Will Affiliate Marketing Die?

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Will Affiliate Marketing Die?

We live in a day and age when making predictions is a huge thing. It even exceeds gossip and news in a regular sports talk radio. Predictions occupy three-fourths of the radio channel — people want to know what will win, what will lose, who will get cut or get traded, or what are the forecasts of looming business downfalls over other issues. Prediction-making is the key to making fortune in commodities and training and affiliate marketing. Is that so?

Affiliate marketing plodded along and gathered steam back in the roaring 90s. Amazon was one of the trailblazers of this marketing trend. It became an all-embracing marketing strategy as it gave commission-earning a new look. More and more venues have opened up affiliate marketing through blogs and social media sites along with the rise of the internet and technology. Yet despite its astounding success, prediction-makers couldn’t help but wonder whether or not affiliate marketing will die soon. Is this strategy dying if not dead?

Unfortunately, we look at things only with meager eyes. We can only make the best guess. Even the most prescient humans did not predict that 2020 will make the world stand still because of Covid-19. So, perhaps the straightforward answer to that question is nobody knows. But one thing is sure. Affiliate Marketing is definitely not dead. Yet…

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Perhaps, it’s best to qualify that answer to this — No, internet marketing is not dead. No one is certain if it will die or is dying, but definitely, what was once the most reliable and basic affiliate marketing programs are no longer dependable today.

If you want to join the affiliate marketing bandwagon, you need to put your thinking caps on, get creative and be willing to adjust with the revamping of trends and thoughts, and ideas.

However, despite the difficulty of making it in the affiliate marketing sphere, statistics show that payouts on affiliate marketing have invariably increased in the past six years. Studies estimate that a whopping 6.82 billion US dollars will be spent this year.

It’s clear as crystal, people will continue to spend money on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has taken the world by storm, it is still trending worldwide and at the moment a good number of brands use this method to promote their goods to the public. Many publishers in social media also use affiliate marketing to increase more proceeds and income on an annual basis.

Transactions made with the use of affiliate marketing programs have laid up over five billion clicks four years ago. The recent years’ numbers are not yet available but current trends and world events show that affiliate marketing remains a very well-liked method to bolster sales for just about any brand on this planet.

The largest businesses still use affiliate marketing and believe that this method is crucial in their digital marketing plans. Businesses like sports, health and wellness, beauty products, fashion, outdoor activities are using affiliate marketing programs at the present time.

It’s safe to say that affiliate marketing is here to stay and is actually increasing at a sure and steady step. However, questions continue to arise. Will affiliate marketing give me money if I give it a shot? Will my business increase its sales and profitability if I depend on affiliate marketing? What should I pick this over direct marketing? These are legit questions that require lengthy answers. Perhaps, that needs to be tackled for another time and place.

But here’s the bottom line. Affiliate marketing doesn’t work like magic. And no, if you’re thinking that it’s one of those get rich quick plots out there — then you’re wrong. That’s the worst presumption most people bank on. In fact, you should be wary of such get-rich-quick promises. Don’t be fooled with all the sizzle — because there’s definitely no steak. Just like in any other endeavor in life, you need to work hard for it.

Established affiliate marketers may be the subject of green-eyed envy — but you must remember that they got to that place through sheer hard work. It requires time, effort, patience, and a whole lot of learning and studying, and training. As an affiliate marketer, knowing their brand well is a must. And establishing a vast network of followers is another goal an affiliate marketer must work hard for.

If you’re thinking of getting into affiliate marketing, don’t quit your full-time job just yet. Test the waters and make sure you know this game well enough — don’t tread blindly. Learn, research, read, ask. It pays to be open-minded. Having a good network of friends and colleagues is a good start. But don’t bet as if your life depended on it.

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