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I’m sure you’re already wondering if Zip Nada Zilch is a scam.

Their so-called rewards (such as the iPhone, game consoles, etc.) sound too good to be true (Maybe because it really is!).

In this Zip Nada Zilch review, I’ll introduce you to the complete drop-down list and detailed information from A to Z and find out if you can really get these “rewards” or if the program is a scam!

The fact that you are here means you are doing your research!

We’re going to review multiple aspects of Zip Nada Zilch to decide if it really is the best online opportunity course out there.

We’ll talk about whether Zip Nada Zilch is the right online business for you.

At the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding ZNZ and making money online in general.

And most important, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $50,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made me swear off affiliate marketing for good, because it uses some of the same skills in a much more powerful and profitable way!

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Table of Contents

Zip Nada Zilch Review

Product: Zip Nada Zilch

Product: GPT – Get paid To Rewards Site

Price: Free Upon Joining 

Best For: No one, unless you have the time to complete offers. 

Summary:  ZNZ looks like a good option, and people may end up with a ton of freebies, but if they forget to cancel, they could end up paying for them.

ZNZ takes a lot of your precious time, and unfortunately has low income potential.

Rating: 35/100

Recommended: No.

What Is Zip Nada Zilch?

Also known as ZNZ, Zip Nada Zilch is an affiliate network founded by Jeffery Kocurek in 2007. Its headquarters is in Wichita Falls, Texas.

It is a free incentive-based site where you can earn commissions by completing sales offer and promoting or recommending for others to do the same (referrals).

Some of these sales offers are associated with well-known companies.

This is a classic example of affiliate marketing and is commonly used by various businesses today.

ZNZ has paid out people more than $10 million in commission and continues to grow by about $1 million annually.

How Does Zip Nada Zilch Work?

Zip Nada Zilch uses the Cost Per Action (CPA) business model to make money. CPA is an online advertising strategy that works like affiliate marketing.

Businesses that hired ZNZ pay them for each action completed and ZNZ, in return, pays their subscribers a commission for their participation.

In this set up, everyone makes a profit – ZNZ, their participating partners, and you!

ZNZ would take a portion of their profits and use them to give away cash-based prizes and free gifts as incentives for those who sign up.

This is how a CPA business model and marketing tactic operate.

Inside ZNZ, Zip Nada Zilch

Now, let’s dig deeper into ZNZ and get a complete picture of what it’s really all about.

ZNZ is basically a CPA affiliate network that generates leads by means of sending “qualified leads” to third party businesses, i.e., GoDaddy, DirectTV, and Disney, to name a few.

These qualified leads are a company’s target demographic and audience whose contact information – name, email address, and phone number – are used to market their products and services and potentially sell to them.

So when people sign up with Zip Nada Zilch, they generate those qualified leads for their participating partners or companies.

ZNZ acts as the middle man, the agent, and affiliate between you and their partners using the CPA business model.

But ultimately, this is not the best way of making money online.

Their Compensation Plan

You will receive compensation from Zip Nada Zilch for every referral that you bring to them.

According to their website, you will earn “bank credits” from referring people to the partner sites of ZNZ. You can check on the screenshot from their site below the amount of credits you can gain from each partner site.

The referral requirements are then recorded via the bank credits. And as soon as you reach the required credits, you can then send a request for a payout.

For example, you will need a credit of $1.00 at 0.02 per referral which is equivalent to 50 referrals. It means you would need 50 people/ referrals to receive an iPhone as shown below.

Another way to earn bank credits is to complete sales offers found in their network of websites and use them to get rewards.

Yeah, that might sound cool, but if you’re gonna put in the amount of grueling work to become an Affiliate Marketer (which, trust me, isn’t easy), you might as well bring in some REAL money.

The program that helped skyrocket my online business to $50,000+ per month teaches some of the affiliate marketing skills, but shows you how to monetize them in a much, MUCH more profitable way.

Earning Commissions

You would need to qualify for two other sites of Zip Nada Zilch to earn commissions. They are ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash.

ZNZ Big Cash

To qualify for ZNZ Big Cash, you would need to be a member of ZNZ One first.

