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Weebly Review 2021

Nowadays, small businesses need better ways to keep up with their customers, and with the advent of website design software, it’s never been easier.

So, we’re going to review Weebly to see if it really is the best website building software available.

We’ll talk about whether Weebly is right for your business or company.

And at the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Weebly and Website building software in general.

But most importantly, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

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Table of Contents

Weebly Review: What should you expect?

Weebly is a drag-and-drop website builder with 40+ mobile-friendly themes. It includes a blog, an online store, and image galleries.

Then to the free plan, there’s Weebly Professional at $12/month. That is the most affordable ad-free plan and allows you to start using your own domain name.

The very first thing we noticed when trying Weebly was how easy it to use. It’s like stepping into somebody else’s kitchen and quickly locating everything you need to cook. Like their drag and drop editor, the tools are user-friendly and very favorable to beginners.

Additionally, their pricing really can’t be beat for everything you get. After the free plan (with a Weebly promote in the footer), three premium offers are called Personal, Professional, and Performance. We’ll go over that in a little more detail in a minute.

Something to mention is we have used Weebly to create a few projects ourselves. Also, we were really pleased with just how effectively the Weebly editor handles bigger websites. For example, Squarespace or Wix will make it more challenging to manage a large number of content articles.

Weebly Features: A Site Builder

In 2006, 3 college buddies launched an internet platform allowing users to generate high-quality websites quickly. The platform was called Weebly, which ultimately evolved the web design landscape.

Currently, Weebly features a user base of over 30 million websites. It has the most user-friendly, robust, and reliable website builders. People can use it to release a blog site, online store, or personal website without writing a single line of code.

That said, Weebly isn’t the only all-inclusive site builder out there.

The features it provides are identical to what you will see on various other platforms like Wix and Squarespace. Nevertheless, Weebly has a couple of specific areas which make it stand out in the marketplace.

Weebly Pricing

  • Free: Displays a Weebly advertisement in the footer, plus it does not have a good domain name. Cost $0
  • Personal: Connect your site using a domain name, although the Weebly advertisement shows in the footer. Cost $6 
  • Professional: Includes extra features like video and audio players and also phone support. Ad-free. Cost $12 
  • Performance: Comes with additional e-commerce features for bigger web stores. Cost $26 

Who is Weebly Ideal for?

Weebly is ideal for small businesses since it equips you with all the tools you need to build a business website from the ground up. Its straightforward editor cuts out the headache of creating your site. This means you can be online sooner – and its huge app store would mean you can personalize your website with all of the tools you need.

It’s also an excellent option for personal portfolios due to its easy, fashionable themes. When you would like a profile that is first rate without you having to stress over the design, Weebly is ideal.

We do not advise Weebly if you would like a great deal of customization control over your website. Wix provides lots more creative flexibility, and Squarespace has much more pro styles than Weebly. Chances are you will find Weebly limiting if you need anything on your site that’s too advanced.

Is Weebly Simple to Use? - A Weebly Review: An Overview

Weebly is a “what you see is exactly what you get” website builder, which means you construct your site exactly as you would see it online. No skipping between a backend and a front end, or need to edit raw code just simply to move an image.

With Weebly’s drag-and-drop editor, you just use your mouse to move components like text boxes, buttons, forms, plus pictures around your page.

This helps make creating your website quite simple.

In fact, if you have ever built a Powerpoint presentation, you can build a Weebly website!

Having said that, Weebly can’t really keep up with Wix in our ease of use testing. You see, most website builders available use this drag-and-drop technology. So what truly sets them apart is exactly how user-friendly every builder’s editor is.

Drag And Drop Builder

This’s just how a site builder must be. There is simply no learning curve with Weebly.

Therefore, you will have your website up and operating quickly by simply dragging and dropping new things onto your page and clicking them to modify their features and settings.

Frankly, all site builders need to have this feature.

Flexibility and choice of design (templates)

You have many fashionable themes with several page layouts for different uses (e.g., portfolio, place to present your staff, etc.). They’re almost all responsive (meaning: enhanced for tablets and smartphones).

It’s also just as easy to incorporate video backgrounds and animate background pictures. The template designs may additionally be edited via the source code.


The Personal and free designs exhibit a bar at the bottom part of the display with the Weebly logo. Almost all additional paid plans are ad-free.


Now offered in English and numerous additional languages. Absolutely no unique feature to make multilingual sites, but workarounds are available. Don’t use Weebly for non-English character sets as Russian, Arabic, or Chinese as they’re not entirely supported.


Weebly offers an easy-to-use and robust shopping cart with SSL encryption and most major payment options. They allow you to combine product movies, so obviously, the available SEO choices are fantastic.

What makes the online store stand out from their eCommerce sites competition as Squarespace and Wix is the automatic tax plus shipping calculator.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Title, meta, and description tags are all customizable at page amount, as are your images’ ALT text. URLs are readily editable too. The application of headlines (H1, H2, etc.) is minimal.


Each of the main fundamental features is included, and also it is hugely search engine friendly. In addition, blog posts can be scheduled.

You can also incorporate alternative commenting methods like Facebook or Disqus.

