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Other Common Questions

1. Who Is The Guy In The Video

Name is Josh and I am a former moving company owner turned unemployed turned Digital Landlord!  

2. What this Model and Not an MLM or Affiliate Marketing?

I believe in having a business, not some shitty shinny object that just comes and goes. Plus, I would rather make 100% of my money rather than 50%….. Do I need to say more…

3. I kinda get it, but in less words, WHAT IS THIS?

Business owners need leads, It is what their business survives off of, All we do is set up easy 5 page sites and connect the business owner to the customer…

4. So why is your program different than others?

We take the franchise approach. When you come into our program, we literally give you everything we use day in and day out to run our local marketing company. This eliminates the THEORY AND BULLSHIT that you normally see in other courses and it allows us to just give you what works.

5. Can I try it and get refunded if I don't think it will work?

NOPE! What we give you are ASSETS and once you get access to them, we can’t take them back. SORRY. but think of it like a cake, once you eat, ain’t no way to return it 🙂

6. I don't know anything about Marketing or Local Businesses.

That’s ok because we do. Our program has intensive training’s tools and everything that we use to run a mid 5 figure agency every month. We can take a new student to a 5 figure student in months, and hell, nothing makes us more happy than hearing another students success stories. Do you want to be our next?

7. My pocket isn't deep, I work full time, can I still succeed at this?

Good thing for you, starting an online business doesn’t take much money. Some tools and domains and your good to go.TIME? I built my first 10k per month in 30 days!

8. If I get on a call is someone going to sell me?

We hope so….. I think we all want the same thing. You want to know the HOW and we got that for you. Think of the call like this. Our Digital Marketing business coach will walk you through the process, answer all your doubts. If you still don’t want to move forward, it’s cool, but remember, where you are today, without action, is where you will be tomorrow. Lets change that together!

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