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Base CRM Review

Nowadays, small businesses need better ways to keep up with their customers, and with the advent of customer relations management software, it’s never been easier.

So, we’re going to review Base CRM to see if it really is the best customer relations management software available.

We’ll talk about whether Base CRM is the right for your business

And at the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Base CRM and customer relations management in general.

But most importantly, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

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Table of Contents

Base CRM features - Base CRM Review

The main functions of Base CRM are:

  • Sorts and tracks email automatically
  • Grab all your information 24/7 wherever you’re located working with a cellular phone or tablet, even offline
  • Complete visibility into possibilities in your pipeline
  • Capturing and tracking of leads
  • Recording of calls with your customers
  • It Will help you create sales goals and quotas
  • Provide insights to grow your business
  • Auto-updating of your contacts
  • Simple development of sales reports and forecasts
  • User-friendly controls
  • Personalized to your needs
  • Fast phone call function
  • Search for prospects and customers nearby
  • Integrates with different social media platforms and services
  • Data customer analysis
  • Sleek integration with Google Apps
  • Complete with proper core sales tools
  • Unified and powerful sales contact card
  • Syncing of exchanges
  • Simple management of customers
  • Swift uses email messages, call records, and notes regarding the conversations you have with your customers.
  • Quick access with details & filtering/sorting functions

Base CRM Reviews

Base CRM, which starts at $45 per user monthly, does an excellent job on the small to midsized business (SMB) and customer relationship management (CRM) software features so that you can create a simple interface that will not scare off users brand new to CRM and cost a small fortune for onboarding.

Nevertheless, as your small business expands and you wish to include features, you will discover that the cost, which had already been far from the most affordable in this software, is on the rise.

That and several feature weaknesses around customization ensure that it stays behind our Editors’ Choice winners… Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional and Zoho CRM.

While the heftier price of Base CRM may set you off, be mindful that the company has thrown in other abilities that could make dollars worthwhile to most.

This includes lead management, deal tracking, an impressive set of communication equipment, and more. Thus, even with this higher price tag, the device stays competitive.

Overall, for businesses trying to manage their product sales pipeline, Base CRM is a good choice for SMBs and little to midsize enterprises (SMEs) with sales teams ranging in dimension from twenty people to workforces of 500 plus salespeople.

What is Base CRM?

Base CRM provides you with the proper sales tools, improves your sales team’s output, and permits your business to grow larger.

Base CRM promises far better customer connection with your clients because of its assistance. It syncs and stores your emails, call tracks, and notes between you and your clients.

This product sales solution enables you to personalize the phases of your sales and coordinate with your team on different tasks, opportunities, work goals, and notes. Finding leads is simple with Base CRM.

It can also designate the proper sales representatives for your leads. It can also present you with an overview of your business workflow’s strengths and weaknesses to enhance sales performance and business development.

This remedy also will come as a smartphone mobile app. Want to find out more about this particular program? Our Base CRM reviews go over the software’s pricing, benefits, and technical specifications in detail below.

Base CRM Pricing

Base CRM features 3 base CRM pricing and also a 14-day free trial. It’s improved the Base CRM cost on all given plans by 20 dollars per user per month, plus all methods should have a minimum of 3 users.

  • The Starter plan ($45 per consumer per month) has a customized sales pipeline, sales tracking and reporting, and a mobile CRM. 
  • The Professional plan ($95 per user per month) gives sales pipeline, channel sales forecasting, sales team general performance analytics, job automation, and staff paper storage. 
  • The Enterprise plan ($145 per consumer per month) gives sales pipeline, sales forecasting intelligence, sales lead plus deal scoring, multiple sales pipelines, along roles-based permissions. 

Users can add on 2 platforms named Connect and Snap. Connect offers smart dialers and email automation. Snap presents APIs and integrations to hook up with your favorite third-party software. Both have free options and paid alternatives starting at 25 dollars per user per month (billed annually).

You can enroll in the free trial, including all the Enterprise plan’s characteristics, by clicking the Start Free Trial button on the home page’s top part right-hand side.

After providing your name and company email address and producing a password, you are prepared for use. You can also look at information and pricing about the 3 programs mentioned above and evaluate their project management features from the home page.

The free trial does not demand a charge card number. That is generally good, so the quantity of time left in your trial is shown at the upper part of your bank account dash panel.

Lastly, you can also ask for a live demo of Base CRM by filling out a web form. The company will likely then give you a hyperlink to some prerecorded 30-minute webinar, which I discovered beneficial in obtaining the lay of the area.


  • Simple interfaces
  • Free 14 day trial.
  • Free training webinars.
  • Full-featured mobile apps.
  • Innovative predictive analytics reporting.


