TI net Worth (2022 Update)

T.I. is well-known as one of the best rappers to popularize the hip hop subgenre of trap music.

Let’s learn more about TI’s way to success and his net worth this 2022. He has been called one of the best hip hop artist of this generation. His first album titled “I’m Serious” was just that. This record executive won’t stop anytime soon. Before we go any further….

TI Net Worth 2022

But How Did He Make His Money?

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Still Getting Paid

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Net Worth:

$60 million


41 years old


September 25, 1980

Country of Origin:

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Source of Wealth

Singing, songwriting, producing

Last Updated


T.I. is a rapper, singer, actor, record producer, songwriter, and businessman from the United States. He is best known by the names T.L. Rubber Band Man, King of South, and Tip.

early Life

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.’s date of birth was on September 25, 1980, in Atlanta, Georgia. Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. Clifford Harris Sr. and Violeta Morgan are his parents. His grandparents raised him in the Center Hill neighborhood of Atlanta. When he was young, his nickname was like the stage name “Tip,” which he got from his grandfather.

When he was only eight years old, T.I. began to rap. He went to Doughlass High School, but he eventually dropped out to start a career in music. T.I. sold drugs after he graduated from high school, which got him arrested several times. He was called “Rubber Band Man” because he wore rubber bands on his wrist to show how much money he was making. “Rubber Band Man” was one of the first songs the rapper put out as a single.

His father was from New York City. Alzheimer’s disease made things hard for his father.

TI has six children, Deyjah Imani Harris (17 June 2001), Domani Harris (16 March 2001), Clifford Joseph Harris III (25 August 2004), Messiah Ya’Majesty Harris (2 February 2000), Major Philant Harris (2008), Heiress Diana Harris (2016).


T.I. is the self proclaimed “King of the South”

His first album “I’m Serious” has been certified Gold.

He has worked with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Timbaland, and the Neptunes.

Success Clues Of TI

For his first major-label deal, he signed with LaFace in 1999. Later, he formed the southern hip hop trio P$C, as well as his long-time pals and fellow Atlanta rappers Big Kunty King, AK, Mac Boney, and C-Rod.

His departure from Arista led him to join Atlantic Records. It was in 2003 that he founded Grand Hustle Records, his own label imprint.

Harris has produced several studio albums. It is estimated that seven of his albums have sold more than one million copies. With the number-one success of his track “Live Your Life,” he joined a select group of musicians who have had a song from their own record dethrone another song from the top of the charts and occupy the first and second spots on the list simultaneously.

When he appeared on Atlanta rapper Bone Crusher’s hit record label “Never Scared” in 2003, he started to get widespread attention.

He made a lot of money at the time with the release of his studio album “Trap Muzik,” (Trap Music) which included songs from the Top 40. During this time, he’s become quite well-known in the United States.

Next, he and Lil’ Wayne performed on the popular song “Soldier” by Destiny’s Child. “Urban Legend” was the debut album of rapper T.I. that year. It was his third number-one record, “Paper Trail,” released in 2008, and his most commercially successful to date.

Pharrell Williams and T.I. collaborated on Robin Thicke’s hit single “Blurred Lines,” which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. His 10-year contract with Atlantic Records terminated in 2013, thus he signed with Columbia Records. “Dime Trap” and “Paperwork” were both released by him in 2018.

Additionally, Harris also established a successful acting career. He appeared in films such as “ATL,” “Takers,” “Get Hard,” “Identity Thief,” and “Ant-Man” and the sequel. T.I.’s Road to Redemption,” “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” and “The Grand Hustle” also starred Harris.

On the other hand, “Power & Beauty” and “Trouble & Triumph” are T.I.’s two published books.

Featured Clifford's Best Quotes Quotes

TI Net Worth
"I don't care what you do for you respect, but I would die for mine."
TI Net Worth
"I don't think there's anything wrong with sitting down with people as long as you understand that there are needs to be met and purposes to be served."
TI Net Worth
"I got most of my style from people around me who I knew personally."TI Net Worth


American Rapper TI rose to stardom after appearing on Bone Crusher’s 2003 song “Never Scared.” “Bring Em Out”, “Whatever You Like”, “Live Your Life” (with Rihanna), “Dead and Gone” (containing Justin Timberlake), “Ball” (featuring Lil Wayne), and “No Mediocre” (featuring Iggy Azalea).

He’s recorded over eight studio albums, with seven reaching the top five on the US Billboard 200 list. Some of which are Trap Muzik, Trouble Man: Significant Maybe the Mind, Urban Legend, I am Severe, King, T.I. vs. T.I.P., Paper Trail, No Mercy, and Paperwork.

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