A disadvantage, nonetheless, would be that you cannot manage a website with several writers.

Weebly Website Builder Features:

Your very own domain name (e.g., .com or .net)

For the first year, you will receive a website at no cost, which will cost you $19.95 from the next season onwards. Several available URL endings are .com, .ca or maybe you can take your own personal URL along with you from another provider and reroute it to Weebly.

Depth of navigation

Unlimited levels of the navigation hierarchy. A drop-down menu is instantly put into the navigation area.

Widgets (small tools to add additional functionality)

Image galleries, video, music players, and other devices tend to be included within the editor. Plus, there are many other helpful applications, like tables, calendars, social networking widgets, and much more to be discovered inside the Weebly App Center.

What Kind of Website Can You Make With Weebly?

Weebly features an enormous app store. Like many website builders, it comes with built-in capabilities to assist you in making and expanding your dream website.

Nevertheless, Weebly additionally has pros and cons, which cause it to be a more significant match for a few owners than others. Let’s check out who Weebly is ideal for to allow you to make the best choice.


Business websites are appropriate at home with Weebly – in fact, businesses are Weebly’s primary target audience. Visit Weebly’s website, and you will see a good deal of messaging centered on helping companies get started, find customers, grow online, and sell items.

There is a reason behind this, specifically that Weebly’s functions are ideal for beginning and scaling businesses:

  • Business-specific themes
  • Robust SEO tools and support Ecommerce tools on all plans (yep, including the free plan!)
  • Marketing tools, including newsletters and blogging
  • Analytics to offer insights on your performance and website visitor interactions 

On top of this fascinating list of business features, Weebly has seamless integrations with Square’s transaction collection.

As a result, it is much easier than ever before for mortar stores, brick, mom and pop shops, and eCommerce websites to begin selling online.


A lot of Weebly’s business clients includes those who run eCommerce stores. Therefore, strong marketing and SEO programs continue to be necessary, and your theme will likely be enhanced for eCommerce.

When you choose “online store” throughout the construction process, you directly receive your own personal e-commerce dashboard. From there, you select a theme, personalize your design, manage payments, add products, and much more.

Nevertheless, Weebly’s brand new online store builder is pretty limited. If you would like a custom branded storefront, you are much better off with Shopify or Wix.

Customer Support

For free accounts, Weebly offers an email support feature along with a well-done Knowledge Base. For paid accounts (even starters), they offer email, chat, And phone. Response times for me had been solid.

With an all-inclusive platform, customer support can troubleshoot and also repair some problems.

This is a significant benefit of website builder platforms in common, but particularly with Weebly since they’ve phone support.

Personal and Portfolio

Weebly has a great deal for private projects, also.

Although Weebly’s styles are not the most hype-filled in the sector, they’re stylish, simple, and clean – ideal for producing a website with no headaches or hassle.

Here are several of the characteristics which make Weebly a preferred option for private and portfolio sites:

  • Built-in image editor
  • Parallax and reveal animation effects
  • Custom fonts
  • Video backgrounds
  • Newsletters
  • Social media marketing


Whether you want to begin a blogging site or simply need to put a little blog alongside your business or store, Weebly has a perfect set of blogging equipment to help keep you and your readers happy.

These include:

  • Blog-specific themes
  • Social sharing features and RSS automatically built-in
  • Scheduled sharing across Twitter and Facebook
  • Media integrations in your blog dash panel and app store
  • Category, sidebar, and tag customizations
  • Advanced comment management


Is Weebly scalable?

The short answer is a resounding “Yes”!

It’s the best resource for scaling a site, with many built-in functions and a lot more offered in the Weebly App Center. You can start small and develop at your own pace.

Your ability to customize your site using code is an enormous extra for Weebly. It allows you to develop your site as your own personal confidence and skill set grows.

How Customizable Are Weebly’s Themes?

Okay, so Weebly’s themes tick the basic boxes – they look great.

They are virtually all responsive and accessible, and there are several different styles to select from. You can also change themes at any moment.

There is yet another crucial box left to check off, however, and that is customizability.

Weebly’s themes are usually more organized – you cannot just drag anything wherever you like. This is good if you are anxious about developing your site since it functions as an instruction manual to your site layout.

Nevertheless, if you would like complete control over your website, Wix is a more sensible choice.

Of course, if you want complete and total control over your site, Weebly’s set-up themes can become frustrating as you attempt to personalize your website exactly the way you would like.

Even if you’re all thumbs when it comes to coding, you will find the following pretty easy to do:

  • Add apps
  • Upload your personal images
  • Replace the text
  • Change the color scheme
  • Include large buttons, image galleries, videos
  • Create new pages
  • Change fonts 

All you have to do is drag and drop the components from the left-hand sidebar onto your page, and presto!

You are creating your own website with no tech skills required.

What are Weebly's Key Features and Tools?

Weebly’s styles are suitable, but exactly where it truly stands out is its scalable set of options that you can apply to construct and develop your website.

App Center

Weebly comes with a remarkable app center in which you can get both free and paid apps that you can put in with only one click and incorporate with your own website.

