How Consultants Get Paid

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How Consultants Get Paid

The gig economic system is booming – and, it seems that freelancing remains on the rise. Based on the Freelancers Union, almost fifty-seven million Americans were freelancers in 2020, and that amount is increasing.

When you decide to be a freelancer, you’ll need to decide just how exactly you want to get paid.

If you choose to be a consultant, you might run into some different payment options selected by the various consultant employers. Here are some of the standard options and the advantages and disadvantages:

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1. Lump Sum

When you’re a freelance consultant according to a lump sum or a flat fee, it’s important to be specific. Everyone knows precisely what is needed for the undertaking. On the other hand, virtually any additional items which arise in the process are more than likely to become the subject of additional compensation.

2. Daily or hourly Charges

Working with consultants that cost an hourly or daily charge is less complicated because every person knows exactly how the billing will most likely receive the job finished. You, the consultant, might bring up the time, and include additional services into the agreement without fretting about the fee. The downside of this is that you could ultimately be handed too many tasks that aren’t worth your time.

3. Per Unit Rates

This is a method I used to choose when working in building project management and working with contractors and subcontractors. By restricting transactions to units of work, companies can ensure the consultant they employ performs as much as they potentially can for the project — after all, the higher the result, the higher the earnings.

4. Result-Based

According to a rising number of folks searching for consultant positions, they are encountering the results-based payment procedure. Within this particular method, the consultant commonly waives much of their typical commission for payment driven by a specific outcome. For example, they could be compensated based off how much extra revenue they bring the company which could be larger than their initial commission.

5. Share-Based

Typically set up by the employer, who are start-ups that don’t have enough cash flow when employing an consultant initially, this sort of agreement calls for the organization offering the consultant a share in the business in exchange for their job. Before providing their consulting services on this particular deal type, a term of warning guarantees that the company in question is practical. There’s simply no point in having ownership in a company that folds!

Other Alternatives

These aren’t the only options available, there are others. These include a barter or maybe exchange arrangement (abilities, products, or services), and possibly showcasing rates on the seen or even actual worth of services or products. When hiring consultants, or maybe hunting for consulting tasks, it’s worth realizing these alternatives and best fits your requirements.

Hints for Getting Paid

Here are some tips on how you can get paid easier. To reduce delays in payments, or clients forgetting about you… Provide several alternatives they could utilize that they are comfortable with. For instance, you could use paypal, stripe, or good ole’ fashioned checks!.

Invoice Often

Do not wait very long to invoice after you completed your agreed upon work. You don’t want them forgetting about you do you?. In case you wait a long time, customers might require extra reminders, and again if you don’t do this extra step, they might get the sense that you are in no hurry being paid.

Monthly invoicing is a typical approach to take for a freelancer and a great way to manage your payments.

Follow Up

Sending an invoice does not assure payment. Create a system to make sure you are getting paid out and talk it out – politely – to slow to spend customers. They could be hectic, though it is also likely they are unwilling to spend. Whether they are only dragging their feet, or have an issue with your service (or perhaps the billing process), speak to reduce conditions from getting out of handl. Once again, several billing services manage this particular process for you.You can send a reminder like this for example, “send a reminder after thirty days” if an invoice remains unpaid.

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