Summit1g Net Worth (2022 Update)

Jaryd Lazar, better known as Summit1g, is a renowned Twitch streamer. It was in Counter Strike: Global Offensive that he made his professional debut. As of 2022, Summit1g’s estimated net worth is $7.5 million.

Summit1g Net Worth Update

But how did he make his money?

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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Summit1g…

Net Worth:

$7.5 million




April 27, 1987

Country of Origin:


Source of Wealth

American streamer and gamer

Last Updated


Summit1g‘, Jaryd Lazar, was the professional in streaming game on Twitch, making him one of the Twitch’s biggest stars of all time.

Ex-esports player also played for A51 and Team Mythic, two recreational teams. CS:GO, PUBG, Apex Legends, Valorant, H1Z1, Fortnite, and Warzone are just a few of the prominent games that Summit1g has played.

For the past eight years, the American former competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player has been broadcasting on Twitch. Even though he started off streaming only CS:GO, Summit1g has grown to be known for playing a wide range of games throughout the years, frequently setting major trends with games he enjoys, such as Sea of Thieves and GTA V RP.

On Twitch, he has more 6.1 million Twitch subs. For his marathon streaming, Lazar is well known. These streams may continue for more than ten hours, and occasionally more than 12.

In 2020, he will get a multi-year exclusive contract with Twitch because of his consistent viewership.

early Life

Orange County, California is where he was born on April 23, 1987. Colorado Springs is where Jaryd lives with his younger brother.

As a youngster, Jaryd was a huge fan of playing video games. Jaryd, a teenager at the time, was captivated by a CS competition conducted at the business one day.

In December of that year, he began working with “Exertus Sports,” which was the beginning of his professional career. During the ESEA Invite Season 15 – North America Qualifier Tier in 2013, Lazar finished eighth.

To join a North American squad created by Carey “frozt” Kertenian and Trey “tck” Martin, Jaryd competed in the Clutch Con event in 2015. Summit1g married Desirae Lazar, another Twitch streamer, in 2013.

In 2016, the couple divorced, and no one has revealed the reason for the split. Some say the former couple met in 2007 and dated for nine years.

An avid Twitch broadcaster with over 445,000 followers, Lilchiipmunk, is Summit1girlfriend. g’s Her ancestry is mixed with traces of both Vietnamese and Romanian culture.


From 2013 forward, Summit1g began routinely broadcasting on Twitch. The professional streamer, on the other hand, took a step back from CS:GO competition in 2017 in order to concentrate completely on broadcasting. In the past, his admirers have adored him for his gaming prowess and charismatic character.

He makes most of his money through Twitch viewers, YouTube channel subscribers, products, sponsorship deals, ad revenue and video game deals, to name a few. Twitch tracker estimates that he has 434 million total viewers in his Twitch streams.

He now has 5.84 million Twitch followers and 693,000 YouTube subscribers. Using data from Twitch Tracker, Summit1g makes anywhere between $36,000 and $80,000 a month from Twitch subscribers, one of the most successful Twitch streamers.

Summit1g has made a lot of money playing competitive video games throughout the years. Esports Earnings estimates the streamer’s earnings from competitive CS:GO at $1000. When he streamed Mythic’s run CS:GO in the ECS qualifications, he reached a peak of roughly 90,000 viewers.

Competitively playing Apex Legends, Summit1g has earned a total of around 3833. Just at 2019 Twitch Rivals: ALC NA Apex Legends event, he finished 6th and earned $1500 in prize money.

G-Fuel, Corsair, Audio Technica, CyberPower PC, and Samsung are just a few of Summit1corporate g’s partners. Design by Humans now carries his own line of products. A free-to-play tactical first-person shooter created by Riot Games, Valorant, was discussed by Lazar back in April of 2020.

While Summit1gaming g’s gear isn’t limited to his sponsors, he also uses Corsair’s K70 RGB Mk.2 keyboard, a custom Secret Labs chair, and Audio Technica microphones and headsets as well.

How Does He Do It?

Summit1g Success Clues

One: To create something new is the art of innovation.

Two: You can be successful at something you are comfotable with.

Three: Having a unique and honest opinion is better than sugarcoating.

Featured Summit1g Best Quotes Of All Time! Quotes

"Just do something in your life."
Summit1g Net Worth Update
"Still have an uncomfortable feeling that if I can fix I know I’ll be better. I still have to think about my aim too much while everyone else just gets to try and play smart."
"Still have an uncomfortable feeling that if I can fix I know I’ll be better. I still have to think about my aim too much while everyone else just gets to try and play smart."
"The competitive side in me has been coming out lately."
"I kinda like Fortnite no build. It’s chill."
"I'm mad that I'm late to the Sniper Elite 5 party. But I made it."
"I gotta chill on the toxicity in cs. Feel like my 16 year old self being an ass lol. My L taking requires salt apparently."
"I don’t understand how, but aiming with a small vs a big crosshair is night and day difference on how comfortable I am moving around and aiming. I’m weird."


Summit1g Events

Summit1g Events

Jaryd Lazar, a.k.a. ‘Summit1g,’ was a Twitch sensation for his work as a professional streamer of video games.

Also played for two recreational teams A51 and Team Mythic as an ex-esports player. Just a handful of Summit1most g’s popular games include: CS:GO, PUBG, Apex Legends, Valorant, H1Z1, Fortnite, and Warzone.

Ex-competitive CSGO player from the United States has been streaming for the past eight years on Twitch. Aside from his sponsors, Summit1gaming also utilizes Corsair’s K70 RGB Mk.2 keyboard, Secret Labs bespoke chair, and Audio Technica microphone and headphone gear.

Summit1g’s net worth as of the year 2022 is approximately $7.5 million.

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