Natalie Jill Fitness Review Updated 2021

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If you’ve been looking for ways to get fit online, then it’s no doubt that you’ve come across Natalie Jill and one of the programs she’s involved in at least once.

And you’re probably just a little bit curious about what the hype is all about too.

Is she overrated, you’re probably wondering…

We’re going to answer questions like that and touch a little bit on the programs she’s involved with in this review!

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Who Is Natalie Jill?

When you go to Natalie’s website, you’ll be greeted with a short introduction that talks about how she likes to kill F.A.T. (False Assumed Truths) for people because those can turned into self imposed stops. She helps people world wide level up their lives and start aging in reverse!

Even though she is a Licensed MSN and Function Fitness Certified Personal Trainer, she doesn’t have the traditional story of most fitness gurus out there.

Instead of being involved with fitness from a young age like most trainers today, her big change didn’t occur until she was in here late 30’s! She was at a very low point…

60lbs overweight, going through divorce, and at a job she hated! Not the best situation by any means!

It wasn’t too long after all that struggle though that she began to realize something…she had too many F.A.T’s holding her back…She decided she had enough and made decided to make a change for the better!

What Is The 7 Day JumpStart Program?

This is what she is most known for! The weight loss JumpStart program has the goal of getting you to drop 7 pounds in 7 days by completely committing to a new healthy lifestyle. This weight loss jumpstart is for anyone who is serious about changing their life!

Included in Natalie Jill s 7 day weight loss plan is a nutrition plan that she and thousands around the globe follow to a T. This first 7 pounds you lose is intended to be the first step toward living a healthier life.

As usual, we’ve actually got an in depth look at the 7 Day JumpStart for review purposes. Here is what you will receive:

  • Access to NJFit Squad Program group
  • 7 days of videos to help you lose those 7 pounds and feel good about your body
  • 7 day meal plan that is pretty tasty might we add
  • Natalie Jill’s Nutrition Rules
  • Goal setting worksheet – Remember “I Kill FAT”
  • An outline of how meals should be broken down
  • Break down of meals
  • Swap out foods and recipes
  • Natalie’s “10 Commandments Of A Fit Lifestyle”
  • The 10 Commandments of a fit lifestyle according to Natalie Jill
  • Two bonuses

The original price is $79, but you can almost always find it on sale!

Fitness And Nutrition Programs

Natalie has been in the online fitness industry for a while and she has multiple program offerings. Her specialty is helping the “Mom” crowd with workouts and exercise because that’s where she started.

Is The Natalie Jill Fitness 7 Day Jump Start Easy To Follow?

In our opinion the 7 Day Jump Start by Natalie Jill Fitness is easy to follow. The workout program does not require any prior knowledge and is a true beginner program.

Plus…it can save you a couple bucks from that gym membership you may not be ready for.

Although we think that losing 7 pounds in 7 days is only realistic for those with a significant amount of weight to start with (women after birth), you will inevitably lose some weight if you follow the program.

Her inspiration for the course was her own pregnancy and the weight she accrued from that…so it does make some sense.

Ultimately the program is jam packed with the information you need for this total body reset.

4 Week Jump Start Program

Similar to the 7 day program, the 4 Week Jump Start program a little bit of a longer commitment. This is a great follow up to the beginner program!

The information in the program is very similar to that of the 7 day program, so you can expect a fairly similar result. However, the website says that women can expect outcome of losing 10 pounds in 4 weeks. A pretty healthy average of 2.5lbs a week.

Many people move onto this program after the 7 day program because of the great results they see. We don’t blame them! Natalie has really come up with a program that has a great diet plan and content!

The full price is just $47!

Natalie Jill Master Sorts Nutritionist

Natalie Jill is the owner of Natalie Jill Fitness and has received her degree in health and human performance from the University Of Maryland. On top of that, she is a fully licensed!

Natalie Jill Weight Loss Program Reviews

Here are some reviews on the various programs Natalie offers:

“I am a busy mom and wife, on top of that I am a personal trainer. We are busy all the time and I unfortunately fell into the take out food trap. Thanks to her 7 day book that talks about nutrition and what to eat, this program has totally changed my life and got me back on track!”

“I started the program and 4 weeks plan almost a year ago and I was a little bit nervous at first because I had all these tools and just never really put it to use. Thankfully Natalie’s plans aren’t all that difficult to follow and she is extremely motivating! I was able to lose 6 pounds in just my first week! I am so glad that I decided to get back into it recently. She is someone that explain even the most complicated workouts to a person who has very little experience like me. I have recommended her program to all of my friends!”

“The content of the program Natalie provides great workouts and foods to eat. In my book, It has earned a 5 star rating. And if you know me, a rating like that is hard to earn! Many of fitness products are known to be overmarketed and receive ratings that are overrated. But Natalie’s program is really something else! The tips and insights that she provides about foods and her process are next level. She provides an excellent service as an author and fitness influencer.”

Natalie Jill Fitness Trainer FAQ's

Can You Lose 7 Pounds In 7 Days?

With the right nutrition and eating habits, couple with good exercises, you can see results of weight loss like that in a week.

However if you don’t have a significant weight to start with it might be difficult to see a loss of that much.

Basically, unless your food and diet is on point and you have a significant amount of weight to start with, it will be difficult to lose 7 pounds in 7 days.

Natalie Jill On Social Media

Natalie is active on all the big platforms: Instagram, Facebook (where she has thousands of friends), Pintrest, and YouTube! She even has a little bit of a social media growth strategy where she goes over some tips you’ll need to abide by to properly grow and get the results you want.

She is also known to share various workouts and exercises on her accounts as well as her crazy fun lifestyle.

She also posts motivational pieces frequently to motivate women who are dealing with post pregnancy weight depression.

How To Break Through A Self Imposed Stop?

Although it sounds super simple, it is really all about taking baby steps. Let’s take health and nutrition for example:

You might think that you are way too far gone…but that’s not the case. By just choosing to eat one healthy food item a day and cutting one junk food from your daily diet in place of that, you’re well on your way!

Couple that with some added workouts and exercise a few days a week and everything links together!

This concludes our Natalie Jill Program Review

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