How To Start A Doggie Day Care Business In 2021 And Beyond!

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Updated: November 27

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start a doggie day care

The pet market is booming. The latest trends show that in 2020, owners will spend $99 billion to care for their beloved pets.

While you may be eager for your business to grow, you will need to learn a few things before opening your daycare.

Towards the end of this article, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions on how to start a doggie day care business in 2021 and other online alternatives.

But most importantly, you’ll be shown a system that many investors have used to build their own business to over $40,000+ per month in mostly passive income.

This Doggy Daycare review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Financial Considerations For Starting A Doggy Daycare Business

Your first question when thinking about starting a dog daycare is likely to be related to finances. Let’s discuss some of the most basic financial considerations involved in running doggy daycare businesses.

How Much Can You Make From A Dog Daycare?

start a doggy daycare

The profitability of your dog care center will depend on the following factors:

  • Your ability and willingness to reach your target audience
  • The services that you offer (daytime/overnight care, training, and so forth.
  • How to price your service
  • How to manage your cash once you get started
  • There is high demand for your services in the community.
  • Your fixed and variable business expenses

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Dog Daycare?

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Dog Daycare

The initial costs of opening a dog care business include the following:

  • Facilities. You will need to provide space for your dog guests when they are under your care. A physical facility is necessary for pet care businesses.
  • Equipment. You need to purchase playground equipment. This includes toys, structures, and water features. You’ll also need care-related equipment, such as kennels or cages.
  • Staff. You will likely need to hire some help, so employee wages will be one of your costs.

What Is The Business Model Of A Dog Daycare?

Business Model Of A Dog Daycare

Dog daycares need repeat business from their customers to survive. It’s more cost-effective than constantly attempting to find new clients.

There are many options for structuring your dog care business model so that customers will be satisfied and loyal.

  • Prepaid packages: Provide customers with the option to purchase specific packages. Many customers love to have their dogs picked up from daycares while at work. Different prepaid plans can be offered, such as three, four, and five daycare services weekly. The customer will not have to pay each time their dog is picked up. This streamlines the customer experience.
  • Memberships offer a discount to customers who sign up and/or a continuing discounted rate for daycare.
  • Unique services Offer something special to your customers that they won’t find at other daycares.

Doggy Daycare Rules And Regulations

Doggie daycare owners need to consider legal issues as well as financial concerns. You must ensure that you are operating a legal operation and comply with all laws. Learn the most important legal considerations for starting a daycare business.

Legal Requirements For Starting A Dog Daycare

starting a doggy day care

Before you can get started, you need to define a few vital legal characteristics for your business. The first is to decide how your business entity should be structured. There are many options when it comes to structuring your business.

  • Sole proprietorship: When you’re the sole owner of your business, it is possible to choose to keep it as a sole proprietorship. You will control all business activities. This business structure is the easiest to form. But, your business can be held responsible for its debts.
  • Partnership: A partnership is a way to have one or more business associates. This arrangement will allow you and your business partners to share the liability.
  • Corporations: Corporations allow you set up your business separately. If this happens, your business may be held liable in court for any debts or lawsuits against you. These are typically used for large companies.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): An LLC can be you, your partner, or several people. Your personal assets are protected in this structure from any business lawsuits or debts.

Dog Daycare Insurance

open a doggie daycare

Before you allow your puppy pals to come to your home, you’ll need to buy business insurance. Dog Daycare Business Insurance protects the business from liability in case of injury or an accident.

When planning your grand opening, three types of pet insurance are worth considering: property, commercial, and professional liability.

  • Commercial liability insurance: This policy covers your business in the event of an accident occurring during your day-to-day dog daycare operation. A customer might fall and get hurt in your daycare. Or a pipe could burst within your facility and cause significant damage to businesses nearby.
  • Personal insurance: Personal insurance covers your daycare equipment and facilities if there is a natural catastrophe, robbery, fire, or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Professional insurance: This type of insurance covers any accidents or injuries directly related to the activities at your dog daycare. A fight could be between two dogs, or one dog could escape and get away. In such cases, professional liability insurance can protect your business and you from any fault.

Although you do everything possible to protect your employees, customers, and canines, accidents sometimes happen, so it’s better to be ready in advance.

Common Dog Daycare Rules

Before your business opens, you’ll need to create ground rules. Customers need to be informed what to expect before they allow their dogs to visit. These rules are essential to minimize risk and protect you and your business from liability. The following are the most important rules for dog daycare.

  • Age restrictions: Tiny puppies can pose a risk to a dog daycare setting. Therefore, you will need to indicate age restrictions for daycares, such that there are no pups younger than five months.
  • Behavior: Your daycare shouldn’t have aggressive or poorly behaved dogs. A rule should be established that your canine guests cannot exhibit aggression or hostilities toward people or dogs.
  • Vaccination requirements: Dogs must have current vaccinations to play or stay with your dog daycare.

As you increase your client list, it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of all the information about each person. Dog daycare software will be a massive asset to you in collecting client information that you can reference and update as required. Your software system will organize all essential details, saving you time.

7 Essential Steps To Starting A Doggy Daycare

I’ve covered the basics of planning; now it’s time for the actual work. Here are the steps that you must take to get your daycare operation up and running.

1. Create A Business Plan.

open a dog daycare

Your dog-daycare business plan can be used as a guide or a template to show potential investors. You’ll need a list of items to sell, hours and prices to set, as well as determining how many dogs you can serve on a given date.

As you prepare your business plan, it is crucial to assess the current market situation in your area and identify key players. Then, determine the best way for your business to serve an existing need or reach an untapped audience.

