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Retirement Millionaire Review: Best Path To Live Out Retirement?

Many people find retirement planning to be a daunting task. Fortunately, Stansberry Research’s Retirement Millionaire advisory service may be able to simplify the process significantly.

Dr. David Eifrig of Stansberry Research runs Retirement Millionaire.

The service helps retirees (or those approaching retirement) save money to live a more prosperous retirement.

Or, to quote Stansberry Research:

Retirement Millionaire is a monthly advisory that shows readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less money than you’d imagine possible.

This review will go over Retirement Millionaire to see if it really is the best retirement plan service out there.

You’ll learn whether a retirement plan service is the right online business for you.

And at the end, you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Retirement Millionaire and retirement plan service in general.

But most importantly, you’ll see the exact system many others have used to build their own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made them swear off retirement plan service for good, because it uses some of the same skills but in a much more powerful and profitable way!

Table of Contents

Retirement Millionaire Review: Overview

Dr. David “Doc” Eifrig’s Retirement Millionaire is a one-of-a-kind advisory letter that is part of the Stansberry Research family of research services.

Dr. Eifrig’s service teaches members long-term investment strategies that can aid in the development of solid retirement portfolios.

The monthly research service delivers a steady stream of stock recommendations, as well as Doc’s market analysis and other features.

It also includes a slew of special readers-only reports on the most notable emerging trends.

According to its profile on the Stansberry website, Retirement Millionaire takes a moderately conservative approach to the market, which is ideal for most retirement strategies.

According to the service’s About page, the Retirement Millionaire portfolio typically has 20 to 25 open positions at any given time, with a typical holding period of at least two years for each stock.

Retirement Millionaire recommends that members begin with at least $1,000 in investable cash, making it an excellent choice for beginners, retirees, and anyone planning for retirement.

We’ll go over Retirement Millionaire in greater detail later, but those are the fundamentals of this monthly research service.

First, check out our review of the service’s chief strategist, Dr. David Eifrig.

Retirement Millionaire Review: Dr. David Eifrig Review

Dr. David Eifrig is the project’s chief researcher as well as a medical doctor.

He has a solid academic background as well as a wealth of investing experience.

Dr. David Eifrig Jr.'s Education and Career

Dr. David Eifrig Jr., or “the Doc,” as he’s known around the Stansberry offices, earned a double-major MBA in finance and international policy from Northwestern University’s prestigious Kellogg School of Management in 1986.

Soon after, Doc began his investing career as a derivatives trader at Goldman Sachs, where he eventually rose to the position of VP.

More than a decade of Wall Street Trading Experience

Dr. Eifrig worked on Wall Street for more than a decade, working for Goldman Sachs, Chase Manhattan, and other firms.

Doc decided to broaden his horizons in 1995.

He left Wall Street to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor by attending medical school.

He enrolled in Columbia University’s pre-med program shortly after resigning.

Doc enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine in 1997 and graduated with honors in 2001.

Dr. David Eifrig joined the highly regarded Duke University medical school as an ophthalmology fellow in 2002 and remained there until 2004.

100,000 Members Are Already Reading Retirement Millionaire

Since its launch, Doc’s Retirement Millionaire reports have been read by nearly 100,000 members, and the service is still going strong today.

Is Retirement Millionaire Legit?

Customers in the research industry have a reputation for being grumpy.

As a result, few businesses achieve perfect ratings from their frequently inexperienced clientele.

Stansberry Research is no different.

Negative comments and reviews about the company can be found if you search for them. That being said, we don’t believe you should be discouraged from using Retirement Millionaire or any of its other services.

With Retirement Millionaire, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck if you manage your expectations.

Remember that the market is inherently volatile.

Even the best stock pickers on the planet struggle to achieve a 60 percent success rate.

By accepting market uncertainty and making appropriate use of the research done by companies like Stansberry Research and Retirement Millionaire, you will have no reason to look back.

Suppose Retirement Millionaire does not meet your expectations. In that case, you have an entire month from the date of purchase to return it for a full refund, and you can even keep the bonus research.

In short, you have nothing to be concerned about when it comes to Stansberry Research or Retirement Millionaire.

You have 30 days to try out the service, so take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

But, when it comes to building a business, you have plenty of options.

And even if you’re dead set on becoming a research service plan subscriber, you’ve got way better options than Retirement Millionaire.

Keep in mind, I don’t get paid to promote any of the programs I review. I personally think retirement plan service is a great business model, but you could end up leaving way too much money on the table.

Are You Ready for Financial Lockdown? Retirement Millionaire Review

Dr. David Eifrig has issued a dire warning to the public in his latest presentation for Retirement Millionaire: a major financial crisis is on the way.