You will be then obliged to meet the credit requirements by completing the sales offers. Thereafter, your own referral link will be sent to you and get paid at a higher rate than ZNZ One using your referral link.


Similarly, you would need to meet credit requirements to qualify for ZNZ One. You then get your own unique referral link and earn $20 each time someone signs up using your link.

Who Is Jeffery Kocurek?

Jeffery Kocurek is the founder and creator of Zip Nada Zilch who launched the program on July 14, 2007 with the following objectives:

  • Give advertisers their target leads and at the same time eliminate fraud.
  • Provide the highest quality of customer support
  • Provide delivery on PayPal orders at no additional cost
  • Give subscribers the highest payouts possible
  • Provide members with high quality range of offers to optimize their profits.

Is Zip Nada Zilch Accredited By The BBB?

If you want to check a company’s reliability and trustworthiness, the Better Business Bureau is one rating system that you can go to to do just that. Something that you should always do as part of your research.

BBB aims to improve the relationship between businesses and consumers by providing ratings and reviews of businesses so that consumers can make an informed decision and businesses are encouraged to adhere to best practices.

In the case of Zip Nada Zilch, the company is BBB accredited and has an A+ rating.

But a bit of a warning though: the Federal Trade Commission or FTC cautions consumers of companies that provide free trials. The entire Zip Nada Zilch framework is built on this.

Zip Nada Zilch Ugly Truths Revealed

They Require Your Credit Card Information.

Upon creating an account with ZNZ Nada Zilch, they will require you to provide your personal information such as your name, phone number, address, and email address, including your credit card information due to the offers involved.

The majority of the offers are free except for the paid trial offers where you sign up for a free trial and when you’ve completed it, you pay the full amount.

The Products Have Little To No Value.

When a product has little use or value, it would be a bit more difficult to market it as in the case of paid trials. And ZNZ only only has free trials to video services, cable subscriptions, and whatever offers are available at the time.

However, an affiliate marketer would find it hard to build quality content on a topic such as cable subscriptions and get a good ranking from Google.

People Don’t Make Enough Money.

If you want to make decent money with Zip Nada Zilch, you need to monitor and meticulously manage every offer. It saps your time but you don’t make enough money out of it.

People Need To Complete Sales Offers.

This is what puts me off with a commission-based program like Zip Nada Zilch. To qualify for your commissions, meeting their sales offers’ credit requirements is a must.

And because of this, earning more money with Zip Nada Zilch’s system becomes a lot more tedious. They would make their subscribers work more on completing the sales offers than giving them the full income-generating opportunities.

People Don’t Control Product Offers.

Offers are dependent on what’s available at any given time of the day in their site. This means not all offers would have high credits. There would be days that you’d work on offers with low credits.

This isn’t really motivating if you ask me. I mean the lack of consistency is quite off-putting knowing that you could earn more in a day and probably less the next day.

There are various types of business opportunities if you want to make money at the comfort of your home and affiliate marketing is one of them – something I’d rather consider if I wanted consistency in a business opportunity like Zip Nada Zilch.

Common Complaints

In recent posts across the web, the most common complaint you’d read from Zip Nada Zilch’s subscribers is having to give their credit card info just to qualify for the process, especially that most of the products involved are of little value, if not worthless.

Majority of their customers, sadly, forgot to cancel in the free trials they participated in and were charged the full product’s value for an entire month.

Who wouldn’t be pissed, right?

Who Is Zip Nada Zilch (ZNZ) For?

This business opportunity is most likely suitable for people who have the time and energy to go through the tedious process of completing offers and promoting their links.

While it saps most of the time and energy of people, it still would not lead them to a full-time income – no matter how hard they try.

What I Liked About Zip Nada Zilch

I like a few a good things about them:

  • BBB’s A+ rating
  • Long established firm
  • People do get paid with them.

What I Did Not Like About Zip Nada Zilch

And several more that I did not like are:

  • To participate in their trial offers, you’d need to give your credit card info, besides your personal info which is understandable, i.e., name, phone number, and email address.
  • Most likely, you’d be bombarded with spam email or calls from salesmen.
  • You will probably get a barrage of spam email and/or salesmen calling you. 
  • If the customer forgets to cancel the trial offer, you will be charged for the full amount without a warning.
  • You need to put in a lot effort in tracking and managing all product offers to be able to make good money out of it.
  • Income potential is low and is time-consuming. And a full-time income is quite impossible.

