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I’m sure you’re not here to talk about why email marketing is so crucial. You probably already know! Most of us know the more emails that you have the more sales you can potentially make.

It’s basically a numbers game……right?

Not really.

Quality leads (emails) will always surpass quantity.

Some leads are worth more than others simply because they engage and buy. 

The most important thing to know about MarketHero is that it’s not just another auto responder, like MailChimp or Aweber

This is for businesses that understand the power of analyzing your data to enhance your marketing efforts.  

With that being said let’s take a look at this market hero review.

At the end of this review though, we’ll introduce you to a system that has allowed several of our team members to scale past more than $50,000 per month in passive income!

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Who Is Alex Becker?

Alex Becker is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and speaker. He makes more per month than most of us make in a year combined.

Most importantly Alex Becker is a self-made millionaire and the developer of Markethero. He’s often associated with Shopify courses and training. He developed Markethero for himself and he grew his first business to over 5 million+ in revenue per year.  

And as a result of this has received a ton of recognition for it. Well that and his harsh personality.

He saw a lack in other email marketing software and how you had to use multiple pieces of software to accomplish the most important tasks with internet market. He knew there had to be a better way, and this is when Markethero was born.

Alex Becker as most online and e-commerce businesses understand that value in growth, and with the internet what better way to achieve this than through email marketing and social media. You also need to know your ROI so you know how well it’s working, or not working.

His YouTube channel is filled with valuable information about Shopify, dropshipping and digital marketing. You should definitely check it out.

What Is Market Hero?

Short answer, it’s a marketing automation tool.

But it’s so much more than that – it’s the only software you’ll need when it comes to digital marketing. You can respond to emails, and social media while getting in-depth information about sales

It’s designed to be a stand alone software for advanced digital marketers!

Every internet marketer knows that being engaged is the key to online success and MarketHero. It’s why you spend hours responding to your social media comments, liking things that you don’t really like, commenting even when you don’t feel like it day in and day out.

You don’t’ want to miss a sale or the opportunity to generate a new lead.

Well, this is where Market Hero comes in super handy. They put a great amount of emphasis on sales, profit, and revenue. 

It’s kinda like the essence of the program and pretty much every business.

You have the ability to know exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling, products and advertising.

Market Hero makes it all simple and eliminates the need for additional software for sales tracking, funnels, Facebook marketing, and other software to run a successful online business.

You can even auto respond to Facebook Messenger messages.

Facebook automation has become increasingly more popular and MarketHero has a ton of automation features built in to make this easier for you.

Most companies fit Facebook when they can, but it’s a crucial part of any business.

And you can nearly pinpoint the value of your leads which is often the one thing that most businesses forget to do, but it’s essential with internet marketing.

You need to understand how much it cost you to generate that lead and how much it can potentially make you.

Do you see the power in this?

Why would you want to spend $5 to get a lead that is only going to be worth $5. 

You wouldn’t.

This is just one of the great things about Market Hero software, but it’s certainly not the only thing. 

The ability to harness the power of Facebook from the same location that you’ll send your emails will save you so much time. Let’s face it most of us businesses are using 4 different pieces of software to accomplish everything that we need to when it comes to marketing.

You will now have the ability to get more revenue from email marketing campaigns, forms and leads….. all because of Market Hero’s features.

As you’ll see in our explanation below…Market Hero is fairly lackluster. Here’s the system that will ACTUALLY turn your financial life around!

Market Hero Pricing

Market Hero price will depend on the number of leads that you have. And it begins to get more expensive as you gain more leads. 

Market hero offers 9 different pricing options:  

  • 1,000 leads – $19 per month or $194 per year.  
  • 3,000 leads – $49 per month or $499 per year.  
  • 7,500 leads – $99 per month or $1,010 per year.  
  • 10,000 leads – $129 per month or $1, 316 per year.  
  • 25,000 leads – $299 per month or $3,050 per year.  
  • 50,000 leads – $549 per month or $5,600 per year.  
  • 75,000 leads – $800 per month or $8,160 per year.  
  • 100,000 leads – $950 per month or $9,690 per year.  

As you can see it’s a lot of money…. A LOT of MONEY. You’ve probably been using MailChimp’s free service that this just seems crazy right.

