How To Start A Powder Coating Business

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How To Start A Powder Coating Business: Is The Money Worth It?

Are you interested in powder coating jobs and wondering how to get started?

If you are, then you can pretty much start a powder coating business on your own with very little hassle at all. Another good thing is that you do not need painting experience to operate this business.

Powder coating has a bunch of different applications and you’re sure to find one that works for you. Throughout this review, we will cover everything you need to know about powder coating and the steps you need to follow to start a business in this industry.

Towards the end of this article I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions on how to start a powder coating business…

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Table of Contents

Steps To Starting A Powder Coating Business

Several important factors need to be considered before launching your powder coating business. Poorly planned businesses are likely to fail if the going gets tough.

The powder coating business must be clearly defined- all that you’ll require, how it should be shaped, and your overall expectations.

To make sure that you have a standard powder coating company you need to take a few other steps as well.

Calculate Your Start-Up Costs.

Start-up costs for powder coating businesses are a major drawback. Obviously, you will have to secure a space, either a garage or a warehouse, where you run the business

You will also need to purchase equipment, such as curing ovens, spray guns, and a ventilation system. You will also need to spend money on marketing and recruitment when you begin your powder coating business.

However, a powder coating business can provide an advantage over other, more elaborate businesses when it comes to startup costs.

Powder coating requires far less equipment and storage space than conventional painting, so you won’t need to purchase the usual painting equipment or rent another large space to accommodate multiple services.

Specialize In A Single Service

Specialize In A Single Service To Deliver Superior-Quality Powder Coating.

It may be advantageous for a powder coating business to specialize in one service, but it may also be disadvantageous.

It will help you establish your brand as a top source of powder coating, providing you with credibility and making it easier to focus on your single objective.

Nonetheless, if your powder coating work is not impressive enough to stand out from the crowd, you will not be able to offer any additional services.

Many automotive and industrial finishing companies incorporate powder coating services with conventional painting and finishing techniques like Teflon coating and chromate conversion coating in order to serve even more diverse markets.

Learn The Powder Coating Trade.

People who have little or no knowledge about how powder coating businesses operate shouldn’t attempt to start them. Decide on the aspect you want to focus on and learn all you can about it.

Some aspects would require a degree, whereas others might not. People who make powder coat would need a degree in chemical engineering or a related field.

The key is to learn everything you can about the business, no matter what you specialize in.

Have Your Powder Coating Business Registered.

It is important to register your powder coating business.

A license is required in order to operate a powder coating business. If you are dealing with many chemicals and machines, you might need a certificate from an accredited organization to prove that you have received some crucial training for proper handling of such equipment and material.’

A license is also required if you wish to open your own shop or lab wherever it may be that you wish to do so.

You can find authorized bodies that grant powder coating startup permits, which are mainly local. Find one and obtain your license from them.

Get Insurance For Your Powder Coating Company.

A business can face any risk, so insurance is essential. Powder coating companies have no reason to refuse insurance if other businesses with less accident risk do.

Chemicals are used in powder coating companies every day. Some of those chemicals can be flammable, and expensive equipment is at risk of being stolen. It would be a wise decision to insure your powder coating business just to be on the safe side.

Starting A Powder Coating Business: Your Priorities

If you want to run a successful powder coating business, you need to prioritize some things in order to avoid unnecessary problems down the road.

You should prioritize the following as you start your powder coating business:


The chances of people getting burned by powder paints are higher than those who are exposed to wet paints, especially during the painting process.

The process involves chemicals, and there is a heat source that can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. You need to put safety first for these reasons.

Make sure your staff follows strict safety rules before, during, and after using chemicals.

Quality Service

The quality of services you are providing should also be a considered priority. Prioritizing safety is good for avoiding trouble, but focusing on the quality of the service is even better.

The quality of service provided to your clients is the most important factor that helps to retain them.

