Stephanie Courtney Net Worth

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Stephanie Courtney Net Worth:

Stephanie Courtney: American comedian and actress from New York with a net worth of $6 Million. She’s famous for her recurring marketing character Flo in television and radio commercials for Progressive Corporation start in 2008 but is mentioned for her supporting roles on a few television series.

Courtney has additionally been extremely regarded for her efforts in an improv comedy theater called The Groundlings in Los Angeles.

As we glance at Stephanie Courtney Net Worth and Salary, we will discuss who she is and everything about her.

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Who Is Stephanie Courtney

Early Life Stephanie Courtney

Early Life: in Stony Point, New York City, Stephanie Courtney was born on February 8, 1970, the youngest of three children.

She earned an English degree in 1992 from the Binghampton Faculty. After graduation, Stephanie Courtney moved to New York City and also studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse.

After graduation, Stephanie Courtney moved to New York City. Her roommate became the future author as well as columnist Meghan Daum. While working as a secretary at a financial firm, Courtney continued to study acting.

Courtney, the youngest of three children, would ultimately move to Los Angeles with her sister looking to be a stand-up comedian, and where she eventually roomed with her sister and actress Jennifer Courtney.

After they moved to Los Angeles, The two wrote and also carried out the sketch “Those Courtney Girls” in Los Angeles at the Aspen Comedy Festival. She joined the training program of the improv and sketch comedy group The Groundlings, and in 2004 became a part of its 30-person leading company.

Stephanie Courtney Early Career

Early Life Stephanie Courtney was born as the youngest of three children, would ultimately go with her sister to Los Angeles looking to be a stand-up comedian, as well as later joined the famous improv and sketch “Those Courtney Girls” got to Aspen Comedy Festival and also joined the comedy club “The Groundlings” in Los Angeles. To make ends meet, she’d audition everywhere for advertisements but was obtaining bookings only once a season. She worked in catering to help her struggling career. Stephanie lived with her sister, Jennifer Courtney, who was finding achievements as an actress. Jennifer Courtney was currently famous as a well-off actress at the time.

Her career highlights

She was part of the movie Melvin Goes to Dinner that won a Copper Wing Award at the Phoenix Film Festival in 2003 for Best Ensemble Acting.
Stephanie Courtney has also appeared in several movies shows and television roles, most notably “Mad Men”, “Blades of Glory”, ” Tom Goes To The Mayor”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “ER”, “The Man Show”, “The United States of Tara”, and “The Heartbreak Kid”.
Outside of Progressive Insurance, Courtney has also worked for major brands such as Skittles, General Mills cereal, and Wienerschnitzel.
Furthermore, Courtney was nominated for a Streamy Award for Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series for Back on Topps in 2010.
Stephanie Courtney net worth 6 Million.

How much does Jamie from progressive make?

Although Stephanie was acting for many years, earning a recurring character in Mad Men, Courtney landed her career-defining part in 2006 as Flo from the Progressive advertisements.

After over a decade of remaining Flo, Courtney is currently making almost $1 million per year income from Progressive.

By and large, commercial actors & celebrities are paid out a regular union pay scale salary. Still, occasionally the character gets so prominent that the actor can negotiate a long-range deal with the manufacturer.

Furthermore, the actor will receive additional bonuses to be the recognized spokesperson, make residuals from upcoming industrial airings, and sign an exclusivity agreement that restricts from some other similar tasks.

Overall, this is rather profitable.

Courtney has started making almost a $1 million per year Salary from Progressive.

Stephanie Courtney’s net worth is $6 Million.

How Much Is Flo's From Progressive Net Worth?

Stephanie is an American actress and comedian from Stony Point, New York with a net worth of $6 Million. She’s commonly famous for her recurring marketing character Flo in television and radio advertisements for Progressive Corporation start in 2008 but is also mentioned for her supporting roles on a few television series. Courtney has additionally been extremely regarded for her efforts in an improvisational comedy theater called The Groundlings in Los Angeles. She has a very good salary in her craft.

Favorite Quotes from Stephanie Courtney

“I landed about one a year. Just enough to make me question the gas money and all the driving in rush hour. When you audition for commercials, it’s a lot of driving. What I netted wasn’t exactly matching the hours I was putting in. I figured I’m not a face that makes people want to buy Lysol. Then I auditioned for Progressive.” – Stephanie Courtney
“I was a switchboard operator in the first season of ‘Mad Men.’ I was the oldest and bitterest. Stephanie Courtney Men Mad First Season I was never tortured over whether I wanted to become an actor. There was never another option in my mind.” – Stephanie Courtney
“‘What are your hobbies?’ I say, ‘I’ve been doing shows ever since I was a kid.’ When I left college, all I wanted to be was a musical theater chick. I auditioned tons. It just didn’t pan out.” – Stephanie Courtney
“I’ve never been one to book a ton of commercials. Stephanie Courtney Book Never Been Commercials I’m sort of East Coast, so I like the off-white and the navy blues and the low-key preppy kind of thing.” – Stephanie Courtney

3 Great Lessons from Stephanie Courtney

These days you know everything about Stephanie Courtney’s net worth, and also just how she achieved success; let’s check out several of the most powerful lessons we can see from her:

1. Focus Only On The Present

Stop regretting the past. Quit stressing about the Future. Concentrate on the existing. Concentrate on the right now.