And if you’re planning on growing your email lists this can quickly become extremely expensive.

But the truth is if you’re taking advantage of the training inside of the Markethero you’ll learn how to nurture your leads to generate money or get them off your list. 

There is a 14-day free trial with your credit card information. This gives you full access to get a feel for the user interface and play around with all of the features – sales funnels, email campaigns, Facebook, and Shopify.  But you will have a limit on your mailing. 

You’ll need to make sure that you cancel your free trial before the trial period ends or you’ll be charged. Unfortunately canceling isn’t so easy. There are training videos to show you how to do this. 

Crazy that they need a video to show you how to cancel isn’t it?

It’s like they don’t even see the value in their own product…

If you want to check out a business model that is REALLY VALUABLE to your end consumer…follow that little link!

Market Hero Features

Once you understand the functions of Markethero, you’ll begin to see the potential it has for your business. You’ll be able to analyze, control, and understand your leads so that you can effectively market to them.  This is how you keep your list filled with customers not just emails and names.

Customer Segmentation

This allows you to address your customers personally because you know more about them, so you can target them for specific offers based on their information. This helps you to make money, a lot more money then you would by sending emails out that don’t pertain to the customer

Safe Data

Somewhere along the way with email marketing, people have become rightfully concerned about the protection of their information. Market Hero stores information safely on a trusted platform. 

Free Training

There’s a knowledge base filled with marketing training opportunities right at your fingertips. This information will help you learn about email marketing, paid ads, search engine optimization, and, how to make sales.

If you’re a person who buys every course out there you know how expensive they can be. You’re getting everything that Alex Becker knows right at your fingertips to automate your marketing efforts and grow a successful business. 

Customer LTV

Not all customers have the same value. Customer LTV helps you pinpoint your loyal customers by calculating their lifetime value to determine how valuable they are to your business. This will help you to determine how much you spend bringing in new customers. 

Live Chat Customer Support

Live chat is probably some of the best we’ve seen. Most customer support live chat has hours between 9 am to 5 pm. Markethero’s live chat is available day and night making it perfect for the night owls. 

Funnel Creation And A/B Testing

You can create and track every funnel that you create. Making small tweaks to your funnel can yield can dramatically increase your sales. With Markethero split test funnels to uncover what works quicker. This is one thing that every business should do.

What Make Market Hero The Best Email Marketing Software?

it’s not really fair to say that Market Hero is the best email marketing software, because it’s not just email marketing software!

There’s simply no comparing it to one either. If you did then you’ll be shocked Market hero pricing structure.

The best way to describe this is that it’s a powerful marketing tool.

It will help you grow your business, and give you access to the information and tools that you need to grow your business. 

You have the ability to store and segment email audiences, track sales, respond to social media, and emails from your customers all from a single interface.

Normally, you’ll need five to six different software or services to achieve what this one can. 

Email marketing is still one of the highest-ROI marketing methods out there today. And by learning how to grow your email list with qualified and eager leads you’ll be able to keep your Market Hero cost low.

Alex Becker tells you over and over again that it’s important to get rid of leads that aren’t making you money. This is great advice!

It cost money to market to them, and if they aren’t actively buying or engaging then it’s a waste of money. Get rid of them.

And the best part is if you have a qualified list of buyers, leads that will buy from you again and again you’re saving money and making a ton of money. 

If you’re looking for an auto responder program, this probably isn’t going to be what you want, not at this price point anyways.

But if you’re looking for a ton of email marketing tools combined with digital marketing tools and understand the value it has on your business not just how much it cost.

Well, then Market Hero might be exactly what you’re looking for.

What Prompted Our Market Hero Review?

There’s definitely a buzz within the online marketing business when it comes to Market Hero. We’re definitely not the only ones to do a Market Hero review.

I’m guessing we won’t be the last either.

And the reason is simple

This marketing tool can send email autoresponders, it’s an email builder, Facebook messenger, integrates with Shopify & ClickFunnels, analyzes your leads making it one-stop software for your business. 

This Market Hero review was necessary to make sense of all of the features and help you to understand why and how you can benefit from using it. 

Does this mean that Market Hero is right for everyone?

