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If you’re into skincare, beauty, and essential oils Pure Haven Essentials might seem like the perfect business opportunity.

Their natural organic healthy products are toxic-free and the company claims that you can make an income.

Maybe you’ve been told that your outgoing personality is perfect for sales and you’ll have no problem recruiting people into your downline.

But before you start buying products to sell from Pure Haven there’s somethings that you should know.

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What Is Pure Haven Essentials?

Pure Haven Essentials is a network marketing that sells a variety of health, beauty and skincare products.

They are not necessarily new to the market because this company was previously Ava Anderson.

If you have never heard of Ava Anderson before here’s some history on them. This company was shut down due to a scandal with the USDA. Basically, they were weren’t following the guidelines for how they advertised their products, by making claims that had no backing.

The goal of the brand is the same for both MLM companies which is something that concerns me.

Pure Haven Essentials: What Do They Sell?

Pure Haven Essentials has an extensive product line of natural health products that have clean ingredients.

Pure Have products include – Skin essentials, body essentials, hair essentials, baby and kids essentials, home essentials, men and women’s essentials, oil essentials, and face essentials.

Are there Any Side Effects?

While their products are made from non-toxic ingredients there are some people that have experienced allergic reactions

Pure Haven Essentials Most Popular Products

Pure Haven Essentials has a good line of health and beauty products but some of there most popular products are,

The Master Blaster

Cleaning your house often includes the use of toxic cleaners, but Pure Haven’s all-purpose house cleaner is perfect. They don’t use any toxic compounds, making it a great alternative to some of the cleaners on the market today.


This chemical-free detangler is filled with all-natural ingredients and perfect for getting ride of tangles. So if you or your children suffer from constant tangles this spray is a great choice.

Geranium Lime Body Oil

You can condition your skin without the harmful ingredients of baby oil. Geranium Lime Body Oil, contains all-natural ingredients and can be used daily.

Pure Haven Essentials Prices & Where To Buy

These products aren’t unreasonable and you can purchase them directly from their website or from one of the distributors.

You can save by joining as a marketer, which helps you to get bonuses and sell products for them.

Pure Haven Essentials Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Pure Haven offers you a pretty great money-back guarantee. And it might just be the best one out of any other MLM company.

Where most require you to send back an unopened product this company offers, a 60-Day Empty Bottle Guarantee.

So you can actually use and test out their product and if you didn’t like it you’re able to return the empty or used bottle to get your full-refund minus shipping.

That’s pretty great if you ask me.

Pure Haven Essentials MLM Business Opportunity

Pure Haven is an MLM or otherwise known as a multi-level marketing business opportunity.

While there’s some people that jump to every MLM or network marketing company there are many people that are very skeptical of them.

This is what makes recruiting people so difficult because there’s a ton of controversy surrounding this business model.

And the way that an MLM works is that you need to recruit people into your downline, and they must recruit people into their downline and so on.

That’s the only way to really begin making money because there are multi-levels where you rank up and make more money and earn bonuses.

The Pure Haven Essentials Compensation Plan

The compensation plan for this MLM isn’t much different than others. As a consultant, you’ll make a commission from the products that you sell and the products that your downline and their downline sells.

Basically, you will earn between 30 and 50% of commission on the stuff that you sell and 5% of the sales commission from your direct recruits.

However, as you move up levels you’ll earn a higher commission from your recruits.

The amount of commission you’ll make will depends on how much you sell overall. So of course the more you sell the bigger commission you’ll make.

Here’s the breakdown,

  • People who sell less than $1,000 a month will only earn 30% commission.
  • People who earn between $1,000 and $2,000 will earn 35% commission.
  • People who earn between $2000 and $3000 will earn 40% commission.
  • People who earn between $3000 and 4000 will earn 45% commission.
  • People who make more than $4000 a month will make 50% commission.

And just like as you sell more you’ll earn more. The more people you recruit the higher your commission from your recruits.

So let’s say you’re level 1, which is considered a Star Level Consultant you’ll make a 5% commission direct recruits.

But if you reach a level 2, Double Star Level Consultant you’ll make 7% of commission from direct recruits.

And a Level 3, Triple star consultants will get 5% on their level 2s, 3% on their level 3s, and 7% on their level 1s.

The last level is Executive Consultant where you’ll earn 2% commission on any recruit. Plus you get the executive bonus which is $500 for reaching this goal and you’ll make $500 every time someone in your downline reaches that level.

That’s how you can make money.

So your goal should be to reach the Executive rank and help your people in your downline do the same.

Is Pure Haven Essentials A Pyramid Scheme?

If you ever look at the structure of an MLM business and a pyramid scheme structure they certainly look the same.

But they are not.

Firstly pyramid schemes are illegal and structured simply to give money without actually getting any type of product.

MLM companies sell people products and allow them to make more money by recruiting people into their levels so that they can make more money.

And that’s where the similarity comes in.

Pure Haven Essentials Lawsuit

There have not been any lawsuits filed against Pure Haven Essential. It’s not often that network marketing companies go without lawsuits, but this could be because they’re a pretty new company or that they learned from their previous company Ava Anderson.

