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How To Start A BBQ Catering Business 2021: All The Steps

Are you ready to start a BBQ catering business at home? If yes, then here’s how to open a BBQ catering enterprise with zero money and no experience.

The rising interest in food, the need for a long-term career, and possibly a legacy has created and will continue to inspire new edible businesses.

Be aware that it’s not always as simple as it appears. Before launching your barbecue catering service, you need to first invest in the equipment and then complete the paperwork. It is not easy, but the end result can be pretty lucrative once the business is up.

Towards the end of this article, you’ll find answers for some of the most frequently asked questions on how to start a BBQ catering business and other online alternatives.

But most importantly, you’ll be shown a system that several others have used to build their own business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

Table of Contents

18 Steps To Starting A BBQ Catering Business From Home

1. Understand The Industry.

Our research shows that this sector has seen steady growth for the past five years. Initial economic recovery was slow due to the effects of the housing collapse. Poor residential construction markets led to poor consumer sentiment that further reduced private investment in home improvement.

After the recession, the sector enjoyed a robust housing industry that allowed many people to spend money on outdoor kitchens and food. Experts expect that the food sector will continue its growth due to increased per-capita disposable income and the robustness of residential construction over the next five decades.

It is also important to point out that the top four barbeque/ grilling operators capture 45.0% to 50% of the total market. This indicates a moderate amount of concentration. Import penetration is increasing, which will likely help to meet much of the domestic demand.

This simply means the existing operators’ dominance creates a barrier for new entrants in establishing relationships with key equipment suppliers and potential customers. We believe that it is difficult for new entrants not to be burdened by high startup costs to build brand loyalty.

2. Conduct Market Research And Feasibility Studies.

Every region in America has its own barbecue style. These styles differ based on the meat used, cooked, and what type of BBQ sauce they are made with. These recipes and techniques have been passed down for generations.

3. Decide Which Niche To Concentrate On.

A niche is crucial when you start a barbeque business. You need to find one that is unique and profitable.

You have many options, whether you want to expand your services or change your marketing message. You should not only choose the recipe that will appeal to your niche market. Here are some other ideas.

  • Brick-and-mortar restaurant
  • Barbeque equipment manufacturing
  • Barbeque equipment retailer
  • BBQ food trucks (Make sure that it’s a reliable BBQ truck.)
  • Catering or Portable Grill Smoker
  • Barbeque contests
  • Barbeque sauce
  • Celebrity status and Catering TV show

4. Know Your Major Competitors In The Industry.

A lot of factors go into making a brand a household name. However, even though the market is very fragmented, some barbeque companies have made a mark in the industry. These include their marketing and publicity strategies, their experience in the business, their customer service offerings, and how long they have been in it.

5. Decide Whether To Buy A Franchise Or Start From Scratch.

While many entrepreneurs feel the need to build businesses from the ground up, it is almost always smarter to buy a business. Note that barbeque restaurants with proven revenue streams are reliable and well-established. You can also avoid the costly trial-and-error mistakes common to startups.

6. Know The Possible Threats And Challenges You Will Face.

Although there are many opinions on which type of barbeque works best, every foodservice owner knows that it is not easy to open a barbeque shop. There are many things to consider, and you may encounter some challenges as in the following:

  • Choosing a suitable niche
  • Learning experience
  • Menu development
  • Applying for permits
  • Purchasing inventory
  • Write a business program
  • Industry competition
  • Average sales price

7. Choose The Most Suitable Legal Entity (LLC, C Corp, S Corp).

We believe many factors should be considered when choosing the best business structure to support your barbeque business. Consider that the type and structure of your business can have a significant impact on your business’s tax, liability, and exit strategy.

Because it’s simpler and more flexible, an LLC structure works best when starting a Barbeque restaurant. Unlike the other types of corporation, it isn’t required to have shareholders’ meetings, a board, or any other management formalities. You can split up profits in any way you like, unlike shareholders in corporations which must dole them out in proportion to the percentage of ownership.

8. Choose A Catchy Business Name.

  • American BBQ
  • Overdraft BBQ
  • Beef and Cord
  • Big Knuckle’s BBQ
  • Mountain BBQ
  • Healthy beef
  • Blowing Smoke BBQ
  • Tasty BBQ
  • Star Cooking
  • Uncle Ben BBQ
  • Dixie Pigs
  • Early beef
  • Mr Beef
  • Tiny World
  • Beef sauce
  • Hot Boss
  • Heavenly Eateries
  • 4BBQ
  • Porch Smokers
  • Ring of Fire

9. Discuss With An Agent To Know The Best Insurance Policies For You.

Remember that insurance is vital for any business, especially when opening a barbeque grill.

Even though every safety measure is in place, there are still risks such as theft or illness. Without insurance, this could cause your business to fail.

We strongly believe that general insurance for business liability protects you against any lawsuit that may be brought against your company due to sickness or an accident, or injury on your property.

We believe that insurance for business crime is essential for your barbeque establishment. Since many commercial barbecues and smokers are on wheels and must be left outside, these prime targets for thieves.

Keep in mind, this insurance also covers employee theft. We recommend that you consult with an expert insurance agent to ensure that you get the best coverage.

10. Protect Your Intellectual Property With Trademark, Copyrights, Patents.

Most retailers are dependent on the protection, creation, and exploitation of intellectual property (IP). Trademark and intellectual protection are necessary to be successful in the barbeque catering business industry.

