Digital Sales Society Review

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Digital Sales Society Review

Are you looking to get better at sales?

Do you have an agency and you’re trying to scale out your client acquisition?

Or what about a consulting firm

Whatever your case might be, Digital Sales Society is what you need!

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Table of Contents

What Is Digital Sales Society?

Digital Sales Society is a sales course that focuses on the 6 Steps to close as taught by Joshua T Osborne, Hal Fischer, and Simon Poulus.

Inside this course you will learn how to deliver MASSIVE value to your prospect / client AND how to EDUCATE them before even asking for the sale!

Sales is the life blood of any business, if you don’t have a good sales process in place…you won’t last long in the market…

And odds are you know that…that’s why you’re here.

Digital Sales society will teach you how to dial in your sales process so that you can bring your agency / business to the next level!

Meet The Coaches

Josh Osborne is a 7 figure agency owner who has been coaching people for nearly 5 years now. He runs his 7 figure agency out of Colorado Springs with his wife Danelle Osborne. 

He has been in the industry himself for over a decade and along the way, created a sales process that will help you scale from 0-10k in no time!

Hal Fischer is also a 7 figure agency owner. He is an air force veteran and used to be a recruiter.

Hal has been in sales for over 30 years and has done MILLIONS in sales throughout that time. You won’t find many people with the years, experience, and results that Hal has!

Simon Poulus is also a 7 figure agency owner and has only been in the industry for a year! 

How did he grow so fast?

He put what Josh and Hal taught him and put it into MASSIVE action. Within just 3 months Simon had grown his agency to over $15k per month!

And now he is helping coach others just like himself alongside Hal Fischer and Josh Osborne.

What Do You Get With Digital Sales Society?

In Digital Sales Society you’ll get access to Josh’s 6 steps to close. 

In these videos, Josh will take you by the hand and show you how to walk a prospect through a sales process successfully. 

Beyond just the videos and all the course content that you’ll receive, you’ll also receive access to an exclusive Facebook group that is active 24/7.

In this group you’ll be able to chat with other members, ask questions, and receive answers from a dedicated support member on top of Josh, Hal, and Simon.

Beyond that, they go live in the Facebook group once a week and there you can ask any questions you have and get live feedback!

Is Digital Sales Society A Scam?

Digital Sales Society is NOT a scam.

Even though there are a lot of internet courses out there that just turn out to be shams, it’s reassuring to know there are still some real ones out there like this one.

Josh Osborne, Hal Fischer, and Simon Poulus have all had major success in this industry and they do it by the book.

They don’t have to rely on little white lies or talking themselves up for the prospect.


Instead they practice sales as EVERYONE should…

Taking time to educate the customer and bring value in a way that benefits your customer at the end of the day.

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