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Overview: What Is Vylla?

Vylla was started in 2018 as a subsidiary of Carrington Holding Company.  It’s primary purpose is to provide financing to consumers directly by blending the housing market and mortgage sides under the same umbrella, and also provide title and escrow services to help people during during the home buying process avoid the common pitfalls of homeownership. 

This way, consumers can get a real estate agent to help find and finance the home they want at comfortable mortgage rates, even with low credit scores or very little in the form of a down payment. 

Vylla takes pride in its efforts to help homeowners reach their goal by providing them with a wide range of mortgage  information during the home buying process; however,  first time home buyers should be cautious as many people have reported erroneous and expensive blunders with the organization. 

Vylla and their partners make it a point to work with a buyer that has a mediocre credit score.  They will consider you despite sub credit and offer you comparable loan options based mostly on your capability to pay back various loan types . 

For instance, they will consider rent history and bank statements in order to show the owner as a low risk for a home loan even to the point of offering a competitive interest rate. 

A Review Of Loans That Vylla Offers?

Mortgage Lenders

Vylla offers all kinds of mortgages to choose from in the United States,  even a mortgage for a low  credit customer. They also offer a simplified website for their users with anemic credit and simple dreams to find  the home they want, as well as a way for more affluent customers to find the properties and appropriate jumbo loans to fit their needs. 

Use Vylla to find the right mortgage lenders offering the loan types, such as… 

Home Loans

Consider Vylla a loan super-store warehouse that matches providers with consumers.  As long as you have a credit score of at least 620 with a down payment at 3%, you should be good to go.  

For modest, low credit homeowners, this is a great solution.  On the other hand, people seeking a jumbo loan will need to have 5% down and a 680 credit score, but those getting a government financing (USDA, VA loans) only need a 500 credit score.

Low Credit Home Loans

This financing type doesn’t really fall into a specific category like a VA Loan… but a mortgage by Vylla, with a bad credit score is considered to a specialty.  

Conventional Loans

This refers to adjustable and fixed rate standard home loans for homes under $484,275.  


Vylla goes out of their way to take care of servicemembers with $0 down VA Fianancing. 


Vylla offers USDA home buyers this alternative if the home is in the rural countryside and the borrower’s income fall within specific parameters. 


Vylla offers these home loans (not backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac) to individuals seeking more than $484,350.


One of the more common financing types offered by Vylla is the Federal Housing Administration backed option.  A qualified borrower would need about 3.5% for a down payment and meeting a specific income threshold. 


Vylla offers a wide array of packages for homeowners seeking to refinance a current mortgage.  So if you’re looking to cash out or reduce your payment, mortgage refinancing  with Vylla could be the answer.   

How Vylla Works

There are two services that Vylla is broken into…

  • Home Loan
  • Home Search

Home Search:

This looks similar to other home search websites.  After a Vylla user clicks “Start You Search”, they’ll be taken to the https://www.vyllahome.com/ site.

Next, enter the desired zip code and click “Search”. 

If it’s your first time to the site, start by zooming in and out of the map and click the homes you like for its information.  You can even filter based on your budget.   

After you found a home, you’ll contact a Vylla Real Estate Agent who will kick off the  home buying process 

Home Loan Search:

To kick off your Vylla home or loan search, click “Start The Process” at https://www.vylla.com/.  Then pick either Refinance of Purchase. 


Click “Purchase” for 3 more options. 

  1. Start Loan Inquiry:  Allows you to send your personal records to a loan agent
  2. Monthly Payment:  Search for financing within your budget.
  3. Purchase Price:  Search for financing for a home you already found. 
  4. The final two options: Vylla asks you a few question about your credit score, income and the down payment you can provide. 


Click “Refinance” to see the following options: 

  • Get cash out
  • Reduce Loan Term
  • Lower Monthly Payment

Vylla will then ask you a few more questions before showing your loans:

  • Type of residence
  • Use of residence
  • Location
  • The estimate value
  • Your credit score
  • Loan balance

Note: New Vylla users may be shocked at the sheer number of home loan offers available.  

What Is The Application Process Like?

The application process with Vylla is designed to be smooth operation:  

  1. Go to https://www.vylla.com/ and click on “Start the process”.  
  2. Look for a financing by affordability, desired monthly payment or home purchase price.  Select your financing based on the home purchase price.  
  3. List out the information of the homes that interest you, along with your income, current debts, or past financial difficulties including what you can provide for a down payment. 
  4. Review the loans that Vylla suggests for you, then save your options. 
  5. Set up a time with a home specialist to go over your application

Vylla Closing Costs

There is no application fee, but Vylla does charge an underwriting fee of $599.  You’ll also pay other lender fees since Vylla does not provide direct lending.  So you can expect anywhere from 2-6% of the total for closing. 

