Dino Gomez Course Review- Is Funnel Consultant Society Original?

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By: Scam Risk - Expert Reviewer

Odds are you’ve began seeing this guy and his course crop up everywhere from Facebook, to YouTube, and even Instagram.

He talks about some new fad of how to make money online with virtually no cost out of your own pocket…

But you’re wondering is Funnel Consultant Society legit?

Unfortunately…no, at least not entirely.

Keep reading below to find out why.

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Table of Contents

What Is Funnel Consultant Society?

Funnel Sales Consultant Society is another one of those Facebook Ads courses with supposedly hundreds of student success stories and case studies. The claim is that you can generate leads for small businesses via Facebook and sell the leads and profit consistently each month.

Cute idea!

But as you’ll see later, it’s very unrealistic.

Odds are Gomez targeted you because thanks to how shady Facebook and AdSense has become.

 You’ve probably been looking for ways to achieve financial freedom, want to learn FB ads, or offer FB ads to your current marketing agency SEO services.

FCS is supposed to teach new entrepreneurs how to run Facebook advertising for local businesses as well as how to approach them for the sale.


Facebook Ads is old news and extremely controlled and saturated. And to make matters worse, if you call a business owner up, odds are they’ve already heard the Facebook ad pitch.

Since the course has been brought to life, it has gone through several (MUCH NEEDED) updates and improvements to help students have a chance at success. In Dino’s opinion, this is a “Recession-Proof” business model.

Hate to break it to ya…

Facebook reeks of recession!

Who Is Dino Gomez?

Dino Gomez runs his own internet marketing firm out of San Diego, California and is a self proclaimed expert in digital marketing.

When Dino graduated college he made his start in the industry as a digital marketing manager. Soon after that however, he realized the employee lifestyle wasn’t for him so he started up his own marketing consultants / agency business to help out the local guys on main street.

Since then his little company “Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc” has taken off and not only helps local small businesses, but even businesses worldwide at the corporate level.

Apparently since he attained sooo many SEO and Facebook Ad clients throughout the years, he decided it was time to let the secrets loose and tell anyone and everyone about it.


What’s that got to do with FB ads?

Absolutely nothing…

But it’s worth noting that Dino Gomez actually got his start learning SEO and renting out digital real estate (lead generation).

Our point?

He did not get his start and build his wealth through Facebook ads…

We’ll leave it at that.

Full Facebook Ads Course Review

What would course review really be if you couldn’t take a sneak peak into what is actually offered?

Dino breaks down the course into 21 different modules for you so you don’t feel like you’re being tasked with having to eat an elephant.

We’ll go over a summary of them for you.

**NOTE: We are not affiliated with Dino Gomez in any way. We do not receive any financial compensation if you join.**

That being said, we are going to offer an honest review equally displaying all pros and cons.

Module 1: Facebook Fast Track (Intro)

  • Introduction (22:20)
  • Make sure to schedule your 1 on 1 coaching call (22:22)
  • Growing your FB Ad Agency (11:49)
  • Using Facebook Pixel (11:58)
  • Facebook Ad traffic Ads, Ad Sets, or Campaigns? (27:27)
  • Guidelines for Facebook Ads (10:17)

In this first module Dino makes it apparent that he and his team both want you to succeed. So much so that they want you to schedule your 1 on 1 call with them after you’ve landed your first client.

Wait what?

Why not before?

Sounds like they’re desperate for case studies….

Moving on though, he lays out the game plan and how he is going to help you grow your agency without having any experience whatsoever.

After that he gives you are rundown of how Facebook Pixel works at the basic level…you know downloading to a website or funnel etc.

Towards the end of the first module he gets into how to make the perfect Facebook traffic ad.

Not gonna lie, his teaching style is pretty good and it’s obvious he has quite a bit of experience teaching to people.

He’s not shooting from the hip if that’s what you’re wondering haha.

Last but DEFINITELY not least, he gives you the skinny on Facebook’s Ad policies so you don’t get suspended from upsetting Mr. Zuckerberg.

Module 2: Types Of Facebook Advertising (Traffic Engagement, Conversion, Leads)


  • Different Facebook campaigns and when to run them (13:34)
  • Facebook ad media and their uses (19:00)

This module would almost fit better in the introduction to be honest.

We appreciate how he broke it down, but because he’s still just giving a survey of the different options with Facebook we feel it’d be more appropriate in the intro module.

Module 3: Basic Acquisition Funnel (Cold Targets)


  • Basic Targeting (18:23)
  • Targeting Research and Determining Action Buyers (30:32)
  • Targeting Hacks (13:44)
  • Built-in Targeting You Must Know Exists (Crazy Options) [12:02]
  • Built-in Targeting (WOW) (12:02)

Take notes on this one folks, you’ll create several cheat sheets of great hacks!

Module 4: Advanced Targeting (Warm Targets)


  • Retargeting People and Ads (27:25)
  • Email and Contact List Setup (22:39)
  • How to Setup and Target Lookalike Audiences [19:24]
  • Target Lookalike Audiences and Ads (19:24)
  • Conversion Ads (35:53)
  • Conversion Campaigns Hack: Manual Bidding To Outbid Competitors [12:56]
  • Conversion Hacks (Outbidding Competitors) (12:56)
  • Creative Targeting (post interest removal update) [28:23]
  • Post Interest Creative Targeting (28:23)

This module shows you how to be efficient and get the absolute lowest cost per lead. Very much a streamlining module.

