Best Online Real Estate School 2022: It’s Not What You May Think!

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Best Online Real Estate School 2022: It’s Not What You May Think!

Have you ever taken a look at career in real estate?

The first question many people might ask is “Where can I study to become a real estate agent?” Fortunately for you, there are many online schools that offer accredited degrees in the real estate industry.


To save you some time, let me tell you right now that these top 5 online real estate schools are neither the most effective nor the most guaranteed path to creating wealth through real estate.

So, if you’re serious about building a huge, passive income with real estate…

This is a much better all-around real estate model…

The best online real estate school for you will depend on your specific needs, experience and goals. Luckily for you, we’ve done all of the research so that you don’t have to!

In this review we’ll discuss some of the top rated schools available and help make it easier to find what’s right for you!

If you are wanting to get your real estate agent or broker license, then it is important to make sure that you have pre-licensing education requirements. se, then it is important to make sure that you have pre-licensing education requirements.

This will reduce the number of education hours needed for taking the exam as it varies from state to state. All states track their own data, however the Real Estate Commission of Texas cites that the overall pass rate is about 61% for both brokers and agents.

An online real estate school can be helpful in terms of being able to study at their own pace which makes them a valuable resource.

Choosing the right online real estate school for you is no easy task.

With so many schools to choose from, it can be hard to determine which one is best. Fortunately, we’ve done all of the work for you and came up with this list of top rated educators in the field.

We looked at factors such as cost, support services, post-licensing livestream classes offered and opportunities available, availability of programs, strong pass rates on exams taken by students at each online real estate school (in particular NCRE), and length of program.

We hope that this will help make your decision easier!

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Table of Contents

Why Is Real Estate School Necessary?

The real estate industry is one of the most sought after fields in business. With this demand, there are many opportunities to be had for those who have a license and know how to navigate the various regulations that govern it.

However, before you can get your license, you need to take pre-licensing courses from a state-approved school. These courses will prepare you for what’s ahead so that you’re more likely to succeed as an agent. So let’s talk about the real estate school requirement necessary before getting into specifics like time spent on each course or what topics these courses cover!

Specific State Programs for Pre-Licensing Education

Pre-License Education For Colorado

The CREC (Colorado Real Estate Commission) mandates that you have a total of 168 hours of classroom learning in the following 6 courses:

Laws & Practice

The Colorado Real Estate Commission mandates that all licensees complete the real estate principles course, which is referred to as “Law and Practice” in CO. This course covers the national portion of pre-licensing real estate principles (those areas which are common to all states). It will teach you about basic real estate principles, real estate law, and practices of a licensed realtor.

Contracts & Regulations

Colorado Real Estate Commission contracts and regulations can be a complicated subject to understand. There are many different types of real estate sales that require specific contracts, disclosures and other related forms in order to be legal. This course will take you through Colorado’s licensing laws as well as statutory relationships so that you have the knowledge necessary to make educated decisions when it comes to your contract negotiations.


In this course, you’ll learn the basics of a real estate closing. You’ll also learn about accounting for all funds received and disbursed as well as legal documents prepared by your broker. Even though you may be brand new to real estate or just want to brush up on the fundamentals, this is a great place to start!

Record-Keeping & Trust Accounts

Maintaining trust and record-keeping accounts is a standard requirement of the Colorado Real Estate Commission. This course will step you through the procedures for accounting for funds that belong to others, including how to deposit receipts and disbursements, prepare bank reconciliations, maintain customer records, and create year end reports.

Legal Issues

In this course, the student is shown to real-world issues and problems that are handled by the Colorado Real Estate Commission. The first section of the course covers audits, complaints, legal cases and responsibilities with regard to lead-based paint. 

You will also learn about how these types of legal issues can affect your career as an agent. Other topics covered in this course include: broker liability & agency agreements; disclosure statements; residential property inspections; contingent contracts for purchase or sale of property; home inspection reports & disclosures from sellers’ agents; “for sale” signs – when allowed and not allowed.

