How To Start A Courier Business

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How To Start A Courier Business: Easy Way To $10K?

The process of starting a local courier company can be smooth and easy or difficult and frustrating. The following nine steps will help you get started with a courier business quickly and easily.

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Table of Contents

Business Overview: How To Start A Courier Business

Courier services transport packages, goods, and documents from local businesses to recipients, who might be other businesses, individuals, or both.

Couriers are faster than traditional shipping methods and offer businesses the opportunity to track their packages and have them delivered quickly.

Most courier businesses can ship a broad range of goods.

Although they might work with many businesses at once, couriers tend to specialize in a few areas.

Pharmacists, veterinarians (or realtors), lawyers, and many others use couriers to save time and improve efficiency.

Couriers can service an area even at night. The service area of most couriers is usually a location with a high population, such as large cities, that require urgent deliveries.

Types Of Courier Business

A lot of customers prefer to shop online than on the street. Therefore, the popularity of the on-demand delivery app is increasing.

It is possible to establish a courier company in an environment that relies on secure and quality courier services. Contractors will become their supervisors and manage their personal, flexible, and highly demanding professions.

There are many different types of courier business you could open, including:

  • Motorcycle courier
  • Bicycle courier
  • Drone Courier Delivery Service
  • Van courier
  • Same-day delivery courier
  • Worldwide courier services
  • Official/Standard courier Delivery

Industry Summary

According to IBIS World, the growth in couriers and local delivery services within the United States was 4.7% between 2015 and 2020.

This data includes both large couriers and small local delivery companies. The growth of the courier industry was driven by increased consumer spending, corporate profit, and a more significant number of businesses operating during these five years.

From 2020 to 2025, the courier industry will see increased consumer spending and increased business growth. A growing economy will also drive demand for courier services.

Industry Trends

Many trends continue to shape the courier industry. Picante Today points out that tracking has become more important with the advancement of technology.

Real-time tracking can be used by couriers to build customer confidence and trust. Route tracking is also essential in this industry because it can help drivers save time and assess the traffic.

Larger businesses can also track their route to determine which packages they should assign to drivers, maximizing efficiency.

This technology can make a courier company stand out and offer a great customer experience. Customers will be more likely to return to the business again and again.

The industry is expanding as couriers are needed more because of the growth in e-commerce. Drone deliveries pose a threat.

Drones are cost-effective and offer fast delivery. Drones will be used more often to deliver time-sensitive items such as medicine and food.

Target Market

Many courier companies work with businesses that require prompt and personalized delivery services.

These potential customers could be retailers or manufacturers but can also include other types of businesses or individuals who require a fast, personalized delivery service, often within the same day.

The courier business may target specific types of companies that require deliveries to be made within a given time frame.

Start A Courier Business In 9 Easy Steps

Step 1. Find Your Niche In The Courier Business Industry.

To ensure success, establish a niche. This is a crucial step if the business location is in a metropolitan area with many courier service companies. Even in a small city, this will allow for a quick start on finding new customers.

Talk to prospects about what they need, whether it’s lawyers who need documents delivered the same day or caterers who need prepared meals delivered every other day. Then, offer it at a fair price.

The key to any business’ success is this: giving customers what they want and need. Local delivery is one of the most profitable niches in courier businesses today.

Step 2. Write Your Courier Business Plan.

After finding a niche and developing it, writing a business plan is the next step to starting a courier business.

Remember, banks will require a business plan. And several studies have indicated that a well-crafted and well-designed business plan increases the chances of starting a successful business.

Step 3. Don’t Spend Money.

Avoid spending money when launching a startup. Do not spend thousands of dollars on a new delivery vehicle if there’s an existing reliable vehicle for making pickups and deliveries.

Buy a second-hand or use any existing vehicle. If possible, have an office at home. This saves a lot on rent and utilities and the overhead associated with a separate office. Keep acting like a miser until the new courier company is making a decent profit.

Step 4. Choose A Business Legal Structure.

It is essential to choose the proper legal structure when starting a courier company. Will it be a sole proprietorship, an LLC, or a corporation? It can be operated as a sole proprietorship, an LLC.

This needs to be done first before applying for a state or town’s business license and receiving a federal tax ID number. has a lot of great information to help decide which structure is best for the courier business.

Step 5. Find Customers.

After the business has been set up and a niche or two are in place, start looking for potential customers.

Only a few are needed, so get out there and start prospecting. Visit local businesses to see if you can help them with their courier needs. Also, find out what type of services they may need.

It is not necessary to be “hard-selling,” but a helpful attitude is enough.

Step 6. Get Referrals.

Once the business has loyal core customers who are happy with the service, ask for their referrals. Tell them that the company is still growing and it could use some more customers like them.

Referring a customer who becomes a repeat customer or regular customer will get you free delivery and a discount for the month.

Referrals is another great business to get into. This is also known as lead generation and is our #1 recommendation!

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Step 7. Set Your Rates.

New couriers often miss out on expenses because they haven’t been in business long enough to know about all the little costs, such as a business permit renewal fee, that can add up to big bucks.

Among other examples are bookkeeping fees, social security taxes, and vehicle maintenance.

