GreenGeeks Review 2021: Best Web Hosting Provider For You?

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Updated: November 29

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GreenGeeks Review 2021 Best Web Hosting Provider For You

GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting provider. They have affordable shared hosting plans available for anyone, from small businesses to large corporations.

This review will go over GreenGeeks to see if it really is the best web hosting provider out there.

Now, I do want to be totally honest in this review, so…

This GreenGeeks review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.


What I Liked

  • Better for the environment
  • Full of features
  • Affordable

The Good


What I Didn’t Like

  • Limited phone support
  • Set-up fee for monthly billing

The Bad

And at the end, I’ll answer some of the most often asked questions regarding GreenGeeks and web hosting in general.

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GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting provider

All web hosting companies offer the same plans and make the same promises. We will go through their claims in these areas in this GreenGeeks review:

  • Speed and Performance: How fast does your website load on GreenGeeks
  • Reliability: Can they be relied upon to make sure your website is always accessible?
  • Customer Support: Can you get fast support when you are in need?
  • Features: What is included in GreenGeek’s hosting plans?
  • Pricing: What does GreenGeek cost? And can you save money by getting a great deal?

GreenGeeks Review Summary

Performance grade: B+

Average load time: 527 ms

Average response time: 119.7 ms

Free domain: Yes

Free SSL: Yes

1-click WordPress: Yes

Support: Phone / Live Chat / Knowledge base

Bottom Line

I found GreenGeeks to be a solid hosting provider. There is still room for improvement in terms of performance and speed in my opinion.

Let’s now get to the details about how I arrived at this conclusion.

About GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks was founded in 2007 by Trey Gardner

Trey Gardner founded GreenGeeks in 2007.

The company is based in Los Angeles, California, and powers more than 600,000 websites. It also offers green hosting solutions.

What Is Green Hosting?

Green hosting is a hosting service that helps reduce the carbon footprint. It uses different technologies and processes.

Web hosting has a significant environmental impact and uses huge amounts of energy. GreenGeeks is trying to reduce this impact by purchasing wind energy credit. They buy three times as much power as they use. They are also an EPA Green Power Partner.

GreenGeeks Performance Tests

I only recommend services and products that I have personally used. To verify the claims of each hosting company, I sign up and run performance tests.

I signed up for a GreenGeeks hosting account and installed WordPress.

I used the default theme and added dummy data, including images, to the website. My test site behaved and looked like a real WordPress site.

GreenGeeks Speed Test Results

Website success is dependent on website speed. Pingdom was used to test the website’s speed.

These are the results.

Website Speed

The test site loaded in under a second, which is impressive. This test is not enough to show all the details, as the site does not have hardly any traffic.

GreenGeeks Stress Test Results

Next, we wanted a measure of how our test site performed on GreenGeeks during peak traffic. We used K6 (formerly known as Load Impact) to measure this.

To demonstrate how the server could simultaneously handle increasing requests from multiple connections, we gradually increased our visitor count to 100.

These are the results.

Results of stress test

The page load time is shown in blue, and the number of users per site in green.

This test didn’t show GreenGeeks performing well. The site was responsive to up to 30 users, but then the performance began to decline. The server started giving errors, and the response time was too slow.

This means that GreenGeeks is best suited for small websites. Traffic spikes can cause website downtime and will affect your website’s performance.

Installing a WordPress caching plugin can help. Caching won’t help if your web server slows down.

GreenGeeks offers the option to enable caching. However, we wanted to be fair across all platforms, so we tested only with the default installation without optimizing performance.

GreenGeeks Response Time Test

Next, we wanted a test to see how GreenGeeks responds to requests coming from different geographical locations. Bitcatcha was used to measure this.

These are the results.

Response Times

You can see that North America had the fastest response times. It was slightly slower in India and the Asia Pacific, but still less than a second.

GreenGeeks Hosting Plans And Features

GreenGeeks Hosting Plans And Features


GreenGeeks offers various hosting plans to suit every customer. You can choose from basic shared hosting, reseller hosting, or VPS hosting.