Nope, it’s not for everyone.

But does it have the power to increase your profits and grow your business?


It truly has the ability to get everything that you need to get done within one piece of software. As a business owner will save you money, but more importantly it will save you time. 

What Separates Market Hero From Mailchimp

MailChimp is probably one of the most popular email autoresponders out there. 

Mostly because they offer a free plan. However there are many limitations with their free plan, and the email seems to go to the “Spam” box often unless they whitelist your email. 

For example, you have their automated email capabilities unless you pay for one of their subscription plans.

But Market Hero and MailChimp don’t really compare. Yes, they both offer email marketing tools. YOu can send email messages to segmented lists, and automate most of the process. 

But here is what separates Markethero from MailChimp, 

  • Facebook messenger autoresponder
  • Customer lifetime value calculator
  • Fluid tag-based contact segmentation 
  • Shopify integration and analysis

Is Market Hero A Scam?

As with any marketing tool, Market Hero has its pros and cons. 

We’ve already covered those.

But no Market Hero is a legitimate business. 

And if you take advantage of all of it’s potential you can definitely increase your profits. You’ll be able to determine who are the eager customers and eliminate the non-buyers, while staying in constant contact whether it’s Shopify, Facebook or email. 

This alone dramatically decreases your advertising costs and increases your profits. 

MarketHero provides you with more than just internet marketing tools. They give you everything you need to learn about digital marketing, customer outreach, and marketing automation. 

They are certainly not a scam. Our Market Hero review shows the value they can offer to you and your business with their automation software, email marketing tools, social media marketing, messenger streams, and the amount of knowledge they share.

Market Hero has a BBB rating of A- for Addison TX and an F for Dallas, TX. 

Alex Becker uses this exact software for all of his businesses. He created it to make up for everything that the other email automation software companies missed the mark on, and combined all of the software that he used into one. 

Facebook marketing is an essential part of marketing for any company and the ability to automatically respond to messages on Facebook through Markethero is pretty powerful.

Alex Becker knows a thing or two about building an emails list with quality leads, effectively marketing to this list, and how to properly nurture them. He even has a ton of training on exactly how you can do this as well within the training area.

But it’s not for everyone.

So you can rest easy!

MarketHero offers a money-back guarantee within 30 days. And don’t forget about their 14-day free trial you can take advantage of before you make the purchase. 

Market Hero may not be a scam, but it sure doesn’t provide the value you might be looking for…

If VALUE is what you’re after, we encourage you to take a look at this BRAND NEW emerging industry!

The Market Hero Pros And Cons

With email marketing or digital marketing, you always need to weigh the good against the bad. And it’s no different with Market Hero. There are some pretty great benefits to this software.

And there are some not so great things about it.

The best thing any business can do is first understand exactly what they expect out of it and see if it hits the mark.

Pros Of Market Hero

Market Hero Analyzes Leads

Knowing how much each lead costs helps to keep internet marketing advertising costs down. You know exactly how much you need to spend generating a lead. The value per lead increases when you know how to use the power of sales funnels. 

Market Hero Free Trial

Their 14-day full use trial is enough time for you to get a good feel of the software. You’ll definitely want to review their knowledge base section. Alex Becker has some valuable information and amazing email marketing tips.

Cons Of Market Hero

Confusing User Interface

One of the biggest complaints Market Hero has is that they are not user-friendly. It’s busy and a bit confusing, so there’s definitely a learning curve. And if you are new to this digital marketing thing it’s probably harder for you. But with all of the tutorial video’s you can quickly get the hang of it if you take the time out. 

It's Expensive

The more leads that you get the more expensive Market Hero gets. And the goal of every business is to build its list of leads to generate a constant flow of money.  $19 per month isn’t so back, but that’s only for 1,000 leads. The cost begins to skyrocket as you get up in the number of leads.

Inability To Verify Leads

You’re forced to use an email verifier to clean your list to improve the success rate of your mailing. So I guess Market Hero cannot get rid of every other piece of software.

What Business Benefits Most From Using Market Hero?

Any business can benefit from using Market Hero, but not every business will know how to take advantage of its capabilities.