Practical Applications

This course is designed to help new real estate brokers get started with practical information. Topics covered include why setting personal goals and having a marketing strategy is so critical to your success. Other essential topics such as working with sellers and buyers, showing property, writing an offer, and the closing process are also addressed. 

Whether you’re in an online real estate school or already have years of experience under your belt, this course will provide some guidelines for navigating through all that goes into running a successful real estate brokerage firm!

Pre-License Education For Texas

Texas is one of the most popular states for purchasing a home, but why not take advantage of all it has to offer before you even purchase your first property?

With six courses totaling 180 hours, the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requires pre-license education in order to become licensed. If you are interested in being a real estate agent and living out your American Dream by owning your own business while making money through commissions on transactions, then this article is for you.

Real Estate Principles

This course will teach the basics of Texas real estate principles and laws. We’ll be starting with a brief introduction to what real estate is, how it’s different from personal property, and why that distinction matters for real estate licensing requirements. 

Then we’ll talk about the importance of ethics in practice as a licensed professional – keeping your clients’ best interests at heart and not using confidential information to your own advantage. 

Finally, we’ll cover important elements of contracts in relation to real estate transactions, including deeds, encumbrances (both legal and equitable), liens – what they are and how they work – as well as titles to real estate themselves.

Financing Real Estate

There are plenty of ways to finance real estate. This course is designed for individuals who want to learn more about the process, including federal government programs and private sources of financing. Students will study monetary systems, primary and secondary money markets, sources of mortgage loans, loan applications, processes and procedures, closing costs, alternative financial instruments (including a home equity line of credit), equal credit opportunity acts (which provide protection from discrimination in lending practices), community reinvestment act (which requires banks make an effort to invest in low-income communities) and state housing agencies.

Contractual Law

This course is designed to provide instruction on the fundamentals of contract law in Texas. This includes a discussion of the elements of a contract, offer and acceptance, statute of frauds, specific performance and remedies for breach. It also includes information about unauthorized practice of law, and the requirements for disclosure.

Agency Law

Why should you care about who is representing you in a real estate transaction? 

In this course, students will explore the law of agency and its application to the principal-agent relationship. The course will focus on how agents are authorized to act for their principals, how they can terminate that authority, and what duties they owe their principals.

Declaratory Contract Forms

Declaratory Contract Forms are a necessary part of any real estate transaction. There are many forms and terminology that need to be understood in order to complete the contract properly. This class will provide knowledge of those forms and terms, as well as how they should be used during the course of a real estate transaction.

Education For Florida Real Estate Commission

The Florida Real Estate Commission requires a total of 63 hours to be completed before you are eligible for your license. One course is required: 3-Hour Sales Associate (FREC 1) which is the only pre-license education for new agents and brokers.

Sales Associate Course (63 Hours)

Have you been looking for a way to get licensed as a Real Estate Salesperson in Florida? 

If so, then jump on this opportunity and enroll in our 63-Hour Sales Associate Course! 

The course is designed by the FREC (Florida Real Estate Commission) to help students pass the exam and it covers all topics related to real estate. 

This includes license law and qualifications for licensure, Florida Real Estate commission rules, authorized relationships, duties and disclosure, brokerage activities and procedures, violations of license law And penalties.

Always Review The Requirements For Your State

If your goal is to be a licensed real estate agent, it is important that you review the requirements for your state. States have different rules and regulations regarding their real estate licensing and education requirements. 

Some states require as little as 30 hours of classroom instruction while other states might require over 100 hours of training before they will grant an individual with a license! 

To find out what your state requires, visit its website and search for “real estate commission” or “realtor.”

The Top 5 Online Real Estate Schools of 2021

#5 Real Estate Express

As a new real estate agent, you’ll have to pass your licensing exam before you can get started. But those who are just looking for some career guidance might find themselves in the same boat. Enter Real Estate Express: affordable and comprehensive courses available both pre-licensing and post-exam that offer exam prep and career path information alike.

