Spectacular Smith net worth (2022 Update)

One of America’s best-known entertainers, keynote speakers, entrepreneurs, television personalities, and authors, Spectacular Blue Smith, better known by his stage name, Spectacular Smith. As of 2022, Spectacular Smith’s net worth is estimated to be $65 million.

Spectacular Smith Net Worth Update

But how did he make his money?

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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Spectacular Smith…

Net Worth:

$65 million


35 years old


September 7, 1986

Country of Origin:


Source of Wealth

American entertainer, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, television personality, author, and philanthropist

Last Updated


In addition to being an entertainer, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, media personality, author and philanthropist, Spectacular Blue Smith is also known by his stage moniker, Spectacular.

Adwizar Inc. CEO and Chairman Adwizar Inc. is Mula Music Group’s founder. One of the five most prominent entrepreneurs at the convergence of music and technology, he is the inventor of Grumpy Cat, a viral brand that has become an internet sensation.

However, Spectacular Smith, a member of Pretty Ricky’s Facebook Page, has been able to accomplish so effortlessly. He monetizes social media accounts as an experiment.

Rock out to “Your Body,” “On the Hotline,” and other hits thanks to Spectacular and his bandmates Pleasure P, Baby Blue Whoa, and Slick ‘EM.

With the aid of his advertising firm, Adwizar, Spectacular is now helping others make money off of their social network profiles.

Spectacular Academy, a masterclass that educates individuals how to start a social media business from beginning, is the result of his career as a musician, author, television personality, CEO of Adwizar, and chairman and CEO of

A lot of entrepreneurs want to know everything about Spectacular Smith. In this article, we will go over Spectacular’s net worth, Spectacular Smith height, Spectacular Smith Early life, Spectacular Smith career and more.

early Life

Spectacular Blue Smith was born on the 7th of September, 1986. This American entertainer, keynote speaker and entrepreneur is known as Spectacular by his stage name. He is a television personality, author, and philanthropist.

Grumpy Cat was created by and he founded Mula Music Group, a musical label based in New York City, and Adwizar Inc. As a result of Smith’s efforts, the cat has become one of the most valuable pets in history, with a retail value of over $100 million.

With a net worth of $65 million in 2018, Black Enterprise ranked him as one of the five most prominent music and tech entrepreneurs.

As far as we know, Spectacular Smith is not currently dating anybody and has never been married. Spectacular Smith is single as of May 2022.

At the age of 11, Smith began to dance and created a hip-hop ensemble called Pretty Ricky with his brother. “Blue” Smith, Joseph “Blue” Smith, the group’s manager and proprietor of the independent label, is of Jamaican heritage.

After signing with Atlantic Records, Spectacular participated musically and also coordinated the group’s stage appearances. The band went on tour to promote songs like “Grind With Me” and “Your Body” as part of the Scream IV album’s promotion.


In addition to being a musician and recording artist, Smith is also a businessman. Experimenting for a whole year with the ideas underlying social media networks (or being a social media guru) in order to earn and monetize followers on Pretty Ricky’s Facebook page, he saw the business possibilities and financial prospects of social media.

Adwizar, a firm that administers and monetizes social media accounts, was born out of these principles. Artists such as Kevin Gates, Bow Wow, Soulja Boy and Master P are among those that have social media accounts managed by the firm.

Post viral content on the partner’s Facebook page and then sell ad space on the subsequent stories” is the Los Angeles-based company’s core approach, according to Forbes. Adwizar has included more social media pages as the company has grown.

According to reports, Smith has made $100 million off of his social media brand, Grumpy Cat. Smith is the man behind the Grumpy Cat the most famous animal. Bluestar Books is the publisher when Smith released his debut book, titled Spectacular Love: How to Make Good Love Last, on February 14th 2017.

With a net worth of $65 million in 2018, Black Enterprise ranked him as one of the five most influential entrepreneurs when it comes to music and technology. He belongs to the famous Entrepreneur.

Smith and a Disney employee got into a fight after he reportedly fake-sneezed and shouted the word “Coronavirus” on December 7, 2020. Smith ultimately took matters into his own hands.

Spectacular Smith Success Clues

One: If you don’t develop your thinking to be stronger than your emotions, you will consistently find yourself unable to be yourself in challenging situations.

Two: The only person you are actually competing against is yourself.

Three: First, you need to concentrate on yourself before you can go on to other people.

Featured Spectacular Smith Best Quotes Of All Time! Quotes

Protect Your Energy
“Protect your energy.”
The Only Competition You Are In Is With Yourself Let That Sink In
“The only competition you are in, is with yourself. Let that sink in.”
Social Media Pages Business Possibilities Bow Wow Recording Artist
“You gotta train your mind to be stronger than your emotions or else you’ll lose yourself every time.”
"Success on social media is often measured in things such as likes, fans, or followers, and for good reason."
“No matter what I put my hands on, I put the same formula on it.”
“I feel like I’ll be a disservice to myself if I don’t get this information out to the masses.”
“Focus on yourself, then you can focus on others. No more emptying your half-filled cup to fill up others. Get you together first.”

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Spectacular Smith Events Influential Entrepreneurs

Spectacular Blue Smith is an entertainer, a keynote speaker, an entrepreneur, a media personality, an author, and a philanthropist. He is also known as Spectacular, which is also the name of his stage name.

The CEO and Chairman of Adwizar Inc. Mula Music Group was started by Adwizar Inc. He is one of the five most famous entrepreneurs at the point where music and technology meet. He created Grumpy Cat, a brand that has gone viral and become a huge internet hit.

But Spectacular Smith, who is a member of Pretty Ricky’s Facebook Page, has done it with ease. As an experiment, he makes money from his social media accounts.

Spectacular Smith’s net worth as of the year 2022 is approximately $65 million.

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