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Influencer Cash claims that you’ll be able to earn $200 a day by simply posting links on your social media account. Can you imagine making that kind of money simply by posting on something that you use every single day anyway – social media.

This definitely sounds like something everyone would be doing.

But before you run out and signup with Influencer Cash you may want to read what we found during this Influencer Cash review. It just might shock you, or maybe it won’t.

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What is Influencer Cash?

Influencer Cash is a monetization network. What does this mean exactly?

Well, it’s simple companies pay Influencer cash money to have people like you advertise products for them. This gives you an opportunity to make money while helping out a company get exposure.

Seems like a win-win right.

It’s free to become an member and start making money online. Once you signup you’ll log into your account with your username and password you create and you can get started.

You can even invite your friends to make an account and you’ll make money when they join.

This is only one of the ways of making money. You can earn money by testing the sponsors’ products.

We’ll talk more about that a little later.

Here's What People Do To Complete Tasks To Earn Money

Once you join you’ll be given a referral link link in the back office.

You are now able to share this referral link, as well as begin performing some tasks. This will help your credit to grow.

Let’s take a closer look at just how Influencer Cash works. Or should I say how InfluencerCash should work.

Here are some facts about the website

Influencer Cash isn’t new to the game. They have been in the internet marketing industry since 2012. At least they have been with their parent company. We never actually could figure out who this parent company was and they sure don’t’ mention the name. however was created in April 2019.

InfluencerCash has a large amount of traffic going to their website,, according to

It’s easy for people to believe their claims about making money online with Influencer Cash website because they want it to be true. It’s hard to resist this type of opportunity or at the least entertain the possibility when it won’t cost you anything.

This is apparent with their skyrocketing traffic so soon after launching

How Do You Earn Money With Influencercash?

So we’ve touched a little on how you can earn money with You can refer your friends.

But there are two main ways to earn money with influencer website. The first way is to get paid for clicks on a link. And the second way for an influencer member to earn money is through ad impressions. You earn a set amount of money for every 1,000 ad impressions.

Remember there are big brands, that want to get seen more and when you post their ad’s it’s a great form of advertising. It’s a legitimate way to make money and very similar to that of affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing you promote a product and when someone purchases that product you make a commission from the sale.

How Does Influencer Cash Work? website gives you a way to earn money by performing simple tasks to complete.

InfluencerCash definitely not a legit way to earn money nor is it a legit website where you should invest your time, as it has never paid anyone nor it will pay to any of its members. It offers great pay just to lure people to sign in withInfluencerCash.

Social Media & Instagram Tasks

  • $25 as a signup bonus
  • $10 per referral when they join through your affiliate link
  • $30 for completing a Survey
  • $50 to promote & give positive feedback on YouTube

Immediately after joining Influencer Cash you’ll see $25 in your account. That’s awesome, you’re super excited that you made money just by joining.

So you start logging into website daily so that you can post links and perform some tasks daily, and even spend hours to complete a survey.

You notice that your credit in your account is going up, and you are ready to get paid.

This is where it gets tricky.

Once you reach the threshold to be paid out you’ll find that you’re asked to complete certain tasks. Those tasks seem to be never-ending and you are still somehow denied your hard-earned money.

They’ll claim that you earned your money through some sort of fraudulent ways.

When you first you’ll get this big promise to start making $200 a day and how you don’t need any special skills to start earning this cash. This should be your first sign that you should stay away.

It’s possible to earn $200 a day, but you’re certainly not going to earn it through Influencer Cash.

If you take just a few minutes to look for actual real proof that its members are making money and being paid by InfluencerCash you’ll find nothing.

While you will find some testimonials on website, but is it even real. Let’s take a look,

That image of Cristina is from a stock photo. You’ll find her same picture on many other sites. Just look at the image below her same picture is used on paid4clout and RainMoney.

Could she have left a testimonial on all three sites…. Absolutely!

But her name isn’t the same. RED FLAG!!!

Another Red Flag is the lack of presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Pintrest and Youtube.

How can you be the #1 Influencer if you don’t have any followers or even a presence on social media accounts.

They only have two followers on Pinterest.

Just look at InfluencerCash YouTube channel. They only have 3 subscribers and no content.

Their Instagram Account has nearly 2,100 followers without following anyone,

They should have millions of followers on their social media accounts, but yet they don’t and they barely have social media profiles either.

Who Is Behind Influencer Cash Website?

This information isn’t easy to find. Who wouldn’t want to take responsibility for a system that helps everyone earn a full-time living by performing simple tasks such as posting a link or participating in a survey?

