The cost includes as many as fifteen users.

Should you have over fifteen people, you will have to sign on for other CRM subscriptions, allowing an extra fifteen users.

For that cost, you find the functions of Redtail CRM, which includes unlimited contacts and leads, broadcast emails, the mobile app, customized exporting, and document management.

You can additionally check it out thirty times for totally free.

Working with Redtail CRM support

Redtail CRM does a very great job with support. They have an 800 number featured prominently at the upper part of their site and their immediate support email address. A call to that particular amount obtained a genuine individual on the series with little hold time, so someone was beneficial in responding to my question.

When you are searching for information online, you can switch towards the Redtail Helpdesk, which provides insightful info on how you can use their software and answers to several inquiries you might have.

Furthermore, the Redtail University mentioned above, though once again, will come with a relatively hefty price tag and needs travel. Additionally, they offer captured and living webinars that answer concerns like how you can sync details with the platform or track loyal clients.

Additionally, they enjoy a contact form all over their Redtail CRM Helpdesk page if you want even more guidance. Also, if you do not obtain a reply fast enough, the 800 quantity is usually offered. You can also use the direct email address even listed alongside that amount.

A great added function on their website is their “current status,” which’s offered near the telephone number and email address at the upper part of the webpage. This informs you if you can find any known system problems, outages, or maybe constant maintenance being conscious of.

Benefits of Redtail CRM

This’s a fantastic software alternative. You simply want an easy instrument panel that enables easy access to your contacts, documents, calendar, and other basics you need when you are promoting. All are at your fingertips, which is essential for just about any salesperson.

Additionally, Redtail CRM provides reporting and email retention functions which are essential to raising your efficiency. Also, you can include a lot of specifics in each communication. Hence, you’ve every single crucial bit of info at hand when you’re prepared to acquire the telephone to phone that contact.

Redtail CRM is an excellent simple choice, with several limitations

As stated above, Redtail CRM is really user-friendly software with somewhat of a learning curve. Still, after you find the hang of it, it will make your sales process a great deal better to handle.

This may not be for you when searching for compelling software with lots of nuanced and detailed characteristics. Still, for many salespeople, it satisfies the expenses.

There’s definitely room for improvement, particularly with regards to the mobile app. Nevertheless, for the cost, this particular software option has solid value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are Redtail CRM's best benefits?

The key selling point for Redtail CRM seems to be its straightforwardness and ease of use. First, of course, you have to become used to the software. Still, after you have the hang of it, everything is neatly and nicely ordered on an essentially clear dashboard, assuming all of the needed info at your fingertips.

What are Redtail CRM's drawbacks?

Because Redtail CRM is designed for simplicity of use, it might not be as robust a platform as some have. Therefore, if you are searching for genuinely advanced CRM attributes, you might have to look elsewhere. Additionally, its CRM mobile app needs improvement.

Is Redtail CRM worth the money?

At $99 per month for 15 users, it’s a highly competitive price point for all the features it provides. There’s, in addition, a free 30-day trial, which means you can try it before you purchase it.

Conclusion - Redtail CRM Reviews

Overall we like Redtail and also continuously attribute it to the effectiveness of our team. Issues don’t fall through the cracks since we have taken enough time to create workflows for many of our processes. All of us contribute comprehensive notes to our customer records. We utilize things each and every morning to help make sure things are getting completed. So there is a history of somebody doing them. We use the reporting choices daily and have achieved far better insights into the company due to the available article choices. We definitely recommend Redtail to anybody looking for an affordable and efficient CRM.

Redtail CRM is among the lower-cost software offered, and also for firms that cannot pay for something much better, this’s a good answer. You can rapidly outgrow its use and moved onto something a lot more powerful and functional.

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