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Streak CRM Review

Nowadays, small businesses need better ways to keep up with their customers, and with the advent of customer relationship management software, it’s never been easier.

So, we’re going to review Streak CRM to see if it really is the best customer relations management software available.

We’ll talk about whether Streak CRM is right for your business.

And at the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Streak CRM and customer relations management in general.

But most importantly, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

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Table of Contents

Streak CRM Reviews: Overview

A browser plugin that is integrated with Gmail to simplify your email workflows.


Here are a few Pros of Streak CRM

  • Excellent free CRM
  • Sits discreetly within your Gmail inbox
  • Enables you to create and handle any process
  • Provides excellent productivity tools like mail merge, email tracking, and snippets


Here are a few Cons of Streak CRM

  • Only works with Gmail.
  • Lacks the features of a fully-fledged CRM

Learn Streak's terminology

Streak uses a combination of boxes, columns, stages, and pipelines to supply a robust CRM. Here is a brief description of each before we move through the setup process.

  • Pipelines: any process or workflow that includes several measures.
  • Stages: the guidelines or goals which comprise a pipeline.
  • Boxes: This is Where most information about your leads, applicants, customers, and contacts are stored. Boxes move through the different phases of your pipeline.
  • Columns: the layout of info that you’d like to collect and store in just a box.

Streak Pricing and Cost: Streak CRM Review

Streak pricing varies from free to $129 per user monthly. Its most popular plan is $49 per user monthly.

  • Free Plan: With the Free Plan, user get private pipelines, 500 boxes, fifty mail merge each day, email tracking and snippets, G Suite integrations, auto-boxing, mobile access, and basic CRM.
  • Solo Plan: $15 per consumer per month. You receive the following… private pipelines, 5000 boxes, 800 mail merge daily, email tracking and snippets, G Suite integrations, basic CRM, auto-boxing, mobile access, and email support.
  • Pro Plan: $49 per user monthly. Its packaged with individual pipelines, shared pipelines, unlimited boxes, 1500 mail merges daily, email monitoring and snippets, G Suite integrations, mobile access, autoboxing, advanced CRM, basic API, basic data validation, basic permissions, and email support.
  • Enterprise Plan: $129 per user monthly. It comes with the following: private pipelines, shared pipelines, unlimited boxes, 1,500 mail merges each day, email tracking and snippets, G Suite integration, mobile access, autoboxing, advanced CRM, Webhook API, customized data validation, priority support, custom permissions, and customized billing.

What is Streak CRM?

Streak is a CRM that works out-of-the-box with your Gmail account, plus it assists you to manage all of your emails.

Using customizable workflows, Streak allows you to monitor various sales, recruitment, and project management processes.

It will also assist you in handling varying customer profiles by quickly organizing all of their relevant contact information, individual details, and attached files.

The Streak CRM comes with a range of other resources to boost efficiencies, like mail merge, email tracking, along with pre-written templates.

You can also delegate duties, set reminders, and share pipelines to facilitate collaboration with a user within your company.

Tips on how to Use Streak CRM

Streak CRM could be slightly tricky to go through when you first get started.

Nevertheless, it’s an appealing style and is easy to use the moment you familiarize yourself.

Below, I will go through the simple steps you have to get on with Streak.

Install the Streak extension

The primary step is adding the Streak extension from both the Chrome Web Store or Safari Extension Gallery.

You will not be able to use the application on other browsers at this point, which could be a minimal drawback.

As Streak integrates exclusively into Gmail, you are going to need to provide access to your inbox.

Set up your pipelines

Once you have installed Streak, you can begin creating various workflows for your business. As mentioned earlier, Streak uses pipelines for multiple processes.

For example, I use streak pipeline to manage leads from initial outreach all the way through to closed customers. I also use a separate pipeline to organize projects from the idea stage through to completion.

While you can make your own pipelines from scratch, Streak provides many pre-built guides for various business processes, including recruitment, support tickets, projects, investment deals, and much more.

You can create pipelines to control some kind of workflow within your business.

Add your stages

After selecting a pipeline to observe, you make sure to start incorporating various stages into your pipelines. Stages will be the single steps or milestones in your workflow and represent just how a product moves from beginning to end.

For instance, the phases in my pipeline are ****Lead > Demo > Negotiating > Closed Lost > Closed Won****.

You can add or even remove stages when needed and delegate shades for quick reference.

Customize Your Columns

Once you have built your workflow, you will need to establish the info you wish to record, so that every pertinent information is easily organized right before you.

Streak displays the info in columns, and also you can either include, move, or delete the info as needed.

You can actually build a kind of contact information by customizing fields with dropdown, date, checkboxes, or maybe freeform columns.

A helpful feature that I have just recently begun utilizing is Streak’s Magic Columns. These’re immediately generated columns from information collected by Streak.

Add Emails to a Box

Streak stores all information on your leads, clients, or candidates in a centralized location known as a’ box’. Boxes are represented in your pipeline as one row.

Also, you can send a package through the different phases of your respective pipeline.

When you get an email, you will need to designate it to a box to display in your CRM and before you can begin tracking info.

Streak enables you to include emails from your inbox (clicking the package icon and containing a name), from a contact thread, and when you’re creating a brand new email.

