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Pinnacle Cart Review: Best eCom Platform Or Is There A Better Option For You?

What is Pinnacle Cart?

With Pinnacle Cart, web developers with a combined total of more than 20 years in the industry have created an online shopping cart. This app helps customers in more ways than just at the checkout.

With its robust backend, you can also:

  • Websites that specialize in custom design
  • Catalogs of products to manage
  • Create advertising campaigns for your products or services.
  • Gather data for web analytics and other purposes.

Pinnacle has carved out a niche for itself in the shopping cart industry since its inception in 2004. To put it another way, this e-commerce software has helped many high-profile clients like Shuremed, QBG Brands, and International Health create their unique storefronts.

This review will go over Pinnacle Cart to see if it really is the best Shopping Cart Software out there.

You’ll learn whether Online Store is the right online business for you.

And at the end, you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Pinnacle Cart and Shopping Cart App in general.

But most importantly, you’ll see the exact system many others have used to build their own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made them swear off ecommerce software for good because it uses some of the same skills but in a much more powerful and profitable way!

Table of Contents

Overview: Pinnacle Cart Reviews

Finding the best eCommerce software solution can be difficult because there are so many options available.

Consider the following features of your shopping cart software:

  • An easy-to-use administration console
  • Templates that are responsive and up-to-date
  • Various methods of payment
  • Features like search, images, and a description are available for this product.
  • integration of social media/ Social Media Management
  • email tools for marketing
  • Recovering a discarded cart
  • Options for customer service, mainly live chat
  • Checking out is simple and fast.

You can find the most important features in Pinnacle Cart. But, with so many e-commerce platforms available today, how does PinnacleCart differ from the competition? Discover what this software can do for online merchants by reading on.

What are Pinnacle Cart Pricing Details?

Pinnacle Cart Pricing Plans

  • Free Trial: Free
  • StartUp: $44.95 per month
  • Standard: $94.95 per month
  • Advanced: $199.99 per month
  • Enterprise: By quote

Pinnacle Cart offers four enterprises Pinnacle Cart Pricing packages, each with a plethora of tools and functionalities to meet various demands and budgets. You can also try Pinnacle Cart for free by signing up for a free trial.

Here are the details:

StartUp– $44.95 per month

  • No transaction fees
  • Unlimited administrative accounts
  • Unlimited products
  • Online, mobile, and Facebook stores
  • 30 payment methods
  • 450 features
  • Professional reports
  • 2 GB bandwidth
  • 1 GB disk space

Standard – $94.95 per month

  • No transaction fees
  • Unlimited administrative accounts
  • Unlimited products
  • All features from the StartUp plan
  • 20 Gb bandwidth
  • 10 GB disk space

Advanced – $199.99/month

  • No transaction fees
  • Unlimited administrative accounts
  • Unlimited products
  • All features from the Standard plan
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Dedicated SSL
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Enterprise – By quote

  • No transaction fees
  • Unlimited administrative accounts
  • Unlimited products
  • All features from the Advanced Plan
  • Dedicated SSL
  • Shared SSL
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited disk space

You can also consider purchasing their helpful add-ons to enhance the functionality of your Pinnacle Cart package:

  • Recurring Billing – $9.95/month
  • Product Filtering – $14.95/month
  • Content Mirroring – by quote

Overview of Pinnacle Cart Features

  • Easy Setup tools
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Design tools and features
  • Image Management
  • Product Merchandising
  • Customer Management
  • Wholesale / Drop Shipping
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Recurring Billing
  • Payment & Shipping Options
  • Taxes
  • Order Management
  • Product & Category Management
  • Content Management
  • Checkout & Registration
  • Security
  • Reporting & Business Analytics
  • Currency & Language
  • Administration
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Product Attributes
  • Import & Export

Overview of Pinnacle Cart Benefits

Pinnacle Cart, dubbed the “perfect shopping cart & eCommerce solution,” makes life easier for merchants. In short, the system has the traffic optimization features you need to increase conversions, traffic, and sales. Even better, Pinnacle Cart helps you manage sales once the store is live and ensures the best customer experience.

How will Pinnacle Cart help your company? Let’s see:

Designing appealing online stores

Pinnacle Cart gives you everything you need to create a beautiful store and maximize product exposure. It includes a web, mobile, and Facebook store. Beautifully designed and SEO-optimized storefronts and product pages are yours to choose from, with just enough flexibility to promote your products. All templates are mobile-friendly, so you can easily target users on tablets and smartphones.

Store-Wide Power (Enterprise-Grade Features)

Pinnacle Cart’s scalability sets it apart from similar shopping cart services. It is fully customizable and comes with powerful enterprise-grade features, giving merchants everything they need to succeed. It also integrates with leading accounting, sales, and CRM tools, as well as popular marketplaces.

