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Caleb O'Dowd Review

Originally from Ireland, ROI Tips’ Caleb O’Dowd is a marketing specialist who now lives in Florida and has a long list of corporate achievements under his belt.

Caleb O’Dowd, the Multichannel Marketing’s owner and founder, began his career in internet marketing many years ago. He is someone  who has made a concerted effort to assist people in getting started on their entrepreneurial journey.

His credibility isn’t particularly strong, as shown by the fact that he has received just a few references in the mainstream press. But don’t be fooled by that! Caleb has a wealth of free material for full beginners on his web page.

If you search for his name on YouTube, you’ll come across a number of videos. He has managed to turn himself into a highly-respected marketer after several failed starts along the way.

I’ve observed that he does copywriting quite well, particularly because he was mentored by the legendary Gary Halbert.

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Table of Contents

Caleb Specializes In Several Marketing Disciplines

  • Direct response mail
  • CPA marketing
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Coaching
  • Webinars
  • Video sales letters
  • Facebook Group marketing
  • Masterminds

Caleb O’Dowd Life Experience

Caleb was a high school dropout. As such, he didn’t go to college, but he was already friends with one of the world’s best marketers and advertisers.

Caleb got his start in direct response marketing by partnering with Gary Halbert, 67, in Miami Beach. At that time, Caleb was a 21-year-old Irishman.

Caleb spent three years living with Gary Halbert, studying all of his high-level ideas and values, which prepared him for adulthood.

Who Is Gary Halbert?

Gary Halbert, dubbed as the “Prince of Print,” was regarded as one of the most innovative minds behind marketing advertising direct response.  That is, he is one of the most influential leaders in direct response marketing history.

Gary Halbert mentored Caleb throughout his stay with him. He taught him that it is possible to acquire a high level of skill and run his own company and design his own sales campaigns.

He would say that if you really want to move your talents and skills to the next level, teaching others is one of the many ways to do it.

How Caleb Learned Copywriting

Gary Halbert did not necessarily teach Caleb copy writing in the manner that everybody expects you to teach others how to copy write.

Gary never showed Caleb how a headline should be written or any of the other standard topics that everyone expects to do as they begin learn copywriting.

Rather, he was deeply immersed in concepts and principles, which Gary believes is what separates the amateurs from the professionals.

Gary Halbert's Philosophy

The “beginner” is always on the look out for shortcuts, tricks, and hacks. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that they become ineffective by the time the beginner learns about them.

Whereas the “professional” searches for techniques and strategies which can be more powerful when applied correctly. 

However, they don’t always last for long.

Swing For The Fences

Gary’s most frustrating outcome was a moderately successful, lucrative effort.

Caleb has declared himself to be America’s biggest direct marketing advertiser for many years in a row.

Caleb used Gary Halbert’s knowledge of:

  • how to enter markets
  • how to discover people’s latent impulses
  • how to make direct promises to people that will trigger them to leap out of their chair, pull out their credit card, and spend recklessly
  • how to expand and grow

Caleb followed the mindset of constantly “swinging for the fences,” continually attempting to make it the best, greatest achievement that it could possibly be.

8 Powerful Business Insights And Principles From The Master Marketer, Caleb O’Dowd

He owes a good part of his ability to having had a wonderful mentor, the renowned Gary Halbert.

What did he achieve under this master’s tutelage, and what are his latest best practices?

1. Level Up By Teaching.

Gary Halbert claimed that while running your own company and designing your own sales campaigns would get you to a rather high level of ability, teaching takes your skills to a whole new level.

Teaching, according to Caleb O’Dowd, has expanded his range of experience, comprehension, and abilities. It pushes him to create structures and step-by-step approaches and strategies, essentially constructing a system that will enable him to share his experience and skills with others.

2. Beginners, Pros And Alchemists

Caleb learned that there are three types of marketers according to Gary. They are:


The beginner is looking for shortcuts, tips and tricks, and hacks. However, by the time they become aware of them, they become ineffective because of overuse.


He or she is someone who opts for at techniques and strategies which are  undeniably effective. They do, though, work only for a period of time.  They, too, will be ineffective and outdated over time.


