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Are you interested in taking edX courses?

Are you an avid learner who is looking to expand their knowledge or an employee trying to climb the corporate ladder? 

Then keep reading and share this with your friends because we are going to talk about all things edX courses.

What We Want To Share About edX?

edX is a well known university course learning platform for adult learners and students of all ages. 

You’ve probably seen these edX courses recommended everywhere! That’s because many people take edX so they can make more money!

And it’s always about more money right?

If course providers create an online course and it doesn’t make you money…why would you take it? After all the only reason we learn is to up our income right? The course providers for edX are actually college professors at Harvard and MIT!  So it’s safe to say that these edX courses are in fact valuable at a monetary level. 

The best part?!

They’re free! 

You can be provided course material from two of the top courses (universities?) in the nation for absolutely FREE.

Taking an edX course is a great option for those who want to pursue higher learning and potentially get promoted in the work place. 

edX offers online courses in many different arenas such as: Computer Science, Language, Data Science, Business & Management, Engineering and Humanities. More are available, but those are their 6 most popular online courses among their students.

Although edX offers many different courses that allow you to get credit for higher education courses…it’s not the best course I’d recommend if increasing your income is your goal…

But more on that later. 

For now, let’s hop into the edX review!

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Table of Contents

edX Online Courses Overview

edX was founded by professors from Harvard And MIT and now has more than 34 million learners world wide! Upon its creation, edX has grown big time and now is offering courses from over 140 different institutions.

Considering all those numbers and over 2500 different course options, it is safe to say that if you want to pursue a higher education course without all the stress and deadlines, edX just might be perfect for you!

Computer science is a popular topic and they have more than enough courses that will fit what you’re looking for. HTML, Java, SQL, etc…they’ve got it all!

You will find that the course content for all the online courses is there in full and doesn’t skip a beat. You are also given the class syllabus so that you can follow along week to week if you would like.

On top of that, you will be able to find out who is teaching the course and learn a little bit about them as well!

Of all the free courses offered online, this is arguably one of the most legitimate since the course content is coming directly from the top colleges and universities across the country.

As 2020 comes to a close, it is becoming apparent that online learning will soon be the new norm. Why not get ahead of the curve while you can?

All sorts of of reviews are coming out about courses like edx every single day!

The fact that nobody else is offering massive open online courses from colleges and universities like edX is should make you jump on it.

Besides why pay 50k a year for online learning via zoom university, when you can literally take any computer science course, or any course for the matter, for little to no cost?! 

High quality education courses are the way of the future! Get ready for the ride!

Full edX Review

If you have read edX reviews from any other site already…

Don’t click off just yet! Our edX review will trump all others!

We are going to tell you EVERYTHING.

Adult learners and students, listen up!

What Do You Get With edX?

Aside from a neat learning platform, you get access to free courses to some of the best, most expensive classes at different colleges and universities all across the country.

Of all the different programs and platforms out there for learning courses online, edX pretty much has some of the best courses you’ll come across for college level academics.

Their programs and platforms for assignments are straight forward and you’ll become great at learning at your own pace.

From computer science programs to humanities and engineering, you are able to get your feet wet any many different courses with absolutely no stress of homework or exams.

After you create an account with your email, which is free, you are able to search for a wide range of courses you are interested in with a very ergonomic search bar and filter.

Once you find courses from the catalog that are interesting, you can view the syllabus/course description so that you can see a week by week break down with all the different courses topics.

Most courses are available at any given point in time.

After all that is said and done, you will be given one of two options for the courses you pick.

Audit The Course

This is your free option. If you choose to audit the course, you will not get an edX certificate or any verified certificate for that matter. 

By selecting audit the course, you will get access to course materials (video lectures, readings, ungraded assignments) and discussion forums, but you will not get access to graded assignments, projects, exams, or be able to earn a verified certificate.

All is not lost however, many people have no idea just how valuable discussion forums can be! You will be able to potentially cross paths with professors and pick their brains on other topics.

You get to participate in the full course duration, and if you want, this could even be a good way to test the course to see if you would want to pay the price for a verified certificate.

