Savage Affiliates Review 2021: Scam or Legitimate Business Opportunity?

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Affiliate marketing is by far one of the most popular methods of making money online.

And by far one of the best business models.

You make money without having to create a product, without worrying about inventory, and without dealing with refunds.

It’s a great way to make money online and probably why you’re searching for affiliate marketing courses.

With so many different affiliate marketing courses to choose from finding the right one can be difficult.

One that you probably keep coming across is Franklin Hatchett Savage Affiliates program. Franklin also has another program called eCom Elites.

Franklin Hatchett claims to cover all of the significant aspects of affiliate marketing in this training course.

The main objective of this training course is to learn all of the necessary skills so that you can become a wealthy affiliate marketer. Giving you the financial freedom that you desire through passive income.

But can Savage Affiliates really teach you exactly what you need to get started and help you gain this freedom you desire? 

We’re going to review Savage Affiliates to decide if it really is the best Affiliate Marketing course out there.

We’ll also talk about whether Affiliate Marketing is the right online business for you.

At the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Savage Affiliates and Affiliate Marketing in general.

And most importantly, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made me swear off Affiliate Marketing for good, because it uses some of the same skills in a much more powerful and profitable way!

Table of Contents

Who Is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett has over 350K subscribers on his YouTube channel and is an authority in the affiliate marketing industry. And the creator of Savage Affiliates program.

But before he created this program he was/is an online marketer.

As an internet marketing expert, Frank put together this program based on his experiences and shares marketing tactics that he used to build his affiliate marketing business. It’s why so many people are a fan of his. He provides you will actionable step-by-step instructions taking the guessing out what to do next.

His strategies and their effectiveness are not theories. You can find his journey throughout his affiliate marketing career journaled on his blog,

Frank is also the creator of eCom Elites which is a dropshipping training program. eCom Elites is one of the best training courses to learn about drop shipping. And Frank does a great job of showing you how to set it up. You can read our eCom Elites review here.

Franklin Hatchett is probably one of the few online marketers that actually share actionable marketing strategies and tactics. Most online gurus and bloggers talk about generalized concepts but Hatchett makes shares actionable step-by-step marketing tactics.

He even shares the exact link-building strategies and monetization methods that he uses.

Unlike most marketers, Franklin Hatchett doesn’t specialize in just one marketing skill. He understands SEO, paid traffic, drop shipping, and social media marketing.

What Does Savage Affiliates Cost?

One of the most important things about any course is what you’re getting for the money you’re spending on it.

You want to be able to make more money from the things that you learn.

With that being said you can get started with two different packages,

The first is the standard package. This costs $197.

And the second package, called the Super Pack costs $297 and includes more advanced techniques and some bonuses over the standard package.

Here’s what the Standard Package contains:

  • Creating a Website
  • Email Marketing Techniques
  • Getting Traffic (Paid and Organic)
  • Earning Money Through Affiliate Networks
  • Access to a Private Forum
  • Weekly Q&A session
Here’s what the Super Pack contains:

Everything the Standard Pack includes, plus advanced techniques and secrets to create and promote funnels. The pre-made funnels that come with this package help to get you started and provides you with the precise methods needed to find success.

Savage Affiliate Marketing Course Contents

There are eight training modules that will cover virtually every aspect of affiliate marketing. Here’s what Savage Affiliate will cover,

  1. Niche Selection and Product Search
  2. Building and Managing a Website
  3. Email Marketing & Funnel Basics
  4. Clickbank Affiliate Marketing
  5. Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  6. Search Engine Optimization Training
  7. Free Traffic Methods
  8. Paid Traffic Training
This course covers a ton of different topics and is designed to help you obtain financial freedom.

Module 1: Niche Selection And Product Search

It’s only right that this course begins with choosing a niche. Niches are a great way to reduce your competition and narrow down the type of products to promote. This module isn’t filled with glorious information, but it is a vital piece of information and the first step to your Internet Marketing.

The most experienced affiliate marketers will tell you just how important choosing a niche is, so be sure that you work your way through this module as it’s the foundation of your affiliate marketing business.

In this section Frank goes over the major affiliate networks and discusses the most lucrative niches You’ll see examples and he’ll reveal some tricks that will help you to select good affiliate offers.

