Wake Up To Cash Review (2022 Update): Everything You Wanted To Know!

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Updated: November 17

By: Scam Risk - Expert Reviewer

Wake Up To Cash Review 2022 Update Everything You Wanted To Know

Wake Up To Cash Reviews

Using the Wake Up To Cash system (available at WakeUpToCash.com), the company claims to be able to guarantee that you will make $397 a day through an automated internetwork.

In addition to being a sales funnel for Automated Daily Income, Wake Up To Cash is also a funnel for My Online Business Education, which is why it's unique.

Although James Wendell is supposedly responsible for the system, a few factors will undoubtedly cause you to be skeptical about the whole thing.

Does Wake Up To Cash genuinely work, or are they just out to rip you off instead of helping you make money?

As a result of my research into this method, I can tell you all you need to know about it, including how it works and whether or not you can earn money online with it.

There are countless information courses floating around the internet. Why? Because for every problem that exists, someone claims to have the solution.

And that solution is usually some oddball money-making system that tells you how to turn a casual interest - or maybe something you’re super passionate about - into sustainable, reliable income.

Just like Wake Up To Cash. Here’s the hard truth, though…

This Wake Up To Cash Review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Table of Contents

Pros: What I Liked

  • Available in Mobile Smartphones
  • Autopilot in making money online
  • The sales video in wake up to cash website is appealing.
The Good

Cons: What I Didn't Like

  • There are fake testimonials
  • No Actual Customer Support
  • There are negative wake up to cash review over the web.
The Bad

Most of these programs:

  • Take way more time than you’re led to believe
  • May have hidden fees
  • Require you to buy multiple upsells in order to get the “real” information

But most importantly, a lot of these programs just don’t scale.

“Scale” means once you do the work to make a little money, it should get easier to make more money, not harder.

The problem is, most programs out there make it hard to make money at first, and even harder to keep making money.

In other words, you might be able to make some money in the beginning, but it won’t be sustainable and you’ll end up getting discouraged.

This is the exact opposite of passive income.

When income is truly passive, you do the work upfront, but then you set it and forget it. The money gets made whether you’re working or not. It’s not directly tied to the hours you put in.

So, what if there was a way you could build a passive income stream that’s actually passive?

An income stream that doesn’t require:
  • Inventory
  • Selling to friends and family
  • Selling to strangers
  • Recruiting people
  • Dealing with questionable products that weigh on your conscience

An income stream that brings in consistent revenues every single month (from a couple thousand dollars to well over $10,000)?

An income stream you could actually build in your spare time, and grow as large or as small as you want to, without having to spend hours a day chasing, selling, or managing anything?

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out Digital Real Estate. 

Still Getting Paid

This is nothing like high ticket programs, and that’s probably a good thing.

However, if you’d still like to know more about Wake Up To Cash, keep reading.

What Is The Wake Up To Cash System?

The Wake Up To Cash system claims to offer a “secret” way to earn $397 every day online without doing any labor. You’re told you can sign up and make money on autopilot.

First, the system wasn’t created by James Wendell but by Corey Lewis, an internet marketer known for producing similar methods.

According to a post on the Warrior Forum, he also established Copy Paste Traffic, which a customer said that the same exact program have many red flags.

Looking at where the sales video was hosted helped me discover that it was Corey’s goods and not James Wendell’s.

As you can see, it’s housed on Corey’s personal YouTube channel and has over 6,000 views, indicating his Wake Up To Cash program has been promoted hard:

Corey Lewis Wake Up To Cash

Wake Up To Cash is not what it seems. It’s been launched to make Corey dollars online, not you, and if you buy in, you won’t make a dime. Is this a scam exposed?

Let me show you how it works (not how you’re led to believe it works) so you can see what’s going on.

How Does Wake Up To Cash Work?

Wake Up To Cash isn’t exactly a system – it’s just a page Corey created to route you through various chances he’s linked with so he can make a commission at your expense.

The video on the page is designed to make you excited about making easy money online, and once you’re done watching it, a button appears below it that sends you to one of Corey’s programs.

Currently, that button redirects users to the Automated Daily Income scheme, an alleged scam . Tomorrow, it will likely redirect to a different system.