Manage Your Boxes

When you want to see more info about a private conversation, you can click through to see a box.

This is exactly where you can get everything associated with emails, call logs, notes, files, and column info.

You can quickly see any changes made utilizing the schedule feature, assign upcoming jobs, and set follow-up reminders.

There’s a considerable amount of info readily available within each package. You can also personalize the format or may be information based on your needs.

What I Like About Streak

Streak is a well-packaged, lean application that includes the ease of Gmail with a robust CRM. While it might not be very much at first glance, Streak has a few effective functions underneath the hood that will simplify your email workflow and boost efficiency.

Below, I will talk about what I love about working with Streak and why you could think about following it for your business.

Let’s get started.

Ability to create any type of workflow

One of the most remarkable points about Streak would be that you can use CRM to keep track of any kind of workflow.

While a CRM is used primarily to handle consumer interactions, Streak takes it 1 step even further. It enables you to construct workflows around everyday tasks for your business.

While I use Streak to track fresh leads. I also develop pipelines to monitor emails about tasks and control my recruitment – I successfully utilize Streak as my Applicant Tracking Software.

Basically, any procedure you can deconstruct into its basic elements will be re-constructed as a workflow in Streak.

For instance, you may like to build a ticketing pipeline to prioritize and control IT assistance or even put up an editorial workflow to improve content creation.

The Streak may also upgrade different applications that you might be using way too often, providing substantial savings on month-to-month subscriptions.

Outstanding team collaboration capabilities

While I am the only person who uses Streak in my business, the software program comes with several outstanding collaboration features.

You can make teams (e.g., Sales Team A) assign various roles and permissions for every (owners, users, payer only) and share several pipelines.

Sharing a pipeline guarantees you have a central location where others in your team can see contact info and help manage a specific workflow.

You can also designate particular containers to users, including comments, assigning things with due dates, and setting reminders.

Email power tools

Streak is a powerful CRM, and also, to get the best from it, I recommend using their email power tools. These power tools include email monitoring, mail merge, snippets (pre-written emails), and a thread splitter.

Many of these characteristics work seamlessly within your inbox and allow you to do the job much more effectively, and provide invaluable insight into what is and is not operating.

Email scheduling and reminders

One feature which I use often is the snooze button and not only at the start of an early morning!

Snooze allows you to temporarily archive a contact and take it to the pinnacle of your inbox at a later day – much like the Boomerang Gmail extension.

For instance, if I receive a email on Friday afternoon that I don’t wish to reply to until Monday, I could simply ‘snooze’ the email by clicking on the clock icon. I will choose a preferred time and date. The email will be archived and re-appeared in my inbox on Monday morning when I am prepared to act.

If you like to use the snooze characteristic, you will need to ensure the dialogue view is enabled in Gmail.

You can furthermore include messages being delivered at a particular time.

For instance, if you are writing an email late at night and don’t like the possibility of getting it until morning, you can pick a date/time, and Streak will instantly send your email.

Effective free plan

Finally, Streak is free software.

While the company comes with a paid plan, you can use most capabilities with the free version like unlimited pipelines, mail merge, email tracking (limited to 200 per month), and basic CRM features (tasks, custom columns, contact details, reminders, etc.).

For a freelancer or perhaps small business owner, the free version provides exceptional value.

Streak CRM Weaknesses:

Below, I will go through everything you may have to think about before utilizing Streak in your business.

Lacks some functionality found in a top tier CRM.

Streak is a plugin designed for Gmail.

It can lack some options that come with a dedicated CRM platform. For instance, the software’s automation capabilities and reporting/forecasting functionality are limited.

In comparison, Zoho CRM (free) allows you to create workflow rules to replace specific fields automatically, send email messages, and put tags if particular circumstances are met.

You can create complex workflows for many phases of the product sales process and sales pipeline.

Streak does not have this particular kind of functionality. However, it can offer a simple CRM that will help you regulate many connections across many pipelines.

Streak depends on G Suite.

Streak is a niche product. The platform is built solely for Google and just functions with Gmail and across G Suite (Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, etc.).

Additionally, you can only use Streak on Google Chrome and Safari. The company doesn’t currently support various other email suppliers and browsers.

While this means obvious limits for Outlook computer users, it is not always a terrible idea. Streak knows its audience and caters nicely to their needs.

If you are currently utilizing Gmail, Streak is a great add-on that allows you to handle your workflow from your inbox. In case you’re using a different email provider, Zoho CRM is a great free alternative.

Is Streak CRM perfect for you?

Streak is perfect for small businesses and freelancers currently using Gmail. It is inexpensive, incredibly customizable, plus integrates seamlessly with different Google resources you might be using.

Streak does miss out on full-fledged CRM functions. Which could mean it might not be appropriate for bigger businesses that require superior workflow automation and in-depth reporting/forecasting.

Nevertheless, as my business is not very complex, that is not very much of a problem. I basically use Streak to handle different workflows (sales, recruitment, project management) and do the job much more effectively within my inbox.

Streak has a centralized spot to keep all of my contacts’ info and efficiently manages every interaction I’ve had with a customer or lead. If needed, I can collaborate with staff and use a selection of adequate resources (mail merge, snippets, and even email tracking) to save some time and attain greater outcomes.

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