Finding niches that aren’t saturated is important and you’ll learn this section.

It’s pretty much apparent that these videos are the foundations of the course. A beginner will find extraordinary value, but a more experienced person will only improve his product selection skills.

Module 2: Building And Managing A Website

After choosing the niche and product offers you’ll need to create a website. In this section learn how to create and manage a WordPress website.

Franklin Hatchett shows you ways to set up WordPress sites. Then goes into how you can create the type of page type an affiliate website needs. And recommends some plugins that will prove to be useful for these affiliate websites.

You’ll learn throughout the videos how you can easily build a simple and elegant looking website without the need to hire and pay big bucks to a web developer.

Module 3: Email Marketing & Funnel Basics

We all know that there’s power in having email lists. An email list is a great asset when you use them correctly so of course, Franklin Hatchett has included an entire module in this course about email marketing.

Frank goes through the entire process of how you can earn a passive income from email and discusses how valuable emails are to making the sale.
This module is probably one of the most interesting because you can put this on autopilot using email autoresponder and sending out a sequence of emails to promote your products. This section is great for beginner affiliates and experienced affiliate marketers.

Module 4: ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

ClickBank is by far the biggest affiliate network in the world.

And in this module, you’ll learn how to utilize it as a ClickBank affiliate and how to promote their products with step-by-step guides.

You’ll learn how to create an account, select products, create relevant content and offer promotions. And the in-depth discussions on these various topics are perfect for any level of experience.

Module 5: Amazon Affiliate Marketing

We all know that there’s a ton of competition on Amazon, and there is a ton of traffic to this site as well.

Making commissions from purchases on Amazon is a great way of making money online. But there are a lot of things that you’ll need to know in order to make money, especially when their commission rate is so low.

But… they have very high conversion rates that make up for their low commission rates.

In this section, you’ll learn how to select products and how to effectively promote them on your website – full of examples.

Frank Hatchett shares a bunch of tricks that will without a doubt make a difference. However, this section of the course is mostly geared towards beginner marketers.

Module 6: Search Engine Optimization Training

Driving targeted free traffic to your website can only be done by optimizing your website for the search engines. Search engine optimization is a crucial aspect of any successful online business.
SEO isn’t easy, which is why this module is filled with a ton of videos to cover this topic. You’ll learn about on-page and off-page SEO tactics. SEO isn’t an exact science and Frank will describe various methods but doesn’t really go into much detail about any one topic.

In their defense, SEO isn’t an easy topic to learn or explain because there are many determining factors to getting listed at the top of the search engines for the most about of targeted traffic. With that being said Frank does a good job of showing you how to market effectively.

Module 7: Paid Traffic Training

With this section of the course, this module teaches you about paid traffic.

Paid traffic is a great way to speed up the results. Unfortunately if done incorrectly you can spend more money than you make. He’ll discuss the best practices for paid traffic and how to keep the cost low by spending money when you start generating some with free traffic.

You’ll be given step-by-step instructions on how to use Google and Facebook ads. The videos will cover the important topics in detail. This is pretty basic information and geared towards beginners.

Module 8: Free Traffic Methods

You’ll learn the best free traffic methods in this section. Franklin Hatchett gives shares methods for YouTube, forums, and authority websites. These websites have massive traffic sources that you can tap into. Frank spends most of this section discussing getting traffic from YouTube.

However, he does go over other strategies that will prove to be beneficial.

Community & Weekly Q&As

One of the best things about this course is the access to the “inner circle”. You’ll be able to collaborate with Frank and other students in the course for weekly questions and answers.

This is private access to a community of people just like you. You’ll be able to get answers to your questions, talk about your struggles and get the answers needed to continue towards your goal.

These weekly Q&A sessions will help to increase your knowledge about Affiliate Marketing that won’t fully be covered in the course itself. These sessions are vital for your success.

Savage Affiliates Super Package Content

Everything that we’ve covered so in the Standard course will be included in the Super Pack package as well. Plus, you’ll get the following for just $100 more.

Clickfunnels Training

Building funnels is one of the best ways to increase your chances of converting your visitors into customers. What savage affiliates will teach you in this section is how to build high-converting landing pages.

ClickFunnels is not free and will cost you $97 per month minimum to use. But it is the best for not only creating landing pages but also increasing your sales.

