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GetResponse Review

A lot of email marketing solutions are up on the market, and finding the right one can be challenging.

If you’re here, chances are you’ve heard about Getresponse and want to know whether it’s a good email marketing software for your business.

In this Getresponse review, I’ll go over everything you need to know about the product including its pricing, marketing features, and templates and try to give you my most honest take on them.

My goal at the end of this review is to help you make an informed decision by giving you the confidence to decide if this product is right for you — or if you should opt for something else.

We’re going to review multiple aspects of Getresponse to decide if it really is the best email marketing solution out there.

We’ll talk about whether Getresponse is the right email marketing platform for you.

At the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Getresponse and email marketing in general.

And most important, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $50,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made me swear off high ticket sales for good, because it uses some of the same skills in a much more powerful and profitable way!

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Table of Contents

What Is Getresponse?

Getresponse is an email marketing tool that lets you do the following:

  • Make a mailing list and collect data for it.
  • Send updates to your mailing list subscribers.
  • Use ‘autoresponders’ to automate the emails to subscribers.
  • View and analyze email campaign statistics such as click through rate, open rate, and so on.

However, Getresponse’s focus has changed significantly in recent years: the app aims to veer away from functioning as an email marketing tool and seeks to serve as an “all-in-one” marketing and eCommerce solution instead.

As a result, Getresponse also offers e-commerce features, landing pages, webinar hosting, and automatic sales funnels in addition to email marketing.

Getresponse has recently launched new functionalities, such as webinar hosting and conversion funnels, with the aim of making it a more “all-in-one” marketing tool.

Getresponse has been in operation since 1998, and the organization claims that over 350,000 individuals and companies use the website for email campaigns.

Though this userbase is not as broad as that of several other email marketing tools, notably Mailchimp, it is large enough to claim that the company is a well established business and is going to be here for a very long time.

Getresponse Pricing

Getresponse offers four different plans:

  • Basic — Starts at $15 monthly, you can send an infinite amount of emails to up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • Plus — Starts at $49 monthly for up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • Professional — Starting price at $99 monthly for up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Maximum — Negotiable, depending on the list size and other requirements

The prices go up if you more subscribers are added to your list.

You can expect to pay $450, $499 or $580 monthly at the top end of the scale with 100,000 subscribers on the ‘Basic’, ‘Plus’ and ‘Professional’ plans respectively.

You get 30-day free trial that does not require entry of your credit card account information.

How Does Getresponse Pricing Compare To That Of Its Competitors?

Getresponse’s pricing is reasonably affordable at the entry level. A database with up to 1,000 email addresses can be hosted with Getresponse for a monthly fee of $15, while a monthly fee of $29 is charged for the same thing with Campaign Monitor and Aweber.

Mailchimp’s broadly similar ‘Standard’ package costs $14.99 monthly.

Getresponse’s pricing remains competitive as you go up the pricing ladder.

Hosting 10,000 records on your contact list will cost you $65 monthly with the Basic Plan.

So in comparison, this is how it looks like:

  • $4 per month cheaper than Aweber
  • $24 per month cheaper than Campaign Monitor
  • $40 per month cheaper than Mailchimp (Standard Plan)

Key Getresponse Features

Getresponse has an incredibly broad feature set compared to other email marketing platforms — even with the the Basic plan.

Not only does Getresponse include all of the essential features of an email marketing app — list hosting, templates, autoresponders, analytics, and so on — but, as previously mentioned, the feature set has been expanded and evolved into an all-in-one eCommerce and marketing solution.

The concern is whether any of this adds up to being a jack of all trades and master of none.

Let’s take a closer look at the core features to find out.


Autoresponders are e-newsletters that are delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes at predetermined intervals.

The autoresponder feature of Getresponse is a major selling point — the app has some of the most robust autoresponder capabilities available.

Marketing Automation Builder

Getresponse offers a more advanced alternative for automatically sequencing emails in addition to the simple ‘drip’ type autoresponders.

This is known as ‘Marketing Automation,’ and you can get it with ‘Plus’ and higher plans.

This function helps you to produce automation workflows via a drag-and-drop builder. Essentially, an ‘automation flowchart’ is set up to tell Getresponse what to do when a user clicks on a link, opens a specific offer, and so on.

Getresponse Email Templates

Getresponse has 115 templates

There are 115 Getresponse templates available, which is less than some of its rival email marketing solutions such as Aweber with 700 templates. Although the options are fewer, the selection is diverse with very modern designs that are tweakable.