Apparently the ones responsible for influencer cash.


Well based on the information found on their website we know that it was registered in Panama, in April 2019.

That’s all that you really know about them.

What Does The Better Business Bureau Have To Say?

You can check out the BBB, Better Business Bureau. They actually warn the visitors against using Influencercash website saying because it was created by potential scammers.

How Are You Being Scammed If It's Free?

It’s simple data harvesting.

They are interested in obtaining your personal data such as your name, phone number, address, debit or credit card information, password, PayPal email, and every possible data. 

They will sell this information to third party companies and earn some pretty good money too.

Once they sell your personal information you’ll begin getting unsolicited emails and promotions from other shady and dubious products.

But what makes it worse is that these people can potentially hack your Paypal account because they have your personal information like email, name, and password. They know what their doing.

And it’s not surprising, that a free opportunity such as this, offering such an amazing way to earn money would be selling your personal information to make money.

There’s no proof that Influencer Cash is doing this but……

Let’s Discuss Red Flags Of InfluencerCash

There are always red flags, but we often overlook them when the offer is greater than the truth. The ability for people with no experience doing anything can earn $200 per day posting links.

But these are often the first sign of a scam.

Let’s take a look at some additional red flags,

Unknown Owner

If nobody is willing to take responsibility for InfluencerCash why would you want to trust them. So usually when the owner is hiding their identity it’s because they are not offering a quality product or service.

And if they are the #1 Influencer platform why don’t they have any social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Over-Hyped Earnings

We all want to make $200 a day doing a minimal amount of work. InfluencerCash site hypes up the possibility of making this type of money and even goes as far as claiming influencers are making $2,000 per month. You need to complete at least 5 tasks on its $30 TaskWall which can include posts on the platform, various offers that you’ll need to get in front of an audience and any other task you’ll find.

No program can promise you that you’ll make this kind of money in any industry. Any legitimate GPT website would not make this type of claim on their website, that someone can make $2000 or even $200 per month through its website.


We’ve already touched on this earlier. if they are using stock photos for their testimonials what else are they lying about?

So are all of the testimonials of InfluencerCash made up or just that one. It doesn’t seem as though they can be trusted. If they have to make up testimonials how good can their product be. It must be a low-quality product that offers no value at all.

When a product is good they wouldn’t have any reason to make false claims. People will be willing to give testimonials. They want to talk about their experiences and share them with like-minded people.

And let’s face it if InfluencerCash needs pay it’s members $50 per YouTube video upload there’s likely something shady going on. You can go to and get that done for $5.

No Payment Proofs

We’ve yet to find a member that has gotten paid. just hundreds of members claiming they haven’t received any payment from posting on websites, sharing links on their social media accounts and has been nothing but a waste of their time.

Is InfluencerCash.Co A Scam?

There’s nothing denying that InfluencerCash is a scam. The information on their website isn’t real and the many red flags are a clear indication that you should stay away from them and any other company that uses these same tactics.

When the owner of websites doesn’t want to claim ownership of their program this is a major red flag. And if a company isn’t present on social media these days especially when they are claiming to be the #1 Influencer you know there’s something fishy going on.

The inability to find any contact information on the website to get help means it’s more than likely when you don’t get paid you won’t have any way of contacting them. There’s no answers to your questions and no support for their services.  

You’re just supposed to spend your time placing ads for websites, filling out surveys, and hope that you’ll get paid for the clicks or a daily task that you perform within the platform.

Overhyped income claims are designed to capture your attention. They play on your desire to earn a lot of money without doing all of the hard work that goes along with it.

That said if it sounds too good to be true it is. That’s still a true statement.

If you make overly hyped income claims you better have something to back your claims. But you still could not make such income claims and when you’re not able to prove these claims it causes trust issues.

Conclusion For Influencercash

This is not something we would recommend. Joining isn’t going to make you any money, and there are so many other legitimate programs that won’t waste your time. You can post link after link and promote product after product but you’ll never get a single payment.

We’ve spent a great deal of time searching for these systems that will actually deliver what they say, instead of wasting your time and money.

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Listen, we all want to make money working for ourselves. It’s why we waste our time on opportunities that deep down inside we know aren’t the right choice.

But we just hope that this is the opportunity that will help us quit our job and start earning a full-time income from home.

Giving us the freedom that we want and the control over our salary.

This isn’t easy when there are so many scams out there.

Too many programs giving you false hope to earn a sustainable income.. all while stealing your hope, time and money.

We get it!

It’s why we’ve researched through so many different programs, work at home opportunities, and websites such as Influencercash.

We want to expose the ones that don’t work, but more importantly, we want to show you what does work.