Of course eligibility varies based on the lender you work with.  Qualifications will be based on the following credit score factors: 

  • Scores of at least 620 for conventional (requiring 3% down)
  • 680 for a Jumbo Loan (requiring 5% down) 
  • 500 for all others (FHA loans requiring 3.5%, VA and USDA loans requiring as little as $0)

Vylla Customer Service

Vylla’s website is a perfect tool with informative articles and FAQs, but if you can’t find the answer you need, a customer service rep is ready at the bat to help you.   

Vylla also has an online chat feature, with is the perfect way to contact them, but you may have to search for it. 

However, the Vylla support hotline number is pretty easy to find.  Just know that it’s a toll free number that goes to Carrington Mortgage Services, but you’ll still get stellar service. 

If you call Monday through Friday, the wait time is usually no more than 5 minutes.  

Vylla Pros

So you’ll run into other lenders that will charge an underwriting fee for 0.5% or more of the loan you’ll get, but Vylla only charges a $599 for all the loans they offer… which is a deal on financing for $2.5 million or more.  Here is a list of other benefits: 

  • Various research tools: Key in your details, search by purchase price and monthly payment and see which loans are right for you.  Some will look tempting to jump on right away to do your due diligence.  
  • Various loan options: You can choose from conventional loans, with favorable rates and terms for up to 30 years for applicants meeting eligibility requirements for FHA, VA, and USDA loans.  And down payments can range from 5% for Jumbo Loans to $0 for government backed loans. 
  • Down Payments: You likely won’t need any more than 3% down on a conventional loan or 5% for a Jumbo loan.  For an FHA loan, you’re looking at about 3.5% down and nothing down for VA and USDA loans. 
  • Low credit scores: So you’re not going to be able to get conventional if your credit score much lower than 620, but if you have at least a 500 or higher, then a government loan will work. 

Vylla Cons

You’ll need to sign up for an account at Vylla in order to get anywhere.  You should start getting a good deal of follow-up emails.  It’ll be a bit of a pain at first, but not compared to the other listed below: 

  • Doesn’t cover the entire US:  Unfortunately Vylla doesn’t have a license for lending in Hawaii, Nevada, Massachusetts, New York, Utah and North Dakota. 
  • Bad Customer Reviews: Every so often you come across the occasional BBB customer complaint regarding bad customer service, incorrect reporting, and erroneous blunders that has had adverse affects on borrower’s credit. 
  • No Online Loan Officer: Unfortunately, you can’t complete the loan process online with Vylla and directly get funding from lenders. You’ll have a lending specialist do this for you. 
  • Carrington Mortage Services (the customer service side of the business) has a BBB rating of B-, but with a bit of research you can find customer reviews that indicate a few instances of faulty communication and out of the blue payment hikes, including those who’s mortgages were sold to Carrington. 

Carrington Mortgage Services

Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC (aka “Carrington” or “CMS”) is a spin off of Carrington Holding Company, LLC (aka “CHC”) which is a company ultimate purpose is to work hand-in-hand with each other in order to offer a wide array of mortgages for real estate and services for just about all avenues of single family real estate deals in the country from coast to coast. 

The center for operations for Carrington is in California and control three loan servicing branches that offer an all-in-one mortgage loan one-stop-shop for investors and borrowers. 

Never Worry About Loans Again!

Wouldn’t it be great to never have to get another loan? 

Well, I’m going to show you something that could be the answer for you. 

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How Do I Make Money From This?

So the basic idea is that once you have the site built and ranked, you then rent out the site to a local business owner.  

So let’s say that you have a Tree Service website. Most tree service jobs cost between $500-$2,000 and you can usually get 10-20% for a finder’s fee.  And if you have the top rankings, you’ll get the vast majority of the calls.  

But what if the market you picked doesn’t deliver like you planned and you only get 10 calls for the month.  

Just working out the numbers on the low end, if 10 calls came in for $500 each, that’s $500 x 10 = $5,000.  You get 10%, which is $500.  

Now, what if you had 10 of these at $500 each.  That’s $5,000 per month.  

Where Do I Start?

At Scam Risk, we’ve find a lot of programs that come up short on the Scam Meter.  But every once in a while we’ll find one that meets all the requirements for a legitimate business model

This program takes you through everything you need to hit it out of the park.  

From building a site… ranking the site… then contacting the business owner to partner with.  

In addition… 

They have a Facebook Group where you can get all your questions answered and get together twice a week for online coaching calls. 

You won’t be in this alone. 

The support they offer is second to none. 

The results you’ll see will blow your mind.  

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