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We’re going to review valiant consultants’ modules to decide if it really is the best dropshipping course out there.

We’ll talk about whether dropshipping is the right online business for you.

At the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding valiant consultants and dropshipping in general.

And most important, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $50,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made me swear off dropshipping for good because it uses some of the same skills in a much more powerful and profitable way!

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Table of Contents

What Is Valiant Consultants?

The Valiant Consultant motto has two important factors they genuinely care about. Initially, they’re fueled by results. They have considerable expertise in the Amazon marketing world that they use and teach their teams. With this particular encounter, they’re competent to get around the naturally competitive Amazon battlefield to make sure your shop is released victorious!

Next, pushed with integrity, would mean they operate Valiant honestly and customer-service-driven. They regard each customer as family members. When you are pleased, they’re happy. If you’re upset, they are going to do anything to help make it right. At Valiant, each customer is going to get results and be treated exceptionally.

They’ve all known one another for more than a decade and have engaged in different businesses throughout the process. Valiant Consultants came into this world and have erupted with various skillsets since all of us talk about exactly the same values. Helping countless people and directing with integrity has been their motto right from the very start.

Fast forward to today, and their staff has developed into one big family. They have helped more than 600+ clients construct an automated Amazon business to influence families’ monetary future positively.

How Much Does Valiant's Amazon Automation Service Cost?

The typical cost for the Valiant Consultants DFY Amazon Service costs $30,000.

The program that helped skyrocket my online business to $50,000+ per month teaches some of the drop shipping skills, but shows you how to monetize them in a much, MUCH more profitable way.

Who Is Steve Mayer?

Steve Mayer worked out for a credit repair company before getting involved on Amazon in 2013.

Twelve months were spent by him as well as lots of money trying to ascertain Amazon FBA.

He eventually had his “eureka!” moment when he discovered a special product selection method for Amazon FBA.

Though he did not keep his rewarding secrets to himself, he began assisting some other sellers in Amazon seller Facebook groups, that had been when things started to snow ball.

He quickly realized he had to shoot things to the next level and also create a product. So he made a one-on-one coaching plan for Amazon FBA sellers.

His consultation practice developed into a one-on-ten coaching program as more interest came his way.

To reach more individuals, a program was developed by Steve, FBA Freedom Hackers Academy, to help others start selling on Amazon. It now offers for only under $3k.

His results speak for themselves.

Steve helps hundreds of students–2 have created many millions, hundreds earn six figures, in addition to nearly one-half of the pupils are in a position to kill their dreaded 9-5 jobs.

But he was not gonna stop there!

Upon watching many of his pupils struggle to understand the FBA procedure, Steve started looking into methods on how he can assist them more.

In 2019, Mayer joined a group of Amazon Automation specialists that had developed a company of 150+ virtual assistants used from Bangladesh and also the Philippines. Using this particular group, Mayer managed to provide Done-For-You Amazon Services to the tune of $30k to $40k per store (as a setup charge, inventory is extra.)

In earlier 2020, Steven pivoted his business. Not in reaction to COVID 19, but for an alternative purpose.

He’d make the following realization:

Amazon Dropshipping wasn’t a viable business model. Plus, he was going to have to produce a switch.

What Did He Move To?

Amazon FBA Wholesale.

The distinction between Wholesaling and Dropshipping on Amazon boils down to inventory.

In case you’re dropshipping, you have no inventory. Alternately, once your product is purchased, you purchase from the cheaper resource after having the product delivered straight to your customer.

In the case you’re wholesaling, you buy inventory in bulk from a maker or maybe dealer, after which get it delivered to Amazon’s fulfillment facility so that it could be sent speedily to your customers.

Why Did Steven Change From Dropshipping To Wholesaling On Amazon?

First, Dropshipping on Amazon is against the TOS (terms of service). Therefore someone doing this is risking an account suspension.

That is what occurred to a lot of Valiant Consultants customers.

They would mail Steven the setup charge of $30k, after which, a couple of weeks later, their account would be suspended.

So Steven got all sorts of complaints, and Valiant Consultants lawsuit threats have been made everywhere (see his BBB reviews below), which eventually motivated him to think of the action from Dropshipping to Wholesale FBA.

Where are you able to discover Steven as of January 2021?

Steven Mayer’s got approximately 11.7k subscribers on YouTube. It has got a few good videos on it, but as of today, he has not been that productive on it.

It has been nearly a year after his last video, which is an eternity within the internet business community.

Mayer’s Instagram page is personal, though it has got a proper following of 379k people. But with sixty-six posts, it does not appear he is that active on there either.

