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Recycling Business Ideas: 21 Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

An idea can come along you at any time, night or day, rain or shine. In fact, many of the current leading entrepreneurs in business started all their empires from scraps and crazy ideas no one believed in but themselves.

These crazy ideas however, went on to make them BILLIONS of dollars while all the naysayers stood there with their jaws dropped.

Currently the business that’s booming is the GREEN industry. Anything to do with being good for the environment is getting all the funding.


Well, as the population continues to grow so does consumption…and in turn waste.


There are lots of ways to capitalize off this waste and recycle it with certain businesses that are profitable!

Take a look at our top 21 Recycling Business ideas!

But just to save you some time, there is a business model out there that is just as helpful to environment and your fellow man.

In fact, this same business model has allowed some people to make $15,000 per month in just 90 days flat!

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Table of Contents

Recycling Business Opportunity

Currently the world population produces over 1.2 billion tons of waste each year…and that number is only going to get higher.

In fact, experts say that number will rise to 2.2 billion tons by just 2025, that’s only 4 years away!

For decades, the world has wondered about different ways to reduce the output of waste and with no arguable solution in sight…the conversation has turned to recycling.

But before we talk about all these profitable recycling ideas, let’s go over the different types of waste.

What Is Waste And How Can You Use It?

Waste is simply anything that you would throw away pending you have no further use of the object. Waste is also whatever might be leftover at the end of a certain process, ie: construction. Generally speaking, there are two types of waste

  • Biodegradable waste is waste that breaks down naturally over time and does not harm nature or society in the process. This would be objects like food, feces, plants, paper, etc.
  • Non-Biodegradable waste is waste that does not break down naturally and can actually be harmful to the environment around them. Examples of this can be plastic and styrofoam.

How Can Waste Be Transformed?

Discarded waste can be reused in several different ways. We’ll describe several processes that can be found profitable. There are also several traditional techniques as well!

If you can dream it, you can achieve it! You’ve heard that phrase before right? Well it is just as true for recycling. Now that we understand what waste is and how it can be turned into other resources, let’s talk about some of the different options you have!

Speaking of dreams, you’re probably wanting to start a recycling business because you have a dream to help people and the environment while also becoming independently wealthy yourself…

What if I told you that YOU CAN become financially independent, help people, and the environment WITHOUT having to spend thousands per month in overhead for your recycling business?

21 Recycling Business Ideas That You Can Start Tomorrow!

1. Plastic Recycling Business:

Did you know that there is over 400 million tons of plastic waste produced each year, and that less than 20% of it is recycled?

This is causing our pollution to rise.

Did you know there are several ways to recycle plastic that is both profitable and helpful to the environment?

Plastic waste can be reused to make things like bottles, cans, tubs, and buckets!

To be fair though, plastic cannot be continuously recycled for human use…but there is always a way in which it can be used!

For example, some construction workers have found recycled plastic to be great adherent for road repair!

2. Paper Recycling Business:

Paper recycling is another type of recycle business that allows you to collect paper and put all the discarded samples through the machine. If the paper is still in decent condition, it can be reused for paper plates, envelopes, straws and more!

There are 3 main types of paper and values.

White paper is the most sought after, while newspaper is later, and tissue paper comes in at the least desirable.

To get the most out of your recycled paper, treat the paper pulp before recycling it for your use.

3. PVC Recycling:

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is the strong plastic that is used for manufacturing pipes. After these heavy duty plastics are used, they can be recycled. However, you will need to find the proper plant for PVC as normal plants cannot treat it properly for the creation of different goods.

To properly recycle it, it needs to be melted using the right machines and can be reused for other PVC goods or lower quality plastics.

4. Carton Box Recycling Industry Business:

A carton box is made of cardboard and is typically used as packaging material. However, after a single use…they typically become unusable. That is until you bring them back to life with a recycling machine to then contain other products! You can easily find carton boxes from scrap yards. All you need to get started is a small processing plant and a machine specifically for cardboard.

You can certainly make money with recycling cartons, but if you’re gonna put in the amount of grueling work to become a pro carton recycler (which, trust me, isn’t easy), you might as well bring in some REAL money.

The program that helped skyrocket my online business to $40,000+ per month teaches some of the same recycling skills, but shows you how to monetize them in a much, MUCH more profitable way.

5. Scrap Metal Recycling:

You’ve heard of scrap yards right? Of course you have! These metals are pretty much worthless until you give them life again. The way you’ll set this business up is to buy metal from scrap yards for cheap, then have a plant that can melt the metal down into bricks, and then sell recycled metal to your friends in the manufacturing space!

6. Computer Recycling Business:

Computers are just the gift that keeps on giving for recycling businesses. A monitor can be recycled in one way and the keyboard in another. The metals inside even the CPU can be recycled. The first step is classifying them according to their different orders. Next, you’ll want to decide what can be sold for even further recycled and what can be recycled at your plant. Using computers in recycling machines is considered eco friendly because of how much hazardous materials are used and stopped from entering the outside environment.