It is essential to clearly define your niche. Your business’ unique offerings are what customers won’t find anywhere else. Maybe your business has the largest dog play area with a splash pad or offers grooming or training services for daycare customers. Marketing niche services will give your company a competitive edge, help you stand out, and help attract more customers.

You must describe your strategy for creating your market niche and getting your products in front of potential customers in your business plan. Your business plan will have more credibility if it is well-organized.

2. Choose A Dog Daycare Facility.

starting a doggie day care

Once your business plan is completed, you will be ready to begin looking for a home for the dog daycare business. When searching for the ideal facility, consider these:

  • Set a budget: Be sure to stick within your budget when looking for a new facility. Don’t spend your entire budget on your leasing or pay off your facility costs. This will leave you with very little to spend on equipment and salaries.
  • Consider proximity to your target audience: No one will want your services if you live far from them. Your customers should be able to find you a convenient location.
  • Pick enough outdoor space: If you want to operate a good dog daycare, you need plenty of outdoor space. Inclement weather may also require you to have plenty of indoor space for guests, kennels, and equipment storage. Your final choice should allow dogs to enjoy their time and provide sufficient space for employees to complete their tasks.

3. Acquire Equipment And Pet Business Software.

how to open a doggie day care

You may want to offer extra services, but there are essential items every pet care business owner needs. For your new business, make sure to purchase these items:

  • Playground equipment
  • Playpens
  • Toys, balls
  • Kennels, crates
  • Drinks and food
  • Leashes
  • Bags and scoopers
  • Cleaning supplies
  • First aid kits for employees as well as dogs
  • Laundry supplies as well as a washer/dryer

You will also need physical equipment to manage your dog daycare business’s client relations and scheduling aspects. Dog daycare software has many advantages:

  • You save time. You won’t spend hours looking through client information and payment slips to find the information you need. All data is kept in one place.
  • It manages schedules. Schedules can be managed from the software.
  • You are likely to gain loyal customers. Your dog daycare software allows you to communicate with them and give them updates on their pets while they are at your facility.
  • It facilitates marketing efforts. Automated messages can be drafted and sent using daycare software. You can keep your clients and prospects updated about any business changes or upcoming promotions.

The combination of top-quality equipment and an easy-to-use, efficient software system will bring you closer to opening your door to furry friends.

4. Hire Dog Daycare Staff.

start a dog daycare business

It is essential to find dog lovers in your new hires when hiring dog daycare employees. Make sure they have qualifications that will allow them to be trustworthy and knowledgeable employees.

Search for employees with a background in canine first response and experience in caring for dogs. Experience working with dogs is a great way to create an environment that allows dogs of all backgrounds to mix and mingle with other dogs. Consider hiring employees with diverse backgrounds, including those who have worked in dog training, grooming, or other related fields, to make your business stand out.

Finally, make sure to hire people who are adaptable and flexible to change. As your dog daycare business grows, you will need people who can adapt to changes quickly and efficiently carry out your vision.

5. Evaluate Behavior To Keep Pets And Staff Safe.

start a doggie daycare business

Make a plan to conduct temperament tests on new canine clients. Temperament tests don’t have to be performed by law but are an excellent way for you and your staff to ensure your dogs stay safe and avoid injuries.

Dog temperament tests can be conducted by interviewing pet parents, conducting evaluations and observations, taking notes, and assigning playgroups. If your dog exhibits aggression or behavior problems, you should stop the assessment and notify the owner.

Additionally, teach your staff how to recognize and react to changes in dogs’ behavior. This includes identifying changes in body language, signs of illness, and other situations that could affect the safety and well-being of both the dog and the employee. Customers will be grateful for the extra care you give to their pets.

6. Market Your Dog Daycare Services To Local Pet Owners.

Market Your Dog Daycare Services To Local Pet Owners

Once you have secured your facilities, staff, and equipment, the final piece to your dog-daycare business is finding new customers. An extensive marketing strategy is essential to connect with potential clients and gain their trust.

You can use multichannel marketing to reach your target audience without focusing too much on one platform. Spread the word:

  • Social Media: Set up a Facebook business page for your dog-friendly daycare. You can also connect with other dog owners and daycare owners to increase your reach. For your business to be promoted directly to your target audience, consider buying social media ads.
  • Email: Promote your newsletter sign up on your social media accounts. Email is an effective method to reach customers directly.
  • Flyers/ direct mail Because you can mail material directly to specific addresses, direct mailers or flyers can reach your targeted audience. All mailers and flyers should include your address, hours, phone number, website, and social media handles – making it easy for people to find you.
  • Television ads and local radio: If your budget allows, you might be able to purchase an ad spot at a local station or radio. To give your business a friendlier face, use this opportunity to introduce yourself and the staff.

Your business’s logo, colors, and branding should be incorporated into all marketing materials to give your customers a professional impression. Don’t forget to embrace the fun side of your business. Everyone loves puppies and dogs. Show potential customers images and videos of your pups enjoying their day at your daycare.

7. Provide A Great Experience And Watch Your Business Grow.

Provide A Great Experience And Watch Your Business Grow

Your business will succeed if it takes the proper steps to develop a business plan. Also, make sure you emphasize safety at all times. When times get difficult, your business plan will guide you.

For a positive, supportive business culture, you must ensure that your staff is treated with respect and prioritize sound management practices. Customers will notice your positive attitude and gravitate towards the happy, joyful environment you create. This will also help you retain your staff’s support in times of change or difficulties.

Wrapping Up

While opening a dog daycare can be a rewarding endeavor, there are several steps you must take before welcoming your first furry friend. This guide will help get you started.

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