Automated Daily Income Not Wealthy Affiliate

You can’t rely on any of the sites to which you’ve been redirected because it appears he’s only selecting chances based on which ones give him the largest commissions and not on the value that they actually deliver to you as a client.

So, for example, the Automated Daily Income scheme was a huge hoax, as I detailed in my post here. It could cost you more than $50,000 if you were to fall victim to this.

Can You Make Any Money With It?

20 Ways To Make Money Online

No, you can’t — the programs recommended on the Wake Up To Cash website are useless and unlikely to help you make money.

Corey picks the programs that pay him the most commissions, so he’s not interested in your success — he wants to make as much money from you as possible.

You can make money as an affiliate like Corey. Even Amazon and Apple have affiliate networks so that you may advertise their products for money.

The Truth About Wake Up To Cash

The Truth About Wake Up To Cash

I’m not surprised this program is full of red flags. I knew something was amiss when I opened Wake Up to Cash’s sales page.

Since I don’t want to judge a book by its cover, I chose to investigate the program further and found some ugly truths. Some stunning facts:

Hidden Owner

Hidden Owner

This is obvious. Wake Up to Cash is offered under a fictitious identity, James Wendell.

Corey Lewis made this program. Most of his programs are scams. No wonder he’s selling a bogus product under a phony identity.

Any program without transparency is suspect. Selling a program under a phony name means it doesn’t work. This proves the program is a red flag.

No Actual Product

No Actual Product

No matter how long the video is, you won’t obtain any actual product when you put your hard-earned money into this program. The author redirects you to other programs he founded or high-ticket affiliate programs where he would earn big commissions after your purchase.

Fake Testimonials

What Do You Need To Know About Fake Testimonials

Honestly, I expected the testimonials on the sales page to be bogus. Unfortunately, they turned out to be shoddy fakes. Actresses hired through Fiverr provided the voices for all of the testimonials.

When you check in to Fiverr, you’ll immediately notice these freelancers. Fake testimonials can only be obtained if your product does not work as advertised or if the author’s proposed system does not exist.

No Refund/No Support

No Refund No Support

Yeah, that’s right! Purchasing the product despite my warnings will result in you being unable to contact the vendor for assistance or a refund. No refund is offered, even though you’ve been assured that the product will function by the author. You will also not receive assistance. As a result, do yourself a favor and avoid using this application.

Is Wake Up To Cash A Scam?

Is Wake Up To Cash A Scam

So, is Wake Up To Cash a scam? Not technically. You can make money with this program, but it’s definitely not as easy as they make it sound.

There’s a ton of work to be done upfront, no real guarantee of success, and – most importantly – it doesn’t scale.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with front-loading the work and making the money later.

But if you’re grinding it out for 3 months and then your reward is being forced to grind it out for another 9 months before seeing any “real money,” well…that’s not a great deal, is it?

What if, instead, you could do that same 3 months of work (in your spare time), and your reward was a $500 to $2,000 payment that came in every single month?

And what if you actually didn’t need to wait 3 months? What if you could get started today and have your first payment in a week? And what if you could double it next week?

Well, that’s the power of Digital Real Estate

And you can legitimately do this from anywhere. It’s a true lifestyle business. Your laptop and an internet connection is all you need.

Some of the most successful students in this program run their entire 6-figure businesses from:

  • A camper in the middle of the woods
  • A beach chair on the water in Mexico
  • A small villa in Greece

Saying goodbye to our job

They’re able to travel around, living their lives first, and focusing on their income second.

Because even if they stop working for an extended period of time, the money keeps coming in.

So adventure, memories, and experience are the top priority.

And they never have to worry about how to pay for the next trip, or consider asking for time off.

If this sounds more like the type of life you want to lead, just click here to find out more about Digital Real Estate.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

Wake Up To Cash isn’t a scam; it’s just a page with a video that refers you to other programs at random. It links you to scammers. Therefore I’d advise avoiding it.

The whole thing is designed to make its inventor rich at your expense. Despite what the website says, the programs you’re linked to will undoubtedly cause you to lose money.

I won’t recommend it because I don’t think it has any genuine value, and the whole thing is misleading. To make money online, you don’t need a system that have many red flags like Wake Up To Cash.