To arrive at an appropriate rate that allows the business to maintain a profit and still make its customers happy, add approximately 30-35% to the wage paid to the owner.

After a few months, look at the rates again to determine if they still give the desired net hourly rate. At present, the national average wage is $36 per hour.

Step 8. Provide Exceptional Courier Service.

The success of the courier business depends on how well it treats its customers. The company will soon enjoy all the clients it can handle if it gives them excellent service. For instance, aim for 90 minutes if two hours of service are promised. It will be a hit with your customers, and they will recommend you to others.

Step 9. Keep Track Of Your Customers.

Make scheduling easier by utilizing free scheduling programs, like and

Another option is a calendar program offered by Google and Microsoft. They can also be used to receive payment online with Paypal.

On top of that, it can be used on a smartphone when out making deliveries.

Step 10. Track Your Expenses Of Your Courier Business.

Several programs can help manage bookkeeping, just like the scheduling software., which costs around $10 per month, makes it easy to keep track of small business finances.

Concerning deductions… The most significant deduction most couriers will enjoy is the business mile deduction, currently 55 cents per mile.

Many couriers have taken this deduction to pay for their vehicle’s upgrade to a more fuel-efficient model, such as the Toyota Prius. They were able to save more than their vehicle costs!

The added bonus is that a fuel sipper upgrade will make a green courier service business. This makes it a more environmentally friendly courier service company, which most customers love. Visit to see an example of how powerful it can be.

Skills, Experience, And Education Useful In Running A Courier Business

While a courier business does not require a business degree to start, it can benefit from specific skills and past experiences.

  • Previous Courier Experience. Experience in the field is valuable and can prepare business owners to face the challenges of running a business.
  • Geographical Knowledge Of The Region. A good advantage is to be well-informed about the local area. A business owner familiar with the local area can plan routes better, avoid problematic traffic areas and make sure deliveries reach the correct destination
  • Organization Skills. Business owners need to be efficient and organized with multiple deliveries that go to different locations.
  • Attention To Detail. This industry is very particular about details, such as pickup times and destination addresses. Attention to detail can contribute to a business’ success.
  • Physical Strength. It is essential to be strong if a courier company offers large package delivery. Injury can be avoided by learning how to safely lift heavy loads.
  • Customer Service Skills. Strong interpersonal skills and phone etiquette are vital customer service skills that will help them build relationships with customers.
  • Troubleshooting Skills. Problems will inevitably occur in any industry. This requires quick thinking and problem-solving skills on the part of business owners.

How Much Can You Potentially Make Owning A Courier Business?

Many factors affect the profitability of a courier company, such as its customer base, location, number of employees, and whether it is a full-time or part-time operation.

Maximizing profits can help business owners focus their efforts on high-paying jobs such as delivering medication to pharmacies or performing rush work.

Building relationships with customers with ongoing delivery requirements will help ensure a steady flow of work and increase the company’s income.

Things To Consider Before Starting A Courier Business

Focus on the right market and location when starting a courier service.

These businesses are most successful in high-populated areas such as cities, where there are many businesses or retailers with ongoing delivery requirements.

Conduct market research to determine not only the demand for courier services but also any potential competitors.

Try to identify an unmet demand in the area. For example, couriers can take on urgent jobs or large, heavy parcels.

It doesn’t mean opening the courier business full-time immediately. This industry is a great way to get started while working elsewhere.

After gaining a client base, gradually increase business and then transition to a full-time operation.


What Services Do Couriers Provide?

The different types of courier shipping services are:

  • Standard Delivery Services
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Overnight Shipping Services
  • Rush and On-Demand Deliveries
  • Parcel Services
  • Luggage Delivery Services

Is There A Demand For Couriers?

The demand for local delivery services, including courier services, restaurant, and grocery delivery, has risen dramatically due to nonessential business closings, shelter-in-place orders in many states, social distancing and working from home, and self-isolating.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Courier Business?

A courier is a straightforward business to set up and run, so it doesn’t require a lot of capital. To start a courier service, one would just need approximately $900! A courier delivers packages, documents, pets, and a lot more to individuals and businesses.

Is It Worth Starting A Courier Business?

Yes. Local couriers are becoming more important as remote work becomes the norm. They pick up and deliver packages for those who work remotely. The delivery times of the “big” couriers are becoming longer and more difficult to predict.

Is A Courier Business Profitable?

Couriers can provide an invaluable service for any community, earning on average $36 per hour. A little bit of work can help anyone get the job done and make the courier business profitable.

Which Companies Use Courier Services?

  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Schools and Universities
  • Printing Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies

How Does The Courier Service Competition Look Like?

The market’s top ten competitors accounted for 21.3% in 2020. The market is dominated by the following players: United Parcel Service Inc., FedEx Corporation. China Post. Royal Mail. United States Postal Service. Canada Post Corporation. SF Express Co.

Conclusion: Starting A Courier Business

Following the above steps will help any aspiring entrepreneur establish a successful courier service. Begin to imagine the future for the company and the potential growth opportunities.

Entrepreneurship is a great way to grow professionally and personally. For anyone who wants to start a profitable business, a courier service is one option worth considering.

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