I suppose he is simply not much of a social media guy.

Today we have received the introduction of his into position; let’s get into the nuts & bolts of Valiant Consultants.

What Does Valiant Consultants Done For You (In-depth)

Step 1: Product Research

Amazon offers more than 350 million products that are different and has 6,000 various product directory groups.

Everybody understands that the product(s) you decide on will help make or even damage your Amazon Business. Therefore it is essential that profitable items are selected by you (This is particularly crucial in case you are only just getting started.)

Today there are several strategies to accomplish this and numerous distinct beneficial product selection tools that accelerate the choice process.

Everything takes some time to study and money for the equipment subscriptions (which is why someone undertakes Steven’s offer to get the entire procedure accomplished for them.)

Step 2: Listing Construction

After you have selected your product, it is time to show it all in a gadget listing.

You might think that means posting an image and several descriptive words.

Though you are not going to get off that easy.

You will have to have pictures that pop out on the mobile shoppers and also utilize phrases that enhance your listing to the pinnacle of the research results quicker than you can say amazon fba!

Step 3: Supplier Selection + Inventory Management

After you have selected your product, the following item on your to-do list is deciphering what supplier you would want to place an order from.

As you’re making that choice, you should take into account whether you will wish to ship from overseas and out of your very own country (which essentially boils down to determining whether you would like to save time by delivery nationally or even spend less money by obtaining your product from China.)

Step 4: Order Processing + Returns

You like paperwork, right? Super easy isn’t it?


But that is what this next phase comes down to.

Every order needs to be tracked, and also established and have a tracking number.

Plus, if your client asks for a refund, it is in your reputation’s most compelling interests as a seller if you provide them with their money back.

Step 5: Order Tracking (Shipped, Delivered, etc.)

What in case your client claims they don’t receive their product? How can you determine what happened?

That is perfect.

This’s exactly where almost all of that work you place into that dreaded document pays off.

Those tracking numbers are incredibly significant.

Plus, as you develop your business, you will have to track thousands of products going and coming—a lot of specifics.

Step 6: Customer Service + Collect Customer Reviews

We have all done it.

You are attempting to resolve between 2 products that are different or even two individual businesses, plus you spring for the one with the excellent reviews.

It is not a question that reviews are crucial to the good results of a business.

So how could you motivate your customers to leave reviews?

Frequently, you’ve to create a review funnel working with either a contact follow-up program or a product information card loaded on your product’s upper part.

Amazon’s TOS is particular on the way you request the assessment, so watch the step of yours and stay away from stepping on Bezo’s toenails (because disobedience can suggest a suspension of your respective seller account, which usually means your “passive income” dries up much faster than a waterhole in the Sahara.)

Yeah, that sounds like an absurd policy, and if you’re gonna put in the amount of grueling work to become a Dropshipper (which, trust me, isn’t easy), you might as well bring in some REAL money.

The program that helped skyrocket my online business to$50,000+ per month teaches some of the dropshippping skills, but shows you how to monetize them in a much, MUCH more profitable way.

Step 7: Scaling Your Amazon Store

This final output is the stage that you want the store to be to when you eventually see a return on the investment.

What are Valiant Consultants Customer Reviews And Other Commentaries?

This is where it gets interesting. I always like to check out what kind of feedback can be found online. For Mayer’s program, I found A LOT. And as you’ll see, Valiant Consultants’ amazon service reviews are quite…colorful.

1. Valiant Consultants on Reddit

2. Social Media "Reviews"

3. YouTube Reviews

The Valiant Consultants reviews happen to be all over at this point. Still, Beau Crabill (who is famous and reliable in the Amazon business community) indeed goes as far as to suggest it is a total fraud.

Certainly not a great look.

4. Valiant Consultants BBB Profile Rating and Most Recent Review

What is unusual is, Valiant Consultants used-to-be BBB Accredited not too long ago, but that web page is now long gone, and this’s the one which today shows up on the site for the company. You ask yourself whether Valiant Consultants went out of business. I wonder if this’s the reason.

The statistics on this page aren’t an excellent hint. Low customer review rating as well as an F from the BBB. But occasionally, the rating itself does not see the entire story. Therefore it is better to look at consumer feedback to discover if some legitimate points are raised.


Talk about a complete nightmare. As talked about previously, Mayer’s system does not come cheap. Anyone thinking about it who will come across feedback this way would most likely run for the hills.

And I wouldn’t blame them.

Sadly, you will notice a lot more negative Valiant Consultants amazon automation reviews in case of reading is kept by you, one after another.

But, when it comes to building an online business, you have plenty of options.