Module 5: How To Price, Sell, & Close Clients


  • Picking Your Niche And Price (22:32)
  • Winning Proposal Examples (17:24)
  • How To Close Clients At Your Price (35:18)
  • Sales Process For Local And Corporate (32:05)
  • Earn $10,000 With One Billing Trick (4:24)

This is probably the most helpful module because it deals with sales, the biggest struggle for most people. However, that little trick at the end seems sorta scammy if we’re honest.

Module 6: How To Land New Clients


  • Get Facebook Leads For Free (11:57)
  • 5 Methods To Pick Up FB Ad Clients (28:09)
  • Spying on Your Competitors Through Facebook Ad Transparency (8:33)
  • Cold Outreach For Your Chosen Niche (22:27)
  • $5 Leads! (21:53)
  • Facebook Group Authority (9:18)
  • Your Own Acquisition Funnel Through Your Social Profile (11:56)
  • 6 New Ways to Get Clients in Any Economy [31:33]
  • Down Economy? 6 Ways To Always Land A Client (31:33)
  • Dino Generates Leads In 2 Sentences (41:45)
  • Running Facebook Ads To Get Clients (84:43)

This one is full of neat tricks on both sides of the isle. Ones for client for fulfillment and ones for generating new clients.

Module 7: Ad Copy & Landing Page (TEMPLATES)


  • 10 Commandments For Every Facebook Ad
  • Converting Local Ad Copies (Template)
  • Perfect Ad Copy Template
  • Super Bowl Ads But For FB
  • The Best Converting Landing Page
  • Thank You Page Optimization
  • Optimization For Thank You Page
  • Best Offers That Convert
  • Copy & Paste Templates

Ad copy that converts is the most important part…If people don’t feel compelled to buy because of what they read, then all your research and checking out what people want in every Facebook group under the sun would have been for nothing.

At least he teaches you some good copy.

The only downside (and it’s kinda a biggy) is that because the Ad Copy he has is in the form of templates…

You can be guaranteed that those have been overused and no longer stick out to the consumer as it may have at one point.

Other Modules We Don't Want To Bore You With

  • 8. How To Launch
  • 9. Facebook Ad Stacking™
  • 10. How To Book Clients With A Proven Formula
  • 11. Facebook Business manager
  • 12. How To Automate Your Facebook Ad Biz
  • 13. Bonus Modules
  • 14. Accelerator
  • 15. Getting Unstuck
  • 16. How To Use Messenger Bots
  • 17. Live Training
  • 18. D4U Funnels
  • 19. How To Track Like A Hound
  • 20. FB News And Updates
  • 21. Resources For Questions You Might Have Along The Way

As you can see, we simply scratched the surface of Dino’s course, a legitimate third of it. Sure the rest of these modules can be helpful with tuning things like landing pages as a beginner, but you can find training videos like this on YouTube.

How Much Is A Funnel Consultant Society?

FCS and their pricing has changed over time as more students have found success in his program.

According to outdated Funnel Consultant Society reviews, you might’ve read that you have to schedule a sales call, or that past students paid $497 for the program.

If you look up older Funnel Consultant Society Reviews, you’ll find that the program used to cost $497…clearly that’s not the case now.

The truth is Dino’s course has increased in value and, as a result, cost. After helping beginner marketers, marketing agencies, & his agency clients succeed with Facebook Advertising, he decided to increase the course to a high-ticket course offer with Funnel Consultant Society 2.0.


Just like all the other stereotypical internet marketers out there, Dino has decided to up his courses cost to a higher ticket. This price increase is supposedly because of all the success his students have had with Facebook Advertising.

On top of that I’m sure he probably had to start paying coaches in some way to help him manage the growing group of agency owners with the occasional SEO manager.

Can You Make Money With Funnel Consultant Society?

Yes you can make money with Funnel Consultant Society.

There’s some really good proof of that on his sales page as well.

The issue though is it really isn’t passive income like he preaches.

CPC prices change drastically and on a dime with Facebook, you’ll have to constantly be monitoring your clients, or your own account to make sure you never dip into the red with the Ad budget profit margin.

Ok, but can’t you hire a VA?

Yeah, but then that’s more money out of your pocket.

It is Scam Risk’s position that if you’re looking for real passive income, you would be better off to look elsewhere.


  • You can become a master with Facebook Pixel
  • Cheat sheets
  • Access to the Funnel Consultant Society Facebook group


  • High ticket cost
  • Facebook ads easily get suspended
  • Overused templates

Is Funnel Consultant Society And Dino Gomez A Scam?

No, the Dino Gomez course is not a scam, and he does actually teach multiple different aspects with Facebook Ads in the program. The issue though is it’s a much tougher job to get clients now that Facebook Ad “Consultants” are everywhere.