Franklin Hatchett will go into depth throughout this section and show you through video’s how to set up your funnels, secrets to getting commissions, and how beneficial using ClickFunnels will be as an affiliate marketer.

It’s important that you take your time to watch each video in this section. There’s a lot of information packed in them that will help.

You can also find a ton of helpful videos for free on YouTube that will teach you how to use ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing.

Hatchett’s Funnel Collection

With the Super package, you’ll be given access to Franklin’s affiliate marketing funnels.

These funnels will give you a great start with Internet Marketing. You can edit the contents to suit your business whether it’s the text or adding media. This helps to quickly get your website up and ready to start earning commissions.

This is beneficial for beginner marketers and experienced marketers as well. If anything it will prove to be helpful for sparking some new ideas for funnel designs.

Launch Jacking Tutorial

One method of making money online is called launch jacking. Franklin Hatchett will completely cover this method with a complete guide that will take you through all of the necessary steps. He’ll even reveal a few helpful tricks to improve your success whether your a beginner or an expert you’ll find this to be extremely helpful.
This guide could be its own course that’s how thorough it is.

Web Hosting Affiliate Blueprint

Web hosting is a great way for affiliates to earn a good amount of money. They are offering high commissions and everyone needs hosting. In this section, you’ll learn secrets to running a successful promotion of hosting plans. Experienced students will learn a good amount in this part of the course even the videos are geared towards beginners.

What's The Quality of Savage Affiliates Course

There’s nothing worse than spending money on a course only to open the contents and find out that the videos are low-quality and the information is put together poorly.

Thankfully this isn’t the case with this affiliate marketing course. Franklin Hatchett did a great job putting this together. You’ll find that the video and sound are excellent and the content is well-organized with quality information.

What Can I Expect From Savage Affiliates Course?

Any sales page will sell you on the possibilities, but many are not able to deliver on their promises. So whenever we review any type of course we look for honest, realistic, and ethical expectations.

When reading Savage Affiliates sales page you’ll find that he states that he will give you a blueprint for starting and building an online affiliate business.

And that is exactly what he does.

We love that he didn’t make huge baseless claims just to persuade you to buy his affiliate marketing course.

You can expect to get exactly what Frank says that you will get a comprehensive curriculum teaching you everything necessary to get started with affiliate marketing.

There are no guarantees that you’ll become a millionaire overnight, or that you can do this with a click of a button, or even that you’ll be successful. He is giving you exactly what you need to get started.

It’s a starting point! But don’t let that lead you to believe that it’s not filled with helpful and valuable information because it is.

Is Savage Affiliates For Everyone?

Of course not!

The students that will get the most out of this affiliate marketing course are beginners. However, this doesn’t mean that people with affiliate marketing knowledge and understanding won’t benefit from this course. There are plenty of effective affiliate marketing techniques throughout this course.

But the ones that will benefit the most are beginners in affiliate marketing. You’ll learn everything from choosing the right niche, setting up your niche site, SEO, getting traffic from different sources, and different affiliate networks to use.

We suggest that as a beginner you choose the Standard Pack. Purchasing the Super Pack will help to give you more information, but it might provide you with information overload with advanced techniques.

If you have any type of affiliate marketing experience you can still benefit from this course. You would want to choose the Super Pack to improve your skills. This course covers much more than most others when it comes to SEO, website development, ads, and funnels. So you’ll definitely learn something new.

Is Savage Affiliates Worth Your Hard Earned Money?

Short answer….. yes!

Long answer, well it depends on whether or not you have taken the time to understand what you’re in for when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Yes, you can make money as an affiliate. But there’s a lot that comes along with affiliate marketing that many people struggle with. In fact, check out our top reasons why affiliate marketers fail.

But there’s a lot….. and I mean a lot of things that go into building a profitable affiliate marketing business.

Let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of affiliate marketing,

  • It will take a long time to establish
  • You’ll need a good amount of self-discipline
  • Affiliates could drop products that you’re making money from
  • You have no control over pricing or commissions
  • Affiliate marketing is extremely competitive
  • Finding the right products can be daunting and frustrating

You should fully understand what you’re getting into before you begin investing your time and money into any business model.