These templates are of excellent quality, and I would have no doubts about using them for my email campaigns.

Getresponse’s latest email builder has a huge selection of web fonts.

Getresponse templates are highly responsive, which means they adjust automatically to the screen on which an e-newsletter is being accessed, whether it’s on a smartphone, desktop computer, notebook, and so on.

There is a sample feature available to see how the newsletter will look on each template.


Getresponse has a good selection of analytics and reporting solutions.

You get all the basics such as the click-through rate, open rate, unsubscribe rate, to name a few. The you also get some very useful monitoring features worth mentioning, namely:

  • Metrics over time
  • One-click segmentation
  • Email ROI
  • E-newsletter performance comparison
  • Per-user information

Mailchimp and Aweber also have some reporting capabilities, especially around sales monitoring, but Getresponse’s reporting tool is unquestionably the most comprehensive.

Split Testing

 Getresponse’s functionality has traditionally been much superior in this area compared to what’s offered by other rivals. It enables five different messages to go through split testing which is contrary to its competitors who normally allow you to work with two or three variants only.

Unfortunately, the functionality has been currently limited to 5 variants using different headers.

Landing Page Creator

Ad campaigns that use landing pages would typically generate more leads if they direct visitors to what they call “squeeze pages” that contain well thought out data capture forms and very clear information.

Getresponse has something very valuable in this aspect that many of its rivals do not have – a mobile-friendly landing page builder .

It can not only be used to create squeeze pages, but it can also be used to compare the conversion rates of these pages in real time and get the one that performs best.

This will have a huge impact on the amount of leads you capture and your email campaign’s reach.


Here are a few Getresponse webinar features that are especially useful:

  • No need to install apps or software for the webinars
  • One-click recording of your webinars
  • Screen sharing
  • Video sharing (YouTube)
  • Can upload Powerpoint presentations during webinars
  • Free online storage to keep playback files

On the downside, however, the following are some points to note:

  • Only paid webinars are allowed with the Professional plan or higher,
  • Maximum limit is only 500 attendees.
  • File storage for recorded webinars is also limited.

The webinar functionality remains very useful regardless of these limitations. And this makes Getresponse two steps ahead of the competition.

Also, another great advantage is that your webinar broadcasting tool and email list are fully integrated with each other, not to mention its very superior quality.

Conversion Funnels

The “conversion funnels” is another recent functionality added by Getresponse, which is a significant departure for the product.

The reason for this is because, to some extent, it shifts from being an email marketing platform to something that can run an eCommerce business entirely on its own.

With this new feature, Getresponse is now focused on creating sales funnels that do not need to rely on other apps.

Apps And Integrations

There are about 160 integrations available if you need to integrate with other tools or platforms.

These are used to connect Getresponse to popular content management systems and eCommerce solutions such as WordPress and Shopify, including certain CRM systems suchch as Highrise and Capsule.

Google also has some useful integrations which you can use to import contacts, link landing pages to Google ads to help you measure effectively the performance of your PPC campaigns, and lastly, add Google Analytics tags to your email campaigns.

Data Capture And Forms

In Getresponse, you can use forms in two ways:

  1. Add an HTML form that you’ve personally customized.
  2. Design your own form in Getresponse where you are provided a wide selection of high-quality templates that you can tweak to match the design of your site.

Now if you opt for the latter, you may use a snippet of Javascript code to add and display to your site which can be in various formats – pop-up, inline or slide-up.

Depending on your preference, both the Javascript and HTML forms can be used to capture data into Getresponse standard fields or custom fields.

Getresponse forms

Data Segmentation Options

One excellent thing about Getresponse is that emails can be sent to multiple segments of subscribers at one g or exclude multiple segments, which is something I really like about the product.

Some of Getresponse’s competitors, like Aweber and Mailchimp, however, do not have this capacity.

This extent of flexibility is perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to choose Getresponse over its main competitior, Mailchimp.

Mailchimp does not allow the use of advanced segmentation functionality unless you are subscribed to its more expensive Premiumpackage.

Getresponse Deliverability

When selecting an email marketing platform, the email deliverability rate is clearly a crucial factor to consider. Deliverability rate is the percentage of e-newsletters that successfully reached your inbox.