7. E-Waste Recycling:

Electronic waste is produced from items such as your calculator, smartphone, laptop, or even wrist watch. Most of these different wastes are harmful for the environment and are better off reused. Compared to the other businesses, this one is extremely profitable because several companies will buy your computer recycling at a higher rate. Essentially, what you bought for pennies can be sold as products at a much higher rate…all because you decided to recycle.

8. Aluminum Can Recycling:

Cans for sodas, energy drinks, and beer are often just for one time use. However, you can collect these cans, melt them down and recycle them back into the shape of a can and resell them to the beverage companies!

9. Battery Recycling:

Batteries that are rechargeable can be sold at great rates because once you recycle and break them down, all the inner parts like zinc plates can be resold for BANK. All these parts are used in high ticket products like cars, factories, and inverters. Some of the valuable materials in these batteries are zinc, lithium ion, acid, and silver!

Ah yes, wouldn’t endless energy just be great? What if I told you that endless energy is possible?

With this business model, you can leverage infinite energy and have assets working for you 24/7, all while allowing you to help others!

10. Food Waste Recycling:

Did you know the food waste can be reused as well? Even though the food waste might not be good for human consumption, it can be used to feed the livestock! On top of that, food can be broken down through an artificial digester and treated without oxygen. The result can then be turned into solid material and gas. Whatever is left can then be used as fertilizer. There is a HUGE demand for fertilizer in rural areas like farm towns.

11. Tire Recycling Waste Materials:

Aside from recycling plastic and aluminum soda cans, this is probably the next popular option. Tires are made up of rubber, nylon, and a carbon mix. Even though tires can last for miles, after some time they will be unusable and deemed waste. If you burn these tires, you will cause a large amount of pollution. Instead of creating air pollution and left over waste material, your recycling plant can melt them down at a safe temperature and form a new product to sell back to manufacturing companies.

12. Glass Recycling:

There are several different types of glass, most of which have different types of uses. Depending on what glass you manufacture, it can be very profitable. The glass waste is first separated and melted. Then depending on the desired application (windshield, windows, furniture) you can collect a healthy profit due to the nature of expense for the end product.

13. Wood /Furniture Profitable Recycling:

Wood recycling has possibly the least overhead of the different recycling business models. You don’t need any fancy melting machines, just some good craftsman who can break down furniture and give it your desired shape. Even if you decide to just refurbish old worn out furniture, you can earn yourself a good profit.

Even though this recycling business has the least overhead, it is still a lot compared to our #1 Recommended Business Model.

This business model has upwards of 90% profit margins.

That’s unheard of compared to the profits margins of wood recycling!

14. Textile Recycling Business:

Textile recycling can be a profitable business as well. Essentially it is just recycling clothes. Some clothes have been entirely recycled into new shirts and new jeans. All you have to do to get started is find some clothes, separate them out by type, and spin them back together. Then BOOM you have recycled clothes you can sell!

15. Recycling Solid Waste to Manufacture Bricks:

Waste that is untreatable or non-biodegradable can find its new use as manufacturing bricks. Instead of all the melting and polluting of air, these wastes can just be compressed into solid bricks. Afterwards they can be polished and shaped for their exact use. A fun fact, is that these bricks are often much stronger and last much longer than regular bricks. Construction companies are always on the look out for those who can provide them with these types of bricks and are willing to pay a pretty penny.

16. Water Recycling Plant:

Water recycling is one of the most successful recycling businesses because the investment is minimal and the returns are high. All you have to do is find a location where ground water is hard to come by and setup a recycling plant. Next you just need to have a machine that filters, treats, and adds minerals to the water and then you can repackage it and sell it to the public.

17. Recycling Farm Waste:

Did you know that you could recycle the leftover wastes from crops or leaves AND it be profitable? These leaves and other crop remains can be used to make plates for the Indian markets. Not to mention that the other waste can be used in cardboard, paper, and shades. You can buy these leftovers for cheap and turn a solid profit by selling these finished products at a fair price.

18. Recycling Domestic Wastes for Creative Makings:

If you don’t want to deal with running a plant and all the maintenance costs involved, you can be creative in your reuse of the item and resell them. The most important thing here is the ability to be creative in what you are reimagining the waste as. Most people find success in using them for decorative purposes outside as lawn ornaments. You could use these products as flower pots, lamps, chairs, or even pet beds.

Speaking of creative…what if you could generate business from someone out of thin air?

Wouldn’t that be great?

This creative business model will allow you to become financially independent and the most popular among the businesses in your town?

19. Recycling Plant:

The end product for this business model is simply fertilizers.

20. Recycling Utensils:

Even though they can be seemingly used for generations and generations, utensils eventually do go bad. when they do, you can melt down the utensils to their original steel, aluminum, or brass and remanufacture them. You can either sell the raw materials in bulk to a manufacturing company or manufacture them yourselves for an even greater profit!

If you’re looking to start your own recycling business in the U.S or abroad, then we hope all of these ideas have helped you decide where to start. We believe there are huge opportunities in the recycling process, especially when it comes to recycling glass and water! Before you start however, be sure to have a solid business idea and plan to execute along with it!

However, there is a better business model out there compared to the recycling business…

The best part is that this business doesn’t require you to buy a million tons of solid waste or invest heavily into the recycling industry.

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