Although you may have other qualities like how well you get along with people that makes customers remember you, not all are sentimental.

Regardless of who is on your side, the quality of your work will speak for you even when you don’t have anyone to defend you.


Since quality isn’t cheap, you must spend a lot to achieve it. You need to remember, however, that if you end up charging the highest price for your powder coating jobs, there is a possibility that you might be forced out of business.

What does that mean for you?

Do you have to opt for alternatives with inferior quality materials because they are cheaper?

It just means you have to find ways to offer affordable services.

At this point, the owner of a powder coating business must have a strong sense of resourcefulness. Affordability is a factor you plan in advance.

Essentials For Powder Coating Businesses

The powder coating industry is no different from any other business or trade in that some vital resources are needed to accomplish tasks effectively.

Powder coating companies need a wide range of materials, including small handheld tools and large trucks for transporting their technicians and other essential tools to the work sites.

Powder coating businesses may also produce these powder coats themselves; therefore, the tools needed are not exclusive to these:

A Powder Coating Lab

This isn’t for you if you want to offer powder coating services, like painting jobs. Some people specialize in making powder coatings that others can buy.

Making powder coats is a lucrative aspect of the business, but it requires personnel trained in fields such as chemistry and chemical engineering.

It’s the perfect option for people with degrees in these fields. In order to prepare powder coats and ensure that all necessary safety protocols are followed, one would need a laboratory.

A Storage Unit For The Powder Coats

Here’s something for everyone in the powder coating business. You need to have a safe place where you can store the powders, especially the powder paints, whether you manufacture the powder coats yourself or offer painting services.

Because powder paint is not liquid, it shouldn’t be exposed to air in any way or kept in an environment where it’s windy, as otherwise it will be blown away.

Powder coats need to have proper, safe, and dedicated storage to prevent any chemical reaction with other substances present in the lab or work site.

Office Or Job Shops

A powder coat manufacturer who wishes to sell their coatings also needs to open his or her own store. This is because it isn’t safe for customers to go and shop at their labs for the powder coat materials.

It is easy and safe for people to access the powder coats at powder coating shops. A powder coat shop is also required for those interested in selling only finished powder coats as well as tools such as the powder coating gun and curing oven.

People who sell powder coating tools can also sell wet painting tools; this will allow them to earn more income.

For those who provide powder coating services from one location to another, they will need an office where they can run their powder coating operation.

Even if they open their offices at home, they need to be accessible.

If employers want to do business with clients they must provide their offices with the basic equipment that would allow them to communicate effectively and welcome potential guests who would like to avail their services.

A Company Vehicle

Your business would benefit greatly from having a vehicle. It is essential for anyone who works in the powder coating industry to invest in their own vehicle.

For safety reasons, the powder coaters are the best people to transport powder coats to their clients.

They will keep them in the best conditions possible and follow all protocols to keep the powder coats safe. It’s the same with powder coating tool shops; they’ll have to get their powder coats and tools directly from suppliers at some point.

They will need one or two vehicles, too, if they offer home delivery services.

A painter guy who performs powder coat work for their clients should also have a vehicle that allows him to travel to and for the job site. Ideally, this vehicle should have compartments for all the necessary tools and powder coating equipment they would need on site.


How Much Does It Cost To Start Powder Coating?

The average cost of a non-recovery powder booth is about $8,500, or about what a 8 x 10 powder painting booth costs.

How Much Money Does A Powder Coating Business Make?

The cost of powder coating small parts like your bumper or grill is about $75. Typically, powder coating companies will make 50% to 60% of the price they charge their clients.


Now that you know there are a few ways to make it here, you can decide whether or not you want to start a powder coating company.

Don’t forget to promote your business as you work with different clients and come to know them. Encourage your clients to refer you whenever possible.

There is a huge market for powder coatings, so start your powder coating business before anyone else does while the demand is high.

We hope this guide has given you enough insights on how to start a powder coating business.

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