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Hey, I’m Joshua T Osborne.

In the video above, I show you the exact system I personally used to go from making zero dollars online…

To having a business that brings in $41,415 every single month.

Practically on autopilot!

Look, I’m not gonna lie to you…my success didn’t happen overnight. In fact, nothing really came easy for me.

I grew up in a trailer park.

I was broke most of my life.

Joshua and Danelle Osborne

And the first time I had a “successful” business, it took me years to realize what I actually had was a self-created job.

Back then, I thought success meant grinding it out nonstop. I thought 18-hour days of backbreaking work meant I was “making sh*t happen”…even though I was barely scraping by.

At the time, I didn’t understand that the key to a successful business – the key to wealth – was to build a system that works 24/ I don’t have to.

A system that generates sales – and profits – round the clock, so my time is freed up to do whatever I want:

Spend time with my family…

Work ON my business instead of in it…

Heck, even take a 3-week vacation without checking my phone once!

When I discovered this system, which I call digital real estate, all of this became possible.

Remember: that $41,415 per month comes directly from Digital Real Estate…

But it's Only The Beginning...

Because once these folks are in my world – and see how much value I bring to the table – they almost always want more.

Which is why my business as a whole brings in up to $500,000 every single month!

And now, I get to do what I love:

I get to help everyday folks get out of the grind, build their own digital real estate empires, and live life on their terms!

My System Works... Period

These Are Just Some Of My Students Now
Living Their Dream Lives:

"An All-Around Extreme Blessing For Our Family"

Kelsey Outram joined my program on January 3rd, 2020. Right after the New Year.

He’d never heard of Digital Real Estate, but as soon as I showed him the magic, he knew it was his way out.

Kelsey had the typical “golden handcuffs” situation:

A boring corporate job that paid well. Health insurance. No major problems, but he had no love for it either.

And he hated asking his boss for time off. He didn’t want someone else making decisions for him.

When Kelsey came to me, he told me he wanted to hit $10k/month in 5 years so he could quit his job.

That was his 5-YEAR goal…

Well guess what?

It only took Kelsey 6.5 months to make it happen!

Here’s what he had to say after hitting his goal:

Josh has been a great mentor to have! He’s been very open with his communication, answering any questions that come his way (I’m sure there are a lot of them). This program has been an all-around extreme blessing for our family, so we’re very grateful for everything Josh has to offer.

Kelsey is finally thinking bigger: his new 5-year goal is $50k/month, but at the rate he’s going, I bet he’ll get there in a year.

The first person he EVER approached turned into a deal…and it’s only been up from there.

“Josh is the one guy who will always drop everything to get
on a call and help you get unstuck”

Before Paul Meyers joined my program, he’d already spent over $70,000 on other trainings!

Here’s what he had to say after discovering my system:

After 24 years in the car business, I just wanted out. I wanted to build something that was truly mine. I was the GM of a Toyota dealership, which meant for 19 years I’d come in every morning and spend all day dealing with other people’s problems. I was done. Josh showed me how to reach out to potential clients in a way that makes them excited to get on the phone with me. And he’s always willing to help. I landed a $150,000 deal that, in all honesty, was more than I could handle alone. Josh helped us nail this project for the client, and he didn’t charge one penny for all the extra time he spent. Josh is the one guy who will always drop everything to get on a call and help you get unstuck. He really wants to see you nail it. This program has a team of great coaches, but it’s all because they’ve got an amazing leader right at the top. I’ve spent over $70,000 on different courses, programs and mentors. There’s nobody out there like Josh. Nobody.

Paul finally got out of the car business. No more dealing with whiny employees or unreasonable customers.

In fact, Paul and his partner recently just cut a bunch of clients. They had to, because a couple months ago, Paul landed a $500,000 client. That’s ONE client paying him half a million bucks!

Overall, Paul’s business has exploded since joining my program. From August 2019 to August 2020, they brought in over $1.8 million total!

Keep in mind, Paul had almost no digital marketing experience before coming to me. Now, he’s got a lineup of nationwide companies knocking on his door.

"Josh Is Like The One Professor Who Actually Wants You To Get An A"

Demetrius Spates spent ten years of his life building someone else’s business.

Out of the house at 5am every day, and regularly pulling 12-18 hour days.

Since the pay was good, Demetrius thought he was “successful, getting ahead, living the dream”.

Then one day he snapped out of it. He realized he was running himself into the ground to make his boss rich. He could land a million-dollar client for the company, but his take-home pay stayed the same.

Once Demetrius realized he could work just as hard for himself and own everything, his entire mindset changed:

When I joined in June 2019, Josh asked me how many Digital Rental Properties I wanted by the end of the year. I said 10. And Josh basically slapped me through the phone. He told me I was thinking way too small. And he was right. A year after I joined, I’m sitting on exactly 100 digital rental properties. Josh is like the one professor who actually wants you to get an A. He showed me how to take the skills he teaches and bring them to other industries. He showed me how to look for opportunities when everything shut down in March, I started a new company with some partners. We did $40 million in sales in just 90 days. Josh is always willing to give his time to help you get ahead. My kids are 8 and 9, and their college funds are already good to go. He’s the real deal. Even if you’ve never done marketing before, these skills WILL make you money

I always try to show my students how to find the opportunities in everything. And Demetrius is the best example of how it’s done.