What is the secret to success in real estate? It’s not always about who has the most experience or who can list more homes. The fact is, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed in this competitive real estate industry. If you are looking for some help every step of the way, there are many affordable options available to you! A great place to start is with Real Estate Express. They offer pre-licensing courses that will help get you started on your journey towards career success, regardless of your current education.



  • Courses expire after 6 months
  • Post-licensing is not available in most states
  • Study materials are only available online


The road to being a real estate broker is not an easy one. The licensing process and requirements are difficult, and the exam is extremely challenging. But it’s worth it! Right? Well, maybe not if you don’t know what you’re doing or where to go for help. That’s why we’ve created this article with information about pre-licensing courses so that you’ll be better informed before deciding whether or not this is the right career path for you!

But it is important that you have a license. The first step on the road to being a licensed agent is getting your pre-license education and exam prep course. This blog post will discuss what options are available for these courses, including four different tiers of courses starting at $119.

They offer four different tiers of courses starting at $119 and going up to $1699. The Ultimate Learning course includes everything you need from professional development membership to a printed exam prep course as well as instructor Q&A sessions.

Real Estate Express is a company that provides real estate exam prep courses for all states. They have expert instructors approved by each state available on their platform, and offer a “Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee” in which they will refund your purchase price if you don’t pass the exam—Florida and Tennessee are excluded from this guarantee.

#4 Kaplan

Now we’re going to have a look at Kaplan, an exam prep company that offers pre-licensing courses in all 50 states. They offer many options for how interactive you want your course to be and the two day bootcamp is helpful if you’re new to real estate. However, they have a higher price point compared to other providers on our list.


  • The course instructors are licensed real estate agents
  • There are plenty of ways for the instructors with engage with you
  • The prices for continuing education are competitive.


  • The prices for Kaplan are more expensive than other courses
  • The interface is a little clunky
  • The shipping for the course is extra.


Founded in 1938, Kaplan has been helping students reach their goals for over 75 years. With offices in more than 30 different countries around the world, they offer instructor-led courses that are mainly live but also on demand. For individuals wanting a traditional approach to studying with an emphasis on face-to-face interactions, Kaplan provides great flexibility through online learning opportunities.

The company offers courses at different price points depending on your state—for instance, pre-licensing courses for New York start at $379 whereas pre-licensing courses for Georgia start at $299. Kaplan also offers online options including self study (their home study option), on demand and livestream classes.

Kaplan’s overall pass rate for their courses was 76.16%. This success can be attributed to Kaplan’s interactive study group feature, which covers all national and state content in a live webinar format. You can join in on discussions with members of Kaplan’s instructors during these webinars, as well as access their interactive exam prep module online.

#3 360 Training

360 Training offers a variety of options for pre-licensing training. Starting at $79, you can purchase the course materials only or opt out of exam prep to create a budget-friendly studying experience. All students receive access to self-paced study modules and an extensive library of video tutorials.


  • Inexpensive pre-licensing courses
  • Course is complete, additional exam prep is not needed
  • If you fail your exam more than 3 times, you get your money back


  • Only 10 states have these pre-licensing courses
  • Their website is a little clunky
  • You can not engage with instructors


If you’re looking for a self-study option, 360 Training Inc. is a great choice. Founded in 1997, the company based in Austin, Texas markets self-study packages and separate pre-licensing courses to aspiring real estate agents. The company also provides individual exam prep offerings that are popular among international students.

360 Training offers a variety of pre-licensing, exam prep, post-licensing, and continuing education courses to help you stay up-to-date on these changes and prepare for your next exam. The pre-licensing course has two tiers: premium, which includes a money back guarantee; and standard, which gives you access to all materials until your exam date. Each course is developed by experts in the industry who adhere to state licensing requirements, ensuring that they know exactly what to do to get you certified!

Anyone looking for a low-cost option should have 360 Training on their list. This company offers pre-licensing courses at the lowest price of $79 up to $375 in states like Texas, which is less than half the cost of some other providers. They offer options for the following states:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Missouri
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Virginia

…but unfortunately not Washington or any other states.