Hopefully, my review helps you avoid losing money, but if you have any questions or concerns, leave them here, and I’ll try my best to respond as quickly as possible.

Are There Alternatives to Wake Up T0 Cash?


Yes, there are plenty of other business models to choose from if you want to pursue this making money online.  Here are just a few:

What Is My Top Recommendation For Making Money From Home In 2022?

Digital Real Estate

Our review team has spent months researching, reviewing, and vetting dozens of business models and thousands of programs.

While there may be no “perfect business”, the research IS conclusive:

Digital Real Estate is the #1 online business model for those just starting out.

Whether you’ve never made a dollar online, or you’ve been in this space for a while but never really “made it,” Digital Real Estate is for you. Why?

1) It’s Flexible: got an hour a day? You can do this. Ready to drop everything else and dive in full time? You can do this. Yes, the more time you put in, the faster you see results. But even with a little time each day, you can move the needle in a Digital Real Estate business.

And because this system is so flexible, you don’t have to constantly be working to make more money. It’s called PASSIVE INCOME because if you stop working, the money doesn’t.

Imagine taking 3 months off to just tour around Europe, rent a cabin in the woods to write a book, hike the Appalachian Trail, or live on the beach and surf all day.

This is only possible if you have an income stream that’s not tied to your time.

Jump All In

2) You Own & Control EVERYTHING: With high ticket programs, you don’t really own anything. You have no control over the quality of products. You don’t even own your “business”. Look at the fine print for most of the agreements folks sign when they join one of these companies. At any point, the company can change your commission structure, reduce your profit margins, or kick you out entirely. With Digital Real Estate, you own the assets, which means you have all the power and all the control.

Feeling Blessed

3) Little To No Startup Costs: It’s possible to get into Digital Real Estate with zero dollars upfront. Because, using the strategies outlined in this program, you can get a client to pay you BEFORE spending a penny out of your own pocket…even before you do any work.

Even without getting paid in advance, you can have your first Digital Rental Property up, running, and generating profits for less than $100.

Scott Lead Gen

4) No Inventory: Alright, so most high ticket programs doesn’t make you buy the products and fill your garage with them anymore (unlike the good ol’ days), but you’re still in a physical products business.

And physical products always have physical limitations. Even if you don’t have to manage the inventory, you still have to deal with supply chain shortages that cause major delays.

Imagine finally landing your first customer, and then losing them after one sale because they had to wait 6 weeks to get their order. With Digital Real Estate, a 100% online business, you never even have to think about that risk.

Lance Lead Gen

5) Easy To Duplicate: Ok, here’s the best part: once you have your first Digital Rental Property up and running, you can literally DOUBLE your income with a few clicks, a couple keystrokes, and a single phone call (and you don’t actually need the phone call).

Remember: each Digital Rental Property is worth $500 to $2,000 a month in semi-passive income (over 95% profit). Every time you decide to create another one and increase your income, it gets easier. Because you have more knowledge, more experience, more results, and more momentum.

If you wanted to double your income with Wake up to cash, you’d probably need to double the number of hours you spend working. Because, again, this program doesn’t scale.


6) Make Money Helping Real People: With Digital Real Estate, you’re actually helping people by solving your clients’ biggest problem: Small, local businesses need more customers, and with Digital Real Estate, you are unleashing a flood of happy, paying customers for these businesses. You make money by helping them make money.

Not a big, faceless corporation either…a small business owner who’s using that money to put food on the table for their family, start a college fund for their kids, or take care of a sick parent.

Once you see how Digital Real Estate makes a real impact in the lives of real people, you’ll sleep like a baby with a big smile on your face.

Boss of My Own Future

Now, the choice is yours. You could continue browsing, looking at opportunities like Wake up to cash which could one day make you money. You could continue researching, never making a decision.

OR, you could take a look inside, consider what you really want, and join a program that makes your dreams a reality. At the same time, joining a community of over 2,000 successful students that are living life on their own terms thanks to Digital Real Estate.

A consistent, reliable, semi-passive stream of income that doesn’t depend on you or your time to keep producing profits. All while genuinely helping real people who are grateful and happy to pay for it.

If this sounds more like what you want out of life (or if you just want some nice side income), click here to learn more about Digital Real Estate.

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