Tatiana James Net Worth (2022 Update): From Zero To A 7-Figure Entrepreneur

Digital entrepreneur Tatiana James has built everything she has from scratch.

With her natural wit and workaholic nature, she changed the trajectory of her life from nothing to a $20 million net worth.

Tatiana James Net Worth
But How Did She Make Her Money?

The one thing that’s well-known about ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWs) – the folks worth at least $30 million USD – is that virtually ALL of them have some part of their fortune in real estate.

Many of the more famous rich people and “celebrity entrepreneurs” actually got their start in real estate. And that’s great for them! Not so much for us…

See, more millionaires are created during recessions than any other part of the economic cycle. Which is cool, except the last real recession was 2008, when real estate prices were in the tank and you could buy a whole neighborhood with $100,000.

Now, though, real estate prices are through the roof, and interest rates are skyrocketing too. So how does the everyday person start building a massive net worth in an economy like this one?

Have you considered Digital Real Estate?

The internet’s been around for decades, but the possibility of actually owning high-value pieces of property ON the internet is fairly new.

In other words, it’s a wide open playing field…but it won’t stay that way forever.

Here’s a quick summary of how Digital Real Estate works:

You invest a little money (maybe around $100) to either purchase or build a piece of “land” on the internet.

You specifically place this “land” in a high-traffic area, where lots of people pass through (just like traditional real estate, it’s all about Location, Location, Location).

The folks who pass through your “land” all happen to be looking for a specific product or service, so you “rent” your land to a business owner who happens to offer that product or service.

The business owner pays you $500 to $2,000 a month to “rent” your Digital Real Estate, because it helps them connect with their ideal customers.

Think of it like buying a strip mall, or an office space, just on the internet, for WAAAAYYY less money and headache.

Still Getting Paid

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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Tatiana James…

Net Worth:

$20 million




March 10, 1994

Country of Origin:


Source of Wealth

Digital Entrepreneur

Last Updated


Tatiana James built her own name in the industry by selling fitness items on Amazon. She became more popular because of her educational YouTube channel videos and a set of Amazon FBA and Kindle book publishing courses.

Tatiana James’s channel also shows people how to start great e-commerce businesses on Amazon and Shopify and how to be financially independent.

YouTube channels make money through serving ads, and Tatiana James YouTube channel brings in $1,200 per month and $17,9300 per year. On average, Tatiana James makes about $24 million a year.

Tatiana James married digital entrepreneur Stefan James.

early Life

Tatiana James Bio And Early Life

Tatiana James was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She started working when she was eleven years old, and at such a young age, she had already learned the value of every dollar.

Tatiana James started working as a waitress while studying at university and used her little spare time to build up her Amazon business. It turned into a success, prompting Tatiana James to put the small amount of money she saved from working as a waitress into her business.


Tatiana James Net Worth

Tatiana James’s website interest in online business-related topics helped her grow. Later, she ventured into writing as Stefan James recommended and published several books. Tatiana James decided she didn’t want to write anymore and found out about Amazon FBA.

Tatiana James started her “The Amazing Selling Machine” course to teach people how to use Amazon FBA. Her courses also teach about Kindle book publishing and affiliate marketing. In addition, Tatiana James sell things on Amazon, including waist trainers.

Her first big traffic came from her online business, Amazon brand Luxx Health. Tatiana James talked about growing her Amazon brand Luxx Health, and by 2014, her one-product store now had three products. Tatiana James revealed that she makes $50,000 a month through Amazon.

Tatiana James made a million dollars on her own by the time she was 24. Since then, she has been working toward her mission.

How Does She Do It?

Tatiana Jamess Net Worth

Tatiana Jame Success Clues

One: treat your work as a hobby.
Two: when you think you can’t, you must.
Three: keep pushing down the accelerator.

Featured Tatiana James' Best Quotes Of All Time Quotes

"If you feel a little lost and don't know what to do, just start somewhere. if it's not the right fit, it will lead you down another path. in hindsight you'll see how everything is connected."
"I am choosing to focus on the imbalance i created and learn how to get comfortable with not doing, with just being present, with not needing to be being hyper-productive all the time."
"I think a lot of us strive for success so that we can experience more freedom in life. only to create the success, and end up with less freedom than we originally had."
"the greates benefit of financial freedom is not being able to afford nice things or anything that involves the actual spending of the money. the greates benefit is freeing up my time."


Everyone can do it like Tatiana James. Ethnicity, gender, and status don’t matter in business. As long as you’re willing to push yourself and see what you’re capable of.

With a $20 million net worth, Tatiana James believes that experience is the best way to learn how to be an entrepreneur.

Seeing how she came from nothing to the huge success she is now; it doesn’t hurt to try doing it like her. Tatiana James’s net worth will continue to rise due to her hard work ethic.

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