Ava Anderson shut down after multiple USDA investigations. The company was claiming that their products were toxic and chemical-free, but both were found to be untrue.

And they were marketing their essential oils as “organic” which is a clear violation of USDA rules and regulations.

Ava Anderson became Pure Haven Essentials and they are once again claiming to be USDA Organic Certified, only this time it’s true.

They were able to pass the difficult audit by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic.

Joe Ochoa, is now the CEO and many employees from Ava Anderson were replaced so with new leadership this new branding might be exactly what Pure Haven needed.

One thing that is strange is that there have been no updates with the company since 2016. You won’t find anything on their blog, in press releases, or even on the news sites. I believe this company is still going through a transition period.

Pure Haven Essentials will most likely begin to become more of a stable company within the next few years. And it can make a huge difference in the company.

And hopefully, they’ve squared everything away with the USDA.

Pure haven Essentials Reviews & Complaints

You can find nearly all of Pure Haven products on their website, however, it’s unlikely you’ll find any negative reviews on their website.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking there aren’t any. They could be filtering out the negative reviews on their website.

You’ll also find reviews of the older parent company, Ava Anderson even though they are out of business.

But as with any company, you’ll find both good and bad reviews. This doesn’t mean that they are a scam or that they aren’t using non-toxic ingredients in their products.

You’ll find mixed reviews about becoming a consultant for this company as well. But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t making money selling their products and it doesn’t mean that everyone isn’t making money either.

You’ll find that there are many that love the company and enjoy selling the for the new brand.

So basically, it is possible to make money with Pure Haven but…….

Should you Become A Consultant For Pure Haven Essentials?

If you’re looking to join because you love their products and you’re passionate about how they changed your life.

Then go for it.

But if you’re looking to make a full-time income selling this it’s probably not going to be the way to go.

Pure Haven Essentials Pros & Cons

Understanding all of the good and bad with any company when you are trying to determine if you want to sell or buy their products is essential.

You’ll find that there are some great things about Pure Haven, and there are some not so great things about the as well.

Pros of Pure Haven Essentials

  • They offer a decent compensation plan for people that are able to recruit new members.
  • Their new products use clean ingredients that are wholesome, healthy, and natural ingredients.
  • You’ll find they are reasonably priced when buying off of their website.
  • They have excellent customer service.
  • They have products for a wide audience.

Cons of Pure Haven Essentials

  • They’ve rebranded a company that was claiming their products were toxic-free, but in fact they were toxic and dangerous.
  • Their compensation plan is structured to make money by recruiting new members into your downline.
  • You’ll find negative reviews from various sources.


What Does Pure Haven Essentials Sell?

Pure Haven product line includes skin care, makeup, body care, baby, home, and pets.

What Are Pure Haven Essentials' Most Popular Products?

Pure Haven’s most popular products tend to be their essential oils. I believe it’s because they are the cheapest selling for about $10 per 0.2 fluid ounce.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Pure Haven Essentials?

In order to join Pure Haven, you can purchase a startup kit for $99 and this will give you some products and three months of back-office for free. This will cost $5 per month after the three months.

Is Pure Haven Essentials A Scam?

No. While it is an MLM, it’s not a scam. They sell beauty products and offer you a legitimate way to make money with Pure Haven.

What Is Pure Haven Essentials' BBB Rating?

The parent company for Pure Haven Essentials is Global Ventures. And they have an A+ rating.

How Long Has Pure Haven Essentials Been Is Business?

They have been in business since 2016.

What Is Pure Haven Essentials' Revenue?

We weren’t able to find Pure Haven’s revenue online. But we were able to find Global Ventures which was $92.1 million from back in 2016. But weren’t able to find out any recent financial information.

How Many Pure Haven Essentials Distributors Are There?

Again there has been no recent information about this. But in 2016, they had 50,000 distributors.

How Much Does Pure Haven Essentials Cost?

It will cost you $99 to join. This will get you the Pure Havens Essentials Business Kit and a handful of products that you will sell.

In order to stay as an active seller, you’ll need to do at least $300 Personal Volume (PV) per month.

Pure Haven Essentials Review Conclusion

While Pure Haven seems like a much more legit company than Ava Anderson I can’t help but have a bad taste in my mouth.

Although everyone deserves a second chance and they have rebranded themselves, registered with the USDA and have made some big changes. So it might not be fair to judge them no the past.

They even passed the difficult test and got their certificate with, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic.

But if you’re looking to sell products that are non-toxic and that’s your main selling point it could work against you somewhere down the line.

There are plenty of MLM companies out there such as Airborne, which is another MLM company that offers non-toxic products and have never had a lawsuit against them.

But none the less they are both an MLM company which isn’t necessarily the best way to make money.

But some people do swear by them.

Network marketers and MLM opportunities require you to do direct sales. You’ll need to sell a lot of products to achieve the income that you desire.

How many skincare products do you think you can sell every month? Do you know where to find that many women every month willing to buy products?

And let’s not forget that with an MLM you’ll need to recruit a ton of other people to become a consultant under you.

This isn’t a scam, but there is a better way to make an income that will get you out of the 9 to 5 rat race.

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