#2 The CE Shop

The CE Shop is a continuing education company that offers courses for real estate agents, mortgage professionals, and brokers. We have over 1,000 courses available online so you can learn about the latest trends in the industry as they happen! Our courses are designed to be interactive and engaging so you don’t get bored or fall asleep – we know that when it comes to learning something new, interest goes hand-in-hand with retention. Whether you’re just starting out your career or looking for a refresher course on how to prepare listings presentations for your clients, CE Shop has got you covered with their extensive catalog of relevant topics!


  • Their website offers a free trial for a few of their courses
  • They have a multitude of continuing education courses 
  • You can get a single CE course for just $9.00


  • Their pre-licensing exam is only available regionally
  • Their website could use a little work

As you might expect, The CE Shop offers plenty of courses related to continuing education for realtors–and how could they not?

They’ve been doing it since 2005 and have a stellar reputation. But there’s something about this school that sets them apart from the rest.

#1 Center for Realtor Development

The Center for Realtor Development offers a variety of continuing education courses for realtors. Topics range from specialized topics to general refreshers in the industry. 

For example, there are courses on second vacation home sales, solar housing real estate, seniors real estate specialty, and more (the list varies by state). This is perfect for those looking to increase their knowledge or get into a different niche within the industry! 

The courses are available at any time and can be accessed through an online portal after purchase.


  • They provide livestream classes for continuing education
  • They are endorsed by the National Association of Realtors


  • They don’t offer exam prep classes
  • You’ll need to be a member of the NAR for the majority of their livestream classes
  • Available classes might not be for everybody

The Center for Realtor Development is an online real estate school that provides a wide range of professional development courses to help you stay up-to-date with the ever changing world of real estate. CRD offers courses such as Real Estate Technology and Green Real Estate, giving you the opportunity to go deeper into niche markets within your profession. Not only does this provide knowledge that will enable real estate professionals to be more successful in their current position, but it also gives them the chance to pursue new opportunities by providing additional certifications or designations!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can You Go To a Real Estate School Online?

In order to get your real estate license, you have to have a certain number of pre-licensing hours under your belt and this can mostly be done with an online real estate school. 

Of course, taking into consideration your state, you may need to go through a pre-licensing education course and also have a specific number of hours from a state-approved school. 

For instance, California brokers and agents have to have 45 hours of course work that’s approved by the California Department of Real Estate.

If you’re looking for a way to break into the real estate market, then an online real estate school may be your answer. With so many out there, it can be difficult to know which one is best suited for you. To help simplify things, we have created this list of 6 questions that will help you make a more informed decision:

  • 1) What are the requirements in my state? 
  • 2) Is the school accredited by a third party organization?
  • 3) How long is their program?
  • 4) Do they offer other types of programs (such as GRI or broker exam prep)?
  • 5) What type of student services do they provide?
  • 6) What does the course curriculum look like?

How Long Does It Take to Become a Real Estate Agent?

This question comes up a lot and it really depends on the state in which you live.  Based on your state requirements, you’re looking at 4 to 6 months to be a real estate agent.  Of course, this will also include the time it takes for you to pass the real estate exam (based on your state, they may only offer the exam a few times a year) and whatever courses that you’ll have to take based on your state’s requirements. 

For example, if you live in Florida, you’ll have to take 63 hours of  education classes that are specific to that state before you can take the exam.  Whereas with California, you have to have 135 hours of state approved course work.

How Do I Start Building a Career in Real Estate?

If you are new to the real estate industry, then starting out as a Realtor can be a challenge. Just taking the exam isn’t enough, You’ll need to build a strong foundation of knowledge before you start marketing yourself and looking for clients. One of the best ways to build your real estate career is by networking with other professionals in the industry and working in an area that is close-by. This way, you can attend networking events and ask people if they want help buying or selling their property; it also gives you time to study up on your new career!

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