Inflation Avalanche

For decades, inflation has been steadily gaining traction in the United States’ financial system.

It’s become so commonplace, in fact, that many people just take it for granted.

Unfortunately, Doc believes that years of easy money and big government spending have pushed the economy to the brink of a currency crisis.

Inflation is at historic highs in 2021, after more than a year of out-of-control government spending that shows no signs of stopping.

The Fed’s options are limited because interest rates are so low.

Worse, the Biden Administration is hell-bent on injecting trillions (with a “T”) more in government spending into an already overheated economy.

People who have money in stocks, savings, or other dollar-denominated assets face a terrible scenario due to all of this.

Runaway inflation could send the country back to the 1970s-era stagflation, but it could be much, much worse this time.

Financial Lockdown

So, exactly what is a “financial lockdown”?

Doc describes a situation in which people are trapped by “their own collapsing currency” and a “deeply indebted government.”

The official government narrative currently holds that the inflation spike is only temporary, but Doc sees few reasons to believe that.

Some may think this is an alarmist viewpoint; after all, things may appear to be going well right now.

Unfortunately, Doc claims that this is always the case at the start of a currency collapse.

Economists refer to it as the “Money Illusion.”

It’s a phenomenon in which people measure their wealth in dollars rather than purchasing power.

How to Defend Your Assets

Doc doesn’t want you to wait for the end of the world to knock on your door.

The time to plan is not now, but yesterday.

Doc’s startling realization prompted him to focus his most recent Retirement Millionaire presentation on this critical issue.

Fortunately, he’s included several new resources with Retirement Millionaire that can assist members in protecting themselves from a currency crisis.

Our Retirement Millionaire review goes over the entire package in detail, including the aforementioned special reports, so stay tuned for the full scoop.

What's Included with Retirement Millionaire?

  • One-Year of the David Eifrig’s Retirement Millionaire Newsletter
  • The New Era Playbook
  • Model Portfolio
  • The Perfect Inflation-Era Portfolio
  • The Two Most Valuable Assets in Crisis Time
  • The 100% Stock Boost
  • 30-day, money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited Access to the Bonus Special Reports and Archives

Retirement Millionaire Newsletter Review

The Retirement Millionaire newsletter is the main attraction of the service.

Doc’s most recent stock recommendations and market updates can be found here.

Every second Wednesday of the month, you’ll receive a new issue of the retirement millionaire newsletter.

Doc will also send out additional email updates as needed to keep subscribers informed.

Every month, the Retirement Millionaire newsletter provides all of the stock market information you require.

Doc’s writing style is informative and engaging, making the newsletter a pleasure to read.

It checks all of the boxes, so we rate this aspect of the service highly.

Retirement Millionaire Model Portfolio Review

All of Retirement Millionaire’s active recommendations are housed in the model portfolio.

You’ll find all of the most up-to-date information about Doc’s stock picks right here.

When Doc changes his mind about a stock, the updated recommendation is available in the model portfolio.

It also includes performance data, up-to-date insight, and other helpful information for every stock with an active “buy” recommendation.

As a result of this feature, you can quickly see if Retirement Millionaire lives up to its name and is a good investment.

It’s a fantastic reference tool that makes it much easier to follow along with Doc’s trades.

More on Doc's Mystery Assets

Doc doesn’t just name these assets in this special report; he also provides a detailed investing game plan.

Few people outside of Wall Street are aware of the existence of these assets, and you’ve probably never heard them mentioned in the context of inflation resistance.

If the US dollar takes a turn for the worse, these two assets could be your saving grace, making this the most valuable report in the entire lineup.

Unlimited Access to the Bonus Special Reports and Archives

These are the latest additions to the richest Retirement Millionaire research library.

Throughout Retirement Millionaire’s 13-year run, Doc has released dozens of reports like this.

You can also access every Retirement Millionaire report through the Retirement Millionaire Bonus Special Report Archive as an added bonus.

This helpful resource is accessible via the online members portal using your personal online account, and it’s an excellent place to broaden your investing knowledge.

Retirement Millionaire Money-Back Guarantee Review

With each new subscription, Retirement Millionaire provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can simply contact customer service during the 30-day money-back guarantee period to receive a full refund if the product isn’t what you expected.

Retirement Millionaire once again takes the cake thanks to its no-questions-asked guarantee.

Given that 30-day money-back guarantees are pretty common in the research industry, this is only average in terms of refunds.

However, suppose you’re still on the fence. In that case, Retirement Millionaire’s guarantee should provide some reassurance, and it’s certainly a commendable feature of the service.

It is safe to say that many people have found Doc’s retirement secrets to be well worth the price of admission, as his service has nearly 100,000 readers and has been running for 13 years.