He or she is someone who opts for at techniques and strategies which are  undeniably effective. They do, though, work only for a period of time.  They, too, will be ineffective and outdated over time.

3. Just Get Things Done.

Caleb remembers that when he collaborated with Halbert, there were always 15 tasks that required to be improved. Nothing stayed on the shelves for too long. All had to be finished, and projects had to be accomplished.

Even his own business, he has discovered that making a mistake is almost better than do nothing at all. He cites Halbert as saying, “Anything worth doing is worth doing wrong. “

Doing it poorly sometimes is a good thing because it’s only by doing it poorly that you’ll learn how to do it well.

4. Put In A Breakthrough Effort.

What most marketing professionals overlook is the amount of planning that goes into being successful. Caleb always advises his “guys” that if they want a “breakthrough outcome,” they must bring in a “breakthrough effort.”

By experience, Caleb is saying no one just walks into a business and expect to be successful. Part of the path to mastering, he notes, is realizing the training and planning involved – the time, resources, organizing, strategizing, and masterminding – that goes with it.

5. The Six Reasons People Buy

According to Caleb, Halbert used to speak about knowing precisely what to say to convince someone to invest their money to you.

Halbert gave six main reasons why people/ consumers make a purchase. They usually have:

  • Wants
  • Needs
  • Desires
  • Fears
  • Frustrations
  • Problems

So, what’s left for you to do is find a hot niche and an audience who might be in need of a solution to any of the six things mentioned above. 

6. Get A Batting Average.

Even if you are an expert in whatever you do, you can and still will experience failures. Caleb uses Gary Bencivenga, the world’s greatest living copywriter, as an example.

Bencivenga held a success rate of 80%, which suggests he struggled 20% of the time. What you would want is get to a point where you hold a batting average. Or else, you are just lazing around.

7. Focus On The Planning.

According to Caleb O’Dowd, if you’re smart, you will strategize and plan above anything else. When he meets with successful copywriters, he always asks the questions:

  • “How do you do your research?”
  • “What are the things you do to conduct research?”
  • ” What is the best way to plan a project?” 
  • “How do  you schedule your days?” 

He claims that is the part when the game is really won.

If you fail after a month of researching and testing and two months of implementation, you actually started failing in month one.

8. Love What You Do.

Caleb is passionate about business and marketing. He enjoys both doing and teaching it. He acknowledges that finding your passion and turning it into a company is an X-Factor.

If you don’t genuinely enjoy what you do, he doubts that you can be extremely good at it.

High Profit Facebook Groups

Caleb supports a course called “High Profit Facebook Groups,” or HPFG for short.

Caleb is currently offering this training program. Some folks think  it is marked up too high, while others believe it is worthwhile.

In his webinars, Caleb O’Dowd refers to “Doctor K,” who is actually Harlan Kilstein, a Facebook marketing specialist.

High Profit Facebook Groups, in my view, can help you start immediately and work hard on it – that is, if you have the money. But if you don’t, you can launch a Facebook group for free.

Can you get elsewhere for free what Caleb teaches you? The answer is yes . There isn’t anything unique here because, after all, it’s Facebook, but searching for the details would be difficult.

The price of the webinar is $1,997 USD. Caleb O’Dowd’s course is very costly for Australians due to the exchange rates.

ROI Players Club

The ROI Players Club is unique in that it is intended for people who wish to turn into copywriters or internet marketers.

Since this is a recent software that Caleb is still developing, there are virtually no reviews yet.

It’s also great to have Jason Capital collaborate with Caleb. Jason is a figure I admire in the industry because of the content he creates to boost the morale of young men.

Is High Profit Facebook Groups Worth It?

The High Profit Facebook Groups is a well-designed and structured course, but the material isn’t as comprehensive as Amazon or affiliate marketing courses. What I commend is the copywriting material – it’s gold. Copywriting is a high-paying skill that everyone can learn. 

My preferred method is to create my own authority websites.  In t his approach, I won’t have to deal with Facebook’s compliance issues and avoid shutting down of my group.

You receive training as well as the group being designed for you (to some extent…) for $1,997. 

Caleb’s method does work, despite the poor feedback. The question is, are you ready to put in the effort?

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