Seasoned marketers are probably going to get the ones that get the most out of this type of software. They understand the ROI concept and have been using tools like ActiveCampaign or MailChimp to increase their sales by taking advantage of the power of email automation.  

Market Hero isn’t the easiest to use, so if you’re new to the game you’ll need to be sure that you’re watching the tutorials and getting a feel for the software. You cannot expect to jump right in and know what to do. 

There are tons of different email automation software solutions on the market, and this one sets itself apart from many of the others.

eCommerce merchants could greatly benefit from using Market Hero, but because they are not digital marketers they might not have the skill set that is needed to easily navigate it. 

Yes, there are tons of training, that you can use, but how much time can you possibly take away from your business to learn it before it’s a waste of money and time?

Market Hero Review - Final Thoughts

Market Hero can be an extremely valuable automation software.  But the truth is, if you’re not a person or business that understands how to analyze the data to determine the click-through rates, the ROI, or things like this, Markethero might not be the best marketing tool for you.

Let’s face it it’s expensive and it’s not designed for newbies.

So if you’re not taking advantage of everything it offers, then it’s a waste of your hard-earned money. There are plenty of email marketing tools that you can use to send email autoresponder messages, keep your emails segmented, and integrate with Shopify for a fraction of the cost of Markethero.

This isn’t to take away from the power of Markethero, because online marketing software can change your digital marketing efforts dramatically. This software is more than just an email marketing service and more than just email automation.

Market Hero offers discounts often, such as a 15% discount. 

While Market Hero pricing per month starts to get pretty high. But with the split testing ability, 7 email templates to choose from for emailing to your email list, the ability to calculate your per lead cost, access to Market Hero Facebook group, and the many other features the pricing isn’t horrible.

Do You Need Leads For Your Business?

Are you running an online internet business, or brick and motor business?

Do you struggle to generate leads each and every month?

You’re not alone, just about every new business does.

And if you’re like most businesses you have no idea how to harness the full power of the internet.

It’s likely you’ve built your business website and expected a flood of new customers. 

I mean thousands of people in your town are on the internet right now looking for your services or products.

If only it was that easy, right!

Getting people to your website means you need to get listed in the search engines for the exact searches people are using, your website needs to be designed to capture their information and you need to set up your email autoresponder.

Did you do that?

Nope, because you don’t know-how.

And here’s the deal, depending on what your industry is, businesses are all fighting for free traffic. It’s why getting listed at the top of the search engines isn’t so easy.

Because there’s money in the top-ranking positions of search results…

How many times have you gone past the second page looking for something?


Maybe your website shows up in the number one position for your company name. 

That’s GREAT…….. but who is searching for your business when they don’t even know who you are.

You want the high-intent buyers because they are searching for you and ready to buy your service or product.

So how do you do this?

It’s simple you build a website that gets ranked quickly online and shows up for these keywords.

You Can Start Generating Your Own Leads

I don’t care if you don’t know how to build a website, rank a website or what a search keyword even means. What you do know is that in order for your business to be successful you need to generate leads….. right?

And you have an opportunity right now to learn everything you need to start doing this for your business. 

Generating targeted traffic to your website is the key to building your email list and making money.

And you’ll learn how to build a website, find and target specific keywords and get listed in the search engines above your competition.

This lead generation program will walk you every single step of the way, and you’ll have access to an active Facebook group that will answer any questions that you may have as your going through the program.

It can’t get much better than this.

Oh wait…. it can!

You’re seriously never left on your own to figure things out.

This is what separates this course from the others!

It’s also why you failed with the other courses. 

It wasn’t your fault that you couldn’t make sense of all the information and have the same results that they promised you would.

We need to be taken by the hand and shown what to do, and that’s what you can expect here.

Are You Finally Ready To Take Control Of Your Finances And Grow Your Business?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do.

But you shouldn’t take our word for this. Just look at what some of the students who have worked the course have said,

You can see their video testimonials by clicking here

There’s no reason why these testimonials couldn’t be yours.

They can be as long as you work the program, ask questions, and do what they say.

We understand that you’ll need to take some time out of your day to go through the course, but if you could get a fraction of the return on your investment that these students have,  it’s totally worth it.

Would you agree?

Are you ready to start generating leads and building your business? Click here to learn more.

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