  • Brand and image rights
  • Protection and registration of designs
  • Enforcement and dispute resolution
  • Anti-counterfeiting and piracy
  • Patents laws
  • Trade mark filing and opposition
  • Brand audits and watching services
  • Securing trademarks and passing off
  • Domain name strategies and disputes
  • Data and database rights
  • Competition law
  • Protection of technology and innovation
  • Advertising and marketing issues

11. Get The Necessary Professional Certification.

Obtaining or having certifications in your field will help show that you are knowledgeable and experienced when starting a barbeque restaurant. Also, you will benefit from getting a few certifications that may include a retailing certificate. Other certifications include:

  • Professional Stainless Steel Outdoor Gas Barbeque Grills CE Certification
  • National fireplace Institute certification
  • Professionally Certified Hearth Installers
  • Certified BBQ Judge
  • Customer Service and Sales Certification (CSCS)
  • Advanced Customer Service and Sales Certification (ACSSC)
  • Retail Management Certification (RMC)
  • certified food protection manager (CFPM)
  • Master Baking Certificate Program
  • Retail Business Credential (RBC)

These certifications will definitely give you an edge and provide excellent customer service.

12. Get The Necessary Legal Documents You Need To Operate.

As you enter this business, you will need to apply for a few licenses and permits to ensure that your business is compliant legally. Don’t forget to check with your local chambers or city halls for specific requirements. You will need the following documents:

  • Building Permits
  • Business License
  • Sign Permits
  • Food Handling Permits
  • Liquor License

13. Raise The Needed Startup Capital.

If you think that you have enough cash to start this business, then go for it. You will need additional funds to launch your barbeque business. We recommend you contact investors, the government, banks, or any other lender. You will find your business plan even more valuable at this point.

14. Choose A Suitable Location For Your Business.

Remember that the location of your restaurant can make or break your food business. Begin to plan the size of your dining room and kitchen before you begin looking at potential sites.

While you might end up paying more rent for a larger space than you actually need, having too little space can limit your ability and hinder your growth. We recommend that your kitchen be equipped with enough equipment to make your customers happy and that the dining room can hold all of your tables.

15. Hire Employees For Your Technical And Manpower Needs.

The number of employees that you hire will depend on the size and scope of your business. We advise you to hire the best and most qualified people for each role and receive the necessary training. Nothing can bring you more success than teamwork and dedication.

The most essential equipment for barbeque catering is the grill. They come in various models, from cheap charcoal and wood cookers to high-end limo gas models that can easily cost thousands of bucks. Keep in mind that the grill you choose will depend on what kind of cooking you prefer and how much outdoor cooking you need.

16. Write A Marketing Plan Packed With Ideas & Strategies.

Marketing is crucial in any business venture, as entrepreneurs will attest. Marketing is essential for any barbeque business. It can mean the difference between mediocre success or greatness. These are some of the ways you can market your barbeque establishment:

  • Company Website
  • Cost Tracking
  • Strategic Partnerships

17. Develop Iron-Clad Competitive Strategies to Help You Win

Due to fierce competition in this market and rising barbeque shop prices, you must make customers aware of your store. Marketing is a complex business because each area and community is different. Some marketing tactics might work in one place while others may not.

The key to success is to try new things and find out what works best. Remember, what worked yesterday may not be applicable tomorrow. We believe your creativity is the only limit to marketing. While some ideas might be expensive, many others aren’t. They include:

  • Fundraiser for your local elementary school
  • Get coupons by mail
  • Daily Deals
  • Create a flavor contest
  • Loyalty program
  • Group contest
  • Street marketing
  • Sponsor or advertise at local races
  • Social marketing
  • Cross-market between local businesses
  • Online marketing
  • Local craft fairs

18. Develop Strategies To Boost Brand Awareness And Create A Corporate Identity For Your BBQ Business.

Retail businesses need brand awareness and affinity to increase sales. This can be the same for your Barbeque shop. Your brand awareness campaign has to be adaptable to grow with your business and adapt if necessary.

You can promote your brand and establish a corporate image for your barbeque company by:

  • Holding an event
  • Sponsoring something
  • Creating an experiential stunt
  • Taking to social media
  • Organizing a public relations campaign
  • Investing in promotional merchandise
  • Joining forces with other businesses, etc. 

It is possible to build a solid and profitable corporate identity by using good brand awareness strategies. This will allow you to maximize your business’s profits and help sustain them.

The Earning Potential Of A Barbecue Catering Business

The products and services a barbecue catering company offers, the equipment and staff it uses, and the owner’s marketing ability will determine its earning potential. 

The main products that a barbecue catering company sells are hot dogs, ribs, pulled pork, chicken tenders, corn, and burgers.

A mobile cart can be used by your business to sell food, while a store or restaurant can serve your food. Also, you may offer your barbecue services at private and business functions

Annual Income

A barbecue catering business working three days per week at a location and one day on weekends at an event could earn around $8,600 per week. Earnings are close to $34,000 per month. This is based on an average of $300 per hour for four hours and $5,000 over a weekend. 

You will need to pay overhead, wages, and purchase costs from this amount. If you keep 30 percent of your income as profit, your average personal earnings after tax could be $10,200 per month or $122,400 annually for four days per week. Variables can have a significant impact on actual income. Seasonal fluctuations in demand could also be a factor.

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