When Can I Start Affiliate Marketing On A Blog?

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When Can I Start Affiliate Marketing On A Blog?

So you want to join the bandwagon of bloggers who make passive income through affiliate marketing

And why not? 

There’s a whole wide world out there — and by all means, why not give affiliate marketing a shot. 

So what’s affiliate marketing?

Essentially, it’s an old person with a new dress. Nothing new about it — it basically means getting a commission on a sale. Bloggers can make money by establishing an audience that agrees with them. 

In short, they are trustworthy. These bloggers often offer products or services that will really help the needs of their followers. So the method is pretty simple. Look for a product or a service that you believe in and something that you like — promote this to the followers and get paid for every sale you make. 

Affiliate marketing is actually technical, it requires elbow grease even for the seasoned digital marketers. But you don’t need to worry about it. And you don’t have to be afraid. All thanks to the software for the business person’s affiliate program. 

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Here’s how it works:

So the first thing an affiliate blogger needs to do is to join the merchant’s program. He or she is handed out a distinct identification number and a separate URL to use that he or she must specifically use when marketing the product. The affiliate blogger must include the link on their blog content and/or through their digital email marketing by inviting followers to click and dig more. 

When a buyer clicks on the link, a cookie recognizing the affiliate blogger is placed on their computer. The cookie is meant to make sure that the affiliate is credited for that sale even if it happens in the ensuing days or even weeks.

Once the buyer has completed the procedure of the sale, the merchant checks the sales record for the cookie that recognizes the sales referral’s source. Once the cookie is found with the affiliate’s ID, the merchant credits the affiliate with that sale. 

The merchant pays the affiliate commission for the sale usually at the end of each payment period. To make things accessible for the affiliate, the merchant makes a record where the affiliate can keep track of clicks and sales. 

The process is pretty direct and very consistent. Whether you are marketing varied products or whether you have been doing this for a long time — the process is pretty much easy and the same. 

So how does a blogger monetize his or her blog by becoming an affiliate marketer?  

One crucial thing you need to remember as an affiliate marketer is this — you get commission by publishing useful insights on products and services that the buyer or reader is already bent on buying. You add value by helping them make smart choices. And your blog is there as a system that makes the procedure and provides sound advice to many readers. 

So how do you go about it? 

Make a significant choice by picking out a product that you want to promote. Make sure you love it, are passionate about it, and that you genuinely believe in it. Just like in any aspect of life, you need to invest time and talent in finding the best products to offer to your audience. Having said that, it’s easier to promote something that you already know — like the back of your hand and that you really love. 

It doesn’t take a genius to know this — if you have tried that product and you are happy with it and you have completely tested it out and the recommendation part is the easy-breezy part. So blazon on! Tell the world about it. 

If you don’t have any experience or knowledge, you can guide your followers to find affiliate products on affiliate networks. But this requires more work and burning the midnight oil. Due diligence is prime in this method. There are reliable affiliate networks out there so it’s better to stick to them. Trustworthiness is the name of the game in affiliate marketing. 

You will know it’s time to start affiliate marketing on your blog once you are well-versed and you have an idea of how these things go about. What affiliate marketing is all about, how does it work, what’s the best way to promote your product, and if you have the necessary requirements in becoming an affiliate marketer. 

Another very important thing you need to know and do is compliance with legal requirements and best practices. Be transparent, be trustworthy and be reliable. So each time you share a link on your blog or social media platforms, websites, or email, it’s best to give full disclosure to your followers. 

Tell them you get a small commission if they purchase through you. This is considered good business practice. So whether your state requires you to disclose that, it’s better to do it. 

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