Not all email marketing companies are honest about their deliverability rates. Getresponse, on the contrary, appears to be fairly open about it, as seen on their website:

We are frequently asked about the quality of our deliverability rate. Because deliverability depends on many factors, including the content of your messages, the deliverability rate could vary for each mailing. For all our customers collectively, however, we are proud to say our overall deliverability rate currently stands at 99%. – Getresponse


Because of the recent GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) provisions, email marketing has been much more challenging, as there are tighter rules on the consent requirements when receiving newsletters including how the consent has been logged.

Getresponse deserves praise for explicitly informing their customers about their GDPR duties, as well as unique GDPR fields that make logging consent easier.

To log in in Getresponse, you can also allow two-factor authentication (2FA) which ensures that a user is only allowed access after successfully providing two or more information, such as a password and a code provided by a mobile authentication app.

Except for sufficient cookies consent functionality on its landing pages, Getresponse meets GDPR criteria fairly well.

Ease Of Use/ Interface

Getresponse, overall, is simple and easy to use. With its recently updated interface, it is now relatively intuitive and unluttered.

And the learning curve for Getresponse’s more sophisticated features, such as its marketing automation platform, isn’t too high.

However, Getresponse’s landing page creator tools and form designer could use an upgrade — unlike most of the product’s other features, they haven’t been significantly changed as part of the updated and enhanced interface. As such, they might be easier to use.

Customer Support

Until recently, Getresponse customer service was among the most extensive available for email marketing tools: the company included phone support, live chat support, email support, and a variety of online resources and tutorials.

Unfortunately, phone support is only available for those with the enterprise-level “Max” plan. Customers without the Max plan will have to rely on live chat which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or alternatively, email support.

Conclusion: Is It A Scam? Can You Trust This Product?

Getresponse is definitely not a Scam. It’s 100% legit. In fact, I highly recommend the product.

Summing up, Getresponse is one of the most affordable options for hosting and communicating via an email database.

It is cost effective and it is also one of the most interesting devices of its kind where automation, email marketing, e-commerce, landing pages, webinars, and distribution funnels are combined into a single platform.

It’s difficult to think of a competing email marketing approach that delivers this “all-around” package, and its 30-day free trial period is also quite generous.

I’ve been especially thrilled with its webinar features. It is feature-rich and a value-for-money deal.

However, Getresponse could use some improvements.

For one, the most critical issue Getresponse should consider is implementing cookie consent system for its landing pages in order to be GDPR-compliant.

The interface of the landing pages could also benefit from an update — it could be even more user friendly.

The data forms also would have been much better if there were more controls such as having the option to toggle them on and off on the device.

It is entirely possible to build a profitable, successful online business without Getresponse, however.

My #1 pick proves this. And unlike Getresponse, it actually provides real proof of real success from real people as recently as a few days ago.

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It’s actually pretty similar to affiliate marketing except for a couple key differences:

  • You can make more money off of less traffic
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You are having to compete with like 1 million other people to sell the same product…it’s crazy hard!

But now let’s flip the script…

How many people do you think are competing to cut down trees in Bossier City Louisiana?

Exactly…not much.

So now that we’ve established that competition for local lead generation is much less than for email marketing…let’s talk about the money. It’s always about the money right?

The Money?

Most dropshipping products you would sell are likely $50-$100 and on top of that you’re lucky if you’re making a 10-20% margin from Amazon because of it.

That means you’ll have to sell 1,000-2,000 of products just to reach a decent income of 5k per month. You definitely have your work cut out for you on that end…

Now let’s take a look back at that tree service example again…

The average tree service job is worth anywhere from $500-$2,000 and most contractors are generous with their referral fees, being known to pay out roughly 10-20% of the final ticket.

So now it’s time for some math…

Let’s say you build and rank one of these sites in a local area with very little competition and after 3 months, your site is at the top of page one locally.

And let’s say that worst cases scenario you only end of with just 10 calls.

On top of that, let’s say Covid hit the tree service guy and his family extra hard this year and he can only pay you 10%.

Going off the lowest numbers possible here…that means that just one of these sites could bring you in $500 a month. Now let’s say you build 10 of these things…you’re looking at 5k a month and you’re generating literally 1/10th of the traffic you would need to make that much with ecommerce!

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Where To Learn

We know that you’re not going to be able to just go off on your own and start killing the digital real estate game from the little we talked about it…

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So our team at Scam Risk has taken the time to go out and find a program that we could recommend and give our Scam Risk seal of approval too.

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Even further, unlike most email marketing platforms you’ll see that we review, this program has a heavily monitored private Facebook group which means absolutely no spam!

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