It’s also worth noting their extra services. Growing an online business requires cost-effective resources. PinnacleCart now offers live chat and customer service through their professional services team. They can also help with marketing and development. Unlike most outsourcing services, they only serve eCommerce businesses. That experience and expertise come from over 30,000 successful businesses using their platform. Their marketing services include search engine optimization (SEO), social media management (SMM), and influencer marketing.

Marketing tools

Rather than being ‘just another webstore system,’ Pinnacle Cart ensures that you’re targeting the right customers and that your products are well promoted. The system promotes your products using a variety of modern marketing tools designed to support omnichannel shopping.

For example, Pinnacle Cart allows you to work with advanced features like cross-selling, abandoned cart remarketing, discount codes, gift certificates, product reviews, and more. It also integrates with Google AdWords, Search Console, and Analytics, allowing you to track your progress and identify positive and negative trends.

SEO & Customer Engagement

On the market, Pinnacle Cart has some of the best SEO and traffic optimization features. For example, you can collect customer information through accounts created to track orders or sign up for loyalty programs. Another exciting option is to start your own online blog where you can communicate with your customers.

Advanced shipping and payment methods

Pinnacle Cart currently supports over 30 payment methods and all leading shipping carriers. Use add-ons for local delivery and create your own shipping and payment methods.

Data protection

Pinnacle Cart is also protected by PA-DDS certified security measures, the highest level of protection available for online stores. The admin can assign roles and permissions within the system and control data access. A free SSL is included with every new account.

Beneficial integrations

Experts also favor pinnacle Cart due to its wide range of carefully chosen integrations. Currently, Pinnacle Cart integrates with QuickBooks, Transaction Central, and Google. There are many more.

Pinnacle Cart Features In-Depth

Let’s dive right in and start by taking a closer look at the add-ons that can be used to make your store even more functional!

Add-Ons and Integrations to Improve the Performance of Your Online Store

Pinnacle integrates with a slew of free and paid add-ons. Among the notable add-ons that integrate with the platform are:

  • Avalara. This cloud-based service keeps all of your sales taxes up to date.
  • MailChimp. MailChimp expands your online store’s newsletter and email marketing capabilities.
  • Endicia. Do you want to track packages easily, run postage reports, get delivery confirmation discounts, or live print postage with integrated mailing? Endicia is one of the e-commerce leading shipping carriers solution that makes all of these functions possible on a Pinnacle cart-powered website.
  • AddShopppers. Free social analytics, ROI tracking, and report generation are just some of the features you’ll get with this add-on.

Remember that numerous other platforms are compatible with this add-on. The only limitation to expanding webshop functionality with PinnacleCart may be the scope of your business operations.

Securing Your Website to Protect Client Data

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology protects the connection between the server and the web browser. It secures communication between your customers and your website, keeping their personal information safe from online criminals. It is required for e-commerce sites but recommended for all websites. SSL certificates are included with all PinnacleCart stores.

Processing of Payments

Pinnacle’s preferred payment gateway is FirstData. Your merchant rates will remain low for four months if you choose to include FirstData as a payment option in your Pinnacle webshop.

Choose From Dozens of Payment Processors

However, you are not limited to FirstData because Pinnacle supports a wide range of other payment processors. After deploying this e-commerce platform, you can accept e-wallet payments in addition to credit and debit cards.

Gain Customer Confidence with PCI-Compliant Secure Checkout

Secure transactions are critical for a reputable online retailer. Pinnacle understands this, which is why they offer the option to secure the payment page or the entire checkout process.

This shopping cart application is one of the few PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) and PCI (Payment Card Industry) certified.

PA-DSS compliance is required for all vendors who process credit cards. These standards include a set of criteria that businesses must meet, such as updating anti-virus software and restricting access to credit card data from their customers.

Configure recurring Billing or multiple languages and currencies.

With a PinnacleCart storefront, you can set up recurring billing accounts for customers or offer multiple languages and currency options. You can use these features to run a subscription-based online business or sell your product/service to international customers.

Obtain a Ready-to-Use Website Using Modern Design Templates

One of the best things about using Pinnacle cart to create an online store is that you don’t need programming knowledge. Using this app, you can create a one-of-a-kind storefront by first selecting a one-of-a-kind website template.

Choose from a plethora of themes and easily customize them.

There are dozens of themes to choose from in the Pinnacle web store, both free and paid versions. These W3C, XHTML, and CSS/XHTML tableless designs provide automatic mobile optimization.

You can create beautiful storefronts with photo galleries, image magnifiers, zoom, and lightbox features. You can make necessary changes without the assistance of a web designer by using the drag and drop elements in “design mode.”

Pinnacle includes a content management system (CMS) for managing SEO attributes and creating information pages.

Yes, You Can Add a Blog

Blogging can be a valuable component of your content marketing strategy. You have two options with PinnacleCart:

  1. You can add PinnacleCart to an existing WordPress site.
  2. You can use a PinnacleCart theme and a blog together by using the admin panel’s “Pages” feature.