Their main product is EcoSite Starter, which is a shared hosting plan. It also includes:

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • 1 free domain for first year
  • Hosting for unlimited websites (Except Lite plan)
  • SSD storage (solid state drives web space) with nightly backups
  • Free email accounts
  • 1-click installation of WordPress
  • One-click Softaculous for apps like Joomla and Drupal via cPanel

You can also get a free website migration as an add-on.

GreenGeeks utilizes advanced technologies such as LiteSpeed and LSCache, MariaDB, and unlimited MySQL databases. A few additional advanced features are available for developers and technical users.

  • Pre-installed Git
  • PHP version selection
  • WP-CLI for direct command line access

Hosting Plans

There are three levels of their leading shared hosting /WordPress hosting service.

  • Lite – Limit to 1 WordPress installation
  • Pro – Unlimited websites with 2x performance
  • Premium – Premium plans include a dedicated IP address for free

Every GreenGeeks website hosting plan comes with Cloudflare CDN for security, speed, and SEO.

It also includes scalable CPU, eCommerce support, and ample disk space. Website builders with templates and unmetered data transfer are all included. As your site grows, VPS and WordPress hosting can be easily upgraded.

GreenGeeks provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have 30 days to cancel your account and receive a full refund for your hosting fees. The domain registration fees and hosting fees are not refundable. You get to keep your domain.

Support And Customer Service

Support And Customer Service

GreenGeeks offers support 24 hours a day via email and live chat. You can also call them Monday through Sunday, 9am to midnight EST.

WordPress experts are available to assist customers who have managed WordPress hosting. They can help set up their site or address any WordPress-specific problems.

GreenGeeks customers rave about their outstanding support. They respond promptly to any inquiries and offer expert help, no matter what the problem.

Pros And Cons Of GreenGeeks

Pros And Cons Of GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks has been a top-rated web hosting company. But it might not suit everyone. These pros and cons should be considered before you make a decision on a plan.


  • Better for environment – GreenGeeks, a web hosting company that values the environment and has strong values, is better for the environment. Hosting with GreenGeeks can help support renewable energy.
  • Full of features – GreenGeeks hosting plans offer all the features that you need to build a website.
  • Affordable – GreenGeeks has very affordable prices for all features.
  • Highly rated support – Customers rave about the expert support GreenGeeks offers.


  • Phone support isn’t available 24/7 – Phone support is only available between midnight, and 9am EST. Live chat support or email support is best if you need help in the early morning hours.
  • Set-up fee for monthly billing – Choose month-to-month billing to avoid the $15 setup fee. If you pay for more than one year, the fee will be waived.

Is GreenGeeks Right For You?

Is GreenGeeks Right For You

After reading this GreenGeeks review, you may be wondering if it’s suitable for you.

I have reviewed GreenGeeks services and awarded them the title of “Most Eco-Friendly Hosting.”

The environment is greatly affected by the web hosting industry. Each web hosting server emits 1390 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. It is now more environmentally friendly than the airline industry.

GreenGeeks customers can help support renewable energy by choosing green web hosting. It’s a United States EPA Green Power Partner, and purchases wind energy credits. They return three times as much energy to the grid as they consume, which helps reduce your web hosting’s environmental impact.

GreenGeeks is an excellent web host option for those just starting out. You may need to upgrade or switch to managed WordPress hosting providers if you have higher traffic volumes.

FAQs About GreenGeeks Web Hosting Services

1. Is GreenGeeks A Good Hosting Provider?

GreenGeeks hosting is a great web hosting option for small businesses looking for an eco-friendly web hosting solution.

The control panel is easy for beginners and offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, friendly customer support, and valuable knowledge base tutorials.

2. Where Are GreenGeeks Data Centers Located?

According to GreenGeeks, the data centers are in Chicago, Phoenix, Canada (Toronto, Montreal), and Europe (Amsterdam). They are powered by renewable energy and have high-quality SSD-based Raid-10 arrays.

3. How Does Compare To Other Hosting Companies?

I am often asked to compare GreenGeeks and other hosting companies such as Bluehost, SiteGround, or HostGator.

HostGator and Bluehost are better than GreenGeeks, both in terms of user experience and performance. Because of their superior customer support, GreenGeeks is a better choice than GoDaddy. SiteGround is more expensive, but it offers premium technology, customer service, and an excellent user experience.

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