Can You Make Money With ZNZ?

In its strictest sense, people do make money with ZNZ. Question is how much? Is the amount deserving of the time you invest in it?

According to one blogger, the average member makes about $398 per year.

That’s just not enough. A mere $8 could only get you a couple of coffee. Think about that.

Zip Nada Zilch Review: Is Zip Nada Zilch A Scam?

Zip Nada Zilch is a legit company that’s been in the industry for quite some time. And making money with them is legit.

Legally, a scam is defined as deliberately and intentionally deceiving another entity or person which results to financial loss.

While it is true that you don’t earn a lot of money with ZNZ, it doesn’t make them a scam.

Does that answer your question?

It is entirely possible to build a profitable, successful online business.

My #1 pick proves this. And unlike ZNZ, it actually provides real proof of real success from real people as recently as a few days ago.

Scam Risk's #1 Recommended Way To Make Money Online In 2021

Are you looking for an online business that you can run where you won’t run into competition left and right?

What about something that can lead to passive income down the road…

Does that interest you at all?


Our Scam Risk team has done some digging into an online business model that has just recently popped up.

With the looming housing crisis that will make 2008 look like a toddler, many real estate investors and online entrepreneurs having begun building digital assets!

Digital Real Estate

Or local lead generation as some people call it, is the process of building out websites and generating leads for small service based businesses.

It’s actually pretty similar to affiliate marketing except for a couple key differences:

  • You can make more money off of less traffic
  • Competition is practically non existent at the local level
  • Much easier to rank!

Before you start calling it scam…keep this in mind, we are Scam Risk…

We report scams. We don’t promote them. See a ZNZ link anywhere?

Now that that’s out of the way let’s dive deeper into that comparison.

With affiliate marketing, you have rank for national keywords, which is really hard to do because of how much competition there is.

You are having to compete with like 1 million other people to sell the same product…it’s crazy hard!

But now let’s flip the script…

How many people do you think are competing to cut down trees in Bossier City Louisiana?

Exactly…not much.

So now that we’ve established that competition for local lead generation is much less than for affiliate marketing…let’s talk about the money. It’s always about the money right?

The Money?

Most affiliate products you would sell are likely $50-$100 and on top of that you’re lucky if you’re making a 5% commission from Amazon because of it.

That means you’ll have to sell 1,000-2,000 of products just to reach a decent income of 5k per month. You definitely have your work cut out for you on that end…

Now let’s take a look back at that tree service example again…

The average tree service job is worth anywhere from $500-$2,000 and most contractors are generous with their referral fees, being known to pay out roughly 10-20% of the final ticket.

So now it’s time for some math…

Let’s say you build and rank one of these sites in a local area with very little competition and after 3 months, your site is at the top of page one locally.

And let’s say that worst cases scenario you only end of with just 10 calls.

On top of that, let’s say Covid hit the tree service guy and his family extra hard this year and he can only pay you 10%.

Going off the lowest numbers possible here…that means that just one of these sites could bring you in $500 a month. Now let’s say you build 10 of these things…you’re looking at 5k a month and you’re generating literally 1/10th of the traffic you would need to make that much with affiliate marketing!

Sound too good too be true…?

It isn’t.

Where To Learn

We know that you’re not going to be able to just go off on your own and start killing the digital real estate game from the little we talked about it…

And you might be thinking to yourself…”Dang I don’t even know where to begin…”.

So our team at Scam Risk has taken the time to go out and find a program that we could recommend and give our Scam Risk seal of approval too.

We don’t take it lightly either.

After months of searching far and wide, we finally found one!

This course offers hands on training step by step going through exactly what you need to do to build and rank your new lead generation.

On top of that, they have live chat calls on zoom where you can all get together, hangout, and ask questions if you have any.

Even further, unlike most affiliate marketing courses you’ll see that we review, this program has a heavily monitored private Facebook group which means absolutely no spam!

This group is active 24/7 as well!

If this type of online business model sounds better to you than affiliate marketing…go ahead and watch those videos above!

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