And even if you’re dead set on becoming a drop shipper, you’ve got way better options than [program name].

Keep in mind, I don’t get paid to promote any of the programs I review. I personally think Amazon FBA is a lackluster business model, where you end up leaving way too much money on the table.

Is Valiant Consultants is a SCAM?

I can’t say that Valiant is a Scam since there are some reviews that are supporting them and giving good reports. Some are satisfied with their service and courses. But there are those who are not satisfy with the company product and they didn’t recommend this business.

I’m sure it’s possible to make money with this program, so it’s not a scam

It is entirely possible to build a profitable, successful online business however.

My #1 pick proves this. And unlike Valiant Consultants, it actually provides real proof of real success from real people as recently as a few days ago.

What's Amazon FBA Wholesale?

Selling in general on Amazon entails buying bulk products from the producer or maybe the product provider at a lower price, then offering them to be a reseller on Amazon for list prices.

This design enables you to offer products from established brands with present demand.

FBA platform by Amazon is the most powerful method to promote physical products online. Selling and finding Wholesale products and marketing to customers with the products they desire and need.

What's Amazon Automation?

AMZ automation isn’t a scam but only a service in which you’re obtaining a group of industry experts who’ll run your Amazon store for a fee…

The entire system is extremely transparent; you will find no hidden charges included later in the system. It is also significant from the beginning what you’re driving depending on what package you select.

This is how Valiant Consultants works:

  1. Setup: Follow their over-the-shoulder videos on how to properly set up your shop.
  2. Give our team access: Once set up, they show you how to safely give their team access to your account to manage.
  3. Grow: Once we have access let the valiant team grow your shop!

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons  Of using a Done4You Amazon Automation Service


  • NO learning curve
  • 99% Passive Sales


  • Often $25-40k in upfront cost
  • Requires a SUPER high level of trust in the provider


When looking at Steve Mayer’s “Valiant Consultants,” he has a fair (and growing) number of reviews that declare his services are much less than honest.

I can’t dismiss such glaring negative comments, so regrettably, there is no way in which I can suggest this to any person who’s searching for a DFU Amazon FBA remedy.

But in case you have acquired the $ 25k… yeah, still no, sorry. I will continue to need to motivate you to invest money elsewhere.

(I’ve also learned several rumors about a feasible Valiant Consultants type action lawsuit, so sadly, it is merely not one thing I can suggest to you guys.)

Scam Risk's Alternative Recommendation To Amazon FBA

Because it’s so hard to be a successful Amazon FBA seller and success stories are harder and harder to come across these days, we want to leave this review on an optimistic note!

Scam Risk has taken the time to sift through all the different ways to make money online and we have come across one model in particular, and the best part is that it is a truly passive income model…

Digital Real Estate

Or lead generation as some people like to call it, is the process of building and ranking a website and passing off the jobs that come through to a business owner in town.

You see a website that ranks at the top of page 1 of google is prime digital real estate. Especially in the service based industry.

Sites like those get the lions share of the traffic and calls in any market!

And that traffic is extremely valuable.

So how do you make money…?

How Can You Make Money?

A leads value varies industry to industry…but let’s just use the tree service industry as an example.

Tree service contractors are known to pay a 10-20% referral fee depending on the size of the job. And considering the average tree service job is anywhere from $500-$2,000…you’d be looking at anywhere from $50-$400 paid in referrals per job.

Now imagine for a second that you can bring consistent referrals to this guy

Are you picturing it?


Now just think back a second to the website at the top of google…that’s your referral machine!

Time for some worst case scenario math…we know how much you guys love it!

Let’s say that worse case scenario you get 10 calls a month and you’re only get %10 off each job and it happens to be a bad month of only $500 jobs…

You are still looking at getting $500 a month from just that site alone!

Not to mention your cost of upkeep is virtually non existent (90+% profit margins)!

Imagine if you had just 10 of these sites what that would look like for you.

But you say “WOAH WOAH WOAH”

“That sounds great and all…but I don’t even know how to build a site.”

Don’t worry we got you covered!

Where Do You Learn?

Scam Risk has searched deep and wide across the web and we have finally found a program that teaches this exact model and is worthy of our esteemed Scam Risk Seal Of Approval.

This program walks you through how to build one of these sites step by step, holding your hand the entire way.

On top of that you will get coaching calls twice a week where you can come hang out or have some of your questions answered.

Beyond the coaching calls, you’ll even get access to a private Facebook group that’s active 24/7 and these guys don’t get upset if PM the OG’s of the group 😉

If passive income like this sounds like something you’d be interested in…check out these videos above!

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