Steve Carell Net Worth (2022 Update): The America’s Funniest Man

From both film and television, Steve Carell has been making everyone laugh until they piss their pants. With a net worth of $80 million, he’s one of America’s most versatile comics.

Steve Carell Net Worth
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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Steve Carell…

Net Worth:

$80 million




Aug 16, 1962

Country of Origin:


Source of Wealth

Comedian, Actor, Voice Actor, And Film Producer

Last Updated


Steve Carell is an American actor and comedian best known for playing Michael Scott on the long-running NBC comedy show “The Office”.

In the first few years of “The Office,” Steve Carell made $175,000 per episode and $300,000 when it reached its peak.

Steve Carell also appeared in a series of popular movies such as “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” “Evan Almighty,” Date Night,” and “Beautiful Boy.”

Steve Carrell earned $500,000 for his role in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” which made him a star. “Evan Almighty” brought him $5 million while “Date Night” made $12.5 million, and “Crazy, Stupid, Love” made $15 million.

He also runs his own business called Carousel Productions.

early Life

Early Life Steven Carell

Steven John Carell was born on August 16, 1962, in Concord, Massachusetts. Edwin Carell, his father, worked as an electrical engineer, and Harriet Theresa, his mother, worked as a psychiatric nurse.

Steve Carell is the youngest with three older brothers. He grew up in Acton, Massachusetts while playing the fife and performing with his family.

He went to Middlesex School in high school and played ice hockey and lacrosse. In 1984, he graduated with a Degree in History at Denison University in Ohio.

Steve Carell joined the student comedy group Burpee’s Seedy Theatrical Company and worked as a DJ at WDUB under the name “Sapphire Steve Carell” while he was at Denison.


Steve Carells Net Worth

Early on in his career, Steve Carell was a member of a traveling children’s theater group. He also acted in the comedy musical “Knat Scatt Private Eye” and in a commercial for Brown’s Chicken from 1989.

Steve Carell joined the Chicago comedy group The Second City in 1991, and that same year, he had his film debut in the comedy-drama “Curly Sue.”

In 1996, Steve Carell got his career off the ground when he joined the cast of the sketch comedy show “The Dana Carvey Show.”

Steve Carell also had lead roles in several short-lived TV shows in the late 1990s and early 2000s, such as “Over the Top” (1997), and “Watching Ellie” (2002-2003).

He continued appearing on TV shows and movies the following year. He appeared in the film “Bruce Almighty” as Evan Baxter together with Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman. Steve Carell also did “Wake Up Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” (2004), and “Come to Papa” (2004).

Steve Carell played the role of Michael Scott in the American version of the British show “The Office” in 2005. The show is a fake documentary about life at Dunder Mifflin, a medium-sized company that sells paper.

Even though the first season didn’t do very well, the show was renewed for a second season because the producers thought that Steve Carell’s upcoming movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” (2005) would help the show.

Steve Carell still worked on theatrical films while filming The Office. He worked on Evan Almighty while the second season of The Office was on hiatus.

He also did the voice of Gru in the animated family movie “Despicable Me,” which came out in 2010. In “Despicable Me 2” (2013) and “Despicable Me 3,” he played Gru again (2017). Carell left “The Office” in 2011 so he could focus on his film career, but he came back for the series finale in 2013.

After The Office became a huge hit, Steve Carell won a Golden Globe Award and a Television Critics Association Award in 2006. He was also nominated for six Primetime Emmy Awards between 2006 and 2011.

After he leaving The Office, Steve Carell starred on the 2014 true-crime drama film “Foxcatcher” with Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum. He was nominated for both the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor and the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as John Eleuthère du Pont.

In 2015, his role in “The Big Short” earned him another Best Actor Golden Globe nomination.

How Does He Do It?

Steve Carells Net Worth

Steve Carell Success Clues

One: never be afraid to fail.
Two: take pride in your downtime as well as your work.
Three: most importantly, just go for it.

Featured Steve Carell's Best Quotes Of All Time Quotes

"You know, what's funny to one person is not at all to someone else."
"Everybody should be normal. Everybody should be nice. I think they go hand in hand, and that to me is the default setting."
"Everyone is flawed and everyone makes mistakes and is culpable."
"Reading a book, watching a movie, going to a play, it's transporting, and very, very exciting. And to be a part of that, creating things with your imagination, whoa."


Steve Carell’s net worth as of 2022 is $80 million. It’s not only a product of his Michael Scott persona but also from his genuine passion for comedy and acting.

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