  • Customization capability is limited.
  • Deeper automation, intelligent analytics, reporting, and permissions are exclusively offered at higher tiers.
  • Significant cost increase.

Overview of Base CRM Benefits

Exactly how can Base enhance the functionality of your sales teams? Our experts have plenty of ground to concur that the device has what it really takes to be competent as a frontrunner, which is just due to the advantages often connected to it.

Let’s take a comprehensive look at the effects of Base on business productivity:

BASE CRM - CONSProfitable lead collection and scoring

Base’s Sales Managers recognizes the hassle of utilizing multiple methods to communicate, promote, and control products; that is why it catches up with all of your functionality in one platform. It can undoubtedly be your CRM and sales process all in a single CRM software.

It will also enable you to link it to your email providers, cellphone dialers, reporting and scoring packages, and a lot more.

Quality sales performance

The Base Sales Managers could significantly improve your sales team efficiency by providing you a fully-featured set of core sales tools.

Additionally, it comes with a sales tracking solution making it possible for you to customize sales stages based on your needs and quickly track opportunities. All sales deals are saved and classified in the Sales Pipeline area.

You can personalize them and include collaborators, records, and leads upon need. Another handy possibility is importing your CSV information files and then map the areas with Base CRM fields to identify a match.

The device is going to do this instantly. However, you can manually include as many records and fields as you would like.

Intuitive and simple interface

A distinct edge of this particular method is that sales team won’t have a tough time navigating through its user-friendly dashboard. To put it simply, no programming techniques or maybe knowledge is needed for you personally to use Base.

The capabilities are intuitive, and functions are comfortable, so minimum savvy users will gain from it to enhance their income rates. The same goes for importing/exporting information and linking the method to third-party apps and services.

Predictable revenue goals and accurate forecasts

Base CRM can make it painless to create revenue and sales goals for yourself and also your entire sales team. With Base CRM, there are no further misunderstandings or maybe misunderstandings about the objectives and tasks given to help you or perhaps your team.

The collaborative nature of this particular program and the many integrations ensure the information will run seamlessly in and from it, which documents are usually appropriately shared.

Based on the information you have introduced into the Base CRM program, you’ll also have the ability to cause Base to observe communication, shop talks, and voice calls with partners and leads.

Customer management in the workplace and on the go

Base CRM will additionally enable you to deal with clients in a single system, wherever you go, on the products you make use of – still on a smartphone.

It will keep an eye on all of the info, including phone calls you’ve with your customers and their exchanges with you. Your emails to buyers are instantly synced and sorted for simpler recollection and much more cohesive client relationship knowledge.

Representatives will get access to their data regardless of their locations and devices.

Real-time visual reporting

Base CRM provides a collection of visually attractive and accurate reporting templates for sales team that add a pleasurable side to the usually dull sales calculations.

Essentially, you’ve world-class reporting at your fingertips, plus you’re not likely to do some setup tasks by yourself to be successful.

All the integrations you need

Integration is one more area whereby Base CRM shines. This method is seamlessly hooked up to a wide variety of third-party apps and business methods. Your sales team can manage it in synergy with your favorite social networks.

It collects customer contact sfrom Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Then hooks it to almost any email service provider and survives an essential component of your software ecosystem where you currently work with Zapier, Harvest, Xero, Yesware, MailChimp, along with other applications in google apps.

Superb customer support

When purchasing a software program, you need to focus on whether this product has the necessary support & assistance to prevent and solve problems—no matter what problems you may experience in the future.

Base CRM is a safe option regarding support.

Sales managers and the sales team are usually readily available via email or phone to answer your questions and address some problems you might have.

You can contact a sales specialist before producing and clarifying your online business exact requirements to probably obtain the best suggestion.

Devoted and experienced team

The Base CRM isn’t a brand new participant in the CRM and sales industry, and also, the extensive list of theirs prominent clients is there to confirm it.

The device has many good names, like Wells Fargo, Cisco, Micro Documentaries, and Xerox, containing only excellent words to talk about on the output it offers.

Phase by action, Base adopted their customers’ suggestions and also learned from the best to innovate its product and make it as strong as it’s now.

Prices you can afford

The factor that makes Base CRM ideal for big enterprises and small companies is its adaptable pricing scheme. Since the business provides reasonably priced bundles for startups ($25/month) and fully featured sales kits for enterprise-grade people ($125/month).

A 14 days free-of-charge trial is readily available for most people curious to examine the functions first.

Systems Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop

Customer types

  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise

Assistance Types

  • Phone
  • Onlines

Base CRM Integrations

The following Base CRM integrations are presently available from the seller:

  • Facebook
  • Quoteroller
  • Harvest
  • Dropbox
  • Xero
  • MailChimp
  • Outlook
  • Google Drive
  • Zapier
  • Yesware
  • Google
  • Google Chrome

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