There are plenty of business models but you want to know that the one you choose will offer you the lifestyle that you want.

Because not every one of them will.

Are you willing or do you have time to establish an affiliate marketing business?

The first question is related to information that cannot be measured with a basic ROI analysis. For example, if I take a course on accounting, I can’t directly correlate the information with increased profits for my business. That said, I am developing a skill that may be valuable to me. The same logic could be applied to the lessons in this course. How much is it worth to you to learn about building websites, creating ads, etc?

Affiliate Marketing Course Alternatives

There is no lack of affiliate marketing courses on the internet. But you’ll find that there isn’t one that is as good and thorough as Franklin Hatchett s affiliate course.

This one provides you with everything that you need to get started and delivers the content in a well-organized and in an easy to follow way. And he does this with all of his courses including eCom Elites.

Project 24 is probably the only course that comes close to Savage Affiliates, but Franklin’s surpasses it with quality and content.

Our Final Conclusion to This Savage Affiliates Review

We don’t really have anything bad to say about the Savage Affiliates course.

There’s no doubt that it will provide you with everything you need for beginner-intermediate affiliate marketers.

This is probably one of the few programs that we’ve been lucky enough to review that is legit

This course covers what every new affiliate needs to know to get started with great quality videos that take you step-by-step through the necessary steps from start to finish.

Franklin Hatchett is an excellent and credible online marketer. This course is a good reflection of that and it covers exactly what you need to know to get started with affiliate marketing.

The only problem that we have with this course is with the business model.

Affiliate marketing is a tough business.

It’s lucrative for sure!

But… it’s competitive, provides you with limited control and you need to know a lot about a lot.

There are much better ways to make money online that don’t require you to know every aspect of internet marketing, is less competitive, and gives you way more control over your finances.

And one of the best business models to offer you this… is Digital Real Estate.

What Is Our Top Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2021?

Our review team has come across a program in the real estate industry that is next level!

Although it’s not real estate in the traditional sense, it’s all digital.

Yup, Digital Real Estate!

Where Savage Affiliates falls short is in scalability. 

You can’t realistically expect to be able to set up a bunch of different Affiliate Marketing blogs and get NATIONAL traffic to them.

It just takes too many resources (money included) for any regular person to bootstrap.

But what if you could make even more money off of little local websites without having to spend tens of thousands to set up an affiliate blog?

With this digital real estate program, you can profit off LOCAL traffic to your website every single day!

Sound too good to be true? Of course it does! But it isn’t…in fact, business owners wish they had this skill!

All you have to do is build and rank a LOCAL website and forward the jobs off to a business owner in town, you could even email it to them!

This works for literally any service based business, tree service, plumbing, towing, etc. 

How do you get paid and how much?

Simple, after you forward the jobs off to a business owner and he makes some money off of them, you simply ask to make the deal beneficial for each other.

A fair price to charge per lead, depending on the industry is 10-20%…let’s just use the tree service industry for example and go by worst case scenario.

Let’s say you build and rank the site and only 10 jobs a month come in. The average tree service job is anywhere from $500-$2000!

That means at bare minimum you have an asset worth $500 a month!

See why they call it digital real estate now? That’s a rent payment. 

The great thing is how easy it is to scale. You don’t have to worry about spending boatloads of money on a single traffic source to get CRUMBS in affiliate income.

Remember Savage Affiliates talking about their little 10% commission off a $50 product? 

This one actually allows you to collect HUGE FLAT RATE DEALS. Truly passive income!

The training program takes making money online to a whole other level. The owner of the program walks you through how to build and rank a site hand in hand, with the occasional voice over when he is sharing his screen.

You will learn the importance of keywords, website name, how to send call notifications via email, backlinking, etc.

Once the training program is completed you will also have access to a Facebook group much better than the Savage Affiliates group in our opinion. This group is much more active.

Unlike Savage Affiliates, where you’re getting maybe $5 per sale, you could be getting 10-20X THAT. 

Nathan T

A business will always want more leads and another job. In fact it doesn’t even matter that the job isn’t coming from their website name…they see it as it is…expanding digital real estate.

Unlike Savage Affiliates, more people have been able to walk away from their 9-5 job as well. 

Now, I know you probably have tons of questions…

So, check this out to learn more.

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