Of all the different learning platforms  on the internet, you will find that even at its basic level of auditing the course, the edX courses go deeper than almost any other university level learning platforms.

Honestly, for a free online course, that is self paced…it’s high level. 

Let’s just ask ourselves this for a second:

What other course or online course providers offer university level courses, for well below the price of typical university level courses?

The answer is not many, if any. 

So is edX legit? We’d say so, and we’d argue that one one all day long.

edX Verified Certificate

Yep, you guessed it, this is the paid version. Verified certificates are for those who are looking to add to their professional education. One of the best parts about edX is that they know some people only have a high school education…but they have the drive to learn new skills. 

Something like this professional certificate allows for these universities and companies to work together to help people achieve their dreams and aspirations.

When you choose to complete any of the verified certificates, you get access to all all course material (lectures, ungraded assignments, graded, assignments) and a professional certificate.

edX has many different certificate programs, here’s the list:

  • MicroMasters: There are 59 different programs and they take about 1-1.5 years to complete.
  • MicroBachelors: These programs take anywhere from 3-6 and are much cheaper than a regular undergrad program.
  • Professional Certificate: There are 140 unique programs and they take 3-6 months to complete.
  • X Series: These programs are self paced and take several months to complete. They are taught by professors from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Master’s degree: edX offers 12 different master’s degree programs and they take 1.5-3 years to complete. This will be the equivalent of an on campus masters degree and perfect for those who work and can’t be on campus.

With all these different options for certificates, you are bound to find something that fits needs.

How Much Does edX Cost?

You could almost say that the price for all of these certificates is a steal. You’ll find that most of these will be affordable for the average person.

  • MicroMasters: $700-$1,400
  • MicroBachelors: $500-$1,500
  • Professional Certificate: $100-$2,340
  • X Series: $100-$450
  • Master’s degree: $10,000-$25,000

And insane bargain when you consider what other online programs cost, and some of those don’t even get you a professional certificate you can place on your CV!

Edx really makes sure that price is no object when it comes to you fulfilling your verified track.

If you want to take a course by itself, and not complete a verified track, you will find that they are anywhere from $50-$300 per course.

Whether you are looking for courses for free, something almost equal to a university degree, edX makes taking courses from top universities as easy as pie.

Some edX reviews will tell you that it is 100% free, those reviews are only partially true. If you want any sort of credit from edX, you have to pay. edX is pay to play for credit associated learning.

What Does All This Mean?

Is edX Safe To Use?

edX is safe to use because everything you will find on it is official. There are no spammy links or pop ups. edX is the real deal and used by millions across the globe for high quality education. If edX was bad, we can guarantee it would not have 34 million people learning online every single day.

Is edX Harvard Legit?

Or is edX legit in general? Harvard University was one of the founders of edX. All of the Harvard courses edX offers are legitimate and updated as they change. You are given all the course materials and can be confident that your online education is high level. So is edX legit…yes 100%.

Is edX Recognized By Employers?

This is an edX review right? Not a sunshine and rainbows fluff piece and we have to be honest…

Some employers will recognize edX certificates and course credit, others will not. 

From our research we are able to see a trend however…

Younger companies are much more open into recognizing these professional certificates while older more seasoned companies are not.

At very least, showing you have completed a verified track will account for something at the end of the day.

In fact, since most courses employers have you take are only a couple weeks, completing a verified track that takes months will show them how thorough of an individual you are!

The world is changing however, and online learning is becoming increasingly important. Take the pandemic for example…

It turned everything upside down!

People were getting trained for their new jobs at home and were working from home. This alone proves that online learning works and is just as thorough as in class courses.

From as far as we can tell online learning is only going to continue to increase and taking classes from Harvard will look good to any employer.

Imagine what it’d be like to take courses for free from top universities all over the country without leaving the comfort of your home. Sounds like a no brainer to us!

Are edX certificates worth it?

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide if it’s going to be worth it for you and your career, but we want you to know this is one of the world s best university level course options. Anyone can be successful with these self paced courses.

edX courses are next level and will always hold their weight since they are courses that students at any level can succeed in.

Employers will also see you as a student learner in the work place who is always willing to try new things and take on more responsibility.