And we found what is in our honest opinion the best business model that allows you to earn a passive income.

Imagine that…. you spend your time working hard on something that will continue to earn you money every month while you no longer need to spend much time on it.

That’s how you gain freedom and have time to focus on the things that are important to you.

Yes, you have to put in the hard work.

Yes, you’ll have to do some work to maintain your income, but you’re in control.

This is why real estate is so enticing.

You buy a house that you’ll fix up and then rent it out for a monthly price. There’s nothing left to do for it until you get a phone call that something needs to be fixed.

But no matter what you’re getting paid each month until they move out.

Then you’ll find a new renter.

The program that we’ve uncovered is basically the same concept.

Digital Real Estate Offers You Passive Income

It’s the same concept. you’ll build a website, get it in tip-top shape so that it becomes a lead generating website, and you’ll rent it out to a company for a monthly price.

You set the price based on the industry standards.

Don’t worry, it’s likely you have no idea how to do that… not yet, but you will.

We met Josh, he’s the creator of the Digital Real Estate program called, BAM.

It was created to help people just like you build a Digital Real Estate Empire of their own.

Building multiple sites that you’ll rent out to earn as much or as little as you want. Imagine renting out 10 websites that you rent out for just $500 a month. That’s $5000 a month to do nothing…. and this is low-balling it.

This program is filled with payment proofs, real students giving their own video testimonials about their success and people that are willing to help you along the way earn the same income they have.

Here’s one of the best parts about this,

Josh makes six-figures using this same business model that he’s teaching you.

This isn’t theory.

These are the actual steps that he takes to earn that kind of money.

And you’re taken through every step so that you can feel confident that you understand how it all works.

Here's How It Works

You’re going to be amazed at just how simple the process actually is.

The first thing you’ll do is some research to find the companies that need a website.

Depending on the market, and the city this might take some time. But remember the work you do upfront will be worth it in the long run.

So let’s try to find a plumber in Jacksonville FL that you can rent out your website too,

Using the search term Criminal Defense Lawyer in Jacksonville FL in Google,

You’ll find that there are a lot.

This is prime real estate.

Now here’s what you’d do.

You’d build a website for Dale Carson Law because they have the most reviews.

This website will be designed in such a way (which you’ll learn in BAM) to get listed in Google on the first page.

This is how you’ll generate leads.

You’ll get the phone ringing for Dale Carson by placing their number on the website, they’ll get a message that you’re sending them the lead.

Then here’s where the magic happens.

After a few days of sending them leads. You’ll give them a call and introduce yourself as the one who has been sending them the leads.

And let them know that if they want to continue getting these leads it’s going to be $x every single month.

Simple right.

And remember if they don’t want to pay the amount that you asking there are 2 others that you found that will probably be more willing.

You’re building websites that will generate leads for their business.

And most companies have no idea how to do this. They want to sell more products and services online but don’t know how to reach people.

But you will.

And it doesn’t matter what type of business people have. In order to survive, they need leads and when you target small local businesses it’s easier to get them listed higher in the search engines.

And the great part about this is that you like a hero generating them leads.

Did you know that there are over 125 million small businesses out there.

That’s a lot of opportunities for you to make money, isn’t it.

You’re probably focusing on the little details like you have no idea how to build a website, let alone get it ranked in the search engines.

That’s okay, because that’s the beauty behind BAM.

They show you…. scratch that…. They take you by the hand and walk you through everything that you need to know.

One of his students went from $0 to $40K in just 8 months and he never built a website before in his life.

It’s that simple and once you understand all of the steps you need to take there’s no limit to the number of lead-generating websites that you can build.

Which means there’s no limit to the amount of money you can make.

The more websites you make the more money you make.

Here’s the best part…. the sky is the limit.

Here’s just one website that you can make to generate leads for a plumbing company,

Are you ready to get started with your very own digital real estate business,

You can visit their website and you’ll find a ton of video testimonials from students using this platform to earn full-time income without ever having built a website or have any sales experience.

They have simply put what they learned from BAM into action learning everything they needed to make their first lead generating website and got a business to rent it.

Here are just some of the things that you’ll learn,

  • You’ll learn how to purchase a domain name.
  • How to build a website.
  • How to find the best keywords to get listed in the search engines.
  • How to send call notifications via email.
  • and all of the nitty-gritty to getting your website ranked so you can generate leads and create passive income.

Are you ready to finally learn exactly what you need. todo from start to finish to earn money for yourself.

Click here if you want to learn more and listen to the testimonies, and see payment proofs from students that have gone through the course click here.

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