Geeks Can Tweak the Code

Although there is no built-in editor for modifying raw website files in Pinnacle Cart, you can change HTML and CSS files using your browser.

Get a Website Custom Designed for You

The company also offers premium web design services.

Design fees vary depending on the size of your online store and the features you want. On the other hand, Premium web design plans from Pinnacle can range from $2100 to $5200.

What Issues Will Pinnacle Cart Resolve?

1. Order information synced with QuickBooks – Joe owns a multimillion-dollar company and does not have the time to transfer the hundreds of orders he receives to Quick Books for his accounting team to manage. PinnacleCart has a native Quickbooks integration, allowing customers and orders to be automatically migrated to QuickBooks in real-time, saving Joe work hours each week.

2. Expert Workforce Solutions – Mary wants to grow her eCommerce company from $1 million to $10 million in revenue in three years. Her current staff of ten is overworked and lacks the experience and expertise required to meet her objectives. She quickly and cost-effectively scaled her team to include the Technical and Marketing resources she needed while also adding 24/7 customer support and live chat to her business by utilizing this Workforce as a Solution service—something she didn’t have previously.

3. All-in-one solution – Frank had been using a well-known eCommerce platform, but he found himself having to pay extra for each new feature he required. In addition, he was being charged a small fee for each sale he made. He eventually moved to PinnacleCart (for free), and now they buy eCommerce software for a single price for all features.

Pinnacle Cart Pros - PinnacleCart Review

  • Pinnacle gets high marks for customer service. Several reviewers have gone on record praising the company’s responsive and friendly customer service.
  • Pinnacle Cart’s security features are pretty advanced, as the company is PA-DSS and PCI certified.
  • Online store merchants can use Pinnacle Cart to take advantage of a variety of third-party integrations and marketing features.
  • Even non-programmers can set up a Pinnacle store. This can be attributed to the software’s helpful setup wizard and user-friendly web design editor.

Pinnacle Cart Cons - PinnacleCart Review

  • The software lacks a point-of-sale system for tracking inventory and sales from your physical store.
  • The lack of a built-in blogging function to support your own online blog and product comparison features gives the system a negative rating.
  • Customizing your Pinnacle online store will be limited due to the lack of an HTML or CSS editor.
  • Pinnacle eCommerce software does not integrate with as many payment gateways or provide as many themes as shopping cart applications such as BigCommerce and 3D Cart.

Even though this e-commerce app has several drawbacks, it is still a good shopping cart for online merchants who require a simple platform for managing their webshops.

Because it supports multiple languages and currencies, this shopping cart is highly recommended for businesses that cater to international customers.

What Is Our #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2021?

Our review team has come across a program in the real estate industry that is next level!

Although it’s not real estate in the traditional sense, it’s all digital.

Yup, Digital Real Estate!

Where Pinnacle Cart short is in scalability. 

You can’t realistically expect to be able to make passive income when you have to watch your store and manage ads all day.

But what if you leverage it?

With this digital real estate program, you can have the ability to completely walk away from the laptop because there is no ad management!

Sound too good to be true?

Of course it does!

But it isn’t…in fact, business owners wish they had this skill!

All you have to do is build and rank a website and forward the jobs off to a business owner in town, you could even email it to them!

This works for literally any service based business, tree service, plumbing, towing, etc. 

How do you get paid and how much?

Simple, after you forward the jobs off to a business owner and he makes some money off of them, you simply ask to make the deal beneficial for each other.

 A fair price to charge per lead, depending on the industry is 10-20%…let’s just use the tree service industry for example and go by worst case scenario.

Let’s say you build and rank the site and only 10 jobs a month come in. The average tree service job is anywhere from $500-$2000!

That means at bare minimum you have an asset worth $500 a month!

See why they call it digital real estate now? That’s a rent payment. 

The great thing is how easy it is to scale. You don’t have to answer the phone…all you have to do is get the phone to ring.

Remember Pinnacle Cart and all the small profit margins? 

This one actually allows you to collect that without being on the laptop managing a store all day. Truly passive income!

The training program takes making money online to a whole other level. The owner of the program walks you through how to build and rank a site hand in hand, with the occasional voice over when he is sharing his screen.

You will learn the importance of keywords, website name, how to send call notifications via email, backlinking, etc.

Once the training program is completed you will also have access to a Facebook group much better than the Pinnacle Cart group in our opinion. This group is much more active.

Unlike Pinnacle Cart, where you have to run ads all day and worry about getting a $5 profit off a $50 product 1,000 times over… A business will always want more leads and another job. In fact it doesn’t even matter that the job isn’t coming from their website name…they see it as it is…expanding digital real estate.

Compared to Pinnacle Cart, more people have been able to walk away from their 9-5 job as well. 

Digital real estate allows you to have total passive income with most of your day being spent OFF the laptop.

Now, I know you probably have tons of questions… So, check this out to learn more.

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