Taking edX courses will be a consistent step you can take in your work career that will ensure you are always growing and earning more money.

Beyond the career value in some cases, edX offers a level of self fulfillment. Some people weren’t able to attend college and get that credit. edX allows you to sit in on these classes for free! That could be worth it to you personally as well.

Another good sign is that many “bad” edX reviews don’t exist…or simply put…that edX review type isn’t common.

Many edx customers who buy course certificates are also return customers. That means that to all those people, the initial purchase was worth it! Some of the best reviews are not even when they’re written, it’s when they’re purchased…

It is also worth noting that every course and their certificates are attachable even on LinkedIn which can help you land more job interviews. Also making it worth it in that regard.

In conclusion, edX isn’t a scam…there are just too many other reviews that have come to the same conclusion we have about edX.

But there are better ways to make money from online courses, especially not from courses on edX.

Pros And Cons For The Quick Learner



edX vs Digital Real Estate In 2020

We have vetted this course and business model to it’s entirety and our review team has come to the conclusion that BAM is better than any edX course that’s offered.

After all, with digital real estate you have total control, with edX and their certification programs, you are still at mercy of your employer for a promotion.

Think of it like this, you build a simple website for a tree service company in your town. After a few months and some SEO it ranks to the top of google in your local area and brings in 20 calls a month.

Those calls have value because they are called leads. In fact, can you think of anyone else who does this?

*cough* Home Advisor *cough*

Yep you got it! And you can charge good money for these leads too!

A tree service lead can be worth anywhere from $50-$200 on average…that means a site with just 10 calls a month could be an asset worth $500 to $2,000 a month!

Are you seeing the bigger picture now? 

You can set up a site on a simple platform like Weebly and after just a few months have a digital real estate property bringing in cash money every month without having to lift a finger.

Unlike physical real estate which is difficult to scale, you can scale this every single day!


Everyone on our review team has been able to build a full website out in just one day!

Imagine if you had 10 of these sites…

You could be bringing in $5,000-$20,000 a month!

That’s not out of the realm of possibility either…that’s a reality for many students in the group

But why would somebody buy from me? 

Business owners are looking for leads and calls every single day, they don’t care where they come from, especially the exclusive leads you’re offering.

However, if you really wanna sweeten up the deal…send them leads for free for a little bit. Prove yourself to them and show the value you’re bringing.

Ok, you’ve got my curiosity peaked…but I still don’t even know what you mean by SEO.

Search engine optimization, you’re basically building a site exactly how google wants you to. In return, they place you on the first page.

Yeah…but I wouldn’t even know where to start…

That’s where this course comes in.

You need a great teacher and this course offers one. He has personally built up a six-figure per month digital real estate empire!

He goes through all the nitty gritty details with from start to finish, walking you through how to rank a website perfectly every. single. time.

Well what happens if I get stuck along the way?

This group of students are among some of the most helpful students we’ve ever seen. And Josh is always there to help his students out himself as well. 

The group really is like a family, full of life long learners of the digital real estate game. 

One student even went from 0-40k in just 8 months!

What’s even cooler is that the course does live calls with its members every Monday and Wednesday to share even more knowledge with everyone involved!

Ok, Ok, But how much is it?

Well it’s not a free course, but it doesn’t break the bank either…in fact, just a single site will pay for it!

You don’t get that guarantee with edX!

Of all the different courses edx offers, none of them can promise that if you stick to them, you’ll make more because of them.

In fact, we’ve tested many different online courses and none of them compare to this one. Other courses education might be good, but support isn’t there…

Or the courses support is there, but the content is lacking and leaves a lot to be desired.

With this course, they dominate on all fronts. Not many other courses that are online can say the same.

Sure, all courses have their pros and cons, but from what we can tell, the only con this one has is if you don’t stick to their process.

We have seen too many testimonials and watched too many people go from 0-10k, that we just have to recommend it.

edX is great and all, but edX just does not hold a candle to the opportunity in front of you with digital real estate.

Is digital real estate something you’d like to get involved in? Check it out here!

For more info on Scam Risks follow us regularly, we are always updating with new articles every day.

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