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The Dark Side Of
"Passive Income"

Ah, passive income…the promise of every “get rich quick” guru since before the internet existed.

It’s a nice idea, right? 

Lay on the beach, travel the world, spend time with your family, never worrying about anything…

Work just a few minutes a day, mostly just opening your laptop every morning to check how much money you made while you were asleep, then back to enjoying life. 

Awesome, huh?

Well, not exactly. If this sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is.

You’re smart enough to know that this idea of “passive income” is more of a dream than any reality. 

And ironically, most of the gurus selling you this idea of passive income work countless hours to try and convince you they don’t work at all!

Here’s the annoying truth about passive income…you’ll never be completely hands-off. 

And there are 3 reasons why:

Reason #1: That’s not what “passive” means

Let’s get something straight: “passive income” doesn’t mean “never look at anything or do any work and just get paid to sit around.”

It means that you’re not actively working for money at the moment. You’re not trading time for dollars. It means you’ve put systems in place to produce money so you can step away from time to time. 

That’s still a pretty sweet deal, and it definitely beats clocking in, clocking out, and being told when you can take a vacation.

Reason #2: Nobody talks about the upfront work

Yes, passive income takes work. No matter what anyone tells you, you can’t just buy a magical money-printing machine that saves you from your problems.

You have to actually do the work to set up systems that make money whether or not you’re actively working. 

And believe it or not, that’s actually a good thing!

Because passive income takes work, most people won’t do it…which means less competition and more money for the folks who do. Like you, maybe?

Reason #3: You literally can’t be hands-off…because of psychology

This part’s just human nature. Once we get our hands on something great – especially something that makes us money and allows us to leave a crappy job and live life on our own terms – we can’t just let it go. 

We’ve found the golden goose…the thing that has freed us from a life of mediocrity and disappointment. So as humans, we’re going to nurture that thing and make sure it never stops producing. 

It’s a paradox…we find passive income, and we can’t ever let it be truly passive.

This is the dark side of passive income…

But here’s the thing: it’s still better than having a job. And if you can scale your income to whatever level you want to afford the life you want, you’re still free.

You’re still living life on your own terms.

Still Interested In Passive Income?

Then you may want to check out Digital Real Estate. 

Digital Real Estate is a truly passive income system. That means:

  1. Your income is no longer directly tied to your time. You still need to check on your systems to make sure they’re working, but you can also step away for a few days or weeks without everything crashing down.
  2. You do have to put in the work upfront. This isn’t some magic pill. BUT, if you trust the process, and follow the systems (which most people won’t) you can actually have money come in while you’re sleeping!
  3. You won’t even want to take your hands fully off the wheel, because with Digital Real Estate, your systems will be helping real people live a better life (not just yourself). And that fulfillment will keep you happily involved…the difference is, it’ll be entirely on your terms. 

If this reality of true passive income sounds good to you, click here to learn more about Digital Real Estate!

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