One of his tenants couldn’t keep up with all the customers Demetrius was sending him. Since the business was local, Demetrius took some of the jobs himself.

Then he hired someone to start taking the jobs.

Now, Demetrius has a side business that makes him $4,500 a month in pure profit. And he doesn’t even touch it. It runs almost entirely without him, and he just gets paid!

Another example:

Before everything shut down, Demetrius took a 3-week vacation with his whole family (something he could never do when he was stuck at his old 18-hours-a-day job).

On that trip, he signed a deal that paid for his whole vacation, and gave him some profits on top of that!

"A Total Game Changer For My Business And My Family"

Larry Powell used to work 60 hours a week in a plywood mill…on the swing shift.

Meaning he’d get home at 4am most days, sleep until noon, and barely have any time to spend with his family.

Larry didn’t want to miss watching his kids grow up, so he started looking for ways to make money online.

He did ok before he found me. His best month he made around $2,000. Not bad, but not enough to quit his job either.

Then Larry joined my program:

Josh changed my mindset...he gave me an entrepreneur mindset. It completely elevated my business and things just took off from there. I’m making $7,500 a month consistently. This time next year, we’ll be closer to $20k/month. But the best part isn’t the money. I’ve got two kids and I get to spend all day with them. My wife and I are from opposite sides of the country. Since I can work from anywhere, we’ve been able to go back and forth to spend time with both our families. When things shut down, we decided to move to California for 2 months. Got a house right on the beach, because why not? Josh is one of those guys who genuinely cares about his students’ success. He’s always willing to get on a Zoom call and help you out. This program’s been a total game changer for my business and my family.

Last November, Larry took a trip to the Bahamas with his family. They spent a few days doing charter boat tours. That’s where you get to take a private boat to a secret beach, or go scuba diving or deep sea fishing.

Charter boat tours are expensive. Larry was dropping like $500 a day on these trips. So, using what I taught him, he struck a deal with the captain.

That deal basically paid for his trip, and the captain’s calendar is fully booked. Larry’s planning to go back to the Bahamas this winter, and this time he gets a week of boat trips completely free!

"Josh Showed Me How To Find Opportunities In A Disaster"

Grant Garab thought he’d be in the Marine Corps for life…

Then he got hurt.

Suddenly he needed a new plan:

After my injury, I knew my days in the service were coming to an end. I needed a way to replace my Marine Corps income. I saw what Josh was doing with Digital Real Estate and knew there was money here. But I was a dum-dum... The only thing I knew about computers was how to go to That’s it. But I had to make it work, so I did. When I joined Josh’s program, I’d made exactly zero dollars online. But since working with Josh, I did over $49,000 my best month. Of course I miss the service, but I missed my kids more. When I was on deployment, I’d be gone for 7-9 months every two years. Now I get to call my own shots. Before things shut down, I was coaching both my kids’ sports teams. Josh showed me how to find opportunities in a disaster. Not just my injury either… When everything shut down, I started reaching out to businesses that were about to close their doors. Josh showed me how to get these places back on their feet. But because they didn’t have cash, I’d help them out for free...and take a piece of the business instead of payment. Now I’m a part owner in a bunch of different businesses. And they’re all doing better than ever before

Again and again, Grant finds a way to make the best of a bad situation.

When things went crazy, he took his family down to Florida for a little 5-day trip. They ended up staying there for 3 months.

Seriously, they just didn’t come back…all he needed was his laptop, and schools were closed, so they just set up shop down there.

And Grant’s business grew…a lot!

In fact, he’s doing so well he bought his wife a brand-new tricked out SUV. And he bought a second home down in Florida!

Guess he really liked it down there…

Ready To Make This Your Reality?

Look: as long as you’re willing to invest in yourself, my system will work for you.

And you're Not Alone...

Look: as long as you’re willing to invest in yourself, my system will work for you.

And you’re not alone…

You’ve basically got 24/7 access to me.

Anytime you need help, I’ll jump on Zoom and walk you through your sticking points step by step.

But you’ve also got a whole community backing you up.

All these guys – Kelsey, Paul, Demetrius, Larry and Grant – are active in our community.

They’re just as willing to answer your questions and help you out if you’ve got any problems.

All You Gotta Do Is Make The First Move.

Book a call with me and my team, we’ll make sure it’s a good fit for both sides, and then the sky’s the limit.

Let’s make your dream life a reality.

Just hit the button below, and we’ll make it happen.

Joshua T. Osborne
Founder, BadAss Marketers

DISCLAIMER: It’s a rather simple disclaimer. All the success stories, my success and any success you see on my pages are the TRUTH. Nothing is being hidden nor blown out of proportion. However, this DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL MAKE ANYTHING using this system. The reason is we are extraordinary people, meaning we work very hard to obtain this success, so since I don’t know you or your work ethic, it is impossible for any guarantee. There may even be a possibility you will lose money. It is like the gym, if you don’t show up, you lose your gym membership money. The same goes here.

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