How Does Affiliate Marketing Work With Amazon?

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work With Amazon?

It’s no secret that the world wide web has brought a lot of fame and notoriety to affiliate marketing. And it’s no secret either that Amazon brought into vogue, and mind you, also took the world by storm, the idea of affiliate marketing. It did so by making a program meant solely for affiliate marketing. 

Basically, it’s done by putting links to the Amazon page for a product or service which has been discussed, or posting reviews when a certain purchase is made. 

Bloggers and other websites do this. In essence, the idea of affiliate marketing is to outsource the selling and promoting of a product or service across a vast and boundless network. 

This can’t be overemphasized enough. Amazon is a behemoth. The good kind of course. It is the biggest retail eCommerce company on this pale blue dot. It sells almost anything and everything under the sun. Here are a few jaw-dropping facts about Amazon. On average, Amazon sells over four thousand products every sixty seconds. Its yearly revenues reach over 300 whopping billion US dollars. 

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You know why?

It’s mainly because Amazon has a battalion of affiliate marketers — not by thousands, nor tens of thousands but by hundreds of thousands all around the world. Of course, it is the largest affiliate program in the world. Affiliates can market and promote a product from Amazon and earn a commission in every sale. 

At the moment, there are about 350 million products listed on Amazon. Another thing is Amazon doesn’t give would-be affiliates or Amazon Affiliates as they are called, a difficult time signing up. The requirements are simple. Have a good website with sensible content and reasonable traffic and you’re in!

Also, one of the main reasons why the Amazon’s Affiliate Program attracts many affiliates is it gives more perks, privileges, and benefits compared to its business rivals. Whatever turf industry you’re in, whatever products you want to sell, you will definitely find them on Amazon. There are limited options in terms of pricing, product features, shipping, quality, among other things. 

Each category has subcategories and these sub-categories have a chockfull of products from different stores, manufactures, retailers, brands — you name it. With all this amazing line-up, you will surely have products to market regardless of who your market is. 

Remember, the appealing part here is you don’t actually sell products. You only promote these products from other sellers. It’s basically earning commissions. That’s how Amazon shines. And you definitely want to get that Amazon “stamp”. It is a brand that has credence and is trusted by millions of people all around the world. It is by far the best-loved online shopping site for many people. 

When you market and promote a product from Amazon, people are easily convinced because Amazon is definitely not a fraud and the customers’ payment information is secured. It can be returned if it doesn’t meet the expectations of customers. The shipment is on schedule. 

There is functioning customer service. Trust is the keyword here. People purchase from people they trust. And Amazon already has it. They just need people or affiliates or in their jargon, Amazon Affiliates to promote their products — for a fee. 

How do you join this army of Amazon Affiliates? 

It’s actually quite simple. If you have a blog or a popular social media profile, a mobile app with a steady number of users, or a website, you are eligible to apply to become an Amazon affiliate. Get an Amazon account first. Begin the procedure and put down pertinent information. And then list down the platforms or channels you would want to use in promoting and marketing Amazon products. 

Next, you need to pick out your store ID and tell Amazon why you will make a good Amazon Affiliate. You also need to tell them what kind of products you intend to promote and market and who your target audience is. You need to mention your traffic sources and other money-churning methods that you are employing.

As an Amazon Affiliate, you can earn as much as you can and Amazon wouldn’t mind at all. Even if you make millions of dollars on commission because if you earn more money, they are also earning more and perhaps even much more. However, you need to roll up your sleeves, break some sweat and some elbow grease in order to establish a reliable and sustainable long term passive income online. 

Once you get started, you could make about a thousand dollars in about half a year to one year provided you pick out the right niche, have sensible content, and promote the right products to your target market. Make sure you do it legally and ethically. It means don’t use email spamming. Don’t post content on other sites without their permission. Check out the terms and conditions and make sure you follow them to a T. 

One of the most helpful and acceptable marketing methods in Amazon is SEO and Content Marketing. That’s right, bring people to your site, know their issues, find the products that will help them deal with their problems, and present your products as possible solutions to those problems. 

The great thing about Amazon is it has the best conversion optimization — it means you don’t just get commissions from every sold product. You also get paid if the customers click on your affiliate link, and then purchase the product within the cookie period of one day. In case, the customer just adds the product to the cart, the cookie period may increase to three months. 

The bottom line here is — find a group of people, know their needs, fill those needs with the products that you will promote on your platforms. Keep at it, and you will be one of the happy Amazon affiliate armies.

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