Can Affiliate Marketing Be Done On Facebook?

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Can Affiliate Marketing Be Done On Facebook?

It’s everyone’s dream job. You just flick your fingers on your keyboard. You just type a few things here and there for a couple of hours or so…and then you close your laptop and do whatever the heck you want to do. Yup, they call that passive income. You must have heard it along with the term — affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advertising system where third-party advertisers get paid by the company for sending traffic to their websites.  The third party is called the “affiliate” and the affiliate sees to it that they promote the company to as many people as they can. The commission fee they get from the company serves as a motivation or incentive for the “advertiser” or the “affiliate.”

As you might have guess, the world wide web has made affiliate marketing more widely known as a way to make money online. And unless you live under a rock, you know that Facebook is one of the best platforms to advertise. 

More than a third of the humans living on this planet have a Facebook account.  You simply can’t deny the fact that Facebook is a behemoth of a social media platform and it has a whole lot of followers So is it possible to do affiliate marketing on Facebook? 

The answer is a big resounding, YES!

The next question you need to ask before you jump right in the Facebook affiliate marketing bandwagon is this — Is it worth it? 

So, let’s dive into the details.

So here’s how. First things first, set up your own Facebook page. It’s easy as pie. You’ll find a plus (+) sign next to your name on the upper right, click the plus sign and you will see a drop down menu. Click “Page” and a new window will appear, leading you to a new Facebook page for you to create for yourself . Fill in some details and you’re all set. 

Easy breezy, right?

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What does a Facebook page do?

As a Facebook page owner, you can enter into plenty of insights. These insights usually zero in on these important points — page likes, post reach, and post engagement. Basically, it helps you have a veritable presence. Also, you can track page views, statistics and note the progress of followers. 

Okay. What’s next? 

Decide what you want to promote. As an affiliate marketer, pick out a theme or an industry that you are zealous and pretty excited about. It gets more fun if you are authentically interested in something — also believing in something genuinely and promoting it does not sound like a chore.

Now let’s say, you are a health buff and you are interested in anything that has something to do with health products and services. You can promote and market discounts and deals. Another reason why you should pick out something that you’re interested in is — one of the secrets to a favorable outcome in Facebook marketing is great content. 

What does great content mean? 

You will earn the trust of your followers if what you say makes sense and is actually helpful to them. Having said that, you can’t just blurt out about anything under the sun and start promoting it. You must be knowledgeable and abreast with the latest trend and studies. It’s good to be relevant. 

Next, you need to know what SEO can do. Facebook is on top of the game when it comes to promoting events and offers, not to mention, it ranks well in search engines. Once you get a considerable number of Likes on your Facebook Page, your page or brand can easily get recognized by the search engine. If you have backlinks, this is very helpful as well — links from reputable and noteworthy pages. 

Also, make sure you use the point keywords. It’s better to use them in your first sentence. Don’t forget to link other affiliate websites in your post as well. 

Facebook can greatly influence affiliate marketing. So, meet people, real people, get them to like your page. Get them to genuinely like your content. Do it with grace and try not to sound like an annoying and obnoxious salesperson. Get engaged with your followers. Find the right balance in the number of times you post. Not too much and not too few. 

Make sure you attract your followers with great visuals. Make your content relevant, keep your promotional sales at a minimum and just focus on educational and helpful posts. Build an affinity with your followers, offer them helpful stuff and trustworthy products and/or services. 

Other ways to leverage Facebook is to find influencers in your chosen field, link up with them as well. Also, make use of Facebook Groups — find your kindred souls. Be on the lookout for interesting conversations. 

Lastly and certainly not the least, try Facebook Ads. Look for the tab “Advertising on Facebook,” click on Create an Ad. Just follow through. Again, it’s very simple. If you’re the type who does not want to mess around — who wants to anyway? — Facebook Ads is worth it. 

It definitely works. You’ll get insights on how to do your promoting and marketing on this site. 

A word of advice before we end, make sure that your Facebook affiliate marketing is compatible with your promotions and marketing on other social media platforms. 

That’s it, enjoy!

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