Retirement Millionaire Review: Pros and Cons

Retirement Millionaire has a lot of positive attributes, but no one is perfect.

Here are the good and bad aspects of this service.

Retirement Millionaire Pros

  • Guru with extensive experience
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Approach to investing that is conservative in nature; ideal for retirement portfolios.
  • Learn how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less money with our monthly advisory newsletter, including new stock recommendations every month.
  • Four “Financial Lockdown” special reports are included.
  • Access to previous special reports is unrestricted.
  • Each active recommendation is represented in a portfolio model.
  • When it’s time to act, you’ll receive an email alert.
  • reputed publisher
  • A proven track record of success

Retirement Millionaire Cons

  • For aggressive traders, this may be too conservative.
  • There are no brief recommendations.
  • Options are not covered.
  • Stocks typically have a two-year holding period.
  • There is no chat room or other social features.

How Much Does Retirement Millionaire Cost?

Doc is offering a special discount to promote his Financial Lockdown report.

This monthly investment advisory service typically costs $199 per year for a one-year retirement millionaire membership.

However, under the current Financial Lockdown offer, you can get a full year for just $49!

This package includes all of the benefits above, as well as the research reports and model portfolio. It provides a 75% discount on the total rate.

Is Retirement Millionaire Worth It?

The Financial Lockdown offer provides you with a great deal on an excellent product.

At $49 for the first year, you’re paying just over $4 per month for professional-grade research from Dr. David Eifrig Jr., a proven winner.

That’s a pittance in comparison to the benefits Retirement Millionaire could provide for your retirement account.

Consider it a small investment that could pay off big in the long run.

You get 12 recommendations throughout your membership for this low price, complete access to up to 25 additional stock picks via the model portfolio and a trove of high-quality research reports.

Finally, the 30-day satisfaction guarantee is the icing on the cake for this research sundae.

It should be the final piece of convincing you to jump off the fence and give Retirement Millionaire a shot.

Retirement Millionaire is an excellent value, and you can’t go wrong at just over $4 per month.

Retirement Millionaire Review: Final Verdict

Dr. David Eifrig’s monthly advisory service impressed me.

Doc has a proven track record of success in over 20 years.

His inflation game plan could save your portfolio if the market tanked, and his focus on high-value stocks is ideal for any retirement portfolio.

I can’t see any reasons why you shouldn’t try out this service.

I recommend Retirement Millionaire to anyone interested in the types of investing strategies we discussed earlier.

In the worst-case scenario, the 30-day money-back guarantee covers you.

With Retirement Millionaire, you can learn a lot about the market.

You won’t be disappointed.

What Is Our Top Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2021?

Our review team has come across a program in the real estate industry that is next level!

Although it’s not real estate in the traditional sense, it’s all digital.

Yup, Digital Real Estate!

Where Retirement Millionaire falls short is in scalability. 

There’s only so much time in a day and there’s only so much money you have to start with.

Let’s face it unless you have a lot of money to start with, you don’t stand to make much money with stocks.

But what if you could make even more money off of little local websites without having to worry all day about losing your money in the blink of an eye?

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Sound too good to be true?

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This works for literally any service-based business, tree service, plumbing, towing, etc. 

How do you get paid and how much?

Simple, after you forward the jobs off to a business owner and he closes them, you simply ask to make the deal beneficial for both of you.

A fair price to charge per lead, depending on the industry is 10-20%…let’s just use the tree service industry for example, and go by the worst case scenario.

Let’s say you build and rank the site and only 10 jobs a month come in. The average tree service job is anywhere from $500-$2000!

That means at a bare minimum you have an asset worth $500 a month!

See why they call it digital real estate now?

That’s a rent payment. 

The great thing is how easy it is to scale. You don’t have to worry about the constant and crazy market volatility that cryptocurrency entails.

So, getting back to Retirement Millionaire if you take one of their picks…you could lose BIG TIME.

The course we recommend actually allows you to collect HUGE FLAT RATE DEALS.

Truly passive income!

The training program takes making money online to a whole other level. The owner of the program walks you through how to build and rank a site hand in hand, with the occasional voice-over when he is sharing his screen.

You will learn the importance of keywords, website name, how to send call notifications via email, backlinking, etc.

Unlike Retirement Millionaire, where you’re profiting maybe $10 per trade, you could be getting 10-20X THAT. 

A business will always want more leads and another job.

In fact, it doesn’t even matter that the job isn’t coming from their website name… they see it for what it is…

Increasing Their Bank Account!

Unlike Retirement Millionaire, more people have been able to walk away from their 9-5 job as well. 

Digital real estate allows you to have passive income with most of your day being spent ENJOYING your money, NOT losing it.

Now, I know you probably have tons of questions… 

So, check this out to learn more.

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