You get all of the fundamental capabilities designed into your Weebly editors, like text blocks and picture galleries. However, Weebly App Center is ideal for adding more complex features and tools to your website, such as FAQ sections or “Back to Top” large buttons.

Apps are sorted into the following categories:

  • Ecommerce
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Social
  • Site tools and features

This is particularly beneficial for locating the app you are trying to find, as there are hundreds to select from. In addition, rates tables, accordion tabs, an Instagram feed, and Facebook Like buttons are incorporated by valuable apps.

You can also incorporate Facebook Messenger into your website so that you can chat with your visitors!


SEO is basically the art of enhancing your website’s rank in Search Engine results. However, 93% of internet experiences start with search engines – so great SEO is essential if you wish to develop your online presence!

Website builders have usually received a lousy rep for SEO in days gone by. Also, it’s true that a few website builders still fall short when it comes to this. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about Weebly, as it has always had a solid range of SEO tools.

You can tick off all of the basics with Weebly – it got high marks for its SEO resources in our research! All Weebly sites come with:

  • A sitemap
  • SEO-friendly HTML formatting
  • Meta descriptions
  • Responsive design


Weebly continues to grow its e-commerce focus lately, after being acquired by the fee-based business Square. As of right now, Weebly offers a good selection of e-commerce tools to use for your site.

These include:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Items
  • Quick Shop
  • Inventory management
  • In-store pickup 

However, we suggest upgrading to the Pro level for eCommerce sites. On higher plans, you unlock much better eCommerce features, like item reviews and the ability to accept payments through PayPal.

Weebly is beneficial for small internet stores. However, we suggest a builder as Big commerce or Shopify for hard-core sellers, as Weebly’s features are created for smaller-scale selling.

How Much Does Weebly Cost?

The very first thing to learn about Weebly is it’s a free plan.

It is 100% free to construct, publish, and actually sell with Weebly. There is simply no time limit and absolutely no hidden costs. The totally free plan is ideal for trying out Weebly to determine if it is the proper net building contractor for you or saving cash.

At the same time, you receive your website prepared to post.

Nevertheless, we don’t suggest staying on Weebly’s free plan.


Specifically, you have to deal with advertisements on your site. You also don’t have many features (such as 500MB storage), and you cannot use a customized URL.

Those 3 considerable drawbacks make it wise to buy a given program if you plan on anyone else seeing your website.

Weebly has 3 paid plans, which range from $6 to $29 per month:

Personal plan: $6 per month:

The $6 per month Personal plan is pretty similar to the free plan regarding the functions you get, except it allows you to link a custom URL. We don’t suggest the plan since it does not provide considerable value for money.

Professional plan: $12 per month:

The $12 per month Professional plan is most effective for any portfolio, small business, or blog that needs to make a great impression.


Because it’s probably the cheapest plan which eliminates Weebly adverts from your website. In addition to that, you unlock unlimited storage and a free domain!

Performance plan: $26 per month:

The $26 per month Performance plan is perfect for developing companies or online shops to increase sales. You get a chance to access far more complex e-commerce tools, like shipping labels & abandoned cart emails.

Weebly Review: Summary

After giving it a comprehensive evaluation, we can confidently say Weebly is the ideal website builder for small businesses available today. It is uncluttered, simplistic, along reasonably simple to get around, so you will not really feel confused.

Weebly provides you with the choice to fine-tune your website through HTML and CSS and export it for editing elsewhere, which means it is not just for beginners. Additionally, it provides many subscription levels, which include eCommerce plans.

To obtain probably the best out of Weebly, we suggest you begin with a free website. This is your chance to find out the editing interface, then judge for yourself exactly how simple and complex its many capabilities are.

When you are prepared to update, we suggest skipping the Personal program – you get much more for the money of yours on the Professional strategy!

Overall, we recommend Weebly – particularly if you’re starting a small business or portfolio website. It is perfect for complete beginners and also those that are comfortable coding. Also, with its good eCommerce features, Weebly has proved itself a solid and diverse web builder.

Whether Weebly seems ideal for you, go ahead and check out its free plan and start testing it on your own – who know… you might just fall in love with Weebly at first site. LOL!

Weebly Reviews: FAQs

Is Weebly or Wix better?

In our research, Weebly wasn’t really as good as Wix.

It provides you with much more creative freedom over your site, and also, our users found it much more manageable to go to grips with. Wix additionally features a free plan, but its price plans are more expensive compared to Weebly’s.

Overall, Wix may be a much better builder than Weebly. However, it is about finding the ideal builder for you personally. They both have free plans, so why don’t you take’em both out for a test drive.

I am beginning a blog site. Should I Pick Weebly or WordPress?

It depends! is a comprehensive open-source platform, which means you have to find plugins, themes, and hosting to launch your site. A lot of beginners use, but on the whole, Weebly is faster and simpler to work with.

If you are searching for a practical sense of balance between these 2 choices, WordPress is certainly an ideal website builder. It is impressive for producing blogs but significantly less different than Weebly, which means It is not great for portfolios!

Can I create a multilingual website with Weebly?


There are apps in Weebly’s App Center that allow you to produce your Weebly website in several languages. Thus, making it so easy to provide content to visitors from around the globe.

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