2. Listen to Your Body

When you are tired, do not fight it. Have a nap or even rest. If you feel stressed out, bring a pause. When you feel ill from consuming that tenth donut, well, perhaps you shouldn’t do that next time. Find out to pay attention to the indicators in your response and body in the proper way.

3. Learn To Let Go

Mistakes happen. Do not dig on it. Life is not perfect. Think of any specific problems you encounter as speed bumps? They create the drive a bit uncomfortable though you will overcome it.

Why Is She So Famous?

Stephanie Courtney is known for the collaborations of her with comedy tv companies. During her rise to popularity, she joined a group by the title of’ The Groundlings.’

This particular team specialized in sketch-comedy. This took place to be right up to Ms. Stephanie Courtney’s alley so far as work and career go.

Popularity began creeping in on Ms. Courtney’s career when she had the job of’ Flo’ in the American Insurance company called’ Progressive.’ With many and prosperous role-playing abilities, Stephanie has been seen in numerous tv shows and commercials.

Several of her best-known succeeds stem from collaborations with business businesses for’ Skittles,” General Mills,’ and’ Glade.’

Ms. Courtney likewise had the chance to show up in television series like’ Cavemen’ and’ United States of Tara.’ Going more into her career, Stephanie Courtney was prosperous at playing film roles also. Showing up in films like’ The Heartbreak Kid’ and’ Melvin Visits Dinner’ had a significant effect on her popularity within the acting company.

Although she was an experienced actress in movies, commercials, and television series, Ms. Courtney remained dedicated to the character role of her as’ Flo,’ the representation of the Insurance company’ Progressive.’

Her followers appear to like her more for that particular function, that she manages perfectly from the start of her first appearance to the present day.

Stephanie Courtney net worth is $6 Million.

What Makes Stephanie So Successful?

Stephanie Courtney started to be successful because of the consistency of her in attaining her desired goal. As a kid, Stephanie Courtney was motivated to achieve the goals of her as an actress.

Shows in tv series, films, plus advertisements made her an extremely effective female in her career. With the popularity of her and recognition rising at an exceptionally hastily speed, Stephanie’s social support and fan base granted her career the strength it had to attain the magnificent heights it’s come to.

The writing of her very own sketch-comedy shows gave her a feeling of direction as to find out what the people are wanting to look at and hear.

A collaboration or perhaps project simply was not sufficient enough for Ms. Courtney, and she carried on to effectively do her very best during each career milestone.

Who is the highest-paid commercial actor?

Jonathan Goldsmith evolved into the famous’ Most Interesting Man In The World’ in 2006. He appears as among the largest net worth industrial actors at around $8 million.

He was born in 1938; therefore, his cash came from much more than merely Dos Equis these days. He appears as probably the most prominent industrial artist of all time because of his internet meme.

Flo is an incredibly likable character, and it is also popular with more than five million likes on her Facebook page. Maybe the actress Stephanie Courtney is making her $ 500,000 per year income. No’ Discounts’ with these. She’s just gained a net worth of approximately $1 million as far.

Stephanie Courtney net worth is $6 Million.

Are Jamie and Flo married?

Courtney’s net worth is around $6 million. It had been there she met her husband Scott Kolanach, who she married in 2008, the season her career had taken off as the famous face of’ Flo.’ So how about her trusty sidekick on the Progressive advertisements, Jamie? Today, one cannot be observed without another in a commercial for the insurance business. And so who’s on the reverse side of the influential duo?

Jamie’s genuine name is Jim Cashman. He’s married to Michelle Noh, who additionally came out on “Grey’s Anatomy” 3 years before Cashman did. They’ve been married since 2003. Along with acting, also, he has had various other projects.

So the answer is NO!

Quick Facts about Stephanie Courtney:

  • Full Name: Stephanie Courtney
  • Net Worth: $6 Million
  • Salary: $1 Million
  • Date Of Birth: Born on February 8, 1970
  • Place Of Birth: Stony Point, New York, United States
  • Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
  • Profession: Actor, Comedian
  • Education: Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, Binghamton University, North Rockland High School
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Scott Kolanach (m. 2008)
  • Siblings: Jennifer Courtney
  • Awards: Copper Wing Award (2003, Phoenix Film Festival)
  • Music Groups: “The Groundlings” (2004-)
  • Nominations: The Streamy Awards (2010, Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series)
  • Movies: “Melvin Goes to Dinner” (2003), “Broadcast 23” (2005), “The Brothers Solomon”, “The Heartbreak Kid” (20070, “Fred: The Movie”, “Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred” (2012)
  • TV Shows: “Tom Goes to the Mayor”(2004-2006), “Men of a Certain Age”, “Faking the Video” (2004), “Mad Men” (2006), “Cavemen” (2007), “Fred the Show” (2012), “You’re the Worst” (2014)


Stephanie Courtney (Flo) is an American comedian and actress famous for portraying Flo in several advertisements for Progressive Insurance. She’s also worked for manufacturers like Skittles, Wienerschnitzel, and General Mills cereal.

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