Businesses are called by marketers all the time offering the same exact thing…Facebook Ads, Facebook Ads, and more Facebook Ads.

Sure we all know that using social media ads can be helpful, even more so on Facebook with the older crowd, but come on…it’s all old news.

On top of that, the Pandemic has made the Facebook Ad market even more saturated.

Due to unemployment many people have forced to try and find their own way of making money with something.

Most people understand how to work Facebook and can figure out the ads part.

But because that barrier of entry is so low, it makes it tough to separate yourselves from the competition, especially when they’re using the same ad copy as you.

And again, Facebook is known to shut down accounts on a whim and never get back to you with an answer. Your business and your clients business could see a lot of down turn just overnight!

That’s why we recommend an online business model in which you can totally control, one where absolutely no one can shut you down!

The Problem With Funnel Consultant Society Customer Testimonials (Ouch)

One of the biggest problems we personally see with the FCS testimonials from the ads program is that your little video / interview is only recorded after you land a client.

What’s that mean?

All the people you see on the sales page are the only real ones to have ever really made money worth talking about.

Now what about the positive Funnel Consultant Society Review Articles on the first page of google?

They’re heavily biased and listed with affiliate links.

In other words, they have a financial incentive to make the deal sound sweet so they can get paid.

They’ll likely play down the cons so you don’t think of the potential pitfalls too much, kinda like the competition and how saturated it all is or suspension issues.


Outside of Funnel Consultant Society, you probably have some questions about Facebook Ads in general. We’ve created a short list of frequently asked questions to help you understand it all better. We hope this is beneficial to you!

Why Are Facebook Ads Dying?

Facebook Ads themselves aren’t dying…they are just becoming too saturated. Everyone uses them and then they cannibalize each others Ad Copy.

Simply put:

It is extremely hard to differentiate yourself with the competition and stay on top.

Worse yet, Facebook is really cracking down on Ad accounts. It seems like there is a new rule out every day and accounts are seemingly selected at random for who gets the axe.

Running Facebook Ads might be a good upsell, but it should not be the bread and butter of your online business.

You could just lose everything overnight, and we’re not so sure your clients would be happy about that!

Can You Make Money With Facebook Ads?

Yes, you can make money with Facebook ads.

It’s true, a lead is a lead is a lead, the business owner doesn’t care what type of marketing channel it came from, they just want the money.

And they’ll pay you for it.

But the real question isn’t “Can you make money with Facebook Ads”…


The real question is can you make money long term with Facebook ads…

And that is a hard no my friends.

At least not with the same account. You will likely get banned at some point or another.

Is Internet Marketing Coaching Worth It?

In our opinion yes, internet marketing coaching is worth it. To be honest, Dino Gomez is probably a better teacher / coach than many college and university professors today.

In fact many of these online coaches are probably better than college professors, because these guys and gals are in the trenches on the daily…

He’s just teaching the wrong online business model in our opinion, but hey, at least he isn’t a direct marketing company!

You can do paid running ads for any niche though, and so can everyone else.

What we recommend is something that drives traffic and leads organically, keeping your profit margin high!

Scam Risk's #1 Recommended Business Model (Better Than FB Ads)

Look, Dino was right about one thing, lead generation is a recession proof business model.

But Facebook is the wrong avenue for it because the competition can always knock you out or copy your stuff without penalty.

On top of that CPC can really mess with your profit margins.

So if lead generation is still so great…what kind of platform is the best for it and actually passive?

Google of course!

You can really set it and forget it!

Digital Real Estate

This is also lead generation but it is through ranking a website on google. Much more safe according to us. Why?

There are only 10 spots on the front page of google and everyone knows nobody scrolls over to page 2 and 3. That first page is what get’s all the traffic and all the leads.

So, your barrier of entry is lower.

People can’t jump to page one overnight…if they could, a lot of businesses would be in for a rude awakening if some high school student made a website for class owned the market just because his site was brand new.

You are also getting organic traffic, which means you don’t have to worry about CPC cutting into your margins!

Sites like these are worth anywhere from $500-$1,000 on average. Sometimes even more! And they have upwards of 90% margins!

Let’s break down what we mean.

How Can You Make Money?

It’s pretty simple actually, once you have a website up and ranked you just pass the jobs that come through off to the businesses that actually fulfill the service.

Most contractors are known for paying out 10-20% referral fees for a job.

So can you imagine what it would look like if you brought roofing company 5 jobs in a month?

Considering the average roofing job is 10k…you’d be looking at scoring 1-2k off every job!

That’s 5-10k a month and all you had to do was get the phone to ring!

Last I checked, someone running ads on FB would love it if they didn’t have to to take half of that $5-10k check and spend on their ad campaign for the next month.

This is also crazy scalable because you can put up fully functioning websites like this in less than a day (style, content, forms, everything)!

Where Do You Learn?

Of course you’re probably thinking that you can’t do this because you have absolutely no tech background, even Facebook is stretching it…

But don’t worry about that.

Our team at Scam Risk has scoured the web high and low for a program that can teach this model from start to finish with people at every level!

This program that we have found has earned the Scam Risk seal of approval!

Check out more about it in the videos above!

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